I opened my eyes slowly. I was in a bed, in... the bunker? Yes I was in the bunker, but something felt different, I felt like I was seeing the world through different eyes, like everything dark had been magnified. I walked over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I wasn't bloody from the fight anymore, but I suppose I had Sam to thank for that he had probably fixed me up. I didn't feel thankful though, in fact I didn't feel anything. What had happened to me? All I remember is dying the life flowing out of me, but for some weird reason I was alive, but again I felt not alive. I looked in the mirror again and then I noticed my eyes. My eyes were coal black, a void of nothingness. I was a demon, but that didn't make me angry or scared. I feel as though nothing matters now, for my demons had indeed caught up to me and nothing mattered anymore. It occurred to me then that to other demons nothing mattered either. To test my theory I thought of Sam dying, nothing changed I found I didn't care, who cared about family anyways. Human emotions were a waste of time.

I heard footsteps and quickly changed my eyes back to my human green. Sam walked in and strode over to me, happiness evident in his face.

"Dean you're awake! How is that even possible?" Sam smiled happily at me, I wonder if he really felt happy or relieved, how was it possible to feel emotions like that? Emotions were a lie, so why was Sam expressing them? I suppose having a soul helps express things that aren't really there.

"I don't know, one minute I was dying that next moment I woke up here!" I tried to sound like a human, but it was really hard. As I said being a human requires emotions, and emotions require a soul. Evidently Sam sensed something was wrong, I suppose there must be some kind of human sense that can tell that danger is nearby, namely me.

"Why are you speaking like that?" You sound different..." To save him the brainwork I hit him hard on the head I didn't want to kill him just yet. I let my demon eyes show.

"Dean? Or are you a demon.. Get out of my brother's body you demon bastard!" He yelled trying to make sense of it all, I really do pity that incomprehensive brain, humans are so slow, maybe I could find a way to remove his soul. It would make Sam less annoying.

"Oh don't worry Sammy I'm still Dean, it seems though that when a human with the Mark of Cain dies, they wake up a demon! Quite useful really!"

"What do you-"

"Oh save me from your human brain! This is really boring. I think I'm going to go now, wouldn't want to kill you, would I? After all you are my brother." I sneered at that last word. And then quickly before he could do anything, I zapped out of the bunker. I didn't know where to go though, so I decided to go to a place Sam would never think to find me, to a vegan bakery. After all, as my human self had once said, the source of evil would always be found at a vegan bakery. Also I needed to discover what it really meant to be a demon. And maybe just maybe cause some chaos. Thinking of what I could do now I didn't have a conscience in the way, I felt an evil smile creep up my face. Now where do I begin?