Inspired by the "Pretty Cure" series by Toei Animation & Disney's "World of Color"

Author's Notes

Hello there, and welcome to the first "Pretty Cure" fanfic I made. All rights of the original characters, items, and places go to Toei Animation, I do not own them.

This will be a long story, so expect many chapters in this story and in the future. And the good news is that this fanfic is also a "Pretty Cure All Stars" story. I will also include myself (Matthew Oda, self-insert) in this story as part of the Pretty Cure team.

The story takes place after Happiness Charge Precure series and before the Go! Princess Precure series.

There will be characters that have names that will be similar to color and art stuff. You'll understand what I mean when you read the story.

I will skip transformation scenes and the descriptive appearances of the Pretty Cures. To know more about the Pretty Cures, look up at the "Pretty Cure Wiki" web page.

For more info about this story and the latest news, look up at my forums on my account. Or send me a private message for requests or comments.

Thank you, and please do enjoy "Pretty Cure: Color Chaos."

Prologue - Blot Attack!

Somewhere in a vast and colorful land contains a quaint town, with a picturesque rainbow castle, in the center of the kingdom. The people and animals are panicking as their homes, trees, fields, and districts, are being invaded by black goop humanoids conquering everything in its sight and path. Warriors with an apron and red berets, with paintbrushes as their weapons, began to fight back the goop terrorists that have invaded the town. The warriors use their brushes to spray a rainbow color water stream to shoot at the blobby terrorists. Some were hit and melted, but there were too many of them. The warriors are outnumbered and were captured by the goopy goons. Civilians of the town hid to safety, hoping to escape and avoid harm. But the goopy goons caught the poor civilians helplessly. A few people in town survived by the goons, while most of them were taken away and being held captive in prison.

At the castle, high ranked knights outside of the castle walls use their weapons to shoot down any incoming goons infiltrating the huge building. There were still too many of them, as some of them already reached inside the castle walls. The knights fought hard to defend their freedom, but the goopy goons were outnumbering them and capturing the heroic knights. "This is not good!" screamed one of the knights who was grabbed by multiple goopy goons. "We need a miracle!"

In the corridors of the castle, a queen wearing different colors on her royal gown and a platinum crown on her head, along with a fairy with butterfly wings with rainbow colors on it and a rainbow bow on the top of her head, rushes towards a sealed chamber within a few yards.

"Queen Chroma, we're almost there!" said the butterfly fairy.

"As soon as we get inside the chamber, we must do this to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands," said Queen Chroma.

They were within reach of the chamber doors, but suddenly a crash from the roof opened a hole, and multiple black blob humanoids dropped in front of the queen and the fairy. "GWOP-PO!" said the black blobs as they make their fighting stance.

The butterfly fairy jolted in fright while the queen makes a mean look. She took her index finger and thumb, from both hands, and forms them into a shape of a circle. She makes a chant, "Chroma Flash!" A flash of bright colors blinded the blobs, and the queen and her fairy pass through them. They were in front of the doors, and the queen turns to the fairy. "Tint, the key." The fairy nodded, and she reaches something in her pocket. Tint pulled out a key that has a gold handle, and its teeth are shaped like a rainbow with different colors on it. Tint inserts the key into the chamber door's keyhole. She turned the key to open the doors, and both the queen and fairy went in. After they got inside, the queen uses her powers to shut the doors and lock tightly. The blobs on the other side of the doors heard the doors closed and started to ram into them.

Queen Chroma and Tint are safe for now as they walked to the center of the chamber. All around the chamber walls were full of different colors of the rainbow from red to purple. In the middle of the room stood a crystallized pedestal and a crystal clear diamond on it with a glowing and transparent orb surrounding the diamond. Queen Chroma and Tint approached it with a worried look.

"We must do this now," The queen said as she uses her powers to remove the orb covering the diamond. "Once my task is done, it's all up to you."

"Why must it come to this?" Tint said in sorrow. "Is there any other way? Can't you use this to destroy the blobs?"

"I would, but to take on these many blobs and the leader by myself isn't enough. We need the only heroines that can master this power and save our land. Tint, I depend on you, everyone depends on you. You are my wonderful student, and if you prove to yourself that you can overcome and pass this challenge and save our world, then I can grant your desire."

Tint is still worry knowing that it wasn't the right thing to do, but she shook her head and nodded. BAM! BAM! The queen and the fairy heard the loud banging noise coming through the doors, knowing that they won't hold on much longer. The queen makes a frightened look and turns to the diamond she's holding. "Let's do this." Queen Chroma commanded. Chroma uses her powers to deliver her aura to her hands and then to the diamond. The gem glowed into a rainbow of colors, and then it changes its shape into a ball. The queen grunted, struggling to use all of her powers. BAM! BAM! BAM! Tint panicked when the doors are on their last strength to hold the blobs. Queen Chroma gives herself one final push of the strength of her power to the rainbow ball. The ball then bursts out into colorful streams of light and then…FLASH! The ball broke into eight different colored orbs: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and brown. The colors then swirl into the air, and in a flash, the colors zoomed separate ways and were scattered across the vast land. Queen Chroma falls to the floor in complete exhaustion.

BOOM! The doors flung off from the frame from the colossal explosion. Queen Chroma and Tint turned towards the sound. All in their view is large gray dust. Moments later, three silhouettes appeared in the dust, then followed by the group of blobs behind the three. When the dust cleared off, the three silhouettes are shown themselves, two men and a woman. The first man with blonde hair had all white clothes on, a thick jacket and long pants, including his boots, and his cap. The second man is wearing a blue shirt and tannish overalls. He has two canisters on the side of his legs and a large hose-gun carrying behind his back. His hair was black and oily too, and he wears a blue beret. And the woman with messy and puffy magenta hair wears a pink, shoulder-less, spaghetti-strapped, and puffed dress skirt that has scribbling markings, pencil, paint, and markers all over on her dress. The three gave an evil grin look to the queen and fairy. The man in white stepped forward with a wicked remark.

"Trying to hold us out," said the man in white. "But not good enough, so hand it over."

"What over?" Chroma replied in a calm mood, yet she is still breathing.

"You know what we want," said the woman in a pink dress skirt. "The Prism Diamond."

"Yeah," the man in tannish overalls followed, "If you don't, we're gonna erase ya for good."

The queen stood up and calmly smiles, "Unfortunately, you're too late. I broke the Prism Diamond into the Wonder Colors and hid them in the far regions of the land."

"EEEEHHHHH!?" shouted the three villains.

"NO FAIR!" shouted the woman in a complaint. "We were so close!"

"You little colorful sneaker!" the man in overalls yelled. "You left us no choice but to-"

"Wait!" the man in white called to the two. "Our orders are to capture the Prism Diamond and imprison the queen and her people. That's all it matters."

The pink shirt woman continued the conversation. "But what about the Prism-"

"We'll tell him about the diamond. There's no need to worry. Spectrum Land will be ours; we've already conquered Drawville and this castle. I'm sure finding the Wonder Colors will be a snap. Right now, let's capture the queen and her fairy friend."

"Hmm…you're right," said the man the overalls. He turns to the blobs and waves his right arm. "Blots, capture them."

"GWOP-PO!" The blobs rush towards Queen Chroma and Tint. In the last second, Chroma uses her powers again to create a bubble around Tint. Then the bubble that contains Tint inside floated high into the air.

"GO! HURRY! And find them," Queen Chroma shouted to her fairy student.

"Chroma! Queen Chroma!" Tint cried

The queen calmly smiles back at Tint, knowing and believing that Tint will achieve and complete her mission. "I know you can do it," said Chroma. "You will succeed." Tint started to cry just as the blobs got closer to Queen Chroma. "Please, find…the Pretty Cures." Tint nodded as the bubble started to shine brightly. In a flash, the bubble disappeared along with Tint. Queen Chroma turned around towards the mob of Blobs as they got closer within inches of her.

Outside the castle and the village entrance gates, the bubble with Tint in it appeared over some shrubs and next to a tree. The bubble popped freeing Tint. Tint flew up high as she looks back at the village and the castle that's shrouded with dark clouds. Tint was really depressed at first, but she then makes a firm look and flies into a safe place. When she is in the clear, she took out a paintbrush, the size of her body, and draws a circle in midair. The circle turned into a rainbow portal, and Tint flew inside it. She was warping into another world and Tint concentrated on her objective. "I must fulfill my mission. I will save…no, we will save Spectrum Land. Pretty Cures, please help me and everyone else. Save our World of Color."