1. The Pretty Cures

At a nine-story apartment on the third floor, inside is a bedroom containing many collections of dolls on the desk, the floor, the shelves, and even on the bed. In the bed is Nagisa sleeping away as the morning sun kept rising into the air. Her clock alarm went off as it showed 7:00 a.m. She turned the clock's alarm off and continued to sleep more. Then Mepple, in his blue and silver pad form, looking much like a cell phone, jumped onto the bed and turned into his a yellow fairy form. He jumped onto Nagisa's head and begins to pound her.

"Hey! Wake up, you sleepyhead!" said Mepple. "It's time to get up-mepo!"

She heard that annoying and spoiled voice, and couldn't take any more of his stomping. She quickly raised herself up and snatched the fairy with her hands. "You little rat!" She shouted. "Would you stop doing that every morning!?"

"Well I'm sorr-rry, but if I didn't, you would be late for school, and I do not get anything to eat for breakfast, so come on and feed me-mepo!"

"Mepple you little… I don't believe this!"

Then she heard a voice calling out from her window. "Nagisa! Nagisa!" She looks out the window and enters the balcony. She looked down to see who was calling her name. There she sees Honoka and Hikari dressed in school uniforms.

Nagisa waves at them still her pajama clothes. "Hey Honoka, Hey Hikari!" she called out. "You're here so early!"

"We are waiting for you," Honoka called to her. "We don't want to be late for school."

"I'll be right there." Nagisa quickly got dressed in her school uniform, ate her breakfast fast, and rushes out the front door. She climbed all the way down to the ground floor and meets up with Honoka and Hikari. "Okay, shall we head off?"

The two nodded, but before they do, a pink and silver cell phone popped out of Honoka's school bag. Nagisa's cell phone popped out too as the two got close together. Then Poof! The two phones turn into Mepple and Mipple.

"Mipple my love, it feels so long since I last saw you-mepo," said Mepple with glee.

"I missed you too, my love-mipo," said Mipple.

The two fairies were happily dancing around, while Honoka and Hikari giggled, and Nagisa sighed in embarrassment. Then popping onto Hikari's shoulders are the prince of light Pollun and the princess of light Lulun.

"Hey, I want to play!" Pollun shouted. "Can we play please-popo?"

"Yeah, me too." Lulun followed. "I want to play-lulu."

"No!" Mepple yelled. "Not after school is done-mepu!"

"But I want to play-popo!" Pollun cried. "I want to play-popo! I want to play-popo!"

Mepple and Nagisa sigh in exasperation. Hikari gently patted Pollun's head to calm his whining. "Don't you worry Pollun," Hikari said in gold and gentle voice. "I promise I'll play with you if you promise to be patient and quiet after school is done."

Pollun stopped crying and calms himself down. He sniffed up his sinuses and wipes off his tears. "Okay…" he said calmly. "I'll be quiet-popo."

Nagisa sighed in relief. "Thanks Hikari, I can't stand these two screaming all the time."

"Oh, you're welcome Nagisa." Hikari said with a gentle smile.

Honoka giggled a little to see this amusing scene. "Well, let's head to school then," she said. Then a butterfly with bright, colorful wings landed on her head. Honoka noticed it and so did the other two girls and the fairies.

"What a pretty butterfly," Hikari said with little glee.

Honoka uses her finger to make the butterfly come to her finger. The butterfly did, and Honoka lowered her finger to her chest. The girls and the fairies looked at the butterfly to see its glorious colors.

"Its colors are what makes this butterfly so pretty," Nagisa pointed out.

"I definitely agree with you on that-mipo," Mipple replied.

"Un, it's okay-mepo." said Mepple, not finding it to be amazing.

Honoka puts the butterfly on a flower that's close to her. She turns to her friends and says, "Okay you guys, let's get going for school."

The three started walking out onto the streets. Then Nagisa remembered something and tells her friends. "Oh! I just remember. Tomorrow we're having a Pretty Cure get together picnic. We better make sure we bring enough food for everyone tomorrow."

"Don't you worry Nagisa," said Honoka with a cheer. "I always remember things, and our good friend Hikari is good at cooking."

Hikari nodded, "I'll make sure to bring enough Tako for everyone tomorrow."

"I can't wait to see everyone again tomorrow," Nagisa said with joy.

As they left Nagisa's apartment building, the butterfly on the flower slowly begins to droop down, feeling so blue and bored. Then it happened; the colors on the butterfly's wings disappeared leaving them nothing but gray and black on it.

It's another sunny and clear day on a huge greenery land that borders the sea. At the softball field, Saki is practicing her pitch, seeing if she can break her speed record. She has been pitching for an hour now and she starts to feel a little bit tired. Then Mai, Saki's best friend in a school's uniform, walks up to her with a water bottle in her right hand and her sketchbook in her other hand.

"Saki, I think you should take a break now," Mai advised.

Saki breaths really hard to catch her breath. She took the water bottle and chugged it down in her throat. "Thanks Mai," she says in relief. "I almost broke my record, but not close enough."

Then Flappy appeared in front of Saki's softball shoes. "Don't push yourself too hard-lapi. Otherwise, you'll catch a hot headache-lapi."

"I know, I know, Flappy," Saki understood. "You don't have to tell me that."

Then Choppy, Mai's fairy partner, appeared on Mai's shoulder. "We're just concern about your health and safety-chopi."

Saki took a big sigh, "Okay, Okay, I'll take it easy." She then turns to Mai. "So Mai, how's the art club doing?"

"Very good, look what I have drawn," said Mai as she shows her sketchbook to Saki and Flappy. The picture shows Saki and Mai smiling, being close together, and forming a heart shape with their hands. Saki and Flappy smiled at Mai's masterpiece. Then two other fairies, Moop and Foop, appeared and landed on Saki's shoulders.

"Whoa, that's looks great-mupu!" said Moop in amazement.

"I can't believe you drew that-pupu," Foop followed.

"Thanks you guys," Mai said with a gracious smile. Everyone smiled happily knowing this is a beautiful friendship.

Then Saki spotted something in the tree that was a few yards away from her. "Hey, look up there," she called to everyone. Mai and the fairies look to see what Saki was looking at. The tree contains many shining yellow flowers, blooming in the glistening sun. Mai and the fairies smiled with great joy.

"Oh wow, they're beautiful," Mai said in amazement.

"It's like seeing something precious from the Land of Fountains-chopi," said Choppy in joy.

"I think you'll look lovely with a flower, like that, on you-lapi." Flappy said complementing Choppy.

Choppy giggled, and so did everyone else. "Well, I got to get back to pitching," Saki said after she gains back her energy.

"Okay Saki," said Mai, "And don't forget, tomorrow we're meeting everyone at the picnic."

"That's right!" said Saki after she remembered. "I'll make sure to be some Panpakapan pastries over for the picnic." Mai nodded in agreement, and the fairies were smiling away. Saki got into her softball stance again and adjusted her hat. "Alright! Today I'm in top form!" she said in excitement. She winds up her arm and makes a fastpitch.

While Saki is busy pitching and Mai watching her, the flowers on the tree started to wilt a little as its colors started to disappear.

At the Natts House, Nozomi and her friends are reorganizing stuff from the shelves and boxes as part of their cleanup routine. Nozomi, Rin, and Kurumi, also known as Milk in her human form, are carrying boxes. Urara and Syrup, in his human form, are cleaning stuff that came from the boxes they took out. Komachi and Karen use feather dusters to clean off the shelves. And Coco and Natts in their human form are washing the counters in the room.

Nozomi tries to reach a box that is high on top of a shelf but couldn't reach it with all her might. She grabbed a stool and stood on it for height support. She tiptoes on the stool. As she reaches and barely touches the box, she slipped and fell to the floor as the stuff from the box came out and landed on Nozomi. The crashing sound alert everyone in the building. "Nozomi!" everyone shouted.

"Ow, ow, that hurt," Nozomi replied in pain.

"Jeez Nozomi, you sure are clumsy," Rin said.

"Nozomi, are you alright?" Urara asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Nozomi responded. "A little bruise wouldn't stop me."

"Good grief," Kurumi complained. "You always get into a mess. It's no wonder you always giving me a hard time."

"Boo…you're the one to talk," Nozomi complained.

"Here, let me help you up," Komachi said as she lifted Nozomi up on her feet.

"Thanks, Komachi."

"No problem, here let me help you clean up."

Nozomi and Komachi picked up all the stuff that fell off from the box and onto the floor. As soon as the two picked every single object up and put them back into the box, Nozomi found something that made her smile.

"Aww…it's so cute," Nozomi said happily.

"What is?" Rin bent over and asked.

"This." She showed everyone what she's holding, and it is a small doll dressed in multiple colors. Everyone in the room smiled.

"Oh my, it is cute," Karen said proudly.

"Yeah, you're right," said Kurumi as she got close to examine it. "Where did this originally come from?"

"Oh, that?" Natts responded. "I found that doll the other day, but I didn't know what to do with it. So I put in a box for safekeeping."

"Well, I like to keep it out," Nozomi said with glee. "If that's okay with you with guys?"

"Of course," Urara replied, "I think it's a pretty and colorful doll."

"No complaints here," Rin said calmly.

"I think we can use this doll as an attention grabber for our customers," Coco suggested. "Everyone will see it and come into this shop for a quick look while they buy something."

"Not a bad idea," said Syrup in surprise. "I think it might work."

"For right now, we better clean this whole shop up." Coco put the doll on one of the shelves on the side so it won't get lost. "We got a big day tomorrow, so we better get this done today before it's too late."

"Right," Karen responded, "We're meeting all of our friends tomorrow, so we better not waste any time."

Nozomi jumped up into the air with excitement. "Alright, let's get this cleanup done, so we can meet our friends tomorrow. It's decided!" Everyone raised their fist up into the air and cheer in agreement.

Everyone went back to cleaning up the Natts House. But while they weren't looking, the doll on the shelf started to lose color on its dress, turning every piece of her dress into gray and white.

In the districts of Clover Town, the streets were filled with many people out shopping, buying groceries, and other fancy products. Love and her friends were out on the shopping street looking and buying food for the picnic tomorrow.

"This is so exciting!" Love shouted in great happiness. "I can't wait to see everyone again."

"Love, calm down, will ya?" said Miki in a calm matter. "We need to find the right snacks for the picnic before you go super crazy again."

"Now, now settle down," said Inori trying to calm the two girls. "Let's not go overboard."

"Agreed," Setsuna followed. "Focus girls and do not get carried away."

"Okay, I'm sorry," said Love in embarrassment. "It's just it's been a while since we last met all of our Pretty Cure friends."

"Jeez Love," said Tarte, "You sure sometimes act like a little kid these days."

"Kyua," agreed Chiffon flying over on Tarte's head.

"Oh, you be quiet, you ferret!" Love said in rage.

Ding! Ding! Just then, Love heard the ringing sound. She turns towards the sound and spots and wind chime hanging made of different colors with six different rainbow-colored strips outside the shop. Love smiles and walks up to it. "Wow, it's so pretty." Love said in amazement.

"You like it? Made it myself." said a man out of nowhere. Love turns to the voice of the man. He wore a red cap, a light blue T-shirt with a white apron on top of it, long brown pants, and gray shoes. He had black hair with his bangs hanging on the side of his face.

"You made this!?" Love said in shock.

"Yep, it took me a long time, but I master the technique of getting the colors right."

Miki, Inori, Setsuna, Tarte, and Chiffon arrive, and see the wind chimes hanging in front of his shop. Everyone was astounded as they gazed at the beautiful and colorful wind chime.

"Oh wow, it's so pretty," said Miki in amazement. "It's perfect, like me."

"Cool, look at all the different colors." Inori said as she points out on the chimes.

"Now that's one piece work of true art." Tarte quietly said, complementing the chimes.

"Thanks you guys." said the man in a cheerful mood. "Those chimes are what make my customers attracted here."

"Wow! That certainly got your happiness." Love responded with great joy.

"Now that you have seen my famous work, is there something I can do for ladies?"

Setsuna stepped forward to the man. "Well, we are looking for some good and tasty snacks for our picnic tomorrow. It's a gathering of our great and dear friends."

The man put his hand on his chin. "Hmm…" Then he snaps his fingers. "I know just the thing." He went behind the counter and crouched himself to grab something off the shelf. He stands himself up again and places a big box on the countertop. "Here, take my homemade berry and lemon muffins. I know you and your wonderful friends will love it."

"(GASP) Really!?" Love said in complete surprise.

"Wait a minute." Miki interrupted. "How much do we have to pay?"

The man smiled. "I got plenty of these muffins, I'll let the pay slide. It's on the house."

"Really!?" Inori said in great happiness. "Gee, thanks."

"We really do appreciate it Mister," said Setsuna as she bows to the man.

"You take care of yourselves and have a great day with your friends." said the man.

"Thank you so much," said Love and her friends in sync. The girls left the shop and headed down the busy street.

The man came out of the shop and watches the girls walking down the street. He then turns to his chimes and smiles. "You're the one that really makes us shine today." The man went back inside the shop. But when his back was turned, the colors on the chimes disappeared, leaving the chimes nothing but a gray color.

On a bright day in the residential streets of the town Kibougahana, Tsubomi and her friends are walking down the streets heading towards their homes from school. Erika was smiling away in a great mood, and Tsubomi, Itsuki, and Yuri are grinning a little walking calmly down the road.

"Mmmmm… I'm so excited!" Erika shouted. "We get to see our friends again at the picnic tomorrow!"

"I'm excited too," Tsubomi said calmly. "It has been a while since we last saw our Pretty Cure friends."

"I wonder if they have changed their appearance since we last saw them?" Itsuki wondered.

"Who knows?" Yuri responded. "But I think all that matters is seeing everyone again and having fun together at the picnic tomorrow."

"Well, I can't wait any longer," Erika shouted in great impatience. "I wish tomorrow would come soon."

"Now Erika," Tsubomi said as she tries to calm her down. "Let's not rush. We need to remember to bring some colorful flowers as decorations for tomorrow."

"We can bring Jasmines for the picnic tomorrow," Itsuki suggested. "Jasmine in flower language means friendly."

"Not a bad idea Itsuki," Yuri replied. "It might be perfect for the gathering tomorrow."

Tsubomi nodded in agreement with Yuri's words. But when she wasn't looking she… BONK! Tsubomi fell to the ground while her eyes were spinning in circles. Her friends came and see Tsubomi on the ground.

"Tsubomi!" Erika cried. "Are you okay?"

Tsubomi got up on her feet and rubs her head. "Yeah," she replied, "I'm fine."

"Goodness! I'm sorry about that." said a womanly voice. The girls heard the voice and looked towards the direction from the sound. There stood in front of the girls is a woman with brown hair with bangs on the side of her hair and a hairband wrapped behind her head. She wears square glasses, wears a yellow shirt with a white apron over it, long blue pants, and brown slip-on shoes. "Are you alright, Miss?" she said as she got closer to Tsubomi.

"Uhhh! I'm sorry, Miss." Tsubomi said as she kept bowing to the woman over and over again in apology. "I wasn't looking where I was going. So I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Oh, don't be," said woman waving her hand to stop Tsubomi bowing at her. "It's actually my fault that I got in the way of your path."

Tsubomi smiled in relief, knowing she has been forgiven. Just then, she tilts her head and spots something on the table that's outside of the shop. She walks closer and sees the different sizes and colorful vases. Tsubomi smiled in amazement as she sees all the coloring styles that were drawn and made on the vases. "Ahhh…, they're so lovely." Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri heard Tsubomi's cheerful mood and went over to see what she was talking about. The three girls then see the colorful vases in all sorts of different styles, and they were astounded by their fabulous looks.

"Ooohh! They're so cool!" said Erika with great joy.

"Wow, they look very colorful." Itsuki complemented the vases.

"Indeed, they do." Yuri followed.

"I can see you girls have good taste in my style and coloring." said the woman as she approaches them. "I worked really hard into making these beautiful vases."

"You made these?" Itsuki said in surprise.

"That's real talent," said Erika also in complete surprise.

Tsubomi asks the woman a question, "What do make and do here, Miss?"

"Take a look." the woman replied as she pointed the girls the sign hanging out on the shop. The girls looked up and see the wooden sign hanging on a pole that's sticking out. The sign says, Hokona's Flower Pottery. "I own this shop, and I make these wonderful vases, bowls, and cups to put my customers' flowers in." The four girls were still amazed by this wonderful sight. "This town is famous for its flowers around here, so I decided to set up my shop and career here."

Tsubomi smiled even more with lots of joy. "Oh, they're so adorable, I wish I could have one."

"Really?" said the woman in a quiet surprise. "Tell me young one, do you love flowers?"

"Yes, I really do. Cherry Blossoms are my favorites."

"Then I have something for you that you're going to love. I'll be right back." The woman went inside her shop.

Just then, Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri popped out of Tsubomi, Erika, and Itsuki's school bags and stares at the vases the girls mentioned.

"Wooaaahhh…they do look so cool-desu," said Coffret.

"It's like seeing flowers decorated on a vase-desu." Chypre followed.

"I really like these-deshu," Potpourri said with excitement.

"They are really cool," Tsubomi responded to the fairies. "She worked really hard to make these colorful pots."

"I bet that it's the colors and its styles that get the attention on these vases," said Yuri as she looks at them carefully. "The way she mixes with them and design is what people really like about her work."

"You might be right there Yuri," Erika replied in complete agreement.

Then the door to the shop opened. Hearing the door causes the fairies to hide quickly back into the girls' schoolbags again. The woman came out from the shop and brought a white cup with cherry blossoms all over on it. She shows the cup to Tsubomi. "Here Miss," said the woman with a smile. "I'm sure this will please you."

Tsubomi looked at the cup, and she smiled so wide with lots of great happiness. "AAAHHH! It's wonderful." she said with great joy. "I can keep this?"

"Of course. I always like to give people the perfect flower pot for my customers that goes well with their favorite flowers. Take it's yours."

"But wait, don't I have to pay?"

"No my dear, I have plenty of these. So go ahead and take it as a complimentary gift."

Tsubomi's eyes sparkle while she smiles. Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri were happy to see this generous sight. "Thank you so much, Hokona-san," Tsubomi said while she bows to her.

"You're very welcome, my dear." The girls continued to walk the down heading towards their homes. "You take care now," Hokona called out to Tsubomi and her friends.

As the girls were continuing to walk, Tsubomi makes thought and tells everyone. "I should tell Grandma about that pottery shop; she is going to like it."

"I'm sure she will, Tsubomi," Erika replied. "I'm thinking about telling that shop to my parents too."

Itsuki and Yuri smiled as they watched Tsubomi and Erika giggled and smiled at each other. Hokona watches the girls walk away, then she went back inside her shop. But then suddenly, all of her beautiful and colorful artwork on her vases started to disappear, turning her vases into a gray color.

In the town of Music called Kanon Town, the square was filled with many people playing their musical instruments away with sweet and nostalgic tunes. Hibiki and her friends are sitting on the steps near a stone landmark eating their afternoon snacks. After Hibiki ate one of Kanade's cupcakes, she makes a suggestion, "Hey Kanade, are you going to bring these cupcakes over for the picnic tomorrow."

Kanade wipes her mouth with a napkin and replies, "Of course, Hibiki; there's no one who can resist my delicious cupcakes. I'll make sure I bring plenty of them tomorrow."

"It's really nice to see them again," Ellen said. "It's been a while since we last saw them."

"I'll bet they'll be happy to see us, and vice versa," Ako said calmly.

"I'm so happy to get to see my fairy friends again-nya," Hummy said with great happiness.

Hibiki looks up to the sky and watches the clouds pass by in the air. "It's been quiet and the same here lately," Hibiki said as she watches the clouds. "Nothing new is happening."

"Well, one thing for sure is no big, and bad enemies appeared lately," Kanade pointed out to her friends. "I'm glad Noise, Fushion, and all the enemies we fought are gone."

"That's true," Ako pointed, "but we might encounter another one, even as we speak."

"I agree." Ellen followed.

Hibiki kept staring at the clouds quietly until she spotted birds fly across in her view. She widens her eyes when saw these birds have different glorious colors on their feathers. She then smiled, "Aaahhh, they're so cool."

"What is?" Kanade asked.

"Those birds." Hibiki pointed toward them to show to her friends. Kanade, Ellen, Ako, and Hummy spotted the birds and smiled in amazement to see their wondrous colored feathers. They watched the birds landed into a tree that was about a few yards away from where the girls were sitting.

"Wow, their colors are so cute," Kanade said in great excitement.

"They are magnificent," Ellen followed.

"I really agree with you guys," Ako confirmed.

"I never had seen a bird with gorgeous colors like that before-nya," Hummy said with great joy.

Kanade suddenly jolts a little as an idea came into her head. "Hey! Those birds gave me another great design for my cupcakes," she said with delight.

"What is it, Kanade?" Hibiki asked.

Kanade winked at Hibiki with a small grin. "You'll have to wait and see tomorrow."

Then the clock tower behind the girls started to play music as the clock's hands showed four o'clock. The girls looked back at the tower to see the clock's face.

"Four o'clock," Hibiki stated, "We better get home and get ready for the picnic tomorrow."

"Good idea Hibiki." Kanade agreed. "Let's go."

The girls packed up their afternoon snacks and bags, and they headed to their homes. The birds in the trees started to take off and fly into the air. But after a few seconds of takeoff, the birds suddenly started to slow down and fell down to the ground. They were all feeling weak and couldn't figure out why. They collapsed, and their colors on their feathers and whole body have vanished.

That afternoon at Nanairogaoka Middle School, it was the end of the school day, and every student is heading home. Miyuki and her friends are all walking down the same road heading towards their homes.

"Mmmmmm…I'm so Ultra Happy!" Miyuki shouted in great excitement.

"Is it because of tomorrow?" Yayoi asked.

"That's right! We are going to see our friends again."

"It has been a while since we last saw them," Akane stated. "But it's great because I can get to bring my own okonomiyaki for the picnic."

"For sure," Nao agreed. "The picnic for the great gathering is the best idea to meet everyone again. There will include food and games we can all play together."

"We wouldn't miss this great opportunity," Reika pointed out. "I think it's nice and honorable to see them again, once in a while."

"I'm really happy to see everyone again-kuru." Candy said happily as she was in Miyuki's school bag.

Miyuki still kept smiling until she spotted a young girl sitting on a small brick wall that's close to a small children's park. The girl had short blonde hair with her long bangs, rolled up in the ends, on the side of her head. She wore a light blue girl's shirt with a wavy collar on her neck and shoulder puffs. She held a sketchbook on her lap and next to her she had a box of coloring pencils.

Miyuki went up to her and smile. The girl got her attention. "Hi there," Miyuki said with a smile. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing very good," the girl replied smiled back at Miyuki.

"Watch ya drawing?"

"I'm drawing everything I'm seeing in this children's playground. You want to take a look?"

Miyuki nodded. The girl gave her sketchbook to Miyuki, and she looks at it. In astounding amazement, the girl's artwork is incredible, the slide, swings, and seesaws were well detailed and drawn that it looks so real. Miyuki smiled even more.

"Hey Miyuki," Akane called to her, "watcha looking at?" All of Miyuki's friends got close to the girl's sketchbook and observe it. The four other girls were surprised to see the little girl's masterpiece.

"Aahhh…It looks so cool," said Yayoi in amazement with her eyes wide and sparkling.

"I agree," Reika declared, "It really truly is a masterpiece."

Miyuki gave back the sketchbook to the girl. "Hey, are you planning to become an artist someday?" she asked.

"Mmm-hmm," she nodded. "I have been drawing since I was five, and I'm working really hard to achieve my dream."

"Well, keep at it, and you'll sure to succeed in becoming a great artist," Nao advised to the girl.

"Never give up, kid," Akane said giving the girl a thumb's up.

"I know you will succeed and become ultra happy," Miyuki said with joy.

"Thank you, girls," the little girl said replied happily, "and I will."

Miyuki and her friends smiled and waved goodbye as they pass by the girl and continue to head home. Candy popped out from Miyuki's bag and says with a charming smile, "That's was the most fantastic drawing I've seen-kuru."

Miyuki nodded, "Yeah, and those colors really know how to make that drawing so good." Miyuki's friends nodded in agreement too.

The little girl watched Miyuki and her friends continue walking down the road. She then went back to her drawing and starts to make the final touches. While she is coloring her drawing, she accidentally knocked her box of color pencils, and it fell to the ground scattering the pencils everywhere. "Oh no," she said. She places her drawing on the side and starts to pick up every single color pencil on the ground. When she's not looking, the colors in her drawing slowly started to disappear. After she picked up every single color pencil on the ground and puts them back into her box, she turns around and looks at her drawing. She jolted in shock when she saw her drawing was all black, white, and gray. "My drawing!" she cried. "Where are my colors!?" she started to make tears and then she cries. "WAAAHHH! MY DRAWING!"

It is a lovely and sunny day in Oogai City, and everything is going quite good at the Yotsuba TV station. In the filming studio room, Makoto, in singing her dress, is singing another song while she is filmed for her next music video. After the shooting was done, Makoto's director says it's a wrap and gave her the rest of the day off. Makoto bowed and thanked the director. She then walks to her friends Mana, Rikka, Alice, and Aguri, along with Sebastian, the fairies, and Ai by their side. They are standing right next to a wall so they wouldn't be in the way during the film shooting. D.B., also known as Dabyi in her human form, walks up to Makoto with a towel and water bottle in both hands.

"You worked really hard out there," D.B. said calmly. "Take a good rest."

Makoto took a good swig from the water bottle, and then she exhales. "Thanks, Dabyi," said Makoto feeling a bit reenergized. "And thanks to you guys for coming over and rooting for me."

"We are glad and happy to help," Mana said with great excitement and confidence.

"I'm sure your next music video will be a big hit when it's released," Alice said with little joy.

"I will guarantee that your idol life will lead you to great success," Rikka stated.

"No doubt," Aguri agreed. "You'll make one shining star that reaches out towards peoples' hearts."

Makoto smiled after she received great compliments from her dear friends. "Thank you, guys," Makoto said with delight. "Now, let me clean myself up and change clothes so we can go to The Pig's Tail to cook up for tomorrow's picnic."

"That's right," Sharuru responded, floating in front of Mana. "Tomorrow is our gathering of all the Pretty Cure friends we met-sharu."

"We can help too-keru," Raquel said.

"Yeah, I'm in-de ransu," Lance followed.

"Kyuppi!" Ai said in great joy.

"I will also help, as well," Sebastian declared.

Everyone smiled as they are about to head out of the studio room. But as they reach the doors, they see a studio worker woman with short light brown hair picking up all the wardrobe clothes that fell on the floor. Mana couldn't resist her helping hand personality, so she went in and aided the woman.

"Need a hand with that?" Mana asked as she starts picking the clothes.

"Oh yes, thank you," The worker woman said in a great mood.

Rikka and Alice sighed. "That's Mana for you," Rikka pointed out. "Always helping others out."

"Just like the golden prince," Alice followed up.

Mana and the worker woman were about done putting all the clothes on the moving clothes rack. Then Mana spotted something astounded. She picked a rainbow-colored with sparkling glitter and silver frills hanging on the skirt and the end of the sleeves.

"Whaaa…this is so amazing," Mana said in complete surprise. "My heart is pounding so hard."

"I see you like that dress," the worker woman said. "The designer worked really hard to make this dress for a princess film." The woman grabbed the dress and puts it back on the clothes rack. She then turns to Mana with a kind smile. "You're a kind and honest girl, I truly respect that."

"I'm just glad to help," Mana replied. Mana just then heard her friends calling for her, saying it's time to get going. She waved at them telling them she'll be right there. "Well, I got to go. See ya." She went to her friends as the worker woman waved goodbye to her.

Mana got back with the gang and continued towards Makoto's make-up room. "Jeez Mana," Rikka complained, "Can't you for once slack off of helping others for a change."

"But I love helping others," Mana replied in a happy mood. "I couldn't resist seeing someone struggling." Alice, Makoto, and Aguri sighed but then started to giggle.

They left the studio room. But when the worker woman went away to help with someone with the lights, the rainbow princess dress started to lose its colors.

Everything is going calmly and peaceful in Pikarigaoka. At Blue Sky Kingdom's secret embassy, Megumi and her friends are in the kitchen cooking up delicious foods. They were in their patisserie and chef outfits, from using their Precure cards, and making sweet treats and cuisines.

"How's every going, you guys?" Megumi called out to her friends.

"The cookies are done," Hime replied as she got the last batch from the oven.

"My sweet rice balls are ready to go," Yuko replies to Megumi.

"And the cake is all set," Iona told everyone.

"Alright!" Megumi shouted in excitement, "We are ready to go for the picnic tomorrow."

"It's going to be great to see everyone again," Hime said in excitement too.

"They are also going to try out my delicious rice once I bring them to the other Pretty Cures," Yuko stated.

"It really is great to see the other Pretty Cures out there that save the world," Iona said. "This will be my first time, I'm kind of nervous."

"Don't you worry, Iona," said Megumi as she tries to cheer Iona up, "Every Pretty Cure is going to like you."

"Thanks, Megumi."

Clap, Clap, Clap. The sound came from Ribbon grabbing the girls' attention. Glassan was next to Ribbon. "Okay, girls!" Ribbon called out, "Now that we're ready, let's clean up this mess and get ready for tomorrow." The girls nodded and picked up every trash piece they collected. When the trash was full, Megumi volunteered to take the trash bag out, and Hime tagged along.

Megumi and Hime were outside the embassy's front gate, and they dumped the trash into a large trash can next to the gate doors. Megumi wipes off the sweat and exhales in relief.

"Whew! That's a lot of cooking we did today." Megumi said, feeling a bit tired.

"It sure is." Hime agreed, "but all that hard work paid off. So now, let's get some rest and be ready for tomorrow."

Megumi nodded, but just as the two were about to go in, they spotted a few kids blowing bubbles. Megumi and Hime watch the kids blow their bubble wands, as they create a big bubble. The two girls were astounded to see the bubble glowing rainbow colors when the sunlight beam hit the bubbles. Megumi walks up to the kids. "Hey, what kind of bubbles are those?" she asked.

"They're 'Rainbow Bubbles.'" a boy answered.

"Yeah," said another boy, "you blow on them to create bubbles, and when the sunlight hits the bubbles, you can see the colors all around the bubble." said another boy.

"Ohhh! That's so cool!" Hime shouted in excitement as she came to Megumi.

"It's amazing to see how its different colors can really shine and sparkle like gems," Megumi stated. She then winks at the kids. "Well, you little guys be safe and take care of yourselves."

"We will," said a girl.

Megumi and Hime waved goodbye to the kids as they were about to enter back inside the embassy. "I think you're right, Megumi." Hime declared.

"About what?" Megumi asked.

"Those colors on those bubbles can really shine like gems."

Megumi smiled, "I know, there's something about those colors that makes it look attractive and beautiful."

The two girls went inside, and the kids are still blowing bubbles outside of the embassy. The boy blows a big bubble and it rose into the air, then the sunlight shines on it reflecting different colors on the bubble. The kids smiled with joy when all of a sudden the kids were shocked when the bubble's colors slowly disappeared.

"Hey!" cried the first boy. "What happened to the color!?"

Unbeknownst to the Pretty Cures, a terrible phenomenon is about to happen that's causing the colors to disappear. But what could it be? As all the Pretty Cure girls tucked in for the night and prepared for the upcoming picnic gathering tomorrow, they are about to encounter and go on an incredible, colorful, magical, and heroic adventure that they ever face.