35. Cliffside-ed Brawl

Along with Capt. Barny, the Pretty Cure team is on the steamboat as they float down the river, heading towards Chalk Cliffside. Matt informed the team about the empty acidic bottle he found back at the fallen watergate. The girls and the fairies became shocked to find out about the perpetrator that vandalized the gate.

"So that acid bottle is the cause of the collapsed gate?" Yuri noted. "The Blots are trying to slow us down from getting the next Wonder Color."

"But that means the Blots have already made their first move and might've reached to Chalk Cliffside," Rikka stated, with a thought in mind.

"We gotta be careful," Iona warned the team. "I'll bet the Blots are waiting to ambush us. They might've already captured the civilians of the town."

"Iona's right," Reika agrees, "let's hope we're not too late."

Everyone agrees to be prepared for the surprise attack. Then, a bell rings as Capt. Barny sounded the alarm alerting the team for an announcement.

"Attention, me hearties!" Capt. Barny called, "We're approaching Chalk Cliffside. Just around the river's bend is the cliffside town we'll being docking."

Once everyone heard the captain's announcement, they all looked at each other with concern. They're worried that Chalk Cliffside is already damaged due to the Blots' invasion.

"Keep your guard up, everybody," Miki warned. Every team member nodded in response.

The captain steered his steamboat as the gang is at the river's bend. Once the boat turned and everyone peered…


For some oddball reason, the Pretty Cure team got of glimpse of Chalk Cliffside, only to discover that everything is in one piece. The whole place isn't ransacked by the Blots. The team looked around the vicinity some more, and they found on the cliff's walls are chalk drawings drawn in colorful murals. They depicted a flower, a rainbow, a sun, and even a colorful heart. The team is amazed by seeing the chalk drawings.

But what got the team anxious is that the cliffside town is harmless, as if the Blots didn't pass by before the Pretty Cures.

"This is… awkward…," Rin said in concern.

"Yeah," Yayoi agrees, "I mean, I thought the Blots already got here before us."

"That's what I thought too," Makoto said. "Could it be that we reach Chalk Cliffside before the Blots did?"

Yuko replies, "If that's the case, then we must be very lucky."

All the Pretty Cure girls and fairies are both a bit relieved and worried at the same time. Matt, with Capt Barny in the steering room, feels cautious about the scenery. Matt makes a "hmm…" sound, grabbing the captain's attention.

"Aye," Capt. Barny says, "Someting the matter, lad?"

Matt replies, "Well, captain, early during our adventure when we visit the other towns, there's always an ambush of the Blots that invaded those places when we got there. Though Chalk Cliffside looks okay, I feel like something's not right…"

"Hmm…, be so?"

"I'm serious, captain. The fallen water gate… that's no coincidence, especially when I found that acid bottle. Maybe I'm too worked up, but I feel like we're floating into a trap."

The captain took the words of Matt's warning, and the former captain makes a firm look. "Well then, just keep ye feet on the deck as we get closer, me hearties."

The steamboat continued floating down the river, approaching Chalk Cliffside slowly.

It didn't take long for the Pretty Cure team on Capt. Barny's boat to arrive at the docks of Chalk Cliffside. The captain pulled and parked near a docking station, and he ordered a few Pretty Cure girls to tie the ropes to a couple of wooden bollards. Once the steamboat is parked and its engines turned off, every Pretty Cure girl, every fairy, Matt Oda, and Capt. Barny got off of the boat and observed the scenery.

In the gang's view are many wooden houses and shafts built on different cliff layers and platforms on the ground and on the cliff's walls. There are stairs, leading far up to the hanging shafts and houses on the side of the cliff walls. They even spotted wooden pulleys and cranes hanging on the cliff's walls to carry up cargo and equipment. The team also sees a few town citizens, both humans and bugs like Bumble and Red, walking around on different levels.

The gang is still being cautious, but they are surprised to see that the town isn't threatened by the Blots.

"This is so strange…," Aguri said as she scratches her head.

"Yeah," Komachi said and agrees her friend, "usually when we arrived at a new town or village, the Blots are the first ones to beat us."

"But… everything looks like they are still in one piece," Ako stated with caution.

Inori makes a curious thought and says, "We thought for sure the Blots already invaded this when Matt found that acid bottle near the fallen gate, trying to stop us."

"Maybe… the Blots already raided this place and went after the Wonder Color," Yayoi suggested.

"That's a possibility…," Natts said, "but I feel like something's still off-natsu."

"Natts is right," Tint agrees. "Keep your guard up. I have this bad feeling about this."

Everyone agrees with Tint, including Capt. Barny, until…

"Hey there!"

Someone shouted, alerting the Pretty Cure team and the captain. They all turned and spotted a man, in a miner's outfit, coming towards the team. He has a bushy mustache, frizzy dark grey hair, and a couple of wrinkles on his cheeks. The miner also wears a red bandana around his neck and small square glasses. He arrived in front of the Pretty Cure team.

"Greetings," said the man in the miner's outfit, "welcome to Chalk Cliffside. I'm the mayor of this town, Cliff, and it's a pleasure to meet you Pretty Cures, the heroines of Spectrum Land."

"Mayor Cliff," Capt. Barny said with little surprise, "good to see you, me hearty."

"And you too, Capt. Barny."

"You're the mayor of Chalk Cliffside?" Nao asked.

"Yes indeed, and I take it you're the Pretty Cures?"

"That's correct, mayor," Setsuna answered.

Mayor Cliff makes a quizzical thought. "Hmm…, I expected the Pretty Cures to be… somewhat heroic-looking…"

"Well, we are definitely the Pretty Cures," Itsuki stated, "but we want to transform only when a crisis is happening."

"Right," Aguri agrees, "for example, we usually transform into Pretty Cure warriors whenever the Blots appear. But since there's not one of them insight, there's no need for us to waste our fighting energy."

"I see…" Mayor Cliff said with interest.

"Speaking of Blots," Honoka speaks up, "did those evil black blobs invaded this town by any chance?"

"The Blots? Yeah, they did." The Pretty Cure team, including Capt. Barny, blinked to hear Mayor Cliff's statement. "But they suddenly took off without wrecking the place. It's as if they had no interest in stopping at our land."

The last statement from Cliff got the Pretty Cure team a bizarre look on their faces.

"This is… really weird…" Karen said, raising one of her eyebrows.

Everybody on the team kept thinking confusing thoughts. But the moment of deep thinking is interrupted when Megumi asks the mayor.

"Well anyway," Megumi says, "The reason we're here is we're looking for the Wonder Color of Orange Canyon. Do you know where it is?"

The mayor heard and thinks. He then answers, "Ah yes…, the Wonder Color… I do know where it is." The team grins to hear the good news. "But before I tell you, please follow me. I've got to show you something first."

With curious looks on their faces, the team wonders what Mayor Cliff wanted to show the gang. Without question, the team decided to follow the mayor. But the captain stayed behind as Matt noticed.

"Aren't you coming, captain?" Matt asked.

"Nah, me hearty," The captain replied, "You young lads go on ahead while I get me boat ready for our next voyage. You're gonna need a good size boat if yer wanna find ye Wonder Color down these rivers."

Matt understood, and he turned back and followed the Pretty Cure team and the mayor.

The Pretty Cure team kept following Mayor Cliff as they passed the town's shacks, buildings, and the citizens. They crossed bridges and climbed up wooden stairs as they scaled up the cliff's rocky walls.

"Wow," said Hibiki with little surprise, "It's like hiking up a steep mountain."

"Yeah," Nao agrees, "just whatever you do, don't look down."

Mayor Cliff turns to the team and speaks, "We're almost at my house Pretty Cures. Once we go inside, I'll explain how to get the Wonder Color of Orange Canyon."

As the team kept following the mayor, Reika spotted something from the side. It is a man in a miner's outfit, a girl wearing overalls, and a red ant with a miner's helmet, all staring concern at the Pretty Cure team. Matt noticed Reika's stop, and he looked to see the three staring at the team.

"Um… Hi…" Reika greeted and waved. But the three citizens didn't respond and kept staring in worry.

Matt makes a curious look. "That's odd…" he said. "It looks like they are scared of us."

"But… we're not Blots."

Reika and Matt stared at each other, wondering what's bothering the three guys. But Reika and Matt noticed they are fallen behind from the team, so they needed to catch up.

Just when the two are about to take a step, something dragged Reika and Matt's shirt to a halt. The young blue-haired girl and gentleman turned around to see the girl and the ant stopping Reika and Matt. Both Reika and Matt become confused why the girl and the ant halted them. But the man quickly grabbed the girl and the ant, and the three exit and left the scene. Reika and Matt turned bizarre.

"What was that about?" Matt asked. "And why did they stop us?"

"I don't know…" Reika replies with little concern. "But something tells me your theory may be right."

"About what?"

"That something's off."

Matt heard and turned suspiciously. The two then caught up with the other team.

It didn't take long until the team arrived at a cliff's ledge where it consists of a luxurious house hanging on the cliff's wall. The team became awed as they see the building's exterior. The home has three different stories, hanging on the side of the cliff and is covered with crystal-clear glass windows. The house overlooks the other small houses and buildings of Chalk Cliffside.

The Pretty Cure team and Mayor Cliff arrived on the house's bottom floor at the front doors.

"Well, here we are," Mayor Cliff said and turned to the team. "It's a lovely place, right?"

"It sure is," Nagisa agrees. "It's like a good vacation home if you ask me."

Rikka takes a good look at the place, and she comments in little fear, "To be honest, it rather looks unsafe if it's not stable enough."

Mayor Cliff and replies, "It may look that way, but they built my house with valuable and useful materials. This place has been here for about two decades now."

"Wow," Itsuki said in awe, "and it's still standing and holding in good condition."

Mayor Cliff approaches his front doors and unlocks them. When he did, the mayor of Chalk Cliffside opens both doors. He turns to the Pretty Cure team and says, "Please, come inside." And the team did.

Once inside Mayor Cliff's hanging house, the team stepped into a big living room. The room consisted of huge sofas and couches with a few glass tables near the sitting furniture. To the Pretty Cure team's view, it's like a deluxe room.

Mayor Cliff turned to the team and says, "Please, make yourselves at home. I'll gladly explain where to find the Wonder Color of Orange Canyon."

"Wow, that's great," Saki said with a grin.

So every Pretty Cure girl, including Matt and fairies, took a seat. Once they did, Mayor Cliff stood in the middle of the encircling furniture.

"Okay, Mayor," Kanade speaks up, "tell us. Where is the Wonder Color?" The team is eager to find out.

Mayor Cliff replies, "Yes, um… about that…

I hope you can forgive me…"

The team heard and a "Huh?" sound.



Out of the sudden blue, the Meany Blots appeared with guns filled with turpentine, aiming at the Pretty Cure team. The girls, the fairies, and Matt turned shocked. The Blots got the whole Pretty Cure team surrounded.

"What the…!?" Nagisa said in surprise, "What just happened!?"

"Where did all these Blots come from!?" Mana frightfully asked.

"From me, of course."

The girls, the fairies, and Matt Oda heard a familiar voice. A voice with a deep manly tone. They turned to the source, and appearing out of the shadows is…

"TURP!" Akane shouted and noticed. The team became stunned.

The general turned to the mayor. The evil Blot general grins and says, "And mayor, you've done a good job just as I order."

Mayor Cliff turned frightened, and the whole team turned to him in shock.

"Mayor… What's the meaning of this!?" Iona asked in a firm demand.

"I'm sorry, Pretty Cures," Mayor Cliff replies in fear. "I had no choice. Turp invaded our town, and he made a ransom to all of us citizens. If we didn't cooperate…"

Mayor Cliff turned back to Turp. The Pretty Cure team looked too. The evil Blot general shifted his head slightly, showing the mayor's motive. Appearing out from the shadows again is a woman with her hands tied behind her back and a Meany Blot with a turpentine gun aimed at the woman.

The woman has long brown hair, a few freckles on her cheeks, goldish yellow eyes, and is wearing a white apron over her fluffy pink dress. But she is terrified seeing the liquid gun close to her head.

Mayor Cliff is still frightened as he says to the team, "…Turp would've turned my wife into smear liquid. I couldn't let that happen…"

When the Pretty Cure team heard, they all turned aggressive looks on their faces.

"He's right," Turp said with an evil grin. "You Pretty Cures have been our biggest thorn ever since you interfere with our plans. Scribbelle may have failed of trapping you girls in Pastel Square, but this time I got the upper hand. Instead of attacking you by force, I figured when you arrived, and your guard was down, we ambush you at just the right moment. And this time, I will show you no mercy, even someone tries to rat me out."

"That's it," Matt realized in shock.

"What is?" Rin asked.

"A moment ago, a girl and a humanoid ant tried to stop us."

"What are you talking about?" Hibiki wondered.

Reika replies, "When we are about to lead into a trap, a young girl and an ant stopped Matt and me from going, but we didn't know why. They were trying to stop us. The two wanted to warn us, but a man pulled them away."

"Why didn't they?" Inori asked in concern.

"Because…" Matt answers in worry, "they might've been threatened if they tattled about Turp's trap. I'll bet a hiding Blot tries to melt them if the three gets the word out."

"And they are lucky their lives are spared, if not for that lousy man stopping those two brats," Turp said in a firm tone.

"I don't believe this!" Nagisa said in ire. "Not only we walked into a trap, but you threaten every person here in Chalk Cliffside, including the mayor and his wife, to steal the Wonder Colors."

"Hey, that's villainy works."

Every member of the Pretty Cure team became enraged.

"What are you going to do to us now?" Rikka asked in an aggressive tone. "Melt us?"

"Not exactly…" Turp calmly replies. "I have something else in mind."

The Pretty Cure team then ponders what Turp meant.

The Pretty Cure team is in a real jam. The heroic team is trapped inside a giant iron bar cage that's hanging onto a metal chain hook tied to a pully and a heavy-duty construction bar. The bar is connected between two cliff edges, and the hanging cage is high above the canyon's river. The Pretty Cure team is trapped like birds, hanging for their life.

Turp and his Meany Blot minions are standing on the cliffs' edges and platforms. All the Blots have their turpentine guns aimed at the trapped Pretty Cure team. They are ready to pull the trigger if the Pretty Cure team tries to transform.

Every citizen of Chalk Cliffside, including Capt. Barny, sees the trapped heroes hanging in doom. Mayor Cliff and his wife are stood and held captive by two Meany Blots. The two captives watched in horror to see the encaged heroes in great peril.

"How do you like that?" Turp said in mock. "Hanging in doom as you're about to get smeared and washed away down the river. You made a fool out of me back in Blue Ocean, and I got a loud scolding from King Splat. The Blot King didn't give me any mercy when I failed, so I'll make sure you Pretty Cures have no mercy too. Either way, you will still melt away whether or not you give me all the Wonder Colors you possess."

"No mercy, huh?" Nao said in anger. "How can you be so cruel to others?"

"Being so aggressive and cold-hearted to others to selfishly get what you want," Yuri said with her eyes scrunched. "You should be the one who deserves no mercy."

"She's right," Itsuki agrees, "Anything, by all means, to stop us."

"I'll bet you're the one that destroyed the watergate back there to slow us down," Ellen noted.

"Huh? What watergate?" Turp questioned. "I did nothing of the sort." The Pretty Cure team became puzzled by Turp's response. "But sounds like our accomplice managed to slow you frilly brats long enough for me to set up my trap."

The team blinked to hear Turp's comment. "You have an accomplice!?" Love asked in surprise.

"That's right. You see, we have an anonymous and elusive mole on our side that helps us with our conquest. How do you think us Blots managed to know to find the Wonder Colors in the first place?"

When Turp said that statement, the team became more shocked. But a few Pretty Cure girls and fairies realized something.

"Hey!" Mai speaks up, "Isn't that what Shade told us?"

"Yeah, that's right," Shararu answered. "Shade said that the Blots has an informant working with them-sharu."

"That spy must've been the one who tried to stop us back at the watergate-lapi," Flappy stated.

"But… we still don't know who done it," Tint said in concern.

"And why…?" Komachi wondered.

All the Pretty Cure girls, the fairies, and Tint begin to wonder just who the mole of the Blots is. Matt Oda heard and makes a curious look on his face.

"Anywho…!" Turp shouted and interrupted, "Give me the Wonder Colors or your lives will be smeared away when I give the Meany Blots the cue."

The heroic team heard and turned to the Blot general. "And what if we don't…?" Kanade asked.

"Either yes or no, will all be melted by my turpentine acid. To make sure you don't stand in our way ever again, I will rid you obnoxious kids once and for all. And don't you dare transform into Pretty Cures. Cuz' if you do, it's automatically melting time instantly."

The Pretty Cure team turned firm by Turp's merciless agreement.

"You coward landlubbing scallywag!" Capt Barny shouted from afar. Turp, his Blots, and the Pretty Cure team heard and see Capt. Barney on his steamboat, and he is piping mad. "I outta make you walk the plank for being such a black-hearted and vile pirate for not showing second chances to me hearties!"

"Shut your nautical nonsense talk down there!" Turp screamed back. "Talkback at me again or worse, trying to assault me, and I'll have my Blots spray my turpentine acid on these Pretty Pests, and you'll never see them again. Got that?"

Capt. Barny heard and lowers his aggressive stance. But his face turned grudgeful from Turp's statement. Turp then turns to the trapped Pretty Cure team as he makes a demand.

"Now, where were we?" Turp speaks. "Ah, yes… Hand over the Wonder Colors. If not, I'll just take it from you after I melt you puny pests for good."

This became a dire situation for the Pretty Cure team. With no best options to escape their fate, the team became very stressed and frightened. Everybody pitched in to come up with a good idea to escape, but nothing's coming into the team's mind.

Iona came up with a thought, and she then turns to Turp. "Can you at least give us five minutes for a moment of silence before you're going to melt us? It wouldn't hurt that we take one last breath before we fade away from existence."

Turp heard the purple hair girl, and he makes a curious look on his face. "Hmm… Oh, alright…" Turp replies calmly, "Five minutes, and you're through."

With that decision, Iona turns back to the team with everyone gathered for a plan to escape.

"Five minutes is just long enough to think of a good idea to get out of here," Itsuki declared to the team.

Aguri speaks, "Yeah, but how do we get out of here? If we try to transform into Pretty Cure, Turp and his Blot minions will spray us with that acidic turpentine. It'll be all over for us."

Urara turns to Matt and says, "Matt, not to sound like we are begging for your heroic action again, but do you have an idea to get out of this?"

Matt heard Urara, but… "Not this time," he replies. "This is one situation where there are no good plans to foil Turp. He's serious about getting the Wonder Colors by all means. I'm sure he's agitated that we thwarted his conquest back in Blue Ocean."

"Wait…" Honoka speaks up, "The Wonder Colors. Perhaps they might help us get out of this mess."

"Really?" Mipple heard and asked, "How-mipu?"

"They are not just magical orbs, but they possess elemental powers that can create anything or boost a person's abilities. Maybe one of the Wonder Colors can be useful to get out of this cage."

"You might be right, Honoka," Ellen agrees. "But which one?"

"Matt," Komachi says to the gentleman, "why don't you bring out the case?"

Matt heard and nodded. He searches in his messenger bag and pulls out the Wonder Color Case. He then opens the case's lid, showing the glowing Wonder Colors inside of the case. Everyone got a glimpse of the Wonder Colors.

"Okay," Karen speaks, "We have Wonder Colors Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Purple. Which one is the best option for us?"

Hikari calmly speaks up, "Well, the red one has fire powers. I don't think fire is going to burn off the bars."

"Blue has water elements, and Green has grass elements," Makoto stated.

"And the Yellow Wonder Color has electrical powers," Hime noted.

"That only leaves Wonder Color Purple's power," Miki said with a curious look.

"But we don't know what Purple's color power does," Tarte said in concern.

"I kept wondering what kind of power Wonder Color Purple has ever since we obtained it," Tint wondered.

"You better wrap it up!" Turp called out, interrupting the team. "You got one minute left." The team heard, and they didn't like that sound.

"We're all going to melt if we don't decide now-nya," Hummy panicked.

"Pretty Cures!" Coco said in fear.

With little time to spare, everyone on the team stared at each other in concern. They all thought alike and came up with a decision.

"Are only shot is the unused Wonder Color…" Rikka said with little fear.

"Just say the magic words," Matt commented.

"Time's up, Pretty Cures!" Turp screamed.

The Pretty Cure team turned to Turp, who has is an evil grin on his face. The heroes remained calm and prepare for the anticipation.

"Take a good look around you before you become liquid," Turp mocked. "Blots…" Hearing from Turp, the Meany Blots aimed their turpentine guns to the trapped Pretty Cure team. The black goons have their fingers on the trigger, ready to pull. "Well, you lousy kids, you got any last words…?"

"I have a few," Reika answered as she holds the Wonder Color Case. There is a moment of silence until Reika says… "Wonder Color Purple…


Suddenly, the Wonder Color Purple appeared and glowed brightly from the case. The purple light stunned Turp and his minions in shock. The Wonder Color Purple grew brighter and brighter until…


A burst of a thick and powdery purple dust cloud popped and appeared, clouding the whole scenery. The cloud is like a thick fog that blinded Turp, his minions, and even the mayor and his wife.

"What the…!?" Turp yelled, "What happened!? What's going on?"

"Gwop-po-po!" A Meany Blot replied, saying he doesn't know.

Then the dusty purple cloud started to fade away. Turp, his minions, the mayor, and his wife looked up when the fog completely vanished. The gang becomes shocked. The cage that entrapped the Pretty Cures suddenly disappears. All that is left hanging is a piece of metal from the cage and a hook attached to it.

"What in the coloring blazes…!?" Mayor Cliff said in great shock.

"How in the…?" Turp said with stun, "Where did they go!?"


A scream from one of the Pretty Cure girls suddenly alerted Turp and the others. They looked down and turned surprised of they witnessed. For some reason, the Pretty Cure girls, the fairies, and Matt Oda managed to escape. The only problem, they're falling towards the canyon's huge river.

"We're going down!" Tarte yelled.

"Pretty Cure!" Syrup shouted, "DO SOMETHING-ropu!"

The team kept plummeting towards the canyon's river, the girls reacted fast. They all brought out their transformation devices and said the magic words. The next second, every girl is turned into Pretty Cure warriors.

While most fairies have the ability to fly, Cures Dream and Mint rescued Coco and Natts. Cure Beat saves Hummy, Cure Peach rescues Tarte, and Cure Happy saves Candy. Cures Moonlight and Fortune, with their flying abilities, grab and rescue Matt Oda's fall.

Everyone on the team landed safely on a sturdy wooden bridge. They were scared at first, but they are relieved to be safe and out of Turp's diabolical trap after taking a good breath. They all looked up and see Turp.

"How in the…!?" Turp shouted in great shock, "How do you manage to escape!?"

Cure Berry grins and mockingly replies, "It was surprising for us too, but we are perfect for breaking out of your devious trap."

"It was all thanks to the Wonder Color Purple," Cure Heart stated with confidence.

Cure White states the fact and says, "After Cure Beauty summoned and asked out help, the Wonder Color Purple sprayed out a powder cloud that made the bars dissolve into brittle ash. It was scary when we fell out of the disintegrated cage, but we have our ways to gain the upper advantage."

"Yeah," Cure Black said in concern, "but I hope next time Color Purple will give us a warning."

"So I guess the Wonder Color Purple's power is like magic dust," Matt suggested.

"I was thinking the same too," Cure Rosetta agrees.

Turp becomes enraged by this twisted event. "Of all the…!" Turp yelled. "Fine! Have it your way. But you just made a big mistake."

The Pretty Cure team didn't know what Turp meant. But the two Meany Blots brought out the mayor and his wife to the edge of the cliff in view. The Blots aimed their turpentine gun at the two hostages. The heroic team becomes shocked.

"Say farewell to these pathetic morons," Turp mocked.

The Pretty Cures panicked, and just when the Meany Blots is about to pull the trigger…


A gunshot was fired and sounded, and the bullets hit the two Meany Blots, knocking them out and falling off the cliff's edge. Everyone looked to see who made the gunshots. To their surprise, it was Capt. Barny with his musket with little smoke coming out from his trusty gun.

"Capt. Barny!?" Cure Rhythm said in shock.

"Sharpshooting," Cure Rouge praised.

Capt. Barny put his musket down and then shouts, "Go! Jump!"

"What!?" the mayor's wife yelled in shock.

"The Pretty Cures will catch you!"

"He's right!" Mayor Cliff agrees, "Let's go, honey! Trust me!"

Cliff's wife didn't like that decision, but…


The mayor's wife yelled, and she and the mayor jumped together away from Turp and the Blots. They are falling towards the canyon's huge river. The couple held tightly to each other.

Matt Oda sees the couple and then turns to the Pretty Cures. He commanded, "Pretty Cure, Go! Catch them!"

After hearing Matt, Cures Moonlight and Fortune summoned their flying power and race towards the falling lovebirds. In no time, Moonlight catches the mayor, and Fortune grabs the wife. The two Cures gently floated the couple towards a smooth plateau where a few citizens stand. The Cures and the couple landed safely, making everyone, the Pretty Cure team and the people of Chalk Cliffside, feel relieved.

Mayor catches his breath, and then he turns to the two Pretty Cures. "Thank you very much," Mayor Cliff said. "…And I hope you can forgive me, for…"

"No need…" Cure Fortune replies calmly. "It wasn't your fault."

"We're glad that you and your wife are safe," Cure Moonlight said with a grin.

"Of all the lousy misfits that ever happen…!" Turp angrily shouted. His yelling caught everyone's attention. "Meany Blots! Get them!"

The Meany Blots heard and immediately jumped and charged to the Pretty Cure team and the citizens of Chalk Cliffside. The heroic team reacted, and the Pretty Cure warriors jumped and charged forth to the Blots. A battle engaged.

Using the cliff wall's layers, both the Pretty Cures and the Blots used them as stepping platforms for altitude combat. They even used Chalk Cliffside's suspension wooden bridges as a jumping platform as well. Most of the Cures and the Meany Blots have close combat in midair, while the others fought on the ground or on a cliff's layer level. Neither the Cures nor the Blots are backing down.

Turp, who is watching the battle, couldn't stand seeing the Cures get in the way. He turns to a Blot who carries one of Turp's thinner guns. He twitches his face as a scheming idea hits his head.

"You there!" Turp commanded and pointed. The Blot heard and sees the Blot general, and he ordered his minion to come closer. When the Blot did, Turp gets close to the Blot. "(Whisper)… (Whisper)…" The Blot jolts what he heard from Turp, but the black minion nodded.

Then, the Blot carrying the thinner gun heads to the edge of a cliff's layer. There, it sees a small group of Chalk Cliffside citizens on a wooden bridge watching the battle and cheering for the Pretty Cures. A man, a young girl, another man, and a humanoid ant on the bridge. The Meany Blot evilly smirks.

Matt Oda, observing the battle, looked to the side and double-take to see the Meany Blot aiming something. When the gentleman turned to see what the Blot is targeting, he flinched in shock to see the people on the bridge, unaware of the Meany Blot's surprise attack. When the Meany Blot is going to pull the gun's trigger…

"LOOK OUT!" Matt shouted to the people on the bridge. The citizens heard and noticed Matt's screaming. "Get out of there! Look out above you!"

When the small group of town's citizens heard and looked up, they all see the Meany Blot, which already pulled the gun's trigger. Turp's thinner liquid came spewing out of the gun and headed towards the citizens. The townspeople reacted and quickly moved out of the way. Missed by a hair, the folks avoided the stream of thinner as it sprays onto the end of the wooden bridge. However, the chemical acid of the thinner dissolve and melted one end of the wooden bridge. When it melted through and evaporate every wood…

Snap! Snap! Crack! Bang! Boom!

The ropes snapped, the wood cracked, and the bolting metals popped from the bridge. With one end of the bridge disappeared, it started to topple and lean towards the canyon's river. The citizens on the bridge began to slide down and towards its jagged endpoint, leading to the river. The townspeople screamed, and they quickly grabbed a broken section of the bridge to prevent falling into the river. The man and woman grabbed a wooden rail of the broken bridge, and the ant held onto a thick wood that's part of the bridge's walkway on its end. But the young girl held onto her life as she's holding one of the ant's four hands.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the little girl cried, "HELP!"

"Hold on!" the ant shouted while holding both the girl's hand and the broken wood beam. "Don't let go!"

Matt Oda, along with Capt. Barny and the fairies, witnessed the dire situation.

"Shiver me timbers!" Capt. Barny shouted in shock. "If they fall into thar river, they're gonna be washed away and feed the fish."

"Not good!" Tint screamed and panicked.

Matt becomes frightened, but he reacts and turns to the Pretty Cures fighting the Blots. The gentleman cupped his mouth, breaths, and wildly shouts, "PRETTY CURE!" The magical heroines heard their gentleman friend. Matt pointed and yells again. "The bridge! Save them!"

When all the Pretty Cures looked to where Matt pointed, they see the broken wooden bridge with the citizens hanging in peril. The magical girls gasped and turned in shock.

"Oh no!" Cure Sunshine screamed in shock.

"Quick! Move out!" Cure Melody commanded.

Cure Melody and some of the Cures left the brawl and headed towards the falling bridge. But when the heroines tried, Meany Blots blocked the warriors' path and pushed them back. The Pretty Cures try to avoid the Blots, but the black minions kept getting in the way.

Matt, Capt Barny, and the fairies noticed the Pretty Cure's dilemma.

"They won't make it in time if those annoying Blots are in the way," Tint said in distraught.

"Blasted bilge rats," Capt. Barny said in little ire. "Is thar nothing we can do?"

"Oh yes, there is," Matt said firmly as he searches in his messenger bag. "With this!" He pulls out the Wonder Color Case and opens its lid. "Wonder Colors, help the Pretty Cures again!"

The Wonder Colors reacted and popped out of the case. The magical colored orbs divided into particles of streams and headed to the Pretty Cures. After a few seconds, every Pretty Cure warrior has a portion of the Wonder Colors' powers, gaining the advantage on the Meany Blots. Once the magical heroines cast the Blots aside with ease, the Pretty Cure warriors rushed to rescue the hanging citizens of the fallen bridge.

But it is a race against the clock when the magical girls and the endangered citizens turned shocked that the bridge's last suspension wires are starting to lose grip and break apart. A wire breaks, causing the broken bridge to lean toward its side. The civilians held tightly not to slip and fall into the river, but they're on the last strength.

"I'm…I'm slipping!" the girl cried.

"I can't… Hold on!" the ant worker screamed.

"Somebody! HELP!" the woman yelled.

The Pretty Cure warriors get closer to the collapsing bridge as it comes to a close call.

"We're not going make it!" Cure Lemonade, glowing in a green aura, shouted in fear.

"Oh yes, we will!" Cure Ace, with a blue aura, replies with stern confidence. "Double time!"

And so, they did as the Cures focus their strength and magic to rescue the citizens.

The danger citizens on the bridge are on the verge of their strength holding onto the falling bridge. But they aren't willing to let go for dear life. However, the citizens heard small snapping sounds and turned to the source. The jeopardized civilians turned frightened to see the last suspension wire holding the bridge is slowly breaking apart. Once it breaks, the bridge will fall into the river, which fears the four people the most.

The wire is down to its last strength, and suddenly… SNAP! The endangered citizens scream in fear, falling to their doom.

Miraculously, the Pretty Cure warriors arrived just in time and rescued the fallen civilians. They carried the rescued people to safety. The collapsed bridge crashed and splashed into the river, destroying the structure into smithereens. Parts of the broken bridge floated down the fast current river and disappears.

Relieved and rescued by the heroes of Spectrum Land, the town's people hugged in tearful joy to the Pretty Cures.

"Oh my colorful lord!" said the woman, still feeling shocked from the terror of her death, "Thank you! Thank you, Pretty Cures!"

"I thought… I was… going to die…" the man said while panting in horror.

"Waahhh! Thank you, Pretty Cures! Thank you!" the girl cried in joy.

"It's okay," Cure Melody, glowing in a green aura color, said, comforting the girl. "Everything's going to be alright."

The other Cures, the fairies, Matt, Capt. Barny, the mayor, and his wife are also relieved that the four citizens are saved.

"Blow me down…" Capt. Barny said, feeling a bit scared, "That was close."

"Thank god…" Matt Oda said, catching his breath, "I almost fainted."

"Me too," Tint said.

Turp and his Meany Blots witness the Cures rescue. The Blot general becomes outraged to see the magical girl warriors saving the town's people.

"That's it!" Turp yelled in a fury, grabbing everyone's attention. "I'm through messing around. Blots!" The Meany Blots flinched and heard. "Spray the whole rundown town in nothing until they surrender the Wonder Colors to me!"

The Blots saluted and fired Turp's acidic thinner liquid all over Chalk Cliffside from the cliff's edge. They are shooting the melting thinner all over every house and bridge. All the civilians of the town ran away for safety. The Pretty Cures aided the townspeople to safety.

The mayor, his wife, the fairies, Matt, and Capt. Barny, watched in fright to see the town becoming a targeting disaster.

"My town!" Mayor Cliff cried. "If this keeps up, we'll have nothing to live. All our hard work building this lovely sight will be forever demolished!"

Matt Oda didn't like those words from the mayor, so he had to think fast. He analyzes the situation by observing Turp and his minion's area. Then Matt noticed a huge cliff's layer behind the goons. After taking a good look at the cliff's rocky wall, he turns to the side and looks back and forth for something. Matt then sees a crate labeling "explosives" on it. Matt finally looks back at Capt. Barny and spots his musket holding in the sailor's dominant hand. It was then an idea struck Matt's head.

Matt taps the captain and gets his attention. "Captain!" Matt speaks up, "How far does that musket shoot?"

Capt. Barny stares at his handy gun and replies, "I'd say a good long-range distance of a mile. Why?"

Matt makes a cheeky look. "I got an idea."

Turp and his minions kept spraying the acidic turpentine all over the town, melting the buildings and bridges.

"Keep spraying until there is nothing but smear liquid flowing into the river!" Turp ordered. The Meany Blots heard and kept spraying.


Suddenly, Turp heard a gunshot and looked. He flinched as the incoming fire heads straight towards Turp. "DUCK!" Turp shouted. The Blots heard and turned to see the firing object headed towards the evil group. They all flinched, and Turp and the Blots moved and ducked out of the way. The flying and firing object swiftly passed the Blots, missing them by a hair.

Turp looked to see who shot the incoming fire. He sees Capt. Barny holding his musket with smoke coming out of his gun. Matt is with the captain, and the gentleman stares firmly at the Blot genera. Turp evilly grins.

"Ha! You missed!" Turp mocked and yelled.

"On the contrary, we didn't," Matt corrected to Turp.

"The lad is right," Capt. Barny agrees as he puts his gun down. "For ye scallywags are about to get a blast."

Turp and the Meany Blots heard, but they didn't understand what the captain meant. Then they heard a fizzing sound, the sound of something burning. Turp and the Blots turned around, and they see the source.

It was a stick of dynamite that's lit and plugged into the cliff's layer wall. The fuse is ignited and gets shorter and closer to the powder.

Turp and the Blots jolted in fear, but the moment the fuse in now inside the dynamite stick…


The dynamite exploded, creating a fiery shockwave and cracking the cliff's layer wall. Turp and his minions felt the explosion's impact, and chucks of boulders and rocks burst from the wall. The Blot band and the rocks fell off the cliff's edge and head straight down to the river. Turp and the Meany Blots screamed in agony.

The Pretty Cures spotted the gang of Blots falling to their doom.

"Alright!" Cure Princess cheered. "Now ours chance!"

"Counterattack!" Milky Rose shouted.

And every Cure jumped into the air and head straight towards the fallen band of Blots. Once they arrived, the heroines startled the Blots, and the frilly warriors pummeled the bad guys to a pulp. With the Wonder Color inside them, the Pretty Cures land their upgraded attacks on the Blots and Turp. The warriors finally gave one last punch and kick on the Blots sending straight and fast towards the river.


Turp and the Meany Blots crashed into the river. Then the Blots popped their heads above the river as they swept down by the strong current.

"PRETTY CURE! I hate you!" Turp screamed in huge anger. "I will have my revenge! You'll see! Just WAIT and see!" Those were the last words before Turp and the Meany Blots vanished away down the river.

All the Pretty Cures reunited with Matt, Capt. Barny, the fairies, and everyone else. The whole town is relieved that the Blots are gone for now. Then the Wonder Colors' powers within the Pretty Cures came out of the female warriors, turned back into aura spheres, and returned into the case Matt has in his hand.

"Whew!" Cure Beat said with relief. "That was dicey."

"For sure," Cure Sword agrees, "I've never seen a villain gone completely mad like that before."

"But I'm curious," Cure Pine speaks. "Where did that explosion come from?"

"Capt. Barny is responsible for that," Matt answered, grabbing the warriors, the fairies, and everyone else's attention. "He placed a dynamite stick in his musket and shoot it towards the cliff edge where Turp and the Blots were as a surprise attack."

"Nice going, Capt. Barny," Cure March complimented.

"Don't thank me, ye lad," the captain replies with a big grin. He then winks at Matt. "Thank ye hearty genty man. He was the one who came up ye idea."

Matt heard, and he looks to the side, feeling a bit shy. The Pretty Cures, including the fairies and Tint, smile for their clever gentleman member.

"That's our Matt Oda," Cure Diamond said with a grin. "He always uses his brain to solve about anything."

"One true blue brave and smart gentleman," Cure White says with joy.

Just then, the Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny heard Mayor Cliff sobbing. They all turned and see the mayor sulking on his knees. The mayor's wife pats her husband in comfort.

"My beautiful town…" Mayor Cliff said in sorrow.

When they heard the mayor's sorrowful statement, the Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny looked up and became shocked. All the townspeople have survived the Blots' attack. Still, the people turned mournful and sad when everyone's houses and the structural bridges are brutally damaged and melted. The whole town is one gigantic smeary wasteland.

Mayor Cliff sulks his head in deep sadness, and tears drop from his eyes. "We worked so hard making this scenic town, and now… it's all ruined by those ungrateful smudges."

"Oh, Dear Honey…" the mayor's wife said in mourn. She hugs her husband in comfort.

"Wow," Cure Melody said in a little surprise, "This is way worse than the other towns we visited."

"Whether we assist them or not, it's going to be a long time for this town to make a full recovery," Cure Aqua noted.

"But we need to find the Wonder Color before it's too late," Tint speaks in concern.

"But tint," Shiny Luminous speaks, "have a heart. As Pretty Cures, we can't just leave a mess like this. I mean, would you throw trash on someone's property without thinking?"

Tint hears Luminous and turns to the side in grieve. "Yeah… I know what you mean. But… how can we ever fix this situation with so much damage done?"

"Moouuu…!" Cure Marine said in a grump, "I wish there is some way to get this done faster, like magic."

"Magic?" Matt said and realized. The gentleman then pulls the Wonder Color Case again from his messenger bag. "Maybe there is a faster way." Matt's suggestion got everyone around him their attention. "Wonder Color Purple's power burst out some kind of magic dust or cloud. Its power made us escape that dire situation. I wonder…" Matt takes a moment to think, then an idea popped into Matt's head. He then spins the spinner on the case and says…,

"Wonder Color Purple, can you use your magic power to fix Chalk Cliffside?"

After Matt Oda made his request, the Wonder Color Purple popped out from the case giving everyone a little jolt. Then, the purple orb gives off a bright light, increasing its power. Flash! Suddenly, a burst of purple and starry dust cloud came out of the purple sphere. The purple cloud spread all over Chalk Cliffside, making a vast purple fog. The purple and magical fog is so thick that nobody could see what's happening around them. After half a minute passed, the purple and magical fog quickly went back into the Wonder Color Purple sphere. The purple orb then goes back into the case. Once the purple orb is back in the case, everyone looked up and became amazed.

Thanks to the Wonder Color Purple, Chalk Cliffside, once a smeary wasteland, is now back to its original state and peaceful place. It looked like not a natural disaster has torn the town into pieces. Every citizen of Chalk Cliffside cheered for this miracle and magical moment.

"Well, that was easy!" Cure Marine said with a big cheeky grin.

"Oh, Marine…" Cure Blossom said in little awkwardness.

"That takes care of that big problem," Cure Black stated as she wipes the sweat off her head.

Mayor Cliff and his wife appeared in front of the Pretty Cure team. The mayor got his knees and praises to the heroic team.

"Oh, Pretty Cures!" The mayor said most kindly, "You saved all of us and my town." The mayor kept saluting and bowing to the Pretty Cure team. "How can I ever repay you kind heroes of Spectrum Land?"

"Well, one thing, you don't have to grovel, sir," Cure Passion said, feeling a bit shy by the mayor's action.

"Sorry, everyone," the mayor's wife said with little discomfort, "my honey dear likes to show a lot of gratitude to those who do a good deed to him and his people."

"That's ye mayor for ya," Capt. Barny says with a grin and wink.