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Chapter 1 – The legend begins

Many, many years ago, around the time of Ancient Greece, there was a little boy. His name was Giotto. He was a kindhearted boy, who always wished for the happiness of those around him. Though he had no family and so lived in an orphanage.

Since his birth strange, unexplainable things tended to happen around him. When he was around withered flowers, they would suddenly start blooming again. There were wounds that healed faster than they should. Wild animals crowded him like little puppies; seeking attention and licking his face like he was one of them.

After some time people started questioning this boy, who did these unthinkable things; unnatural things. They began calling him 'freak' and 'demon' and treated him with spite and hatred. Even the other children didn't go close to him, because the adults told them that he could be 'contagious'.

One day an old man approached the little boy and asked, how he did his little 'wonders', but the boy only smiled and said, "It makes me sad when flowers wither, so I help them regain their strength. It makes me sad when someone gets injured, so I help them heal. It makes me sad when animals are in danger, so I help them keep calm so they are not hurt."

After that statement Giotto frowned and added, "You look sad, sir. Is there a way for me to help you be happy?"

The old man smiled weakly and told him that his wife was ill and there was little to no hope for her to get healthy again. Giotto looked thoughtful for a moment before he smiled sweetly and promised, "Then I will help you!"

From that day on the little boy helped the man care for his sick wife and to keep the flowers in the garden healthy, so the woman had something nice to look at to make her feel better.

The other people of the city saw this and became angry and jealous. They said that the old man didn't deserve this kindness and that the boy was unnatural. In their anger and jealousy - for the wonders the boy made for the elderly man and his quickly healing wife - they snuck into the house of the couple and stabbed the woman. She was helpless and still couldn't defend herself.

Giotto was quite small for his age and while he fought with his whole might he couldn't protect the wife of the old man. So when the man came back - to give his wife the medicine he bought for her - he found her dead on the bed and the boy crying and soaked with her blood on the floor.

The man got angry and demanded what happened and why Giotto didn't help his wife with one of his wonders. Giottos explanation fell on deaf ears and the man swore revenge.

Two days after that a slaver travelled through the city. The old man, who was the only one previously protecting the child from this fate handed him – to the relief of the adults in the orphanage – over to the slaver and let him take the boy away without looking back.

Slavery was a common occurrence at that time and slavers had a high position in the world. Many poor families sold their children as slaves.

Magical beings were caught and enslaved on sight with no mercy afforded to them. Giotto – with his special abilities and strange behaviour – wasn't exactly a magical being, but he wasn't entirely 'human' either. As such he was looked down upon and after the city sold him to the slaver he had a harsh life.

There were no laws to restrict the slavers training methods and so countless slaves died by the hands of their masters. Only the strong magical beings could protect themselves, but even they were always on the run and treated more like objects than actual living beings.

One night – when Giotto was already a young man and his master ordered him to collect firewood– he found a young boy struggling with a painfully tight looking rope around his neck.

His hands were bound and he was secured to a tree. There was already bruising forming around the ropes so he seemed to have been sitting there for a while.

When Giotto approached him he looked up and Giotto could see the bright red colour of the boys eyes. Blinking for a moment he shook his head and went closer.

Without hesitating Giotto kneeled down and started to unbind the boy. He chose to untie his neck first and then continued with the ropes chaining him to the tree.

The boy looked up an unreadable expression on his face before speaking.

"Why are you doing this? I could be dangerous. I could kill you. Maybe there is a reason, why I am bound here."

Giotto only smiled sweetly as he replied, "You are not a bad person. You won't hurt me."

The strange look the boy gave as response only made Giotto laugh as he finished untying the ropes.

"So, all done. Here you go!"

For a moment the boy didn't move before he said, "If you could wish for something, what would it be? Would you want so much money that you couldn't ever spend it all? Or would you want to be the strongest man of all the land?"

Giotto shook his head and smiled again.

"I do not wish for money. I do not wish for power."

"Would you ask to have a house full of slaves, who would read your wishes from your lips? Who would do anything for you? So that you would never have to kneel again? Or would you want to rule a country and to have others bow at a single word from you?"

Giotto shook his head again sweet smile still in place.

"I do not wish for slaves to be ordered around by me. I do not wish for a whole country to have to bow to my every word."

The boy, still sitting on the floor, frowned and looked up to Giotto thoughtfully.

"Then what do you wish for?"

Giotto closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again and smiled brighter than ever before.

"I wish that the world could be a more peaceful place. That all beings are treated as equals. That there is less suffering in the world." His eyes shone with passion and determination as he spoke about what he desired most.

The boy on the floor looked surprised for a moment than a devilish smile spread across his face.

"Ah, I see. Such a selfless person you are. Well….I will grant your wish, but that will need some preparation."

He stood up and walked away before turning around again the devilish smile still in place.

"I nearly forgot. You will meet others that may help you with your quest. If they decide to aid you or not is based upon your actions, but I'm sure a person like you won't have any problems."

He turned around again and waved, calling softly, "See you soon little Sky; Giotto."

Giotto stared after him for a while in wonder before he shrugged and continued on with the task set by his master.

Giotto went to bed that day with renewed hope that some day he could help to make the world a better place. To get the equality for all the creatures and beings he so loved and admired.




"So, that's it for today, Tsu-kun," Nana said and smiled down at her beloved son. "Now, up, up, to bed with you!"

Tsuna just looked at his mother, confused.

"Why did you tell me the first part of the legend again?" he asked, though Tsuna eyes were soft as he looked up at his mother.

"Because, Tsu-kun –" here, she poked his nose softly – "it is what you said: A legend not a fairy tale. As such you will probably need to remember it after your big day tomorrow. After all you can't be a good Elemental and mate without knowing your history, can you?" She poked his nose again. "Also, I am sure you will be thankful to your old mother someday when you need the wisdom you can gain through legends like this. After all legends always have some truth in them - when not necessarily everything is true – some part is. That is the part you need to be aware of."

Nana stood up and turned back towards her son.

"Oh and Tsu-kun," she began.

Tsuna turned around from where he already stood on the staircase.

"Don't forget your lucky charm!"

Blushing wildly Tsuna nodded and ran up the stairs to hurry and hide his burning face beneath the blanket.

"But she is right I shouldn't forget you, should I?"

Tsuna turned around and looked at the little lion cub cuddling up next to him. It just yawned and cuddled in closer to him.

Tsuna smiled softly and looked up at the ceiling again as he mumbled, "I really wonder what kind of mate I will get…do you think it will be an animal like you? Or perhaps a human? Hmm…what do you think?"

He turned back to his little friend expectant for his reaction, only to find his companion already fast asleep.

Tsuna sighed and turned back to the ceiling again before closing his eyes.

"I hope I will have a mate…after all they said such a useless person like me…" Here he had to yawn. "Will probably be the first Elemental to be destined to be alone…"

As he fell into sleep he didn't notice the sole tear that rolled down his cheek.