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Chapter 6 - Coming home~

Tsuna held his breath as he slowly pushed the door to his home open. Even before it was opened completely he noticed, that something was off.

The lights in the house weren't turned on. The usual sounds of Nana's humming and running water were missing too.

It was silent; way too silent to make him feel comfortable.

As quiet as he could he entered the house. He blinked for a moment as his eyes adjusted to his pitch black surrounding. His hand was blindly searching for the light as he nearly tripping over one of his mates in his haste.

Tsuna breathed out a sigh of relief as he finally found it. Squeezing his eyes shut at the sudden brightness. Behind him he could hear one of his mates closing the door.

Not waiting for his eyes to adjust completely Tsuna half-stumbling half-ran towards the kitchen. Still blinking furiously he tried to make out any movement in the shadows.

Everything seemed to be alright. The kitchen was clean as usual. Well,…no…it wasn't. Fixing his gaze on the stove he stared at the pan and the half-cooked food inside.

His eye-brows furrowed. Moving carefully around the room, Tsuna looked for any hint's to where his mother may be. His eyes narrowed as he found nothing.

Slowly breathing in too calm himself down he checked the room again. Everything was like usual. The furmiture was in the right place the chairs in the right position. But still…

Suddenly remembering the loose tile Nana often used to hide important notes under he rushed to the right side of the stove. Falling to his knees he smiled for a moment as he remembered his mother always worrying, that the wind may carry notes meant for him away.

He always found it strange as kid. Wondering why his mother would go to such lengths just because of wind. After all a little breeze wouldn't be able to carry it far, right?

Once when he was 11 he asked her about it, but she only patted his head and said: "Oh! Tsu-kun, but don't you know? Even if it often doesn't seem like it, each and every element is a force to not be taken lightly."

"Whatever would we do, if the wind tried to steal our notes? A heavy object may stop a little breeze, but what if a storm came around? Any object would be blown away in an instant." After that she had smiled again and caressed his face. "Never underestimate the power the elements hold….It's a dangerous thing to do, Tsu-kun."

With a smile on his lips Tsuna shook his head. Concentrating on his task at hand he pushed the loose tile out of the way. Tsuna sighed in relief as he saw a paper with his mother's familiar handwriting. Closing his eyes for a moment he calmed his racing heart. Proceeding to silently scold himself for freaking out.

When he opened his eyes again he read:

"Dear Tsu-kun!


! I heard the bonding ceremony went over well! I know it didn't go as it does for most people, but then I always knew you are unique.

I am really sorry, that I can't be here when you come home, but I have to rush to take care of some important business.

I don't know when I will be back, but for the meantime I will depend on your mates to take care of you.

I left your belated present for your eighteenth birthday and another one for your day of judgment behind. You will find it in your favorite hideout.

You know the one you loved to hide in when your cousin came over to play. You two were always such lively kids~!

Played hide and seek together all the time!

There are three bags there. The red one is for your mates, the blue one for you and the white one shouldn't be opened until I am back.

Please read the attached notes to the bags carefully!.

Oh and Tsu-kun? Don't look for the presents until tomorrow.

Stay safe my dear!

With love,


Looking at the message confused for a moment he turned it around to see, if there was anything on the backside.

He shook his head at his mother. Sometimes he just couldn't understand her. Why would she think it was necessary to hid the presents?

Sighing he decided to just trust her for the moment. She would surely tell him the reason when she was back…whenever that was…

After a moment Tsuna stood up and went upstairs to his room. He sat down on his bed and just focused on sorting his thoughts.

He remembered all the confusing and unexpected events of the day and the evening before. So many things were just not making any sense to him…

His mother insisting on him listening to the first parts of the legend, the accidental summon and the changing babies were just some of them…

He sighed it was all so strange…Did Nana really only want him to remember the legend for his day of judgement? Would the atypical ritual affect his bond with his mates? What side-effects could the changed ritual have?

He sighed and focused on his mother again. It wouldn't bring him further, if he didn't focus on one oddity at a time.

He slowly opened his eyes as he contemplated the possible reasons for Nana's strange behaviour. Well…maybe-

Within an instant his eyes were open. Of course! Nana knew that-


Tsuna fell from his chair as he was suddenly confronted with eight pairs of very intense eyes.

The mansion stood before Giotto was a work of art. It stretched to cover an impressive space, carved beautifully from perfectly shaped limestone. There were columns made from the smoothest of marble holding up a canopy of stone, that was present in front of the main entrance, the door itself made of two pieces of dark, polished wood with gleaming handles.

He could only gape as his eyes wandered upwards. Slowly taking in the two storey building before him. Each storey had multitudes of windows, some of which opened into balconies of pink limestone, a purely decorative feature.

Giotto's luggage – or what little he had – laid forgotten on the floor beside him as he was fascinated with the shining white and pink building in front of him. But his main focus quickly switched back to the garden and he was physical unable to look away.

While the mansion was breathtaking the real gem was the garden, which curled in front of the mansion from the left hand and spread out into the back yard, a wide expanse of flowers and, towards the back, trees.

It looked to be the Garden of Eden itself with the amazing sight it gave, a rainbow of colours and glittering ponds and fountains, with statues dotted here and there within it. It was large and breathtaking, beautifully maintained with not a single blade of grass out of place.

A glassy lake peaked out from behind the mansion. Sheeted with delicate blossoms the still lake only added to the charme of the backyard. A pathway made from limestone leaded from the mansion through the beautiful flower bed to a marble pavillion. It was skirted with the blossoms decorating the water. Giotto could imagine to walk over the stone bridge at the end of the pathway and sitting in the pavillion watching the golden fish play.

The beauty was overwhelming; with its variety of flowers and trees and great size, but it certainly was one of the most stunning gardens Giotto had ever seen.

Before he had the time to inspect the majestetic sight in front of him more a hard tug on the rope around his neck brought him out of his gaping state.

For a moment he tried to hold his balance, but another tug sent him stumbling a few steps forward.

„I said MOVE your unworthy ass!" There was a short silence before the man – who was only supposed to accompany him to his new master – let a slow smirk creep over his face. „Or do you want to be disciplined…that badly?"

Giotto gulped and took a step back.

His guardian for the journey smirked even wider as he pulled the rope towards him; forcing Giotto to stumble in his direction instead.

He reached his hand out to touch Giotto. An evil glint shone bright in his eyes.

But before he could even so much as think about harming Giotto a kick to his head sent him flying. The man landed face-first on the floor a few metres away from Giotto.

Suddenly a soft snort could be heard followed by something suspiciously sounding like, „Hn. Worthless."

Giotto still stared at the man at the floor as another voice rung out. „Well, for once I agree with you. The lord doesn't like child molesters."

Turning around he was met with two familiar faces.

For a moment he couldn't help, but stare dumbfounded before asking, „What are you doing here? Alaude? Knuckle?"

Behind the trees in the backyard the silver haired boy stood chuckling. His eyes were glowing in a fainter shade of red, the evil glint not as intense as before.

„So, little Sky, I hope you won't disappoint me."

His gaze wandered up to the sky as his fingers grabbed at something at his neck, that wasn't there.

His eyes closed as his hand sunk limply to his side. For a moment he just stood there – eyes closed; hands limply at his side – his silver hair fluttering in the soft breeze.

An all too consuming silence took over the soft chuckling from before. Even the birds, that had previously happily sung were abruptly all too quiet. No sound being heard except of the soft wind that played with the leaves in the surrounding trees. The world stood frozen. Like time had stopped without as much as a warning.

Every living thing around him held its breath, not wanting to disturb the delicate silence, that had settled over them. It felt like even one wrong movement could send a stone rolling, that should never ever be moved.

A twig broke and the vulnerable glass holding the peace together fell apart. Shattered in a million pieces.

The boy's eyes snapped open and suddenly a loud chilling laugher could be heard from him. His previously faintly red eyes changed to vibrant crimson.

The sound he made was humorless and only filled with vicious intent. Nature itself prickled and pulled away from the disturbing laugh.

Suddenly the flowers and tree weren't as inviting as they had been a second before. The trees resembled more the forests from horror fantasies then peaceful looking living wood. The flowers were only reminded one of funerals and death. The birds were still all too quiet.

After a moment the laugher stopped as a malicious smirk replaced it. The boy looked up at the sky again eyes glinting in the sunlight.

„Because…if you do anything but succeed…you will wish you choose the slaves… "

Tsuna blinked as he came back to reality. He rubbed his head at the point he had hit it before.

He had been completely out of it for a few seconds since his mates were suddenly not even an arm-length away from him.

Deciding he was fine apart from a slight headache Tsuna slowly stood up and sat back down on his seat.

Glancing around he saw, that this few moments were all his mates had needed. Instead of the half-dazed look from before, they were now fixing him with new clarity .

Their effect on him hadn't changed though. It was way harder than it should be for him to just sit on his chair without touching them.

The need he had felt this morning and before the ceremony was now back with new strength. His eyes were fixed on the mesmerizing faces in front of him. Tsuna thought his heart would stop beating at the sight in front of him.

This was the first time he could look at his mates without disturbance. There was no teacher or deputy headmaster here to keep him on alert. No, this was just him and his mates.

Especially the gold-haired boy caught his gaze. Him and one of the three toddlers he hadn't had the chance to see properly before. It was the one he had seen beside the body of his teacher.

The face that had looked disdainful at his teacher before, was now watching him as if his every movement was highly interesting. Tsuna shivered as he saw a brief flash of something glitter in the eyes of the boy. The very crimson colored eyes.

Before he could tear his eyes away the boy jumped in his lap. Startled he instantly reached out to steady the boy. He blinked as he saw the red-eyed toddler smirk at him.

A pale hand caressed his cheek as the boy fixed him intently.

"Kufufu…so you are the one worthy to be our sky. My name is Rokudo Mukuro and we are going to have a lot of fun together~"

The boy chuckled as Tsuna turned slightly red.

Leaning in closer the toddler whispered in his ear: "Kufufu~! Don't worry, I will take good care of you, Tsunayoshi-kun~!"

With that said the boy kissed his ear lobe before jumping off his lap. Leaving a completely shocked Tsuna in his stead.