Chapter 1:

A/N: I finished a story so I'm starting a new one, I just can't help it! I write too many rare-pairs and way too much Butters; so here is my first K2.

Rated M: For coarse language and things of a sexual nature (between consenting adults). Not for the faint of heart, if you've read any of my other stories you'd understand – if you're a prude or a child turn back now!

College was an easy change for Kyle, he'd been showered with scholarships and grants since everyone believed he was a genius, and he'd been accepted into every school he wanted to go to. Stan had not gotten the football scholarship he'd been hoping for so he'd begrudgingly signed up for Colorado State with student loans and the laughable savings his mother had kept for him. Kyle went to Colorado State because he said in retrospect all universities are the same and he was glad to be Stan's roommate.

Kenny had not gotten into college but Kyle had invited him to come and stay in their apartment in Fort Collins; Stan was generally unsure why although Kyle had assured him Kenny could get a full time job and help to pay utilities and of course he would sleep on the couch. Stan hadn't questioned it any further, he'd be with his two best friends in the city and he wouldn't have it any other way.

The apartment was a small two bedroom but it was cheaper than the dorms on campus and Kyle wasn't about to pay more. "You're such a jew, this place is like a shoe box." Stan said, lugging some of the heavier boxes into the living room.

Kyle gave him a quick punch in the arm, "We can afford it, that's all that matters."

"I don't think it's that small." Kenny shrugged dropping his trash bag of wrinkled clothes on the couch. He peeled off the jacket he'd worn on the car ride down, Fort Collins was at least fifteen degrees warmer than South Park.

"Classes start in a week, so we'd better get to studying." Kyle pulled a few large textbooks out of his book bag. Kenny and Stan both pointed at Kyle and laughed.

"I'm going to go get a look at the Fort Collins ladies." Stan raised his eyebrows so high they nearly disappeared. "Interested?" He said turning to Kenny.

"Fuck yeah! Where da ladies at?!" Kenny cheered. Stan dropped his jacket on the couch and walked out the front door. Kyle glared at Kenny who shrugged, "I had to say something. Come with, it might be fun."

Kyle frowned at his secret fuck buddy, who was making it increasingly difficult to keep their relationship a secret. "You're not actually going to look at a bunch of sluts, are you?" Kyle said disgustedly shaking his head.

"I can look." Kenny crouched down next to Kyle, "I'll only look at the redheaded sluts if it makes you feel better." He teased. Kyle pushed a hand into Kenny's forehead making him fall over. Kyle and Kenny were not exclusive, because that would just be weird… they were friends… and Kenny liked girls too. Kyle would clearly get jealous when Kenny was with a girl but he couldn't voice his concerns or Kenny would think he was a clingy fag, and it was just supposed to be a little 'fun'… right?

"Go ahead, I'm gonna study…" Kyle mumbled as Kenny retreated from the apartment.

Kyle did study for a little while but he couldn't keep his mind off of what Kenny and Stan were doing out so late, they'd been gone for four hours. Kyle started unpacking some boxes and organizing his room until he was so sore he flopped down onto the couch. Kyle flipped through the channels absentmindedly and landed on a history channel documentary about the black plague. He thought he would be interested but he quickly fell asleep on the sofa.

When Stan and Kenny came bursting through the door drunkenly they both spotted Kyle slumped against the couch sleeping, with some mind-numbing TV show on. "God! He's so boring sometimes!" Stan whispered loudly. Kenny chuckled at Stan's statement, he didn't really think Kyle was boring at all, he could be really fun at times… "I'm going to bed, good luck prying him off the couch he probably melted his brain with all those text books and history shows." Stan slurred, disappearing into the hallway.

Kenny sat down quietly next to Kyle and shook his shoulder gently. Kyle grunted, changed position, and continued sleeping. Kenny tickled Kyle's nose a little and the sleeping boy batted at his face in annoyance. Kenny was getting a little frustrated, he was drunk and tired and this was his bed. He leaned over and stuck his tongue in Kyle's ear, this had the effect he desired. Kyle jumped away from Kenny, swinging at the air tiredly. He reached up and wiped at his now wet ear and glared at the boy next to him.

"G'morning sunshine." Kenny said in his light southern accent.

"Fuck you." Kyle continued wiping furiously at his ear. "You smell like whiskey." He gagged.

"Maybe it's all the whiskey I drank?" Kenny put on a fake puzzled face.

Kyle had finally woken up a bit and stretched, he looked at Kenny evenly; the word 'disheveled' seemed too kind for the other's current appearance. "Do anything exciting?"

"Lots of things…"

"Anything I wouldn't do?" Kyle crossed his arms across his chest.

"Of course! I did some body shots of some really pretty bitches. One bitch even fondled me a little… until she found out I couldn't afford to buy her a drink." Kenny noticed Kyle's tension, he always had noticed… "I would do body shots off you, but you would never let me!" He licked his lips. "Whiskey would mix well with Kyle…" He leaned closer to the other boy.

Kyle leaned further away, he was mad about all the girl's Kenny had presumably touched that night. "No sloppy seconds for me, thanks." He mumbled moodily.

"You're such a hooker sometimes. I didn't even have sex with anyone so it wouldn't be sloppy seconds!" Kenny rolled his eyes, he liked the way Kyle looked when he was mad but his temper was infuriating sometimes. "Get off the couch then so I can go to sleep, you wicked witch." Kenny hit Kyle with a couch pillow playfully.

Kyle looked down at his feet sadly, he did want to stay here with Kenny a little while but he'd angered the other who was tired and drunk. "Well, I'm glad you all had fun without me, hooking up with sluts…" Kyle stood and began to retreat but Kenny pulled him down by his waist to land directly in his lap.

"Don't be so jealous." Kenny purred in his ear.

"I'm not!" He always denied it; he wasn't supposed to be jealous.

"Shhh. You'll wake up Stan." Kenny licked Kyle's ear again but in a more sensual way than his prior 'wet willy', and slipped a hand down to grasp Kyle's thigh provocatively. Kyle melted against Kenny, he could never refuse the other boy anything, unless he knew Kenny had been buried deep in some whore's vagina (dick face or otherwise) at which point his rage would outweigh the intense affection he'd harbored for Kenny. "I wish you'd come with us tonight, I love when you get drunk and I kept thinking about you." Kenny always said sweet things when he was trying to convince his way into Kyle's pants, never just because.

One of Kenny's hands found its way into Kyle's pants and was rubbing at him leisurely, agonizingly slow. Kyle could feel Kenny unbutton his own pants, and could feel Kenny's hot flesh pressing hard against his back.

"Snuggle with me for a minute?" Kenny's breath ghosted quietly against his ear. Kyle couldn't help glancing at the hallway every now and then in paranoia to check for Stan. Somehow they had kept this unspoken arrangement a secret for over two years and he didn't want to ruin it now, when they'd just obtained a new found privacy.

Kyle didn't answer; he let Kenny continue his ministrations and relaxed into his touch. The blonde still smelled terribly of whiskey and cheap cologne but Kyle couldn't be bothered to care while Kenny was touching him in such a perfect way. The drunken hand moving against him got faster as did Kenny's poor attempt at humping Kyle's back, and Kyle enjoyed the sloppy sounds Kenny let escape his mouth when he was a drunk mess; when Kenny was sober he was so silent and strong which Kyle enjoyed as well.

What Kyle did not enjoy was the feeling of hot liquid running down his lower back and into his pants when Kenny came, but he fought through it to enjoy his own orgasm. Before Kyle stood up he reached back to grab the front of Kenny's shirt and try to clean his back off a little unsuccessfully.

Kenny collapsed onto the couch when Kyle stood and yawned. "Pull up your pants, you idiot." Kyle grumbled before retreating to his own bedroom.

Kenny watched Kyle's ass as he walked away, grinning at the wet spot there, he hoped it stained. Kenny knew Kyle couldn't resist his charms. They hardly ever spoke a word about it, when they did they'd fight so Kenny had resigned himself to speaking with the hot tempered boy silently, with his touch. Kyle was hot, sexy, and smart and he was crazy about Kenny, Kenny was aware of it; he was excited when he'd found out Kyle was into cock and specifically his cock. He'd tell Kyle he was sleeping with chicks just to see the jealous look on his face, but he never actually went far with anyone anymore, it was all about the game he was playing with Kyle.

Stan walked into the living room the next morning and could smell the unmistakable odor of sex penetrating the living room. Kenny had probably just been masturbating last night; Stan scrunched up his nose and opened a window to get the smell out. Fucking gross.