Chapter 6:

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Kyle was a mess but he focused all of his efforts on school work to get his mind off the emotional pain, he had gone into robot mode. Stan had booted Kenny without Kyle's consent and the blonde was now in the living room packing his things.

"Hey." Kenny said stepping into Kyle's doorframe. The redhead was mulling over some school book and ignoring Kenny altogether. "Stan asked me to leave." Kyle stayed silent, looking at his book. "I don't really have any money or any way to get home but I get it…" Kyle still hadn't budged. "I just wanted to say bye…" Kyle closed the book and sighed, he still didn't look directly at Kenny but Kenny knew he was listening. "I'm sorry for hurting you." Kenny eyes were dry but there was a slight waver in his voice that eluded to sadness. They were both silent for a long awkward moment before Kyle finally met Kenny's eyes.

Kenny could feel a tug in his chest, pressure, a hiccough rising, and waterworks starting. He forced the feelings down, rejection was not new to him and he knew this would happen eventually. "You didn't hurt me." Kyle responded coldly, but Kenny could see the pain and betrayal in his expression.

"Can I have a kiss goodbye?" before I go live on the disgusting street panhandling and being worthless as usual? Kyle turned his head towards the window by his desk and sighed again.

"No, you can't."

Kenny couldn't hold it back anymore, the pressure grew to the point that he felt like vomiting and his eyes became instantly wet. Only his father had ever broken his wall, only his father had ever caused him to throw a tantrum… "FINE! Fuck you, Kyle. You fucking asshole! YOU never asked me not to be with anyone else! You never really cared about me anyways did you, you stupid dick! Well, I cared about YOU! A LOT!" He was screaming to the point that his throat burned. He childishly turned and kicked Kyle's open schoolbag off the TV stand, spewing its contents across the floor, he then proceeded to grab stacks of papers that fell from it and tear them into little pieces, hopefully his hoity-toidy fucking smart ass homework. He was spewing obscenities that made no sense, kicking Kyle's things across the floor, and spitting on Kyle's bed. "Have a nice life, Mr. Perfect." He sobbed out just before storming out of the room with his small bag of belongings.

Kyle calmly assessed the damage for a moment before standing. He wasn't mad about the schoolwork that was torn to shreds, or the general mess, or the spit dripping down the side of his pillow… He stood and walked out to find Kenny gathering the last of his things, and he was crying… not just crying but balling. Kyle had never seen Kenny cry or care about anything for that matter. "Wait." Kyle said calmly.

"What the fuck do you want?" Kenny spit out harshly.

"I changed my mind." Kyle frowned.

"About the kiss? I don't want it anymore." He growled.

"I don't want you to go." Kenny froze at Kyle's words and turned away, his back moved softly with a couple of light sobs. "I'll tell Stan, just put your stuff down."

"Kenny's bag fell from his shoulder, but he caught it in his hand. "I don't think I can handle the way you've been treating me." Kenny rubbed the remaining tears away but still felt the nagging pressure in his chest. This must be what people mean when they say they can feel their heart breaking.

"I want everything to go back to normal, except for one thing…" Kyle looked at the ground.

"You don't wanna be with me?" Kenny hiccoughed again.

"I don't want anyone else to be with you."

"I'm sorry about your stuff." Kenny gestured toward Kyle's room, he was still trying to hide his wet face.

Kyle stepped forward and took Kenny into his arms giving him a tight squeeze. The bag finally fell to the floor, "I don't care." Kyle mumbled into the blonde's shoulder.

"I won't ever even look at anyone else again." He whispered into Kyle's ear, "Put a tracking device on me if you want."

Kyle chuckled, "I love you, Kenny."

Kenny stiffened in Kyle's arms, he wasn't sure if he was able to say those words back. He did love Kyle but the next time they fought it would hurt more if they'd both said it… "Me too." He managed, squeezing Kyle harder.

"Saying goodbye?" Stan asked nonchalantly as he strolled into the living room to find his roommates in each other's arms.

"He's not going anywhere, Stan. We worked it out." Kyle said, releasing Kenny and turning toward his friend.

"You trust him?"


"Fine." Stan grumbled, eyeballing Kenny.

It had been over two weeks since Kyle and Kenny had been this close, tangled with one another in Kyle's bed. Kenny's bag of things was resting in the corner of Kyle's closet, it was intentional that Kenny would be sleeping here tonight and would be for the remainder of their lease.

"Stop tickling me, it's not sexy." Kyle laughed against Kenny's lips.

"But it's so much fuuuuun." Kenny was digging his fingers into Kyle's soft stomach to create the wonderful sound of Kyle's laughter.

"I could think of a few other things that are more fun." Kyle wiggled his eyebrows comically.

"Oh? Like what?"

"Like your mouth, my dick, like now! I'll laugh if that what you're into!" Kyle grinned up at his boyfriend.

Kenny shrugged before tearing at Kyle's pants eagerly and lowering his head to get to work on his lover. Kenny had been uncharacteristically giving lately, so he'd be stupid not to use it to his advantage. Kyle lowered his eyes to watch Kenny bobbing his head into Kyle's lap enthusiastically. He was pleasuring himself with his hand while sucking Kyle off and the image was very erotic to watch.

"I could get used to all this attention!" Kyle smiled down at Kenny's ridiculous seductive look.

Kenny popped his mouth off of Kyle to make a snappy comeback but all he could manage was, "God, I love your fucking face."

"I love you too…"


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