Hi guys, Johnny here with the fifth chapter of "Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Doujin edition." This is another sequel chapter for "STARTING MY LIFE AS A MAN" Getting a raise from my boss: (Naruto and Tsunade.) Well, I don't really have much to say till the end of the chapter, so let's get started. I still do not own Naruto or anything I use in this Fanfic, so please enjoy: Getting a raise from my boss. And Merry Christmas and a Happy-New Year.


It had been a week since Garnet and Chacha told Naruto that they were pregnant with his children. Naruto was really happy to hear the news. Like always Naruto was working hard at the Yomigami-club, helping Mirajane with some boxes.

"Thank you, again, Naruto-kun for helping me." Mirajane said with a smile.

"It's no problem at all, Mira-chan." Naruto replied.

"It's been almost two weeks since you started working here, huh, Naruto-kun?" Mirajane asked.

"Yeah, it has. I was thinking of asking Tsunade-san for a raise." Naruto stated.

"Well you do work really hard. I'm sure that Tsunade-san will give you a raise." Mirajane replied with a smile.

"I think you're right, Mira-chan." Naruto replied.

"Well then, let's finish up here, Naruto-kun. And once we're done, we can have lunch together." Mirajane stated.

"Sounds like a plan, Mira-chan. I'm buying." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Mirajane went back to work.

XxxxX Tsunade's Office XxxxX

Tsunade was doing paperwork, and then knocked on the door.

"Enter." Tsunade said.

Garnet walked in the office, seeing Tsunade doing paperwork.

"Hello, Tsunade-san, how are you this day?" Garnet asked.

"I'm good, just busy with paperwork as always." Tsunade stated, as she organized her work.

"Ah I see..." Garnet replied, as she took a sit in one of the office chairs.

Tsunade just finished organized her paperwork.

"Okay, now that is finished. Is there something you want to talk about, Garnet-san?" Tsunade asked.

"I just came to pay my monthly fee. I also wanted to see how Naruto-kun is doing." Garnet said.

"Well, he's been working hard, ever since he got the job here." Tsunade stated.

"Heh, I'm happy to hear that. He always helped me around my house as well. Naruto-kun is also such a gentleman when it comes to me and Cha-chan." Garnet replied with a smile.

"Well, I'm glad to hear it. I'm glad I'd hired him." Tsunade stated, as she took a sip of his tea.

"Naruto-kun is also a good lover in bed as well." Garnet said with a smile.

Tsunade's eyes widen, almost spitting out her tea. She took a big glop, as Tsunade coughed a bit.

"(Cough! Cough!) G-Garnet-san, what did you say just now... I think I've must have been hearing things..." Tsunade said with a small blush.

"I said that Naruto-kun is a good lover in bed. He really showed me a wonderful time when he first spends the night at my house." Garnet replied, as she continued to smile.

"W-What...?" Tsunade said.

"Mm-hmm, he gave it to my little Cha-chan as well when he came over the night again the week after." Garnet said.


"Not only that, me and Cha-chan are having Naruto-kun's children." Garnet stated, as her smile never left her face.

Tsunade was speechless. She couldn't believe that Garnet told her that she has a relationship with her young employee. Not only that, Garnet and her daughter are pregnant with his children.

"I..." Tsunade said.

"I'm going to be busy with a photo-shoot all weekend and Cha-chan will be with her friends all this week too. So, I was wondering if you wanted to spend some time with Naruto-kun." Garnet stated with a smile.

"What..." Tsunade replied.

"Think about it... he's young and handsome, and he's got a thing for girls and older women." Garnet said.

"I don't know... W-What, a minute! I can't be having sex with one of my employees! He's only 15, and...!" Tsunade replied.

"And Naruto-kun has a really big cock." Garnet said with a smile.

"Really... I guess I can... No! I should not be saying that!" Tsunade said with a dark blush.

"Don't be like that, Tsunade-san, he won't disappoint you in bed. I mean, you haven't been with a man for a long time, Tsunade-san. In an odd way, you're just like my sister." Garnet stated.

"Well I... Hey, wait a minute! I'm always busty, and I'm the one who runs the club. Even if I was interested, I can't be fooling around." Tsunade replied with a dark blush.

"I know how life is, but that doesn't mean you should deny your needs, Tsunade-san. We're human and we have our needs. So, have some fun with Naruto-kun." Garnet said, as she pulled out her paycheck for her monthly fee.

Tsunade thought about it for a moment. It is true, that people have their needs and need to relief any types of stress.

"Alright then... I'll spend some time with Naruto." Tsunade replied.

"I'm happy to hear that, Tsunade-san." Garnet said with a smile.

Garnet picked herself, and started to walk out the door. Before she left, Garnet turned to Tsunade once more, to tell her one last thing.

"Naruto-kun is going to make you a new woman, Tsunade-san. That's a promise. Oh, and he might give it to you all night, that you won't walk right for a week." Garnet stated with a smile, as she waved bye.

"Oh my... now I really want to spend some time with Naruto..." Tsunade said with a smile.

It seems that Tsunade is still a bit shocked about what Garnet told her moments ago. Tsunade sat in her chair, and then slowly smiled. She knew that Naruto is a hard worker, and who knows. Naruto will make her a new woman. Now, Tsunade needs to wait, and make her move.

XxxxX with Naruto and Mirajane XxxxX

Later, Naruto and Mirajane were done with their work. Both teens were eating lunch together, enjoying each other's company.

"So, Naruto-kun, how do you like the job here?" Mirajane asked.

"I really like it a lot, Mira-chan. I have a nice house behind the club, I get paid nicely, and I'm really happy having this job." Naruto stated with a smile.

"That and I am going to be a dad." Naruto thought with a smile.

"I'm happy to hear that, Naruto-kun." Mirajane replied with a smile.

Mirajane smiled, as she looked at Naruto. Naruto and Mirajane continued to eat their lunch together. Mirajane sat close next to Naruto. Mirajane noticed Naruto's muscular arms, thanks to his sleeveless black shirt. Mirajane imagined what it would be like if she and Naruto having sex. The thought alone made Mirajane feeling hot. In fact, Mirajane wanted Naruto in bed since the first day he started working at the club.

"My goodness... Naruto-kun has such a nice body. Just looking at him is making me hot. One of these days, I'm going to get him in bed." Mirajane thought with a smile.

"Well, I should tell, Tsunade-san, that we're done with today's work." Naruto stated.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Mirajane replied.

"We should hang out more, Mira-chan. I'll see you later." Naruto said with a smile, as he waved bye to Mirajane.

"Bye, Naruto-kun." Mirajane said, as she waved back.

XxxxX with Naruto XxxxX

Naruto was now standing in front of Tsunade's office door.

"Okay, Naruto, you can do this. I know you've only worked here for about three weeks, but I'm sure that Tsunade-san well be more than happy to give me a raise." Naruto thought.

Naruto then knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Tsunade asked.

"It's me, Naruto." Naruto replied.

"Come in." Tsunade said.

Naruto walked into Tsunade's office.

"How was your day, Naruto?" Tsunade asked.

"It was good, Tsunade-san. Me and Mira-chan finished the work you asked us to do. And I was wondering if I can ask you something." Naruto replied.

"Yes, please have a sit." Tsunade replied.

Naruto sit in the chair.

"I was wondering if I can get a raise." Naruto stated.

"A raise?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah, I know I've only worked here for about three weeks and I need some extra money to get some things for the house you gave me." Naruto stated.

"Of course, say no more." Tsunade replied.

Naruto smiled, as Tsunade got out of her chair and walked over to Naruto.

"Naruto, you can have your raise... but..." Tsunade stated.

"But what, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked.

"You have to earn it, Naruto." Tsunade stated.

"Okay, what do I have to do?" Naruto asked.

"You have to show me a good time, like you show Garnet-san." Tsunade replied.

"H-Huh?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, Garnet-san told me how good of a lover you are. And she even told me, she and Chacha-chan are having your children. So, is that true, Naruto?" Tsunade asked with a smirk, as she was face to face with her young employee.

Naruto's face turned red, seeing his boss close up to him. And not only that, he sees her large breasts. They were bigger than Garnet's and Chacha's. The blonde Uzumaki knew he was in a bit of trouble, as he felt his member getting hard in his pants.

"Uhh, yes..." Naruto replied with a nervous smile, as his sweat dropped.

"Well then..." Tsunade stated, as she used her hands to feel Naruto's pants.

"Tsunade-san, ugh..." Naruto muttered.

Tsunade pulled down, Naruto's pants to show his semi-hard 12 inched cock.

"Make me feel like a woman, and that raise is as good as yours." Tsunade stated, as she went down to face the soften member.


Naruto was shocked that Tsunade knew about, him, Garnet, and Chacha. But in a strange way, it was a good thing. Tsunade did say that she'll give him a raise by having sex with her. Naruto saw his boss staring at his cock.

"My, Garnet-san was right about your cock, Naruto-kun... it's so big, fat, and thick..." Tsunade stated, as she used her hands to stroke the soft cock.

"Oh, Tsunade-san..." Naruto moaned, as he felt Tsunade's soft hands.

"Mmm, I feel it getting hard... show me, you really want that raise, Naruto-kun." Tsunade said with a smile.

"I will Tsunade-san..." Naruto said, as he relaxed himself and watched his boss play with his cock.

Tsunade kissed the monster cock, getting it hard. Naruto moaned, feeling his boss's soft lips. Tsunade licked the hard cock.

"Does this feel good, Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked, as she stroke Naruto's cock.

"Hai..." Naruto replied.

"That's right, Naruto-kun... get this big cock hard for me..." Tsunade said with a smile.

Naruto smiled, as he continued to look down to Tsunade kissing his member. A moment later, Tsunade could not help herself anymore. Tsunade took about 7 inches inside her mouth. Naruto let out a louder moan.

"Ugh, Tsunade-san that feels so good... Your mouth is so wet and warm." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun's cock feels so big in my mouth..." Tsunade thought, as she continued to suck off Naruto.

Naruto bit his lower lip, feeling his boss taking his member deeper inside her mouth. Naruto then held Tsunade's head in place. Tsunade's eyes widen of Naruto taking charge and feeling his monster cock deep inside her mouth. Naruto felt Tsunade's mouth getting wet, as his cock hit the back of Tsunade's throat.

"Ah, Tsunade-san, your mouth feels so good! You suck dick just like Garnet-san!" Naruto moaned, as he continued to hold Tsunade's head in place.

"Ahh! Naruto-kun's cock is all the way inside my mouth! He's getting me all wet!" Tsunade thought, as she felt her pussy getting wet.

"Mmm, if I keep fucking your mouth like this, I'm going to blast my load!" Naruto moaned, as he used his hips and thrust Tsunade's mouth faster.

Naruto continued to have his way with Tsunade's mouth, as he increased his speed. As for the older busted blonde, Tsunade felt her body tremble with pleasure. Naruto felt Tsunade's mouth tighten around his member, his balls tighten, and he knew he was about to have his orgasm deep inside his boss's mouth. Tsunade's eyes widen, feeling Naruto's speed. She knew Naruto really wanted that raise.

"Ugh, Tsunade-san, I'm going to cum! I'll cum deep inside your tight throat!" Naruto moaned, as he increased his speed more.

"I feel Naruto-kun about to cum!" Tsunade thought, as she prepared herself for Naruto's massive load.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" Naruto roared, as he released himself deep inside of Tsunade.

With one final thrust, Naruto reached his orgasm. Tsunade felt large amounts of semen deep inside her throat. Naruto let out low growls, feeling Tsunade squeezing his member dry for its dick-milk. Like always, Naruto had his climax for a full minute.

"That was amazing, Tsunade-san..." Naruto stated, as he felt his orgasm came to an end.

Naruto pulled himself out of his busty boss's mouth. Tsunade had about a large quip size of cream inside her mouth. Tsunade swallowed all of Naruto's semen, not letting a single drip escape her mouth. Naruto let out a sigh of bliss.

"That was really something, Naruto-kun." Tsunade said with a smile, as she licked her lips.

"Thank you, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied.

Even after his orgasm, Naruto was still hard. Naruto then got an idea.

"Hey, Tsunade-san..." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" Tsunade replied.

"Since I'm still hard, I'm going to keep fucking you till I get my raise." Naruto stated, as he help Tsunade on her feet.

Naruto then bend his boss over her desk.

"Oh..." Tsunade moaned with a smile.

Naruto smiled, as he went behind Tsunade and pulled down her pants to her ankles. Naruto saw Tsunade wearing black panties, and pulls them down as well. Tsunade blushed, seeing Naruto taking charge. The blonde teen saw Tsunade's large ass and pre-wet womanhood.

"Whoa, Tsunade-san, I bet most guys only look at your breasts that they don't realize you've got a big ass." Naruto stated.

"Heh, you're right about that, Naruto-kun... but take it easy on me. It's been awhile since I was with a man. But he wasn't as big as you." Tsunade replied.

"I'll be gentle, Tsunade-san." Naruto said, as he rubbed his member against Tsunade's vagina.

"Ohhh..." Tsunade moaned.

"Okay, here I come..." Naruto said, as he pushed himself inside of Tsunade's love hole.

"AGH!" Tsunade screamed, as her eyes widen.

Naruto managed to push about 5 inches of his cock inside of Tsunade. Tsunade grabbed the edges of her desk, as she felt her pussy getting stretched out by the massive penis. Naruto blushed, feeling how tight, wet and warm Tsunade's pussy was.

"Agh, your pussy is really tight... so wet and warm..." Naruto moaned.

"Uh, your cock is so big, Naruto-kun... you're getting me wetter than before..." Tsunade groaned, as she bit her lower lip.

"Well, then..." Naruto said, as he grabbed Tsunade's hips and push himself inside the tight pussy further.

"Agghhhh, your cock is going deeper inside me, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade groaned.

"H-Hai, you're so tight, Tsunade-san." Naruto moaned, as he felt his cock being squeezed by his boss's tight insides.

Naruto fit all his 12 inches inside of Tsunade. As for the busty older blonde, Tsunade felt Naruto's mushroom head rubbing against her womb. Tsunade only let out groans and moans, feeling her young employee on top of her. Naruto moaned, feeling Tsunade's insides getting tighter. Naruto then performed slow movements.

"Ugh, N-Naruto-kun, you're so big..." Tsunade groaned.

"I get that a lot..." Naruto replied, as he continued his slow movements.

"Ahh, I think I'm going to be split in half..." Tsunade groaned, as she got a tighter grip on edges of her desk.

"You're get use to my dick in no time, Tsunade-san..." Naruto replied with a moan, as he grabbed Tsunade's hips and continued his slow movements.

"I bet I will... Ahh..." Tsunade groaned, as she relaxed her body.

Naruto leaned forward, laying himself on his boss's back. Naruto kissed Tsunade's neck, making her moan in pleasure. The younger blonde continued to take his time, pleasing his boss in order to get his raise, and making her "his" woman. Tsunade continued to let out groans, and then she let out moans. It only took a little time, but Tsunade had adjusted to Naruto's size.

"Ah, that feels nice, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned.

"I see that you're used to my size already, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Hai... now, be a good boy, and fuck me..." Tsunade moaned with a smile.

"Heh, you're going to enjoy this." Naruto replied, as he increased his movements.

"Ahh, that's it, Naruto-kun~!" Tsunade moaned.

"Agh..." Naruto moaned, as he continued to be on top of Tsunade.

Naruto thrust his boss faster, making Tsunade let out louder moans. The older blonde felt her desk move, while Naruto thrust from behind. Naruto pulled back a few inches, and slammed his cock back hard inside of Tsunade. Tsunade screamed in pleasure, as her juices squirted from her insides.

"Ah, fuck, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade moaned.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist, Tsunade-san, I want to fuck you like this all day!" Naruto replied, as he thrusts his boss faster than before.

"Then keep fucking! Fuck me, like you fuck Garnet-san!" Tsunade moaned, as she held her head in pleasure.

"I will, Tsunade-san! Ahh... not only that, I'll will be getting my raise for this fuck, too, right?! Fuck!" Naruto moaned, as he continued his fast thrusts.

"Fuck me hard, and earn your raise, you stud! Ugh, I want you to keep slamming that fat cock of yours deep inside my tight cunt, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade moaned, as she used her own movements to press her ass against her employee.

"I will, Tsunade-san! Agh!" Naruto growled, as he grabbed a tighter grip on Tsunade's hips and slams her behind her desk.

"Ahh, fuck, that's it, Naruto-kun! Fuck me! Fuck me, and earn your fucking raise!" Tsunade shouted with a smile.

Naruto did just that, slamming his member deep inside his boss's tight vagina. Tsunade's eyes widen, as her tongue hanged out from the pleasure of Naruto pleasing her, like Garnet and Chacha. Naruto released his grip on his boss's hips, and grabbed her large ass cheeks. Tsunade bit her lower lip, as her eyes rolled back. She felt her insides getting wet. Tsunade loved the way that Naruto thrust his cock in and out inside her. Both blondes continued to have sex on the desk, the desk moved around.

"Agh! Naruto-kun, you're getting me all wet! I love it! I love your fat cock!" Tsunade moaned.

"Ahh, yeah~! Older women are the best! I love how wet they get! Your pussy is getting even wetter, Tsunade-san!" Naruto moaned, as he released Tsunade's ass and grabbed her massive breasts.

"Ah, baby, I love how you're grabbing me! Fuck me, and earn your raise!" Tsunade moaned, as she let Naruto have his way with her.

"Yeah! I'm going to fuck you good that you'll be begging for more! That's it! I'm going to keep fucking you and make you mine, Tsunade-san!" Naruto growled.

Naruto squeezed Tsunade's breasts, as he continued to ride his boss from behind, making her large ass jiggle. Tsunade felt her body tremble with pleasure. Never in her life, had Tsunade felt such pleasure. Naruto learned on Tsunade's back again, pinning her down on her desk once more. Tsunade felt Naruto's hard slams, as his balls hit her legs with each thrust. Naruto lost control of his speed, he felt his cock twitch, and balls filled up with another load of his seed, and Naruto knew he was going to climax soon. As for the older busty blonde, Tsunade felt her insides squeezing Naruto's cock for its dick milk. Tsunade knew she was going to have her orgasm along with Naruto.

"Ugh! Fuck! N-Naruto-kun, I'm going to cum~! I'm going to fucking cum with your fat cock!" Tsunade shouted.

"Hai! I'm going to cum too, Tsunade-san! Where do you want me to blast my load, Tsunade-san?! Ah, fuck!" Naruto growled, as he got on top of his boss, slamming his cock deep inside of Tsunade.

"Inside, Naruto-kun, I want your hot cum inside me! Earn your raise, Naruto-kun! Blast your seed inside me, and earn your raise!" Tsunade screamed.

"I will, Tsunade-san! Ah, I'm cumming, Tsunade-san! Grrraahh!" Naruto roared, as he continued to slam deep inside of Tsunade soon about to reach his orgasm.

"I'm cumming, Naruto-kun~!" Tsunade screamed, as her legs become weak, and her pussy got wet.

With one thrust, Naruto and Tsunade reached their orgasms. Naruto growled releasing his seed deep inside of Tsunade's womb. Tsunade moaned, as her juices and semen mixed together while her juices ran down her legs. Naruto let out another growl, as his cock was being squeezed by Tsunade's insides. Naruto had his orgasm for a whole minute. Tsunade was paralyzed with pleasure, feeling the warmth of the semen deep inside her.

"Ahh, I'm still cumming inside your tight cunt, Tsunade-san." Naruto growled, as he continued to have his orgasm inside deep inside of his boss so he can have his raise.

"Yes, Naruto-kun... I feel it... I feel your warm milk deep inside me..." Tsunade moaned.

Naruto had his orgasm for a whole minute like he had always have. Tsunade felt her inside becoming filled with Naruto's children. After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm came to an end. Naruto pulled himself out of Tsunade's sore pussy. Tsunade picked herself up, and turned to Naruto and kissed him.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade stated with a smile.

"Yeah, how about we have some more fun, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked with a smile.

Before Tsunade could answer Naruto, her office speaker turned on.

"Tsunade-san, I just want to remind you that your meeting with the other club-members is going to start." Mirajane stated.

"Oh, shit! I forget about the meeting!" Tsunade thought.

"Yes, Mirajane, I'll be there." Tsunade replied.

"Okay, I'll tell them that you'll be there soon." Mirajane replied.

Tsunade turned off the speaker. Tsunade turned to Naruto.

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, I have to get ready for my meeting." Tsunade stated.

"Hey, you're the boss, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied, as he got his pants on.

"Well... after the meeting, I'll stop by your place and we can finish what we started." Tsunade said with a smile, as she fixed herself up.

"Oh..." Naruto replied.

"Here's half of your raise, my dear." Tsunade stated, as she handed Naruto 150,000-yen. (In American dollars it's about, $1500 dollars.)

"Whoa..." Naruto said with a smile, as he counted his money.

"When I come over, I'll give you the rest of your raise once I'm done with my meeting." Tsunade stated.

Naruto put his money in his pocket, as he wrapped arms around Tsunade.

"I can't wait, Tsunade-san..." Naruto replied, as he kissed Tsunade.

Naruto released his grip. Tsunade left her office. Before she left, she turned to Naruto.

"I'll see you later, Naruto-kun." Tsunade said, as she left to her meeting.

With that said, Naruto went home in the back of the club. A few hours later, 8:00 o'clock at night, Naruto was making an order for dinner. He heard a knock on the door.

"Man, the delivery-girl got here first." Naruto stated, as he went to answer the door.

Naruto opened the door to see it wasn't his dinner, but his boss instead. Tsunade smiled at Naruto.

"Sorry, I took so long, Naruto-kun. I bet your cock missed me." Tsunade stated.

"Hai... how about we have some more fun, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked, as he brought Tsunade close to him.

"Yes..." Tsunade replied, as she and Naruto stripped each other.

With their clothes on the floor, Naruto took Tsunade on his couth. Naruto played with Tsunade's massive breasts. The blonde teen plays, pulled, and suckled on Tsunade's nipples.

"Ah, you shouldn't tease me like that, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned.

"Sorry, I can't help myself, but we can do this..." Naruto stated, as he stopped playing with Tsunade's nipples.

Naruto grabbed his hard cock and put it between Tsunade's breasts.

"Ahh... Oh, I love how big you are, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade stated.

"Thank you, now... I'm going to fun some with these big tits of yours, Tsunade-san..." Naruto stated, as he placed his hands on Tsunade's breasts and moved his hips to tit-fuck his boss.

"By all means, Naruto-kun... My body is only for you..." Tsunade replied, as she suckled on the penis's mushroom head.

"That's a good girl..." Naruto said, as he had his way with the large milk jugs.

Naruto tit-fucked Tsunade, as she continued to suckle the mushroom head. Naruto increased his movements a little. Tsunade knew that Naruto was going to use her breasts to release an orgasm in her mouth or on her breasts. Naruto growled, loving how soft Tsunade's breasts are, they were just like Garnet and Chacha's. Naruto continued his movements to please his boss, and to completely have Tsunade as his woman.

"Ah, your tits are almost as big as Garnet-san's... I might cum soon..." Naruto moaned, as he continued his movements.

Tsunade released the mushroom head.

"Do want yo like, Naruto-kun... Release your seed anywhere you want..." Tsunade replied, as she took back the mushroom head, and used her hands on top of Naruto's hands to move her breasts move.

"Ahh, yeah... if this keeps up, I'm defiantly going to cum!" Naruto moaned, as he increased his speed more.

Naruto thrust Tsunade's breasts, as he was going to release himself all over Tsunade.

"Ah, I'm cumming!" Naruto growled, as he climaxed all over Tsunade's face and tits.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun that feels so good!" Tsunade moaned, as she felt Naruto's warm semen all over her face, breasts, and inside her mouth.

As always, Naruto had his orgasm for a whole minute. After that long minute, Naruto's climax came to an end. The blonde teen let out a sigh of bliss. As for the older blonde, Tsunade smiled, feeling Naruto's semen all over herself. Tsunade kissed the soften member that was still between her bosoms. Naruto smiled, looking at his boss kissing his softened meat-pole.

"I love how big and soft your breasts are, Tsunade-san..." Naruto stated with a moan.

"Hai... you always cum so much, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade stated, as she licked the tip of his member.

"Only for my women, Tsunade-san..." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Ah..." Tsunade said, as she kissed his cock.

Naruto then got heard a knock on the door.

"I wonder who that could be." Tsunade said.

"Well... That's my dinner..." Naruto stated.

"I see... you go ahead and answer the door, honey. I'll be in the room to freshen up." Tsunade stated with a smile.

"Okay, Tsunade-san. And when I come upstairs, we're going to continue to have some fun starting with that big ass of yours..." Naruto stated, as he got off of Tsunade.

"Oh my..." Tsunade replied, as she felt a chill down her spin.

With that said Tsunade got off the couth, and headed up stairs and waited for Naruto to show her a good time. Naruto put on his pants to answer the door.

"Hello, sir. My name is Chiho Sasaki, and I have brought your order. And I want to thank you for choosing MgRonalds." Chiho stated with a smile.

Chiho is a 16 year old girl with amber eyes, and light auburn hair. She wore the MgRonalds uniform. And what Naruto noticed about her were her large breasts. As for Chiho, she slightly blushed, seeing Naruto shirtless.

"Thanks again, little miss." Naruto replied.


"Hmm? Oh! I'm sorry; I forgot I wasn't wearing a shirt." Naruto stated.

"N-No, it's okay. But here is your order." Chiho stated with a blush, as she handed Naruto his food.

"Thanks, and here's the money." Naruto stated, as he pays Chiho, 20,000 yen. (In American dollars it's about, $200 dollars)

"But this amount is..." Chiho stated.

"I know. It's a little tip for you, pretty girl. I hope you can deliver my orders again, Chiho-chan." Naruto stated with a smile.

"Hai..." Chiho replied with a smile.

"I'll see you later then, Chiho-chan." Naruto said.

"H-Hai..." Chiho replied with her face red, as she left to deliver other orders.

Naruto took his food up stairs where Tsunade was waiting for him. In his room, Tsunade was fingering herself to Naruto. The blonde teen saw that his boss had her hair louse and her body nice and clean. Naruto got hard from Tsunade fingering herself to him.

"Ah, Naruto-kun... Naruto-kun, fuck me... fuck me with your big cock..." Tsunade moaned, as she continued to finger herself to her employee.

Naruto put his food on his desk, and crawled into bed with Tsunade. Tsunade lost in her pleasure, Naruto kissed her. Tsunade was first surprised but she welcomed it. Naruto played with her breasts once more, making Tsunade moan.

"You look really hot with your hair down, Tsunade-san." Naruto stated.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun. Please, fuck me again... I need you..." Tsunade moaned.

"I will, Tsunade-san... now turn around for me..." Naruto said with a smile.

Tsunade obeyed, as she turned herself around, lifting her ass into the air. Naruto went behind Tsunade. Naruto grabbed her large ass-cheeks, squeezing them.

"Ugh, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned.

"Like I said before, Tsunade-san, I'm going to have some fun with this big ass of yours... it's really big and soft..." Naruto stated with a smile.

"You shouldn't tease me like that..." Tsunade replied with a blush.

"I'm sorry, Tsunade-san. I'll make sure not to tease you anymore." Naruto replied, as he spread ass cheeks.

Naruto looked at Tsunade's unused anus. Naruto didn't waste no time, and licked Tsunade's rosebud, making let out a gasp.

"AGH!" Tsunade gasped.

Tsunade felt the younger blonde's warm tongue against her anus. Tsunade moaned, as she grabbed the sheets of Naruto's bed. As for the blonde teen, Naruto continued to lube up his boss. Naruto then tongued Tsunade's anus deeper, making let out a scream this time.

"Agh, Naruto-kun, keep licking my butt!" Tsunade moaned with a dark blush.

"Whoa, Tsunade-san likes getting licked... that's good because it will mean she'll love anal even more once I'm done getting her nice and lubed." Naruto thought, as he continued to lick Tsunade's ass.

"Ah, that's the spot, baby! You're getting me all wet!" Tsunade moaned, as she bit her lower lip.

After a minute of lubing up his boss, Naruto stopped his actions and crawled on top of Tsunade like he did earlier. Tsunade's moans grew louder, feeling Naruto's cock against her small hole.

"Are you ready, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked.

"Hai... screw my tight little ass with your fat cock, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade replied.

"Here I go then..." Naruto said, as he slowly pushed his mushroom head inside Tsunade's anal-ring.

"Agghhhh!" Tsunade groaned, as she felt the head slowly pushing through her hole.

Naruto pinned Tsunade down, as he continued to push his cock inside Tsunade's anus. He then used his hips to push himself inside her ass. Naruto's mushroom head went through the small anal-ring, fitting about 5 inches inside Tsunade's ass. Tsunade's eyes widen, she bit her lower lip harder, and yipped in pain.

"Naruto-kun… it hurts, please be gentler…" Tsunade said, as she felt her butt-hole getting stretch out.

"I know, but please bear with me, Tsunade-san. I promise it will feel good." Naruto replied, as he continued to push himself in Tsunade's ass.

Still a bit unease, Tsunade did her best to try and take the monster cock inside her tight anus. Naruto pushed himself even deeper inside Tsunade's anus. Tsunade screamed, feeling more of her young employee's cock stretching out her asshole. Naruto's 12 inches now inside his boss's ass, he leaned forward on Tsunade's back. The two blondes stayed motionless, Tsunade moaned and groan in pleasure and pain.

"Agh, Naruto-kun... you're so deep inside my ass..." Tsunade groaned.

"Hai, Tsunade... but your ass feels really good..." Naruto replied, as kissed Tsunade's neck.

"Ohhh..." Tsunade moaned.

"Don't worry, Tsunade-san... I'll be gentle..." Naruto said, as he continued to kiss Tsunade's neck.

Naruto then begins a slow movement, while he continued kissing Tsunade, making her feel conformable as possible. Tsunade let out nothing but groans. Naruto didn't know that this was Tsunade's first time having anal with a man. It was alien to her, but she felt herself getting wet from Naruto's slow movements.

"Agh... uh... N-Naruto-kun... ugh, your cock is so deep!" Tsunade groaned.

"Hai... your ass is so tight, Tsunade-san... is this your first time?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes... you're so big..." Tsunade groaned.

"Heh, well I promise it won't be the last... ahh, once you get used to my size, you'll be begging for more, Tsunade-san." Naruto stated, as he increased his movements.

Naruto then grabbed Tsunade's breasts once more, squeezing them. Naruto just couldn't stop playing with Tsunade's massive milk-jugs no matter what he did to her. To the blonde teen, Tsunade's breasts were a bit bigger than Garnet's and Chacha's but they all of their tits were as soft as marshmallows.

"Damn, Tsunade-san, I can't get over how big your tits are. I could grope them everyday..." Naruto stated, as he squeezed Tsunade's breasts harder.

"I'll let you... whenever you like, Naruto-kun... Ah, my ass..." Tsunade moaned.

"You're such a real woman like Garnet-san. You're also tight as her, Tsunade-san! Ahh!" Naruto moaned.

"You really know what to say to make a woman feel good about herself, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade stated.

"That's how I am, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied.

Naruto then increased his speed some more. Tsunade rolled her eyes from Naruto's member stretching out her tight asshole. Tsunade felt like her anus was getting pulled from the inside out. With each thrust, Naruto felt Tsunade's anal-walls tighten around his cock, squeezing it the member dry. Naruto released his grip of his boss's massive rack, and pinned Tsunade down again. Naruto thrust deep inside the older blonde's ass. Tsunade still a bit unease, she was starting to feel pleasure from anal sex.

"Ugh, Naruto-kun... I feel your cock moving around in my ass... fuck it feels so good..." Tsunade moaned with a small smile.

"Hai, your ass is getting tighter, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied, as grabbed Tsunade's hips and thrust harder.

"Fuck!" Tsunade moaned.

Little by little Tsunade felt pleasure. Naruto felt pleasure as well, feeling Tsunade's ass getting tighter around his member. Tsunade then felt pleasure from the ass fucking that Naruto was giving her. She then wanted Naruto to thrust her even harder

"Naruto-kun, ugh, please keep fucking me in the ass!" Tsunade moaned, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"I will Tsunade-san! Damn, you're so tight!" Naruto replied with a smile, as he pulled back a few inches and slammed his cock back inside Tsunade's ass.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade shouted.

"See, Tsunade-san? I told you you'll be begging for more in no time!" Naruto replied, as he slammed his member in and out of Tsunade's ass.

"H-Hai! I want more! I want Naruto-kun to use my ass! Fuck me in the ass some more!" Tsunade moaned.

Naruto smiled, as he resumed his fast thrusts. Tsunade felt her weak were becoming weak like they did earlier when Naruto rode her in her office. Naruto slammed his cock deeper and deeper inside of Tsunade's ass, as his balls hit Tsunade's lady lips while her ass jiggled freely.

"That's it, Naruto-kun! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Don't stop pounding my ass!" Tsunade shouted.

"Ah, fuck, your ass is getting even tighter that it's squeezing my cock!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes! Naruto-kun, yes! I want it! I want that big cock up my ass! Fuck me like if you were my boss, Naruto-kun! Fuck!" Tsunade moaned with a lustful smile.

"That's right, Tsunade-san! But you'll be mine woman, and mine alone! So whenever I want to fuck, we'll fuck! So, what do you have to say, Tsunade-san?! Agh!" Naruto growled, as he continued to thrust Tsunade from behind.

"Yes! I'm Naruto-kun's woman! I'll have sex with you anytime and anywhere you want! Just please don't stop fucking me! I need you, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade moaned, as she picked herself up, so her breasts can jiggle freely.

"That's a good girl! Now, tell me, who is your man!" Naruto moaned.

"Naruto-kun is my man! My body is only for Naruto-kun's love!" Tsunade shouted, as she held her head in pleasure.

"Heh, heh..." Naruto chuckled, as he leaned on Tsunade's back again to pull her into a kiss.

Tsunade felt nothing but pleasure of having anal-sex with Naruto. Tsunade was happy that she deiced to spend some time with Naruto. Garnet was right. Tsunade felt like a new woman, Naruto's woman. Naruto thrust hard, making Tsunade scream. Tsunade was not going to let Naruto have all the fun. So she used her ass circling around Naruto's pelvis. Naruto smiled, watching Tsunade's large heart-shape ass jiggle up against him.

"Ahh, that feels so good Tsunade-san! Keep pressing your fat ass up against me, while I fuck you!" Naruto moaned

"You like it, baby? Well, I'll keep doing it till you cum!" Tsunade moaned, as she and Naruto thrust each other.

Naruto growled in pleasure, feeling Tsunade's ass getting tighter around his cock. Naruto then grabbed both of Tsunade's wrists, and slammed his cock even harder. Tsunade screamed on top of her lungs, it felt like she was going to lose her mind at any monument. Tsunade felt her pussy trembling with pleasure from the best ass fucking she was getting from Naruto. Naruto felt his cock twitched, his balls filled up with another load of his seed, and he knew was about to have another orgasm. Tsunade felt her body becoming weak, her juices were about to overflow, knowing she was going to climax with Naruto.

"Fuck, Naruto-kun! I'm going to cum! I'm going to fucking cum!" Tsunade moaned.

"H-Hai, I'm going to cum too!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, fuck me in the ass and make me cum again!" Tsunade moaned.

"Hai, Tsunade-san, I'll keep thrusting you, till you cum again!" Naruto said, as he slammed Tsunade's ass harder and faster.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, fuck my ass and make me cum! Fuck!" Tsunade moaned.

Naruto thrust Tsunade harder and faster. Naruto growled a bit feeling Tsunade's anus getting even tighter. Tsunade eyes rolled back, her pussy dripped juices, and continued to use her ass to circle around Naruto's pelvis to make both of them climax very soon.

"Tsunade-san, I'm going to cum again!" Naruto stated, as he lost control of his thrusting.

Tsunade felt Naruto's incredible thrusting, making her ass and tits jiggle freely.

"Naruto-kun, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming from anal sex!" Tsunade moaned, as her mind was lost in pleasure.

"Here it comes, Tsunade-san!" Naruto roared.

With one final thrust, Naruto and Tsunade had reached their orgasms together. Naruto collapsed on Tsunade's back, releasing his seed deep inside of Tsunade's tight anus. Tsunade fell face into Naruto's pillows, as her juices dripped down her legs. Once again, Naruto's orgasm lasted for a minute, filling his boss's tight anus.

"Ugh, Naruto-kun, I feel your big cock still cumming inside me..." Tsunade moaned.

"Hai... your fat ass is squeezing very drop of my milk... It feels so good..." Naruto moaned with a smile.

"Only for you, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned, as she continued to feel Naruto's seed filling up her ass.

After his minute orgasm, Naruto pulled himself out of Tsunade and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Naruto saw Tsunade's asshole was dripping of some of his seed.

"That was awesome, Tsunade-san..." Naruto said, as he breathes heavily.

"Hai... I never thought getting my ass fucked would feel this good..." Tsunade replied, as she picked herself up.

Tsunade turned to Naruto, giving him a tender kiss.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun. I haven't felt like that in years..." Tsunade stated with a smile.

"You're welcome, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied.

Naruto's cock started to get hard again. Tsunade saw this. Naruto smiled, and got an idea.

"Hey, Tsunade-san, how about a second round?" Naruto asked.

"Oh my..." Tsunade replied.

"This time I want you on top, so I can see those prefect tits of yours jiggle..." Naruto stated with a smile, as he relaxed himself on the bed.

Naruto waited for Tsunade to ride his cock.

"Heh, if that's what you want; Naruto-kun, then I'll be more than happy to have some more sex with this big cock." Tsunade replied, as she went between Naruto's legs.

Naruto looked down to see, Tsunade sucking his cock clean. Tsunade suckled Naruto's cock clean for about 5 minutes. Now and clean, Naruto's member was ready to penetrate Tsunade's tight pussy once more. Tsunade then got on top of Naruto, and she then adjusted herself to his large cock. Naruto's cock slowly entered Tsunade's pussy.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, I forgot how big you are..." Tsunade stated with a moan.

"Ugh, I feel your pussy is as wet as ever, Tsunade-san..." Naruto moaned.

Inch by inch, Tsunade's insides took the massive member with ease. Naruto moaned, as he watched Tsunade adjusting herself on his cock. Tsunade moaned, feeling her insides becoming filled with Naruto's cock again. A moment later, Naruto's dick was now deep inside of Tsunade. Tsunade rested her hands on Naruto's chest.

"Ahhhh... this big dick feels so good up inside me, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned.

"H-Hai... I feel it squeezing me already..." Naruto moaned with a blush.

"We can't let you cum too soon, Naruto-kun... we just started after all." Tsunade replied, as she begins slow movements.

"Ah, Tsunade-san..." Naruto moaned, as he watched Tsunade ride him.

"Mmm, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade moaned.

Naruto continued to moan, as he felt Tsunade's inside getting warm and wet. Tsunade moaned, feeling Naruto's cock deep inside her, rubbing against her womb. Tsunade took her time, going nice and slow. The blonde teen used his hands to grab Tsunade's breasts. Naruto played with Tsunade's breasts, while she rode his cock.

"Whoa, Tsunade-san, you look so good on top of me." Naruto moaned, as he continued to play with Tsunade's tits.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun, I'm happy to hear that. Be sure to stay nice and hard for me... Oh!" Tsunade moaned, as she felt Naruto's cock twitched inside her.

"I will, Tsunade-san..." Naruto replied with a moan.

"That's a good boy..." Tsunade replied with a smile, she continued her slow movements.

Naruto continued to play with Tsunade's tits, as Tsunade slowly rode on Naruto's cock. Both blondes pleasured themselves, wanting more from each other. Naruto squeezed Tsunade's breasts harder, making moan louder. Tsunade was not going to let Naruto have all the fun, so she increased her speed a bit. Naruto felt Tsunade's pussy getting a tighter grip around his cock. Naruto knew that Tsunade was going to ride him good.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, that's it! I want to ride this big cock like this! More! I need more!" Tsunade moaned, as she rode on Naruto harder.

"Hai, Tsunade-san! Ugh, I feel your pussy getting tight! Ride my cock more, Tsunade-san! Ahh!" Naruto moaned, as he released his grip from Tsunade's breasts to her hips.

"Yes! Naruto-kun! I'm going to keep riding your fat cock till you cum!" Tsunade moaned, as her breasts bounced up and down.

Naruto smiled, as he watched his boss's prefect tits bounce for him. Tsunade's moans grew louder, as her hips moved on their own. Tsunade stood up, putting her hands on the bed. Tsunade then increased her speed more. She wanted Naruto to make her feel good again. She wanted Naruto to get her wet. Tsunade wanted Naruto to release his children deep inside her womb once more.

"Naruto-kun, I'm fucking you! I'm riding your cock! It feels so good that my hips won't stop moving! Fuck!" Tsunade moaned, as she rode on Naruto harder and faster.

"Yes! I love how you're riding my dick, Tsunade-san!" Naruto replied with a moan, as he grabbed Tsunade's ass and used his own movements.

"That's right, Naruto-kun, fuck me while I fuck you! Give me another good fucking, you wonderful stud! Agh!" Tsunade moaned, as her large heart-shape ass bounced on Naruto's pelvis.

"Grrraahh, fuck!" Naruto growled, as he squeezed Tsunade's ass more.

"Ah, Naruto-kun~!" Tsunade moaned.

Tsunade kept moving around, making Naruto growl louder. Tsunade could not control herself, as her hips continued to move. The blonde teen let out loud growls of pleasure. Naruto felt Tsunade's pussy tightening again, getting her insides wet. The older busty blonde slowed down her movements. Tsunade then got closer to Naruto, rubbing her breast on his chest.

"Do you love this, Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked.

"Hai, Tsunade-san… I love it." Naruto moaned.

"Do you love fucking me?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes… I love fucking you." Naruto groaned.

"Will you always take care of me?" Tsunade asked, as she moved her hips again.

"I'll always take care of you, Garnet-san, Cha-chan, and all the people who matter to me. Ahhhh..." Naruto replied, as he pulled Tsunade into a kiss.

Tsunade smiled, as she stayed close to her young lover. Naruto continued to squeezed and grab Tsunade's ass, while her hips moved around. Tsunade wrapped her arms around Naruto, as she rode hard on his cock again.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun, if this keeps going... I'll get addicted to your cock! Ugh!" Tsunade moaned, as her heart shaped rear-end bounced up and down on Naruto's cock.

"Fuck, I wouldn't mind if you get addicted... I would love to fuck you everyday like this!" Naruto replied.

"Oh! Then, get me addicted to your fat cock, Naruto-kun~! Fuck!" Tsunade moaned, as her ass bounced harder on Naruto.

"I will, Tsunade-san! Fuck!" Naruto growled.

Tsunade picked herself up, riding Naruto hard once again. Tsunade continued to ride on the younger blonde, feeling her womanhood dripping her pre-juices. Naruto used his own movements again, feeling his cock swelling up inside of Tsunade. Naruto thrust balls deep inside Tsunade, hitting her womb with each thrust. The blonde teen felt his member twitched, his balls tighten, and feeling his boss's pussy tighten. Naruto knew he was going to burst his orgasm deep inside of Tsunade again. As for Tsunade, she felt her body getting hot again, trembling with pleasure, knowing she was going to have another orgasm while riding Naruto's cock. Tsunade rode on Naruto wildly, knowing both of them will climax together again.

"I'm almost there, Tsunade-san! I'm going to cum inside you again!" Naruto groaned, as he thrust wildly.

"I'm almost there, too, Naruto-kun! I'm riding your cock as I'm about to cum again!" Tsunade screamed, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"Grrr! Tsunade-san, I can't hold it anymore! I'm about to cum!" Naruto growled, as he held Tsunade tight.

"Don't hold it back! Oh, fuck! Yes! Cum for me! Release your warm dick-juice deep inside me, Naruto-kun!" Tsunade screamed, as she held her head back in pleasure.

With one final hard bounced, Naruto and Tsunade reached their orgasms together. Naruto released his seed deep inside of Tsunade. Tsunade felt her young lover's hot milk filling up her womb again. Tsunade fell on top of Naruto, her large breast covered Naruto's face. Once again, Naruto had another minute orgasm. Tsunade felt like she was in heaven, as she continued to feel the warm semen fill her up.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun, you're filling me up with your seed... it feels so good..." Tsunade moaned.

Naruto buried between the two large pillows, he continued to hold Tsunade close to him. After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm came to an end, as his cock slipped out of Tsunade's sore womanhood.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun..." Tsunade stated with a smile.

Naruto got out of the death grip between his boss's breasts.

"It sure was, Tsunade-san..." Naruto replied with his own smile.

Tsunade kissed Naruto again, as she rolled off of him.

"Now I'm glad I decided to have Naruto-kun for myself today..." Tsunade thought.

As Tsunade relaxed, she felt Naruto getting on top of her again.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing, honey?" Tsunade asked.

"I'm going to fuck your ass again, of course." Naruto replied, as he rubbed his cock between her.

"W-Wait, what about your food, it will get cold if you keep fucking me..." Tsunade stated with a moan.

"The food can wait, what I really want it is more of this big ass of yours, Tsunade-san." Naruto replied, as he got on top of Tsunade again and kissed her.

"He's going to get me pregnant if this keeps up... but then again, I did day he can do whatever he likes..." Tsunade thought, as she let Naruto have his way with her.

Hours later, Naruto was on top of Tsunade, jacking off her face, about to have another orgasm. Tsunade kissed the mushroom head, while massaging Naruto's balls. The busty older blonde felt her pussy and ass filled with Naruto's semen. Tsunade continued to kiss Naruto's cock helping him cum sooner.

"Tsunade-san, I'm cumming again... ugh..." Naruto moaned, as he was reaching his climax.

Naruto showered Tsunade with large loads of his white-ropes all over her face, body, and breasts. She loved how Naruto's milk was warm, as he continued cumming all over her breasts. After a full minute of cumming, Naruto loads die down. Tsunade was covered with Naruto's warm seed again.

"Ah... that felt great, Tsunade-san..." Naruto moaned with a smile.

"Hai, Naruto-kun... you've fucked me for hours... I'm really amazed... Garnet-san was right about you meeting my needs." Tsunade stated, as she licked her lips.

"Thanks, Tsunade-san... let's get cleaned up..." Naruto said, as he carried Tsunade.

"Oh my..." Tsunade said, as Naruto carried her into his bathroom bridle style.

In the shower, Naruto had his way with Tsunade again. Tsunade moaned loud, as her breasts were pressed up against the shower glass. About 45 minute later, Naruto and Tsunade were clean from the sweat, smell, and semen. Both blondes stepped out of the shower, drying themselves off. Since it was late, Naruto offered for his boss to stay the night with him.

"Tsunade-san, stay with me tonight." Naruto said, as he turned off the shower.

"Really? Are you sure you want me to stay?" Tsunade asked.

"Of course, I do. And besides..." Naruto said, as he wrapped his arms around her naked body.

Naruto kissed her on the lips. Tsunade blushed, knowing she could not resist her new lover.

"You're my woman, Tsunade-san... And a real man takes care of his woman." Naruto stated, as he continued to hold Tsunade.

"Alright, Naruto-kun, I'll stay..." Tsunade replied, as she was about to grab a towel.

"There's no need for clothing, Tsunade-san, besides you look hot without them." Naruto stated.

"Heh..." Tsunade chucked, as she put down the towel.

Naruto finished drying himself off, as he watched Tsunade's ass jiggle while she left the restroom and into the bedroom. Changing the sheets, Tsunade finished making the bed. Tsunade lied down on the soft mattress, waiting for Naruto to comfort her again. A minute later, Naruto came out of the restroom with no clothes on. Naruto looked at Tsunade who smiled at him. She patted the spot next to her. Naruto crawled into bed with his boss, or rather his new lover.

"You know, Naruto-kun, I'm happy that you came to work here." Tsunade stated, as she got close to Naruto.

"Hai... In the beginning of my life, I really didn't have anyone... but now, I have a wonderful job, a nice small house, and women who love me for me..." Naruto stated, as he wrap his arm around Tsunade's waist.

"I guess good things come to those who want to be happy." Tsunade replied, as her breasts were pressed against his chest.

"Yeah. Well, goodnight, Tsunade-san." Naruto said.

"Goodnight, Naruto-kun." Tsunade-replied, as they kiss each other.

Both blondes in bed, they cuddled with each other till they both fell asleep. The next day, Naruto got the rest of his raise that Tsunade promised. 3 days later, Naruto bought a washing-machine with a dryer, groceries, new sheets for the bed, and other things he need for his house. Naruto had enough money to buy himself something special. Naruto bought a Playstaion-4 and a new T.V. for his living room. The day after that, Naruto was enjoying his day off when he heard a knock on his door.

"Who could that be?" Naruto said, as he got off his couth to answer the door.

Naruto opened the door to see Tsunade again.

"Hi, Tsunade-san." Naruto greeted.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. I want to talk to you about your rent." Tsunade stated.

"Oh... well, you see, I don't really have anymore money because I bought some things that the house needed, and..." Naruto stated.

"Heh, heh... I don't mean money, Naruto-kun... What I really mean is..." Tsunade replied, as she wrapped her arms around Naruto, while using her hand to feel his cock.

"Ahh... I see..." Naruto replied.

"Giving me this fat cock will be your daily rent, Naruto-kun." Tsunade stated with a smile.

"Daily? Something tells me you got addicted to me, huh, Tsunade-san?" Naruto asked.

"You know it, Naruto-kun." Tsunade replied, as she wrapped herself around Naruto's body.

"Okay, okay. I got an idea." Naruto said.

"What would that be?" Tsunade asked with a smile.

"I bought some new sheets for my bed. How about I take you up stairs and we can get them dirty." Naruto said.

"I like that idea a lot, Naruto-kun." Tsunade replied, as she kissed Naruto.

With that said, Naruto took Tsunade up stairs to take care of his "daily rent." Naruto knew he was moving up in life. Naruto will be a father in the future, and have more wonderful things will come to the blonde teen and his life.


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