HIII so I decided to write out the scene in 5x05. I think I did pretty good wheeee XD


"This is what she did to me." Ezra begins. Aria looks down as Ezra has his shirt lifted on the side of his stomach. Aria raises her eyebrows, at how bad the scar looked. "Lucky to be alive, and so are you." Ezra rambles on. Aria has her eyes focused on his shirt, feeling so ashamed that Ezra is in this mess with her. She raises her eyes up to Ezra while he continues. "Just like she told you, remember?" He says negatively. She raises his shirt once more to feel the scar, her face drains in pure sorrow. "Shana wasn't playing a game." He finishes. She feels his scar gently and slowly. Aria's guilt fills her and she looks up at Ezra.

"I'm so sorry." She whispers to him. He looks at her and gently pulls her up with him. She tries looking him in the eye, and tries stopping from looking at his lips. He looks at her straight in the eye.

"I don't ever want to hear you say you're sorry again." He threatens her while she suddenly narrows her eyes down to his lips, afraid to kiss him. He suddenly pulls her into a kiss, and deepens it. She immediately puts her arm on the back of his neck, hungrily kissing him. He starts moving back and Aria keeps trying to keep her grip on him, deepening the passionate kiss. She pulls away, and leans for another one.

Ezra gently picks her up, not breaking the kiss, and lifts her on to the stove, reconnecting their lips in another passionate kiss. He travels from her lips, to her jaw and finally, to her neck. She tilts her head up, from all the pleasure that has begun. She suddenly reconnects their lips, putting both her hands on his neck and pulling him to her.

Ezra starts to take off her cardigan and Aria takes off his shirt. Still in the kiss, he picks her up again and leads her to the bed. She takes off her own shirt and pants fast, desperate for his lips again. Ezra smirks and takes off his pants, before kissing her again. He wraps his arms around her waist. Aria pushes him down onto the bed softly and attacks his lips. He backs up until he's lying on the pillows. Ezra pushes the sheets over the two of them and unclasps her bra. She slides his boxers down gently as he slides her panties down.

Mere minutes later, Aria kisses Ezra roughly trying not to smile. She pushes herself on top of him fiercely. "Does that hurt?" She whispers seductively.

"I can handle it." He responds in a whisper before she throws the bed sheets over them, and they resume to what they were doing until they fall into a deep sleep, in an embrace.