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Chapter 1: Heartbroken

Natsu's POV

Waking up from bed was probably the hardest part in the morning every single day and I'm sure everyone would agree as I desperately tried to block the sunlight that were directly hitting my eyes. Deciding that there was no longer any point in trying to fight against it, I reluctantly got up from my hammock, sitting on it for a bit.

I eventually got up as a sense of excitement filled within me, knowing what was about to come today. I quickly headed to the bathroom in order to prepare myself to the best that I could, after all, today was the day I was going to confess to my best friend and partner, Lucy Heartfillia.

From the day I met her at Hargeon Port, unintentionally saving her from the fake Salamander and all, I knew that she was the one I wanted to be with. While there were many moments were the two of us were at each other's throats, there were plenty of others where we were extremely compatible with each other.

Igneel and Fairy Tail were the two things were the two things which tied me into reality, and the moment I met her, she became the third. She was the sunflower in my field of emptiness, vibrant and beautiful. A true picture of perfection.

Although some people have told me that Lisanna and I looked good as a couple, I ignored them since their opinions didn't matter to me. I love Lucy and I can only hope that she'll feel the same way that I do.

Leaving the house, I made sure to lock the door to make sure that no one would be able to sneak in and steal our stuff…which has occurred before unfortunately. I would have left the house together with Happy, but for some odd reasons he had left for the guild earlier than I did, saying that he had something to do there. It was weird considering that the cat was lazy to the bone but I guessed it had something to do with Charles, the only thing that could get him to work, that or fish. Shrugging it off as nothing, I decided to head to venture into town so that I could buy some things before making my confession.

The first stop was the flower shop, a place I occasionally visited with Lisanna back when we were kids, as she would always want to see the type of flowers that are being sold so since she would always make the claim that we would marry each other when we got older. If she had not gone to Edolas and I had never met Lucy, I was sure that might have been the case. It was always a surprise to see fate work the way it did.

Shaking my heads of such thoughts, I decided to enter the shop without any more hesitation.

"Hello, welcome to the-, Natsu, is that you?" After hearing my name being called out, I turned to the source of the voice and that was when I saw two feminine figures standing behind the counter.

The first woman looked rather strange since she had a cat-like appearance, her hair messy yet, the sides resembled that of cat ears. Her attire consisted of a purple hooded cape, long black-and-purple striped leggings, evening gloves, tight and small black briefs with a belt and boots. To finish the look was an apron of the shop that I've seen the staff wore before.

The second was a woman wearing a grey, turtleneck sweater that fitted and accentuated her curvaceous body, and the thing that really caught my attention the most was her emotionless face, and her magnificent raven hair which blends with the same colour as her eyes and the white bow on her head tied to look like sharp, rabbit ears and she was also wearing the same type of apron as the first person.

"Aren't the two of you from that guild…uhh Mermaid Heel?" I asked, vaguely remembering the name of the guild which participated in the Grand Magic Games alongside us.

"Yes, yes we are Natsu-san." The woman that looked like a cat replied to me with a purr, while it was strange, it somehow managed to trigger a part of my memory and I immediately snapped my fingers the moment I recognised her.

"Wait you're Milliana right? Erza's childhood friend?" I asked her and she immediately brightened up, which signalled that I managed to get it right.

"Yes I am, I'm glad that you remember me Natsu-san!" She confirmed before I turned my attention to the girl standing beside her.

"That means you're, Kagura, Kagura Mikazuchi. The ace of Mermaid Heel."

"I'm honoured that the saviour of the Fiore region knows who I am." she said with the same expressionless face she had since I first arrived, but I imagined that, that was exactly how she was like so I decided to shrug it off.

"Well what are the two of you doing all in Magnolia? Mermaid Heel is really far from here." I asked the two women.

"Oh, well the two of us came here on a job." Milliana responded and I raised an eyebrow at them.

"And I guess that I can assume that this is the job that you took?" I questioned as Milliana nodded her head.

"Yes it is."

"So what about you? What are you doing here in the shop? Please forgive my rudeness, but I find it rather weird to see someone like you in a place like this." Kagura asked me as I remembered the exact reason why I entered the shop.

"Oh right, I need some assistance in picking out a bouquet of flowers." I said to them, scratching my cheek in embarrassment and I could see a smirk growing on the brunette's face. I internally dreaded as to what's to come.

"Oh, so you want to buy it for your giiiiiiiiiiiirlfriiiiiiiiiend." She said as she rolled her tongue, something that only, to my knowledge, Happy had done before.

"Well-, I uh…" I stuttered, not finding the right words to say and I was sure that a tint of red dusted across my cheeks considering that Milliana's smirk widened, fortunately Kagura had no reaction to this otherwise it would have been bad.

"Ah ha! So it is true!" Milliana said in triumph as if she had won a tournament or something similar to it.

"Well you're not right, but you're not wrong either…" I said as she motioned for me to continue, and I debated in my head whether or not I should tell her. However, seeing as there was no reason to keep it a secret from them, I decided to tell them.

"Well, I plan on confessing to the one I like so that's why I want to buy some flowers." I saw the both of them smiling at me, though Kagura's one was less bright than the one her fellow guild mate had.

"Whoever she is, I'm sure she's lucky, seeing how much effort you're willing to go through with this." I could feel my face turn hotter than before, which wouldn't have made any sense since I was a Fire Dragon Slayer.

"Look, could I get some help first, please?" I said, tapping my foot impatiently, trying to divert the topic before I get even more embarrassed.

I saw the grin they shared with each other before Kagura walked out from the counter and began showing me all kinds of flowers that they offered. While some of them looked vibrant, I wasn't able to tell which would suit her most.

"You can't just spend all your time here deciding, we've got other customers to serve." Kagura deadpanned and I could only sigh in response. How was it that I was pathetic at things like this?

"Well, maybe you could help me?" I suggested and if she was surprised by my offer, she didn't look like it, instead she turned to the variety of flowers which were displayed.

"Wouldn't a rose suffice, seeing as it is "the Flower of Love"?" she asked and while that may ring true, I shook my head.

"Yeah, but that'll be too obvious and easy, I'd like to amaze her with something different."

"Well then instead of getting the classic red roses, how about you get a rose of a different colour?" She suggested and it definitely seemed like the right way to go.

"Well then, what colour would you like?" I thought carefully about it but the answer was obvious,

"I want it to be yellow. The colour which represents hope and happiness, the very same that she brings to me each day. For because of her, I would always look forward to another day."

She wordlessly nodded her head as she began gathering the appropriate flowers and a few minutes later, she passed the bouquet of flowers to me. Though they were only flowers, I held them gently in my hands as if they were crystals, fragile and ready to be broken at any point.

"I really hope that this'll work…" I muttered under my breath and I saw Kagura flash a small smile at my direction, "I'm sure it'll work out fine Natsu, the flowers are beautiful."

"Well if a beautiful girl like you said so, then I guess you're right." I said in honesty, flashing her a smile and that was when I realised that her face started becoming beet red.

"What's wrong?" I couldn't help but ask in concern as she shook her head frantically.

"N-nothing's wrong! Let's just get this to Milliana so you can go on your way." I nodded my head slowly as I was confused by her sudden change in character.

The moment we reached the counter, the brunette decided to head to the back room in order wrap it up nicely so that it would look more presentable.

"Here you go." Milliana said as she placed them on the table as Kagura managed to cash register.

"This will be 390 jewels please." she said as I pulled out the necessary amount from my pocket and handed it over to them.

"Alright, here you go."

"Thank you very much for your business." Milliana said with a bow to which I returned with a smile as I prepared to leave the shop.

"Alright then, I'll see you two later then." However before I could leave,

"Wait!" Milliana called out to me as I turned back to face her, confusion evident on my face.

"What's up?"

"Do you think we can come with you to the guild?" she asked with sparkles present in her eyes.

"Wait what?" both Kagura and I asked simultaneously, both of us clearly shocked by the sudden request of the brunette.

"Wait don't you two have work to do?" I asked as Kagura nodded her head beside the girl.

"Yeah, he's right Milliana, we can't suddenly take a break like this without informing the person who requested it." Kagura explained, in total agreement with me.

"Oh come on Kagura we can take a break for a few minutes, and besides I want to see Er-chan and the cute cats again, it's been a while since we last saw them after all." Milliana said with a pout before giving the girl what I assumed was her "kitten" eyes.

I could see the resistance that Kagura had slowly began to shatter as she sighed.

"Fine I'll go and ask the requestor if we are able to go back early. In the meantime, just wait here and don't go out on your own. Natsu, I want you to watch her while I'm gone because I'm sure she'll just make her way towards the guild if left alone." And with that, she walked out of the store without even giving me time to respond.

"So…the infamous Salamander of Fairy Tail has a crush on a girl…, I wonder who that lucky girl is?" I silently groaned to myself, knowing that I was about to have such a great time being interrogated by the girl.

Kagura returned to the shop in a few minutes and I had never been happy before in my life, well at THAT time, if Lucy were to accept to be my girlfriend then that would definitely make me the happiest.

"The requestor said that we could leave early, so I guess we can go to the guild." Kagura said as Milliana cheered loudly at the news while I couldn't help but smile at the excitement the girl had.

Kagura's POV

While I've been friends with Milliana for a long time now, she never ceases to surprise me whatsoever. Though, I must admit that the request was expected considering that we're already here in Magnolia and there wasn't much opportunity to visit her considering we're always busy with guild requests.

I watched in amusement as Milliana leaned in towards Natsu, interrogating him to reveal the identity of the girl he was planning on confessing to. She was very easy-going and persistent, something I had discovered during my first few days at the guild, and I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before he gives up.

It was truly a surprise to see someone like him be wanting to find love and before this I would have believed that he was too dumb and unrefined for love, though I suppose one does not judge a book by its cover.

"Well if a beautiful girl like you said so, then I guess you're right."

I felt my face heat up a bit before I quickly shook my head. Despite many people telling me these exact words before, why was it that when he said it, it made my heart pound a million times faster than normal? Not once had I ever been flustered in the presence of another guy…not until I met him.

Which was weird because I always keep my emotions in check and I would always put up walls in my heart to make sure that nobody would ever see that side of me ever again.

Yet, the one time I lowered my guard, he managed to break through the walls as if they were nothing. Though I decided to clear my head of such thoughts.

He already had someone he liked and I could tell that he fell for her…hard.

"Hey Kagura, don't you agree?" I snapped out of my thoughts and stared at Milliana's sparkling eyes before turning to Natsu who had his hands together and was shaking his head.

How long was I lost in my thought that I didn't even hear them?

"Uh, no…?"

Milliana looked disappointed while Natsu looked thankful before they eventually turned forward as if nothing happened and I could only wonder what had occurred.

Natsu's POV

The three of us carried on walking through the town and headed towards the Fairy Tail guild as I carried the bouquet in my hands. With each step that we took towards the guild, my heart would beat faster and faster and I was scared that I might faint before even reaching the guild.

As soon as we arrived to the guild, I pushed the door open and at the exact moment I heard someone yell out "Yes!" before it was accompanied by loud cheers and whistles.

Confused, I turned around to see what was happening and at that moment, I felt my heart shattering into a million pieces at the sight I was witnessing.

There, in the centre of the guild was none other than my rival and childhood friend, Gray on one of his knees and on one of his hands held a box with a ring inside of it, but what really broke my heart was who he was giving it to.

It was not Juvia, not Erza, heck it wasn't even Cana but to the one I was planning on confessing to today, Lucy.

"That's…amazing!" he exclaimed happily as he lifted the girl up before the two locked lips with each other, everyone started to cheer for them, heck, I could hear Milliana whistle to the side of me.

Everyone was ecstatic, everyone but me.

"Wow, guess today just so happens to be a day of love, right Natsu?" I heard her call my name but I didn't-, couldn't respond. The only thing I could do was drop the roses that I bought and immediately run out of the guild with tears streaming down my face, I heard Milliana calling out to me but I didn't care, I couldn't stay there any longer, the pain…it was unbearable.

I kept on running until I reached the forest, where a familiar tree came to view, the very same one that had a picture of a young Erza and Gray that I drew long ago. I instantly began punching the picture of Gray repeatedly and I could feel my hands began to hurt, but even that couldn't compare to the pain I felt in my heart. Eventually I managed to punch through the entire tree as I dropped to my knees as my tears began flowing profusely, and all I could utter was,

"Damn it…"

Normal POV

Location: Fairy Tail guild

As the guild cheered and celebrated the engagement of their guild mates, none of them had witnessed their Fire Dragon Slayer running out of the guild, all except the two guests of the guild who had been standing in the exact same place ever since the proposal scene took place. Milliana then slowly picked up the bouquet of roses which was on the floor.

"Kagura…" Milliana called out to her fellow guilds mate, her eyes never leaving the roses which had been trampled on as the ravenette turned to her friend.

"Yes, what is it?" While it seemed monotone to everyone else, Milliana could detect a small hint of worry in the girl's tone.

"Do you think that Natsu will be alright after…?" she asked, not wanting to say it and while Kagura wanted to say that he'll be fine in order to reassure the girl, she couldn't. She had no experience when it comes to romance, but she was sure that what happened was extremely painful to the Dragon Slayer.

"I don't know…" Kagura replied with uncertainty, as she turned her attention to the guild's door, the very same one which Natsu ran through just a few seconds ago.


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