Normal POV

"Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls! Welcome to the opening day of the 30th Grand Magic Games!" The crowd in the stadium immediately screamed, excitement clearly present in their voices.

"As always, I'm your host Chapati, alongside my co-host, the ex-Magic counsellor and current owner of the 8 Island Restaurant, mister Yajima!"

"It is a pleasure to be back here, I'm excited to see how the competitors will face each other again this year." The elderly man smiled softly.

"And the third host is none other than Princess Hisui herself. It is a pleasure to have you here your majesty!" Chapati said with a small bow in his seat as Hisui giggled, waving her hand.

"No, no it's no problem at all. Thank you for having me here!" Hisui said, behind her stood Arcadios along with two other guards from the palace.

"Anyways, I'm sure none of you are here to listen to us, let's start with the introduction of the teams which managed to make it through the first stage."

"In eight place we have the hounds of the guilds, Quatro Cerberus!" Their members consisted of the same five members from the previous years, who immediately shouted out their battle cry, "Wild!" with Bacchus laughing merrily beside them, a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

"In seventh place we have the dancers of the ocean, Mermaid Heel!" Due to Kagura joining Fairy Tail, the guild had to change their ace with a brand new bluenette who had a massive blush on her face, hiding behind Milliana, as she avoided everyone's gaze.

"In sixth place we have the wings that sparkle the dark, Blue Pegasus!" Like Quatro Cerberus, the five members representing the guild consisted of the same five members since the start, the Trimens, Ichiya as well as the Exceed, Nichiya.

"In fifth place, we have the Goddess of love and war, Lamia Scale!" Standing ahead of them was the Wizard Saint Jura, who had Lyon, Tobi and Chelia standing beside him as well as a former Fairy Tail member, Juvia.

"In fourth place, we have a new guild making a name for themselves, introducing the Thunder Claw guild!" not much could be said about their members due to the cloaks they wore over their heads.

"In third place, we have the titans, Sabertooth!" Instead of Sting, it was Minerva who was standing alongside the other members of the team as he was now the Guild Master of Sabertooth.

"Now this is a surprise, because in second place, we have the number one guild in all of Fiore for three consecutive years, Fairy Tail!" Gray, Erza and Gajeel all maintained their places in the team throughout the years and the two members replacing the former Fairy Tail member, Natsu was Kagura and replacing the current Guild Master, Laxus, was Wendy.

"And coming in first place, we have another new guild which formed just a few months ago! Through the burning ashes which rises above all! We have the Crimson Liberators!" As the members walked out of the tunnel, a lone pinkette stood ahead of the others which caused everyone's eyes to widen while Kagura's eyes began tearing up.


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