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Christopher Dragkrow: Hello everyone what is going on?!

Natsu Dragneel: Sup my awesome peeps!

Christopher Dragkrow: So this is my final chapter of this story…

Natsu Dragneel: What! You can't be serious about that!

Christopher Dragkrow: Oh but I am. But no need to worry there will be a sequel for this, as I will make a little twist to the story which is the reason why there will be a sequel…

Natsu Dragneel: Awesome! Just like this story is!

Christopher Dragkrow: Well of course!

Natsu Dragneel: And just like my final fight will be.

Christopher Dragkrow: Well Natsu are you all fired up?

Natsu Dragneel: You bet I am!

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Chapter 9: Natsu Dragneel vsthe Dragon King, Acnologia!

Previously on "Natsu Finds His Swords in a Mermaid":

Acnologia glared menacingly at Natsu, the surge of magic Natsu felt emitting from the dragon was enough to make him shake, but it wasn't out of nervousness, it was out of excitement.

"It's just you and me now Acnologia! Let's see who's stronger once and for all!" Natsu's body was immediately engulfed by black flames as the Dragon Slayer smirked.

"I'm all fired up!"

Normal POV

"Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" Natsu then jumped and his fists engulfed with flames before sending a direct flaming punch straight at Acnologia who immediately roared in pain he slapped Natsu with his giant claw which sent Natsu flying, though he managed to regain his momentum in the air and landed safely on the ground.

"Why don't you try and take this then! Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu then fired out a torrent of flames from his mouth at Acnologia who immediately fired off a massive beam, immediately destroying Natsu's attack as it headed towards the pinkette, fortunately the Dragon Slayer managed to jump out of the way at the last second.

"Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

Natsu then brought out his two hands and flames start to gather around his hands which then resembled a Dragon's wing, Natsu then swung his hands, causing the flames to be fired at Acnologia's direction.

Acnologia then flapped its wings as it soared upwards, avoiding Natsu's attack.

"Oh no you don't! Fire Dragon's Roar!" The Dragon Slayer immediately fired off a torrent of flames from his mouth at the dragon who crashed to the ground after taking a direct hit.

"With a flame on the right hand... and a flame on the left hand... When you combine the flames together..." Natsu chanted with his eyes closed as he opened them.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flames!"

Natsu then threw the large fireball at the downed dragon who immediately fired a massive beam, which engulfed Natsu's attack, but didn't stop there as it headed straight for Natsu.

"Tch, Re-quip: Shinigami!" the white sword immediately appeared in Natsu's hand as he waited for the blast to near him before making a downward slash, slicing it into two, destroying parts of the ground behind him.

Natsu then charged in at the dragon, circling around it as he fired off torrents of flames from his mouth as he did so. Acnologia immediately took off into the air before firing off a massive beam from its mouth.

The attack managed to create a massive crater at the spot where Natsu once stood and Acnologia stared at the spot where the pinkette had been 'vaporised', completely unaware of the bright light coming from above.

"Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" Natsu then head butts Acnologia directly on its head with his entire body ablaze, the strength of the attack boosted by his speed was enough to send Acnologia crashing into the ground.

"Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade!"

Natsu swiped his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames which headed towards Acnologia. Though the Dragon of Apocalypse managed to avoid it before swinging its tail towards Natsu who managed to block it but still skidded back.

"Well you're asking for it! Lightning Flame Mode!" Natsu was immediately surrounded by flames and lightning, his magical power immediately increased, "Lightning Flame Dragon Firing Hammer!" Natsu then lunged towards the Dragon of Apocalypse, sending a fiery fist cloaked in lightning pushing Acnologia to the ground, breaking it.

"How'd you like that?!" Despite the devastating attack, Acnologia immediately got up, glaring heatedly at Natsu as it began inhaling some air, magic began forming in front of its mouth.

"Oh no you don't!" Natsu then began gathering and combining both electricity and flames in his mouth, "Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar!"

Acnologia fired off a massive beam from its mouth just as Natsu released them both in a large and powerful burning and sparking blast.

The two attacks collided, which resulted in a power struggle, neither giving up.

'I'm not giving up!' with a determined cry, Natsu's attack immediately got larger, engulfing the beam before it the attack engulfed Acnologia, eliciting a loud roar from the dragon as a thick cloud of smoke formed.

"Heh, how's that? I'm not the same person I was back at Tenroujima Island!" Natsu panted, sweat falling down his face before he wiped it, but all with a smile on his face. He'd done it, he defeated Acnologia!

'I really thought it would be harder than that.' With that, he turned back and began walking away, but he stopped when,

"Hmm, this is interesting, a human was capable of destroying some of my scales." A rough voice sounded out causing Natsu to turn back, only to see Acnologia, standing tall and proud and despite the many noticeable cracked scales around its body, the dragon looked to be perfectly fine after the attack.

"What is your name human? Your spirit reminds me of another dragon" Acnologia asked to which Natsu pointed at his heart, "My name is Natsu, Natsu Dragneel and I'm the son of the Fire Dragon King, Igneel!" Natsu replied.

"So you are indeed the son of Igneel. I had a feeling you were considering your brash natures…but until my goal has been reached, I'm afraid you'll have to die!" Acnologia roared.

"Well bring it on! Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!" The dragon managed to fly up in order to avoid the attack as Natsu quickly used his Gravity Magic and the force managed to push Acnologia down, something Natsu counted for.

"Fire Dragon's Crushing Fangs!" swiping a fire Dragon Claw at Acnologia only for him to hit the Dragon stomach. Natsu was about to keep attacking but felt a big force hit him at the side of the head forcing him to crash onto the ground. Natsu once again cough up blood with bloods dripping down his right eye making him close it only for his left eye visible to see.

'Blessing Flames!' green flames immediately engulfed the pinkette and all the wounds he sustained, including his right eye were all healed.

The moment Natsu charged in at his opponent again, Acnologia had his claw ready and was about to punch Natsu, but he managed to dodge that attack, sliding underneath the dragon's body emerging from behind him as golden flames engulfed the pinkette.

"Dragon Force!"

"Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Crimson Lotus Fire Dragon Fist!" Natsu yelled for him to create a fiery of flames of golden punches toward at Acnologia and not giving any rest to it after the punches, "Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade!" Swiping his arms around in a circular fashion flames cover Acnologia entire body.

Acnologia crashed to the ground, creating a larger crater as Natsu inhaled some air, puffing out his cheeks, "Fire Dragon's Roar!" before firing off a torrent of golden flames from his mouth at the downed dragon.

Acnologia immediately flew above the smoke and gave out a large roar of frustration and rage. The Dragon of Apocalypse roared out loudly, firing a massive orb into the sky before it erupted, thousands of stars now falling down onto Natsu's direction.

Natsu gritted his teeth in frustration as he watched the beams descend onto him, "Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar!" Natsu then fired off a massive burning and sparking blast above, managing to engulf most of the beams but fell victim to the remaining ones.

Natsu yelped in pain as he dropped to the ground on one knee as Acnologia landed in front of him with a loud thud, "Painful isn't it human?" Natsu merely glared at the black dragon in response.

"Though no amount of pain will be similar to the pain I felt when the dragons destroyed my village, killing everyone I love." He said in a softer tone than before and Natsu clenched his fists tightly when he heard that.

"You held a grudge on the dragons who destroyed your village yet you're doing the exact same thing as them!"

"It doesn't matter what I've done for I will stand above the world, a world where I'm the ruler and no one will be able to stop me!"

Natsu slowly got up, glaring heatedly at the dragon, "You're wrong about that, I'm going to stop you here and now and I'll make sure no one will ever have to face you ever again!" with that, he began charging towards Acnologia who swiped its tail at the pinkette though he managed to avoid it by jumping back before he began ascending the dragon's body.

"Fire Dragon's Claw!" engulfing his leg with flames, the Dragon Slayer immediately struck the dragon's head directly causing it to flinch from the attack. Natsu was forced to jump off the dragon the moment it began shaking its body as he engulfed his fists with flames.

"Fire Dragon' Iron Fist!" Natsu then sent a powerful strike to its chin, and the force of his punch was able to send it upwards. Firing off flames from his hands, Natsu was then above the dragon.

"This is the end! With the power of intensive flames on my right hand, and the power of sparking electricity in my left, two powers merge together and turn into a more powerful strength!" Natsu chanted as he neared Acnologia.

"Lightning Flame Dragon Secret Arts: Electric Burning Fist!" Natsu then smashed his two fist together before he slammed it at the dragon's chest, sending him crashing through the already damaged ground, damaging it even more as smoke covered the area.

Natsu emerged from the smoke, panting heavily as he turned back to stare at the unmoving figure of Acnologia as he punched the air victoriously.

"I did it…I DID IT!" A bright laugh escaped the Dragon Slayer's lips as he stared up at the darkened skies. To think it only took three of years of training for him to finally pull it off!

"I told you that I'd defeat-" Natsu immediately stopped his sentence when he felt an immense pain coming from his chest, looking down, he saw the tip of a sword sticking out of his chest.

"And I told you that I WILL stand above the world." Natsu turned back slowly to see a dark-skinned man with long, dark blue coloured hair and on his body he bears the same light blue markings.

"W-who are y-you?" Natsu managed to voice out, feeling his consciousness beginning to fade away but he could still see the smirk present on the mysterious man's face.

"What? You don't know me? I was just fighting with you, you know?" The man smirked at him which caused Natsu to widen his eyes.

"Y-you mean that you're…" "That's right! I am Acnologia and this is my human form. To think you'd force me to revert back to this form though. Oh well, you're dead anyways." the man who was now identified as Acnologia said with a shrug.

"Damn… you…" Natsu growled at Acnologia once more before he fell on the ground lying on a pool of his own blood.

Natsu Mindscape

"Move! I said move already!" Natsu roared staring at his unconscious body, though no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't. It felt as if his entire body was on fire and can't remember what happen all he knew was his body is burning inside. He doesn't get it, he's a Fire Dragon Slayer and he was immune to burns, so why was he experiencing massive pain from it?!

He could feel liquid under his body and suspect it's his own blood, "Damn it!" He told himself with a grunt.

"Am I going to die here? No I can't die yet I promised Kagura! And I was meant on killing Acnologia if I don't kill him now more and more people will die. The people are counting on me and Kagura is waiting for me. But I can't move my body and I have no magic left. Sorry Kagura I couldn't promise to you". He said as tear falling from his unconscious body.

"Natsu…" a soft, yet familiar voice came from behind him and he turned around to see Kagura standing behind him, "Kagura…" Natsu said as he slowly got up and tried to reach out for her but he fell down.

"Kagura! Kagura!" Natsu called out to her as he continue to limp his way to her. "Natsu I will and always believe in you…" Kagura said with a gentle smile as she started to drift away while Natsu's body started glowing brightly.

In reality

"Tch, his attacks really packed a punch, might as well rest for another week before venturing out." Acnologia said, walking past the unconscious Dragon Slayer's body and right as he was about to take a step down the mountain, he felt an immense surge of power coming from behind him. However, before he could turn around and see who it was he was sent punching far back by a fiery fist.

"Should have known that you'd not stay down for long." Acnologia smirked as he wiped off the blood from his mouth though his eyes widened in shock when he took in Natsu's new appearance.

His pink hair was now black in colour, his black eyes turned red, his muscular body became even more muscular. Every part of his body had scales on them. He also grown dark red wings on his back and a long sharp tail with spikes on the tail.

"W-who are you?"

"Me? I am Natsu Dragneel of course." Natsu replied with a smirk present on his face and Acnologia growled, not only at his opponent but at himself for letting that small ounce of fear into his heart.

"Fine then take this! Apocalypse Dragon Roar!" Acnologia a massive beam from his mouth at Natsu who immediately jumped out of the way.

"Take this! Apocalypse Dragon Nova!" Acnologia shot out a beam of dark flames with his hand and once again, Natsu managed to evade the attack before charging straight for Acnologia.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu engulfed his fist in black flames before sending a powerful punch straight at Acnologia's face which sent him skidding back.

"So you're finally taking this fight seriously now, eh? Apocalypse Dragon Iron Fist!" Acnologia engulfed both his fists with black magical aura before sending a barrage of punches at his opponent who avoided them all with ease, before Natsu eventually caught one of them.

"I guess it's my turn." Natsu smirked before sending a flaming fist directly to his opponent's chin which launched him up into the air. Regaining momentum, Acnologia immediately sprouted a pair of wings on his back, however instead of carrying on with the fight, he began taking off at a different direction.

"Never took him for a coward…" Natsu immediately took off into the air, chasing after the dragon.

"Ugh that bastard!" Acnologia growled as he thought of his battle with Natsu, 'Where did he get such a power up? It shouldn't be possible!' Acnologia thought not noticing a ball of fire aiming straight for him.

"Aghh!" Acnologia screamed in pain when the flames engulfed his body and the moment the flames died down he looked up to see none other than Natsu Dragneel.

"So, where do you think you're going?" Natsu smirked and the sight of it infuriated him to no end.

This was NOT how it was meant to go!

"I have had it with you! Remember, that it was you who forced to into this position!" a dark, malicious aura began surrounding Acnologia and Natsu could only watch in alarm.

"W-what is this?"

"This, is the true nature of a Forbidden Art!"

"A Forbidden Art?! There's a consequence to pay for using it you idiot!" Natsu shouted at Acnologia who could only laugh maniacally.

"I don't care as long as it gets you killed!" Acnologia said as he began to move his hand in a circular motion.

"Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Art: Link Nova Explosion!" Acnologia chanted as a massive dark beam of energy was shot down from the sky. A beam which everyone could see.

And Natsu, the closest one to it all, could only watch in horror as the attack headed his way.

Location: Train Station

'Natsu…you're okay, right?' Kagura thought to herself in worry, placing a hand over her heart, only to realise that it was beating rapidly like a drum. A feeling of foreboding filled her, but she immediately shook her head.

'No! Natsu promised me that he'll be fine, and he's never broken his promises before!' was the last thought she had before she decided to enter the train and head for her first destination:

Fairy Tail!

Location: Fairy Tail guild

"Hey guys do you feel that?" Gray asked as he pointed out to the dark light that was in the distance, despite that, each and every one of them could feel it.

"Yeah, that energy's full of hatred and darkness. I've never felt anything like this before." Erza commented, shivering slightly.

"Even though we're this far away, I can still recognise this feeling from last time." Wendy said surprising them all.

"When did you feel it before Wendy?" Charles asked the Sky Dragon Slayer.

"It was the time when we fought Acnologia." Gajeel answered with a glare directed towards the large beam.


"Now I can see why it's familiar…" Laxus said.

"Doesn't that mean that someone is facing off against Acnologia right now?" Gray asked, getting worried looks from the others, "But to think someone's capable of facing off against it to the point it would use such a devastating attack…"

"We can only hope that whoever it is, he'll be able to put an end to that dragon's reign."

With Natsu

"GAHHHHHHH!" Natsu roared as he was engulfed by the dark beam and no matter how hard he tried to move away, he couldn't. It's almost as if he lost all control of his limbs, yet the only thing he could feel was excruciating pain all over his body.

'This is not the end, not now…not ever!' With a determined cry, Natsu began engulfing himself in golden flames and with each passing second it grew larger and larger. Eventually, all of Natsu's flames died off, his figure stuck in the attack.

Acnologia who stood outside could watch in contempt when he saw nothing more happening, he had been a bit nervous to see the flames slowly emerging through the blast, but it eventually died down.

"That's for thinking you could actually take on someone who's far superior than you are." Acnologia said before turning back, that was when he heard a slurping sound coming from behind. The moment he turned back, he could only stare in shock as the massive beam of darkness being sucked into the pinkette's mouth.

"Now that was refreshing…" Natsu said, wiping his mouth, black markings now covering his body.

"No…it's impossible. How are you able to consume a Forbidden Art?!" It was unheard of, nobody had ever been alive to be able to do so!

"I make the impossible turn to a possibility." Natsu said as he slowly look up at Acnologia's gaze. "That's why I'm going to defeat you now!" Natsu said as he suddenly disappeared which caused Acnologia to panic a little.

'Where is he? Left? Right? Up? Down?' Acnologia thought as he darted at all four directions, yet the Fire Dragon Slayer was nowhere to be found. That was when he felt a powerful aura coming from behind him,

'Behind!' Acnologia thought and he was about to turn back had it not been for chains which wrapped tightly around his figure, preventing him from moving, "Now it is time to end this! Acnologia! "Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts: Final Form: Torched Dawn!"

A bright red outline could be seen around Natsu's body as a variety of flame colours could be seen dancing around him before he focused it on onto both his hands. Extending them, he fired off a massive torrent of flames at Acnologia who could only stare at the incoming attack in horror as his eyes turned towards the attacker and behind him stood a silhouette, the silhouette of a dragon.

"DAMN YOU DRAGNEEL!" He roared before he was completely engulfed in the attack.

A thick cloud of smoke surrounded the area and falling out of it was none other than Acnologia, his eyes completely lifeless with third degree burn marks all across his body as he dropped to the sea beneath him.

Natsu panted heavily, his vision blurry as he was engulfed in a bright light before he reverted back to his original form, "I finally…did it…"

The pinkette proceeded to fall over, his body dropping like a sack of potatoes into the sea much like Acnologia did.

A few weeks later

Location: Fairy Tail guild

It was an uneventful day as everyone in the guild were slowly returning to their usual rambunctiousness as everyone were brawling with each other while others were drinking some alcohol.

All of a sudden the doors to the guild opened which revealed a familiar ravenette, "Greetings Fairy Tail." Kagura said with a smile.

"Kagura! I haven't seen you in a long time! You didn't even participated in the Grand Magic Games for years, where were you?" Erza said happily, glad to see that the girl she treated as a younger sister, was safe and sound.

"I'm sorry for making you worry about me, Erza. I was merely travelling around the world with someone." Kagura responded before suddenly had the urge to go to the toilet, pushing the large group of people she headed to the bathroom where the sound of barfing resonated across the guild.

Erza and Mirajane quickly headed to the bathroom where they saw the ravenette hunched over the toilet, "Kagura, are you alright?" the scarlet knight asked and Kagura groaned.

"I've been feeling like this for days now and I've no idea why."

"Well if you want, we could bring you to Porlyusica's place for a check-up." Mirajane said getting a nod from the girl, as the three headed to the pink haired witch's house.

At Porlyusica's house

"Before you scream at us, could you at least listen to our request first?" Mirajane said quickly, seeing the former Fairy Tail member gripping a broom in her hands.

She lowered it slowly and glared at them, "What do you three want? I hope that you're not here to waste my time…"

"Actually we were hoping maybe you could help us on something..." Erza said, gesturing to Kagura who immediately told her of the problem she had to deal with over the past few days.

"Fine, I'll see what I can do…meanwhile you two, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" nothing more needed to be said as both S-class members of Fairy Tail quickly exited the house.

"Do you think she'll be alright?" Erza asked in worry and Mirajane gave her a reassuring smile, "I'm sure Porlyusica has everything under control."

It took a while before the pink haired witch gestured the two to re-enter the house as she sighed, "Well I think I found out the reason why she's been behaving the way she has." Porlyusica said lowering the glasses she's wearing.

"Well what is it?" Mirajane asked with curiosity.

"Well the thing is she is pregnant."


"I said, she's pregnant."


"Wait how is that even possible?" A tick mark formed on the witch's head as she grabbed the nearest thing she could grab, which was a thick book.

"Do you think I would know what you humans do with your spare time? Now get out of here!" Porlyusica screamed as she threw the book at them, to which they avoided as they exited the house.

"I'm very sure that she's human too…" Kagura mumbled underneath her breath as the two helped her up, "So Kagura, do you even remember a time when you got together with someone?"

"I don't spend any time with guys except-" her eyes widened in shock as a blush covered her entire face. The memories of their night of passion in the forest filling her mind.

"Except who?" Mirajane asked with a puzzled look and Kagura mumbled something underneath her breath, but unlike her pink haired lover, the other two didn't have any enhanced abilities.

"Could you say it a bit louder?"

"I said that's Natsu!" she screamed, her face resembling that of a tomato.


"Wait so you're saying that Natsu's the one who got you pregnant?" Erza asked in bewilderment getting a timid nod from the girl and Erza gripped her heart at the cuteness her 'younger sister' was showing despite their situation.

"Wait, when you said that you were travelling with someone, you meant Natsu?" Mirajane asked also in shock. " Y-yeah" Kagura responded. " Well where is Natsu now?"" He is fighting Acnologia now" Kagura responded making the two women's eyes to widen. The two women started running to the guild bringing Kagura along.

Kagura then explained to everyone about her travels with the pinkette, and many were distraught that he had never talked about them even a little, except about their betrayal. She also told them about his destiny to fight Acnologia to their horror.

"So you're saying that the light we say that day was Natsu battling against Acnologia?" Kagura frowned as she nodded her head as Gray quickly got up from his seat and was heading towards the guild's exit.

"Where do you think you're going Gray?"

"Where else do you think I'm going?" he responded to which caused the blonde guild leader to sigh.

"I can understand that you're worried about him Gray, but it's already been weeks since we saw that light. If anything, the battle's been long done now."

"Then what are we supposed to do then?!"

"All we can do is hope that Natsu is alright." Laxus responded with his eyes closed and the mood in the guild immediately dropped.

Four Months Later

Four months have passed since anyone has heard a single thing about the Fire Dragon Slayer. Kagura's stomach was bulging since she found out that she was pregnant four months ago.

Then one day, a man opened the door to the guild but unlike what everyone hoped for, it wasn't Natsu.

"I have a package for a woman named Kagura Mikazuchi." the man suddenly said to which Kagura walked up to him.

"What is this? I'm sure I haven't ordered anything." Kagura asked the man who frowned, "I think it's better if you opened it…" The girl was confused by his words and as she opened the box, a soft gasp escaped her lips when she saw the contents inside it.

Because inside the box was none other than Natsu's beloved scarf.

She looked up at the man who looked away from her gaze, "I'm sorry for your loss." Was all he said and Kagura immediately dropped to the ground and had her hand on her face preventing anyone from seeing her tears. The other members were wondering what had happened only to be saddened with the news as much as Kagura.

A week later the guild held a funeral for their Fire Dragon Slayer. Guilds throughout Fiore which had even an inkling of a connection with the pinkette came over such as: Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Quatro Cerberous and Mermaid Heel all arrived to mourn for the death of their friend and rival. The council even arrived and honoured one of the Ten Wizard Saintstitle to Natsu for his heroic actions against Acnologia.

Guild mates were crying left and right, mourning over their lost friend as Laxus stood at the podium to begin his speech, "Natsu Dragneel was a man of courage, strength, love, and hope. He had absolute faith in the guild, and his comrades."

"H-he was always f-full of hope, always striving to get stronger, always looking for a new challenge, and putting people before him was his main priority." The blonde's voice started to tremble as he clenched his fists tightly.

"Natsu Dragneel, the reason we still stand will always be remembered in Fairy Tail. He will always be remembered to all of us as the hope of the guild" That was the final straw for the blonde who began crying much like everyone else. The whole of Natsu's ex-team was crying Erza who was crying the most after all she cared for Natsu the most and said harsher words at him the day he left.

But out of everyone present, the one who was crying the most was Kagura,

"You idiot…Why'd you have to win over my heart just to die the next moment? Why do you have to leave the moment I need you most? Please come back Natsu…to me." Kagura broke down, clinging onto the redhead who tried her best to comfort her, but could not.

And this was recorded as one of Fairy Tail's worst and saddest history ever.

In the dark alley

Watching the scene from nearby was a hooded figure, the cloak he was wearing entirely covered his features, though one could still see the single tear drop which fell from his face, "I truly apologise for what I'm doing, Kagura. I hope that you'll find it in your heart to forgive me…"

Four hooded figures suddenly emerged from the shadows behind the man, "Oi, are you ready to leave yet? We've got a long way to go from here to the guild."

"Yeah, let's go…" With one final look at the ravenette, the five cloaked figures walked off with the sound of thunder resonated across the town.

End Chapter

Fairy Tail Dialogue

Christopher Dragkrow: And there you have it folks the end of this story!

Kagura Mikazuchi: Why did Natsu have to die? * starts crying *

Christopher Dragkrow: Woah just chill there will be a sequel and Natsu may be alive

Kagura Mikazuchi: You better not be lying to me…

Christopher Dragkrow: *raises hands* Alright everyone wait until the sequel of this story come out and it is called "You're my Mermaid and I'm your Dragon" see you then.

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