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SUMMARY: Silly little Sam/Janet friendship fic (or more if you want to read it that way). Janet fulfils her Doctorly duties with just a little less patience than usual. What exactly is her bug-bear? Is it just the pile of extra paperwork or is it something else? K rated Sam/Janet, Friendship/Humour one-shot with a little return at the end.


Janet loved her job, there was no doubt about. Working at the SGC and patching up broken soldiers really was the most exhilarating and exciting career in the world. Yeah she loved it. Not today though, today she was frustrated beyond belief...incredibly, incredibly so! The woman in the bed across the room rolled over and groaned softly for the umpteenth time and Janet gritted her teeth.

"Janet?" Sam Carter croaked. "Can you pass me the water?"

Doctor Frasier looked over at her friend and instantly quashed the irrational urge to yell frantically at her. "Sure Sam." she uttered, her voice tight and clipped with control. Carefully she set down her pen and made her way across the short distance to the bed.

She could reach the glass herself Janet mused angrily. All she had to do was reach out her damned hand, but when she spoke her tone was all doctor. "Here you go Sweetie." Janet tipped the glass to Sam's head and she sipped pathetically at the contents. "There, is that better?" Janet enquired softly. Absolutely nothing of her inner annoyance showed through.

Sam smiled up at the kindly face above her. "Much, thank you Janet." Then, feeling spent, she closed her eyes and drifted back off into an uncomfortable doze.

Janet stood for a moment longer looking down at the pale clammy features of the blonde in the bed. Despite her frustrations she felt a rush of soft affection flowing through her, she really loved her friend and knew it was returned. Caringly she brushed a wayward sweat soaked strand of hair behind her ear and laid her fingertips upon her fevered brow. "Rest easy Sam, you'll be feeling better real soon. I promise." she whispered genuinely before turning her back and re-crossing the room.

Back at her desk, under the glow of her lamp Janet shook her head as Sam coughed a few times, groaning and whimpering like she was in real distress. "Geez." she muttered to herself, the moment of affection once again passing. "You're such a baby Samantha." She glared at her. "It's just the flu. Get over it already!" Irritated she picked up her pen again. She had three full piles of paper work to get through and that was all before Sam decided she needed something to eat...or help lifting her own damned head. Angrily she scribbled her name on the top of the medical progress sheet.

Two weeks later...

Sam sighed as she heard the rustling movement from under the covers near her. Digging for patience, that up until yesterday, she did not know she possessed, she waited.

"Sam?" the doctor croaked. "Can you pass me the water?"

Twisting her lips tight and setting her jaw, Sam drew on her deepest 'good soldier' reserves and rose from her chair. "Sure thing, Janet." she sang falsely, hiding her frustration. Why could the woman not get the water for herself? I mean it was right there! Didn't she realise how much paperwork she still had to do? I mean it was only the flu for crying out loud! "There you that better?" she voiced softly, brushing the sticky strands of hair from her best friend's brow.


AN: Fun, flu and friendship ... we've all been there! :)