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Timeframe: 2036, ABY 50

Six years later. The Sith penal colony on Kesh was home to all the Sith and dark-side force cults they could find between the efforts of the Avalon Empire, the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance, and even the Imperial Remnant and Hapes Consortium, had gotten aboard, with some extra-curricular help from the Mando's. Once the word got out that the AE was sponsoring the effort and that the Galactic Alliance was supporting it, everyone else got enthusiastic and chipped in to help.

The only major organized cult they found was one calling itself the 'One Sith,' led by Darth Krayt, who was a Jedi named A'Sharad Hett, once a friend of the young Anakin Skywalker. By the time he and his group were captured on Korriban, there were almost thirty of them. When Luke saw him, he gasped...having recognized him as the 'Dark Man' from Jacen's visions and the one who met him in beyond shadows to help him defeat Abeloth.

There had been no doubt anymore in anyone's minds that this anti-Sith effort led by the AE was the right and proper thing to do. If the AE hadn't taken the lead on the effort, what might this Darth Krayt and his One Sith, been allowed to grow into? They were all safely ensconced on Kesh. Between those two groups of Sith, and all the Nightsisters that the Lost Tribe themselves captured and took there, one could only imagine what life must have been like on Kesh.

During the process the AE took control of several regions of space, and added them to the Avalon Empire Protectorate. The largest of course was the entire Esstran sector otherwise known as 'the Sith worlds' of the ancient Sith empire. Additionally, several ancient Sith worlds that had not been otherwise re-habilitated since the ancient days were also taken into AE custody, including a few planets in the core regions. One was Tython and another was Lettow, in the deep core. Another was the Melachor V remnants in the Outer Rim that was now just an asteroid belt, but had a very dark past. And Tund which was already in the AE expanded territory, but hitherto its past had been unknown to the AE. There were others but those were the major ones.

They knew that they would never eliminate all dark-side use of the force. Especially, since all that really was at the basic level was any force-user's use of negative emotions and negative motives to fuel their power. They would try to educate against that and nip it in the bud where it most occurred of course; but the largest aim was to prevent power centers surrounding a Sith cult to emerge.

As another effort aimed at prevention, the AE beamed away from Kesh all of their starships, weapons, tools, and other materials used for making or repairing starships; including all light-sabers and holocrons. Additionally, they began deploying light amounts of psychological warfare by broadcasting in galactic G rated TV programming and other entertainment, minus any programming of a violent nature.

Timeframe: 2041, ABY 55

Five years after that, an aged Admiral Daala tried one more time to restore Palpatine's version of the so-called 'New Order' Empire, by leading a conspiracy of several like-minded anti-reformist Moff's in an attempt to assassinate both Chancellor Vitor Reige and the perennial Empire darling Jagged Fel; then they would seize power. The conspiracy succeeded in killing Chancellor Reige, but Daala was killed by Jaina in self-defense and the Maw Irregular fleet seized by Fel loyalists. The Moffs who conspired with her were given death sentences, and Jagged Fel then decided to just seize power himself in an effort to finally get the place under control, therefore transforming the Imperial Remnant into the new Fel Empire, beginning a new Fel Dynasty.

In the years to come, there would be a number of other changes to the political map of the galaxy due to one last failed war waged by envious Chiss nobles, other new alliances, and a variety of inter-marriages between the ruling families of the AE, the Hapes Consortium, and the Fel Empire.

Their were still some Chiss nobles who bristled at the power and prestige that Jagged Fel achieved and so they led a secret arms build-up and launched their own campaign against the Fel Empire. The Fel Empire, having not been an ally of the Galactic Alliance at that time, accepted an offer of assistance from the AE. After which the Chiss were quickly conquered by the AE and the Protectorate annexed the remaining space trail ward of their border all the way around through the rest of the galactic west to the border of the Fel Empire.

The Chiss and the other handful of independent worlds that existed in that region of space would be the first since the Aerie, that the AE had to forcibly subdue and take control of for the good of peace and stability. By that time both Jagged and Jaina were starting to get old and they frankly never wanted to have to seize back control of the Empire in the first place. They only had done it because they felt it needed to be done for peace. Purely by coincidence, their son Roan had married Emperor Potter's granddaughter, Duchess Hermione Livingston, daughter of Princess Lily Potter, some time ago.

Therefore with Roan's blessing since he was heir apparent, Jagged and Jaina requested that Emperor Potter accept a petition from the Fel Empire to merge into the Avalon Empire, believing that with the marriage between their two families, the people on their side who cared about such things, would be pacified that the lineage of the Fel dynasty would continue through them. They simply wanted peace and stability to settle in, the reforms to continue that they implemented a while back, and all the other benefits of membership in the AE. By that point after the various insurrections over the years, their were no serious hard-liner Moff's of the old crowd left. But, the Fel's would help the AE get a good read on everyone in power at the local level so they wouldn't have a repeat of the problems they'd always had.

Similarly, there was another convenient marriage. This time it had admittedly been arranged to a degree, not by the elder Potter's though. Allana Djo Solo married Emperor Potter's grandson, Harold II, son of Crown-Prince James Potter and Rosaline Creevey; who would one day be in line for Emperor after his father. That arrangement was done by the two of them for the purposes of merging the Hapes Consortium into the AE, with the urging and backing of Allana's aging mother, the Hapan Queen Mother Tenal Ka Chume'da Djo.

That was a major departure from the millennia old matrilineal rule of the Hapan's but, Tenal Ka herself had more than enough of the old crowd's thinking dating back to the days when they tried to murder her for having the wrong parents and her own grandmother having tried to murder Allana as well. She simply wanted for the Hapan's to become part of the AE and put all of what she thought of as asinine internecine nonsense to the side. She had just enough power to see it done before she would abdicate the crown to Allana, after her marriage; and after having inked said agreement with the AE. She felt the old-timer's would still protest, but she didn't believe for a second that the AE could be subdued by any of them. Once it was in hand, it would be too late for any of the naysayer's to do anything about it. And it worked out just like she planned.

After seeing the efficacy of how those marriages and their close ties brought more influential leaders closer together. Harry actually did set out to arrange one marriage. Well, it had been more of a strong suggestion really. If they ended up dating and eventually marrying, it was totally on them. The AE had done well by Lando Calrissian, making him and Calrissian Enterprises into a trillionaire within the Galactic Alliance. Lando and his wife Tendra only had one son, 'Chance' (Lando Jr.), and he'd had only one child himself, a daughter named Lucy Tendra who they called 'Lucky.' Lucy was quite beautiful and the sole heiress to the Calrissian fortune and businesses they controlled throughout the Galactic Alliance. So, Harry might have suggested to his grandson Colin Potter (son of James and Rosaline, therefore also Ginny's grandson) that he should go 'check her out.'

The rest became history of its own making once again. And the Potter family had regained control of most of the other popular businesses throughout the Galactic Alliance and AE space that dealt in AE technology. So that between Granger Industries and Calrissian Enterprises, along with them now controlling Muunilinst, which also held nearly all the reserve precious metals and controlled the galactic banking system for the entire galaxy, including the Galactic Alliance. What the AE didn't already outright own in terms of territory and directly control through it's government and security forces, it now indirectly controlled and practically owned through business and banking.

Harry never really expected or wished actually to completely absorb the entire Triangulum galaxy into the AE when he started out. Maybe that would happen someday anyway. But, he did want to spread their benevolent hegemony over all of it so that many millennia of hope, growth, peace, and prosperity could over take the galaxy.

Timeframe: 2086, ABY 100

With the manner in which the political and financial circumstances of the galaxy seemed to be shaping up, it began to look like they might be able to keep a handle on peace for the future. With all of the big mergers of royal families and trillionaires, it almost went without notice that the Skywalker-Solo clan again married into the Potter family, when Mara Skywalker, Ben and Vestara's daughter, married Prince Charles Potter. Mara's brother Joseph went on to marry Patricia Katarn and had two son's Kol and Nat who were all busy still focusing their lives around the growth and success of the Jedi Order.

By 2087, Harry hated to have to admit it, but his own family plus his extended family had already grown so large he was having difficulty keeping track of everyone personally. He tried, lord knows he tried. He lapped up having the largest family possible. But, that was another side effect of his race living a thousand years. He hadn't even considered or seen yet if any of the new generation would have more than one set of kids. He knew that he and Hermione didn't plan on it. But, everyone else was on their own in that decision. Physically they could have many kids throughout their lives if they wanted and the population would explode exponentially since the birth rate would be ten times the mortality rate, or something like that. He was counting on their longevity in his grand plan to rapidly re-populate their race.

But, on the other hand, wow. It was a lot to keep track of. And the Empire itself had grown so large with the addition of so much of the additional territory and larger populations of Triangulum, that he decreed another re-organization of their over-sector governance. To spread out the work load more, and divide responsibilities. So, they did that and his High Council grew even more.

The grand one hundred year colonization plan to spread throughout Avalon was nearing its end. Just a few years left at that point. They had ninety-three hundred Alteran planets just in Avalon alone. The entire Alteran race was up to seventy-three thousand and spread out across many galaxies; most still right there at home of course. There were even over fourteen thousand trained Imperial Knights. Which prompted him to set forth another decree capping and maintaining them at fifty-thousand, which they anticipated hitting in just seventy-five more years.

Timeframe: 2099, ABY 113

In 2099, the inevitable happened. Harry and Hermione tried warning the leaders of the wizarding world. No one wanted to listen.

With the advancements of technology that began in their space programs and their planetary defense programs, eventually the fundamental science and other commercial applications of it made it to the masses.

The magical world had been detected by a number of laboratory experiments of universities around the world. They discovered large concentrations of vacuum energy, which the Alterans called zero point energy, in hundreds of locations all over the world.

Those shouldn't be there naturally occurring, so either the Alterans had generators of theirs all over the planet for some reason, or something else was going on.

Requests to Terra Legato on that matter were negative. So, investigations ensued. By the time it had made it up to EarthGov's executive office, it was too late to contain the discovery.

Several universities had reported in public news outlets and peer reviewed scientific magazines about their discoveries of this energy and their various theories as to possible causes. The public wanted to know what was going on and demanded the government investigate. Were they in any danger?

So, EarthGov confronted the ICW and told them that they could not keep their secret any longer. That through the propagation of advanced space-age science and technology, civilians now had the means to detect them.

This led to an uproar with the magical community and threats were issued and countered. The magical community, now dominated by purists and traditionalists, looked down their noses at muggles, regardless of how scientifically advanced they were.

With push coming to harder push, then the EarthGov Prime Minister made a speech to the world revealing the existence of magic, and of wizards and witches. He admitted that Earth's heads of state the world over for over a thousand years knew of them and kept the secret, just as it had fallen to his administration to do.

But that they would keep the secret no longer. Their existence was the answer to the question of the strange concentrations of vacuum energy that scientists were discovering around the world. And that the people, the witches and wizards were related as cousins after a fashion, to the Alterans, as well as themselves.

There was an uproar over the government keeping it secret. But the uproar was distributed around the world because the secret had been kept by leaders around the world for all that time.

The wizards for their part were still trying to hide, but their suppression wards did not mask their fundamental energy signature. They were still in denial and lacked the understanding to form a basis for acceptance, until the theory met real life.

In the beginning, intrepid investigators, out to make a name for themselves went around to local areas trying to narrow down and pin point precise locations, to find the wizards 'first hand.'

The initial efforts were somewhat amusing to those who could witness both ends of it, because muggle investigators with technology in hand would walk right up to the gates of Hogwarts and similar locations worldwide, and physically be restrained by the objects, but still unable to see them with their eyes.

Events like this became more common the world over, until it led to passersby in the streets of Hogsmeade or similar magical villages elsewhere in the world, where one would run right into the other.

Eventually, the wizards having grown up believing they had a right to remain going unseen, coupled with a superiority complex, and finally from among those possessed dark and militaristic tendencies. Fights began to break out.

Wizard and witch gangs occasionally began revealing themselves, to pick fights with muggles. Using their magic to cause widespread mayhem and fear. Normal magical government efforts to contain it began failing. Not enough obliviators; and soon muggle law enforcement wouldn't stand for it any longer when it was the magical people who started the fights in the first place.

Skirmishes started breaking out between muggle law enforcement and magical law enforcement, with their gangs on both sides, in the middle and usually the instigators.

In less than a year, it had raged into full-blown global street war between muggles and magicals. Many people were dying on both sides and muggles had begun resorting to the only weapons they could use that would counter the wizards, weapons of mass destruction that would also put a blight onto their own countryside's.


The escalated war did not last long before Harry and Hermione came to the EarthGov and offered to put an end to all of it themselves. They also broadcast their decisions to the ICW and some of the other magical world regular contacts they had.

The Avalon Empire would annex the entire Earth magical community, forcibly removing them from the planet and would provide them their own planet to live on however they wanted.

Harry made a speech that was seen by both sides in real time, in which he was quite angry and told the magical communities that he was fully aware how angry they would be at him for intervening, but he did not care. He was utterly disappointed in them and had enough of their abusing their gifts and their power. The only way to see that peace was served was to remove the approximate two million of them and separate them from the other roughly eleven billion non-magical humans on Earth.

He also explained that their magic would not be able to prevent the move from occurring. He would set up an appropriate planet for their relocation, including replicating many but probably not all of their normal way of life on Earth. Then when the AE arrived it would come in ships that would dampen their magic for everyone's safety and then beam them and all their belongings directly and securely to one of many Colony class ships, which would take them to their new planet and resettle them.

He said that they would forward instructions via their ambassador to the ICW to be distributed world wide to the magical community. Those who wanted the best and most comfortable move possible, and ensuring that nothing of their possessions were missed, should cooperate to the fullest and they would have the most successful move. Those who fought it and didn't cooperate will still find themselves moved, but the Empire would not be responsible for anything of their's that went missing in the process.


That is how and why in 2101, ABY 114, the entire population, including magical creatures and the other magical races of the wizarding world of Earth was forcibly relocated by the AE to their newly terraformed paradise planet in the Avalon Galaxy, in their own remote star system devoid of any other life than their own, called Oz. Well, that is what Harry called it. He rather thought they would name it something else, but for as backward as they choose to be, they would forever live in Oz on the AE books.

Naturally the ICW terminated their treaties with the AE and their would be no more of their people moving to Terra Legato or elsewhere in the AE to live as Alterans. Harry was unconcerned because at the same time he signed a new treaty with EarthGov, for the AE to take off their hands going forward ALL new muggle-born zpe-sensitive's that wanted to come live with them and any other relevant stragglers.

Harry just placed Oz under their protection from inter-stellar threats and other than that left a series of social research satellites there to keep an eye on them and told them, whenever they cooled down and were ready to talk like adults about their situation, they would still be there. The people of Oz were none to happy with Harry and the Avalon Empire, which included some of their own relatives of course. But, policy was policy. None of Harry's subjects in the AE that were related to those moving from Earth to Oz opposed the policy, because none of their people were physically being harmed in any way. They were actually saving them from themselves and the muggles in the long run, and now they were free to live as they liked without any muggle interference.

Timeframe: 2200, ABY 214

By 2200 all of Harry and Hermione's original friends from their generation at Hogwarts had all passed on. All of their children would live thousand year lives like Harry and Hermione would, and they got to know many of them as well but, it wasn't the same.

The AE population of full-blooded Alterans had grown to four-hundred twenty-three thousand and fifty-seven souls. And of course by that time, all of the remaining human populations that were directly a part of their Empire (those in Avalon, or those colonies in other galaxies started by Avalon), all were considered Novah now, with all of them possessing the ATA gene for use of Alteran technology.

All of them also received the same education and occupational opportunities as full-blooded Alterans, but their life-spans were still in the one-hundred twenty year range. The previous cultural taboo (it was never illegal though) for Alterans to inter-marry with Novah and produce new hybrid offspring began to soften because it was believed that enough new full-blooded Alterans had been produced to assure the continuation of the species. And from then on over time, possibly more of their Novah population through back-crossing, might begin to evolve faster toward greater life-spans and begin to evolve zpe-sensitivity and eventually evolve to the same advanced physiology of full-blood Alterans.

The AE controlled about half the territory albeit only one-third of the population in the Triangulum galaxy. And their were only the two major powers there, both stable. The newly re-minted Galactic Republic and the Avalon Empire. The Jedi world of Atropos, since forming its own independent government with most Jedi having settled there permanently and started families, had grown to a population of thirty-five thousand. Harry and Hermione missed their long since departed friends from that galaxy: Luke, Mara, Leia, Han, Lando, and Tendra. But, each of them had children or grandchildren that inter-married with the Potter family and were part of the Potter clan now.

The mixing of Alteran bloodlines with Jedi bloodlines did not produce children with celestial super-powers. But it did produce some Alteran children that then possessed and passed on midichlorians in their DNA, and then those exhibited the gifts and abilities of both. In a practical sense it didn't add or take away anything of benefit from the full-blood Alterans, except that in the new hybrid children they would find it easier to grasp the mind-arts and developed a heightened sense of situational awareness over that of their other Alteran peers. Three-fours of Harry and Hermione's children intermarried with a force-sensitive, so a great deal of the Imperial Royal Family going forward would exhibit the blending of their gifts and abilities.

Timeframe: 2300, ABY 314

Eventually the memories faded of how the Avalon Empire arrived and over a mere hundred years or so almost peacefully swept across the Triangulum galaxy. The scientific and technological superiority of the AE was not missed on anyone in the galaxy at that point.

The point also was not lost on the great minds of the Galactic Republic that for as great as the Avalon Empire was, it was still a monarchy at the very top. Not a Republic, as they were, and therefore they felt the AE was morally beneath them. Tensions began to form over that issue. It was not really a problem except when the Galactic Republic people wanted to make it one because the AE simply didn't saber rattle or ever talk like they were trying to expand into more territory. Whenever they would argue the point with the AE, they would just remind them of their thousands of years of history. Sure, they were a Republic, except when they were not. It was frankly fifty/fifty how long one of their Republic's would last, any time there had been one. Each transition costing their region of space billions or trillions of lives, misery, and re-building. They still had quite a lot to prove for themselves.

Nevertheless, many of the people living in the GR became more and more envious over the freedoms and quality of life in the AE. There was no slavery and no human trafficking in the AE. Even the Hutt's behaved themselves. One could not say that about all GR space, and of course, they were a Republic. So, it was that often there was pressure within the GR to again form it's own Empire, to centralize power and authority so they could achieve the same qualities of life that the AE did-without their contrarians continuing to be free to do what they wanted in spite of galactic law.

Some argued that the AE was only able to achieve that regardless of how they were politically organized because of their millions of years more advanced science and technology. One simply couldn't break the law in their controlled space without the government knowing, nor could anyone fleeing from the law in those circumstances, hide or defend against that technology. That the GR would not have those advantages if it once again became an authoritarian Empire, regardless of how benevolent in its intentions it hoped to become. Much of that argument was true. But, the people still wanted a better life in the GR. They wanted the same kind of lives people led in the AE.

Harry of course, was not one to attempt expansion by trying to go in and conquer a race. The few times they had to use force and violence was to put down a tyrant or protect someone from one. But, having said that. Harry had shown a great deal of cunning and patience, to accomplish the same by attrition.

Having noticed the change in political climate in the GR, Harry began to privately and secretly fund the non-militant political agitators within the GR who began springing up that would lobby the GR Senate from time to time, for it to consider petitioning the AE for a merger, for the GR to simply join and become part of the AE to reap the benefits of being a part of the great Avalon Empire. Harry wasn't beyond the desire to finish the job of collecting the entire Triangulum galaxy, if it could be done peacefully. So, since the opportunity began presenting itself, he nudged it along behind the scenes.

So, over the next fifty years, campaigns ensued throughout the galaxy intended to influence the masses toward wanting such a merger to take place. Carrots were dangled. AE culture was shared more openly with GR worlds, so that they could see what they were missing of course. Harry's secret funding of political movements continued. He would outlive most political opponents and their successors by a long shot, so he could afford to proceed carefully and with patience.

Timeframe: 2350, ABY 364

During the great Galactic Republic Senate Conclave of ABY 364, the GR petitioned and the AE accepted, the GR's membership into the Avalon Empire. As part of the deal, the GR Senate would continue to exist under a new name with an almost similar purpose as it had before. Modeled from the Great Inter-Galactic Economic Cooperative of the Furling Oversector, on the artificial throne world of Chandilar. Coruscant would become the same.

The AE would move it's Triangulum Sector Capitol to Coruscant and assume the seat of power for a unified galaxy. The major difference was that the AE divided up the Triangulum galaxy into five separate Oversector's within the larger Avalon Empire Imperial High Council. Coruscant would then be ruled by a Quintumverate Executive of five Imperially appointed Oversector Governor's, each with a seat on the AE High Council reporting to the Emperor. They would serve as the Triangulum galaxy Executive as Co-Heads of State, with the elected Senate serving as their Council and continuing to be responsible for writing laws, approving budgets, and so forth.

With that done, the Avalon Empire truly did essentially rule over all the known universe that they had surveyed, or that is all of which they chose to make a permanent presence in. If they didn't rule it outright, they controlled it through their outmatched influence and protection. Harry announced that the AE knew how to remove the hyper-space disturbance surrounding the Triangulum galaxy and that over a period of the next fifty years they would work to gradually remove that. (That would also give them fifty years to ensure that the rest of Triangulum space was fully tamed, ahem, assimilated and under new management before the doors got swung open).

There were now seven full Oversector's covering their entire holdings. There were seven each Civilian Governor's and Military Governor's to appoint. For a High Council total of fourteen people. Since he only anticipated any further growth coming organically or from renewed exploration and colonizing. And because the Imperial Royal Family had grown to support it, he re-organized the High Council such that Royal pedigree would be required to serve on the High Council and in one of those Oversector Governorship's. The Emperor would gain an additional title, being styled also as "High Councilor." Thus ensuring control would not slip from the fingers of the Royal Family.

Those Councilors would be the first in the Avalon Empire to be called after the title, Duke or Duchess; down to the third generation from the current ruling family of the age. With any child currently in line to the throne, or their heirs apparent to be called Arch-Duke's and Crown-Prince or Crown-Princess. Many of them already had Governorship's and other important positions, but since the number of Oversector's increased by two and they needed to re-organize again, Harry re-organized them as such.

Timeframe: 2400, ABY 414

Harry and Hermione thought for about a day about early retirement. But, they weren't even beginning to feel old yet, so they just said, no... and kept going.

With the entire Empire completely stable and open for travel and trade anywhere within the AE domain, many of the other habitable galaxies saw a lot of colonization from the enormous populations of the Triangulum galaxy, looking to spread out.

Harry lifted the long ago set moratorium on expanding into new galaxies and colonizing outside of their local group. All of their known flanks were then secure, so it was safe to do so.

Thus, he reinstituted the Colony-ship program on Javabli's moon, but opened up participation to any citizen of any world in the AE domain in the local group. He even invited non-member friendly worlds to participate, if they wished. This included invitations to Earth, the Kobol Republic, and others.

They decided they would run the same scale program as before, at a rate of one hundred colony ships per year. The difference this time, is that each would be accompanied by a full Task Force for their protection and support, and each new colony ship would be destined to found a colony in the best 'paradise' world they could find in a new unique galaxy. They would follow the path of the Destiny project began by their ancestors over fifty million years ago when it departed Avalon, thereby expanding on the same path from the nearest galaxies to the furthest away as they followed the path.

Destiny had explored millions of galaxies already and the Atlantis database had a wealth of information from its original exploration as well as the more recent relay surveillance and communication satellites that Harry had the Destiny put in place as it re-traced it's original path to catch up to where it left off, before continuing on. So, they knew which galaxies were safe to go into and which had good planets for prospects and which didn't. The colonies own missions would thereby be to grow and then further colonize, spreading out in their new home galaxy, expanding the Empire.

Timeframe: 2900, ABY 914

Five hundred years later, the Alteran Race under Harry's leadership had grown to a population of three point nine billion full-blooded Alterans, spanning over five hundred galaxies. Not counting the other eight trillion near-Alteran Novah of the Avalon Oversector, and the quadrillions of humans and other beings in the Triangulum galaxy which was still by far the most vastly populated galaxy any of them had ever seen.

Harry felt satisfied that he had restored the Alteran Civilization, they were spread out very far now. It would be quite the work for any race to find them all, much less destroy them all, at that point. His way of doing it might have been over doing it, but he wanted to make sure they never came that close to oblivion again.

Finally at the age of 920, Harry and Hermione decided to retire and turn over their crowns to the next generation. Therefore Arch-Duke Crown-Prince James Potter was coronated as Emperor and his wife, Rosaline Creevey Potter, Empress, with their son Harold II, named heir apparent. As tradition would have it, Harold II thereby transferred to Governorship of the Avalon Sector, the Capitol Sector of the Empire, where his father James had presided for the past seven hundred years or so.

As a means of making a farewell tour for their rule, the Father and Mother of the Avalon Empire, took the Capitol City Atlantis on an inter-galactic voyage touring the Sector Capitols of each of their member galaxies. So that the many natives of each galaxy that might never travel to Javabli, could see the great city of their ancestors and marvel at it. The city was over twenty million years old and could travel in space. It was a marvel of the most ancient of ancients and deserved the praise and attention it got. For most it was a legend come to life, having a chance to see it in person, or even to see it broadcast live on satellite TV from a world at least in their own galaxy.

That round trip took four years given travel time and time they decided to stay and spend in each galaxy visiting. Harry and Hermione were inter-galactic rock stars. When they returned home, Harry and Hermione decided on a simple life, retiring to where it all started for them, back at their grand estate back on Earth at Terra Legato. From there they would receive many guests and visitors over their last few hundred years of life. Including thousands and occasionally, millions of their descendants, gathering for some of the largest Yule celebration dinners you could ever imagine.

Harry and Hermione thanked god that they had an entire department at the Potter Family Office, to make sure he didn't forget any birthday's or anniversary's, which was literally a large daily task at that point.

After living over nine hundred years and watching the births and lives of some sixteen generations, they had over one hundred million descendants of their own. It was mind-boggling, but it is what happens when each person lives at least one thousand years. It was also certain that this Royal Family would not die out for lack of heirs.

The End

Epilogue to the Epilogue:

When it came time for Harry and Hermione to depart to the next great adventure, they ascended to join the ranks of The Others, as immortals, living for eternity on the higher plane.


As of 2350, ABY 364

Avalon Oversector: (Capitol)

Civilian Governor-Arch-Duchess Rosaline (Weasley-Creevey) Potter

Military Governor-Arch-Duke, Crown-Prince James Potter

Furling Oversector:

Civilian Governor-Duchess Rebecca Potter Longbottom

Military Governor-Duke Neville Longbottom, II

Triangulum Oversector 1:

Civilian Governor-Arch-Duchess Teneniel Djo (Skywalker-Solo-Chume'da) Potter

Military Governor-Arch-Duke, Prince Harold (Weasley-Creevey) Potter, II

Triangulum Oversector 2:

Civilian Governor-Duchess Lily Potter Livingston

Military Governor-Duke Jagged (Skywalker-Solo) Fel, II

Triangulum Oversector 3:

Civilian Governor-Duke Charles Potter, I

Military Governor-Duke Ben (Skywalker) Potter, II

Triangulum Oversector 4:

Civilian Governor-Duchess Lucy (Calrissian) Potter

Military Governor-Duke Colin (Weasley-Creevey) Potter, II

Triangulum Oversector 5:

Civilian Governor-Duchess Leia (Skywalker) Potter, II

Military Governor-Duke Luke (Skywalker) Potter, II