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After Holly left Gail in the corridor holding the evidence bag containing the thumb, the blonde brushed off the few tears that had appeared as she watched Holly walk away from her this time. She hated seeing the pain in the brunettes face as she said goodnight. She didn't feel she had the right to reach out and comfort her so she had let her leave. She sighed and went back to what little work she had left for today.

Once her shift was done she had headed to the Penny alone, she had planned to drink herself to oblivion, but as with many of her plans, it didn't happen. She had one shot of tequila on arrival and nursed one beer for the rest of the night. She spent the night going over her actions the last night she had been here with Holly and what she had done when it came to the brunette since then. That night and maybe for even a day or two after, Gail figured she had every right to be angry, but after that it became something else, it became about her usual insecurities, not being good enough, not being in the doctors league, not being ready to face what they really had together, it became an out and one, for reasons that right now for the life of her she couldn't remember, she had taken. Life was short, Sophie's situation and Jerry's death had taught her that, it had just taken her a while to actually learn the lesson. After a few hours she drained the now warm beer and headed out of the bar.

Once home, she quickly showered and headed to bed, not wanting to deal with what ever had been going on with Dov and Chris during the course of the day. When she was settled, she picked up her cell phone, scrolled through the contacts until she came to Holly's number. She held her finger over the call button, a while ago a call even at this hour would have been welcomed, especially once they're relationship had grown, just the sound of Holly's voice had been enough to keep her night time demons away. She didn't have many nightmares anymore but when she did the brunette, even if she had been woken by the call, would happily talk her back to sleep. Gail smiled at the memory. She brushed her finger over Holly's name, as she did the phone vibrated in her hand indicating a new text message, it was from the brunette currently crowding her thoughts. Nervously she opened it.

There were 4 words Did you mean it?

The blonde frowned and answered Which part?

There was about a minute delay before That I was the most wonderful person you've ever met?

Gail didn't stop to think she just answered honestly I meant every word I said

When Holly didn't respond right away, the blonde put the phone on the pillow next to her waiting to see if there would be any more from the other woman, after about 10 minutes Gail moved the phone to the bedside table figuring the brunette had stopped talking for now. She rolled onto her back and sighed, then suddenly realised something, Holly, after basically dismissing her at the Morgue had taken the time to personally return the thumb to her, when an intern could have bought it over or she could have left it with Traci or anyone else at 15 and then at 1 in the morning had text her to get clarification about the conversation that had taken place between them. The fact that she had contacted her about their conversation meant she had heard what Gail had said. Was this Holly's subtle way of telling her that she was open to the possibly of making up, of trying again? Maybe giving her a chance to prove that she no longer wants to run and is willing to fight to get the doctor back? The blonde couldn't help but smile to herself, it had taken weeks of turmoil and stupidity on her part but Gail finally knew what she wanted and she was going to to everything she could think of to try and get it.

"Hey Rodney" Holly said when walked into the morgue the next morning "Did that floater arrive yet?"

"Not yet but something else did it's in your office" he said and went to make a call about the body before Dr Stewart asked again.

Holly frowned and headed to her office, she saw what he meant the second she entered, there was a big bunch of lilies in a vase sitting on her desk. She smiled to herself, technically they had only had two dates but Sarah was nice and obviously liked her, even if the brunette had said she wasn't ready for anything more than something casual. When she picked up the card and read it the smile changed to a frown Do you remember what lilies mean? G oxox. She knew Gail was referring to the lily reference in 'imagine me and you' it had been the first lesbian movie they had watched after their relationship had changed. Part of her wanted to jump for joy that the woman who had stolen her heart was back and wanting to reconcile but the other part, the part that remembers the devastation at the complete silence from the blonde over weeks wanted to dump them in the trash. Holly decided to leave the flowers there and not respond to Gail and get on with her day.

At 1pm, when Holly was just about to leave to get some lunch, there was a knock on her office door "Come in" she said still getting her things together.

It was the young Chinese delivery boy from her favourite Thai place "I have a delivery for Dr Stewart"

"That's me but I didn't order anything?" She said as he walked over and put the bowl down on her desk.

"The order comes with this" he said, he handed her the note and left.

She knew who it was from before opening it I got your favourite soup, I know you sometimes forget to have lunch when you get your nerd on, enjoy G oxox. This time Holly let herself smile, she did like the soup and now she didn't have to go out and waste time, she pocketed the note and opened the soup.

The next thing came when she got home, as she walked up the front steps of her house there was a bottle of her favourite wine and a single long stemmed rose. Holly picked up the rose and sniffed it, it smelt beautiful. She grabbed the wine, it was chilled and had a little card hanging from the neck and went inside. She dumped her things on the kitchen bench and went looking for a bottle opener. Just when she found it, there was a knock at the door. She put it with the bottle, wondering and maybe hoping it was Gail, but also terrified it was her as she wasn't sure she was ready to face her again so soon. Her fears and hopes were dashed when she saw a smiling Sarah at the door "Hey" she said to the small blonde in front of her.

"Hey, I was in the neighbourhood and I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink" she asked.

Holly smiled back "Sure, I've only just got in but if you give me a few minutes I'll change and we can go" she led the blonde into the lounge room and headed upstairs to change. She figured it didn't hurt to get some space between herself and her feelings for Gail. She quickly changed and went back downstairs when she hit the bottom step, she noticed Sarah was no longer in the lounge room she was in the kitchen, looking at the card hanging off the bottle.

"Who is G?" The blonde asked looking at Holly not angry just curious.

The brunette looked at her feet "Gail"

"As in Gail, the one who Rachel told me about before she introduced us, that broke your heart, the reason you don't want anything more than casual, that Gail" Sarah still didn't sound mad.

"Yea, I'm sorry" Holly said blushing.

"Please don't be sorry, I knew going into this we weren't going to become anything, Rachel told me and you were very upfront with me, I just didn't realise she was still around" she let the note go.

"She wasn't, I saw her yesterday and we sort of talked and I guess I... well she.." Holly trailed off.

Sarah came around the other side of the bench with the brunette "'Look I get it, somewhere in the conversation yesterday, you gave her the impression you're open to reconnecting right?"

Holly nodded.

"There's nothing wrong with that" she said, she took both of Holly's hands in hers "just make sure your ready ok."

The brunette smirked at the woman in front of her "That will teach me for agreeing to date a therapist"

"Well maybe we can be friends, we just won't tell Gail we went out" Sarah said "The idea of having a jealous police woman out for my blood scares the life out of me for some reason" she dropped Holly's hands and kissed her cheek "I think I'll leave you to it, enjoy the wine"

"You sure you don't want a glass?" the brunette offered.

"No trust me that's yours, we'll go for a totally plutonic drink next week sometime, good luck with your policewoman and remember I'm here if you need someone to talk to"

"Thanks" doctor said and let the blonde out.

Holly went back to the kitchen and made a beeline for the bottle she pulled the card off and read it We drank this one after our first night together, I'll never forget it, it was like finally finding the place where I belonged, wrapped in your arms. Enjoy this bottle on me. G oxox

Holly smirked, no wonder Sarah had reacted the way she had, situation reversed, she would have admitted defeat and left too. It had been one day and Gail was making it near impossible not to contact her and fall back into each other. But the brunette was determined to make the blonde at least fight for them a little, after the weeks of silence Holly endured, Gail deserved a taste of her own medicine. Part of the brunette felt bad for doing it but she needed the blonde to understand that she can't just waltz back in, she needed to earn it. Holly opened the bottle of wine, grabbed a glass and headed upstairs to relax in a hot bath.

It had been almost a week since Gail had heard from Holly, she knew she was getting her gifts, meals and notes. The evening gifts were hand delivered and she checked with every delivery person to ensure she got them. It was Friday afternoon and she was sitting at her desk finishing off a report for a drunk and disorderly she had arrested on patrol. She had just gotten a call from shop that the present she got Holly had been received and the note hand delivered. She sat back and smiled to herself, the silence from the brunette was frustrating but she was enjoying showering her in gifts, it's something she had never done, it had always been given to her, she had never given like this in relationships and she has decided she likes it, even if Holly called her right now and they patched things up, Gail would continue to buy her things, to show her how much she means to her and just because she enjoys doing it.

"Peck" Sam called out bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Yep" she answered standing.

"I got a Homicide, Nash is busy, you interested?"

"Sure" she said grabbing her bag, her gear and following.

"What have we got?" Sam said to Holly, who was already leaning over the victim.

"As you can see he has multiple gunshot wounds, and the amount of blood that's pooled here I would say he was killed here" they were in an old warehouse down on the docks.

"Execution?" Sam asked.

Holly shrugged "I'll know more once I get the trajectories but it's pretty messy, it could just be a random shooting" she offered.

"Peck" he called. Holly looked up to see Gail coming over, well sauntering over as she often did in uniform. The brunette looked down not wanting the blonde to see her looking.

"Yes sir" she asked as she smiled down at the back of Holly's head.

"Any observations?" He asked

"Well the actually injuries on the body are random so not a professional hit, but the location suggests he was lured here so maybe gang or drug related"

"Well done" he said "I'm gonna call guns and gangs see if their interested, can you stay with Dr Stewart and take down any observations until I'm done?" Sam walked away, phone to his ear.

There was a silence between the two women for a minute till Holly broke it "So, you running low on funds yet?"

Gail smirked "Not at all" she said nonchalantly.

The brunette knelt down next to the body "I would say this guys been dead about 24 hours according to his liver temp" she said pulling the thermometer out and putting it back in what Gail called her lunchbox "I know for a fact that bottle of bourbon you left last night is worth over $200 as was the champagne the night before" she added as she moved the victims clothes to examine the wounds.

"Do I need to note that down?" Gail asked as she noted the possible time of death.

Holly looked up at her and saw the blondes genuine smile, this morning, the brunette had no intention of calling or contacting Gail at least until after the weekend, to give herself sometime to prepare but that smile with nothing but love and caring behind it proved to be her undoing "No" she said then stood "I'll need to get him on the table before I can tell you anymore"

Gail nodded "I'll let Detective Swarek know" she said closing her notebook.

"What time do you get off shift?" Holly asked as she pulled her gloves off.

Butterflies jumped in Gail's stomach at the question, she had expected the brunette to leave and continue radio silence for a while longer "6" the blonde said.

"Do you wanna meet me a my place about 7, I think it's time I listened to your explanation" Holly said finally giving in.

Gail smiled hugely "Sure, I'll grab some dinner, what would you like?"

"I'll cook" the doctor suggested "Grab some dessert if you feel the need"

"Sure" Gail said adjusting her belt a little "Are you sure your ready?" She asked "I don't want you to feel pressured, I'm happy just knowing that your even considering it"

Holly reached out gripped the front of her belt "I am, plus I can't have you going broke, you kinda owe me a few dates don't you think"

Gail's brilliant grin returned "Yes ma'am"

She kissed the blonde on the cheek then released her "I need to get to the lab" she said and picked up her bag.

"Ok" Gail said still smiling, she noticed Sam was coming back "Enjoy your lunch" she added with a smirk.

"Where's it from?" Holly asked.

"Your favourite Italian place" the blonde said.

"I can't wait" she said "See you tonight Officer Peck"

"See you then, Dr Stewart"

Sam smiled at Gail as he past Holly "You two finally back on track?" He asked.

The blonde nodded as she watched the retreating form of the Forensic Pathologist "I really hope so"

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