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Cinderella, or something along those lines

Mai sighed for the umpteen time that hour. She had so many chores to do and so little time to get them done in. She had to clear the whole house top to bottom and that included her stepmother's private rooms full of odds and sods. She didn't want to go in there. But, of course, she had no choice in the matter whatsoever. Her stepmother gave orders here and there and expected them to be done by the following day, if not then sooner.

Everyone was making a fuss over the royal ball lately. The king and queen wanted a dashing bride for their only living son and they wanted one now… hence the sudden ball that had been organised the week before. The ball was tonight. Seven in the evening until the absolute ravishing guests got tired or bored. Mai wasn't going. There was no way she could sneak out without anyone noticing, plus she had all of these bored chores to look forward to. She didn't have a dress either. In fact, Mai recalled, she had never attended any of the parties since her father Houshou Takigawa had died after remarrying Ayako. And so she didn't have any nice clothing to wear at all, never mind for a ball.

Mai grabbed the broom and started to brush the kitchen floor. After spending an hour tops trying to make it spotless, she cursed when her siblings walked into the room – tracking in mud and grime across the once sparkling floor tiles. "Looks like you have missed a spot, Mai." Masako, her stepsister, sneered at the fuming brunette. She was secretly enjoying winding her new sister up. It was her favourite past time since shopping and going to lots and lots of parties.

"Oh and Mai," Masako's brother called. "Have you washed and dried our evening wear? My suit needs to be utterly brand spanking new. And Masako's dress needs to be amazingly beautiful so that she can catch the prince's attention. Do you hear me Mai? What did I just say?"

The brunette gritted her teeth and looked up at her stepsiblings. "Yes Yasuhara, yes Masako. Your evening wear is all dry and waiting for tonight. I hope you two enjoy yourselves while I am working my butt of to please your classy mother. Now if you will excuse me, I have to sweep over all the dirt you carried in with you."

Brother and sister sneered as they nonchalantly stalked out of the kitchen, smug smiles adorning their features. Oh, how they enjoyed getting a rise out of their little Mai. She was too easy and they pressed her into doing all of their chores too. Quite frankly, their younger sister was a bit of a push over.

Sweat rolling down her forehead, Mai continued to clean for the next few hours until it was almost seven in the evening. She had managed to tidy up over half of the house and she was getting excited for some well needed sleep. She had been sleeping funny recently because her dreams were haunted by these beautiful dark blue eyes that seemed to watch her as she pranced about the dreamscape. It didn't scare her. It just was a little unnerving knowing that someone was always watching you in your dreams.

"Mai!" Her stepmother yelled bouncing into view. She was dressed in a little red dress that matched the blossoming colour of her hair and she had tall black high heels that made her seem gigantic. Mrs Ayako Takigawa, or should I say Ms Ayako, stood several paces away from her stepdaughter. She had a cruel smirk on her face as she watched her scurry around the garden, picking up the smaller of the pumpkins that had started to overgrow. Mai skidded to a halt when she heard Ayako's booming voice call out her name. She faced the older woman and raised an eyebrow in question.

"I need you to escort me to my carriage," She said after a pregnant pause. She inwardly smirked when the younger girl huffed and stormed off. Ayako leisurely strolled behind her, listening to the clack, clack, clacking of her high heels.

Mai viciously swung the carriage door open and held out a hand for her stepmother. Ayako took it, pressing all of her weight down as she climbed up. Ever so the lady, Ayako sat up straight, pursing her lips as she drowned her poor face in lots of makeup. Mai looked at her in disgust. How could someone so civil mannered be so… ladylike? That was the only word to fit it. All of the women in the kingdom wore makeup. You couldn't pass a girl in the street without seeing even a hint of makeup on their faces.

Masako and Yasuhara were next to be seated in the carriage. They all looked presentable and would blend in great at the ball. Not that Mai would admit it, but sometimes she wishes she could be like them. Even if it were for a night, one night, she would love it. Sighing, she slammed the carriage door shut and gave the driver the good-to-go signal. And then she stood there just watching them ride away. She wasn't jealous of them, no, she just felt left out.

Mai turned around and had the shock of her life. A pink haired lady in her twenties stood in front of her grinning manically. She was wearing a puffy dress and had a thinly carved stick that she held in her right hand. She took a step forward. Mai took a step back. "No need to be afraid," The ghastly woman shouted. "For I am your fairy godmother, Madoka! I am here to help you go to the ball tonight!"

Mai looked at the woman dubiously; she was a bit of a nutcase. Could she trust the crazed pink haired lady? She watched as Madoka spun on her heel, waving the stick around and chanting "Bibidi Bobidi Boo!" over and over. Something odd was happening, Mai mused. She took several steps back in attempt to run away, but on her second step backwards she stood on something cold. She peered down and saw that she was wearing glass shoes. Gasping, Mai took another step back only to be spun frantically around. After she stopped spinning, she was wearing completely different attire.

A beautiful blue dress hung to her body like it had been there her whole life. Her hair was now in pretty curls that bounced on her shoulders. She had a magnificent jewel incrusted headband and a hint of makeup on her cheeks. She was stunning! Her rags were no more…

The was a whirl of wind and suddenly before them stood an orange carriage that looked oddly like a pumpkin Mai had once been holding. A few mice scurried by and slowly started to disappear. There were several dashing stallions in their place. Mai gasped again. What was going on?

"You are ready now, my little Mai," Madoka said grinning again. "Have fun tonight and be back by midnight, or else!"

"Or else what?" Mai challenged. She was absolutely she sure she had just dozed off while sorting through the pumpkins. This had to be one of her many weird dreams. But she was one hundred percent sure. She didn't feel like she was being watched like before.

"Or else you will be back to the rags you were in and your carriage and horses will turn back to mice and a pumpkin." Madoka said. "Go on now Mai! Enjoy yourself and don't forget to hurry back!"

Mai arrived at the ball in no time at all. She was currently sat at a table alone drinking whatever the bartender had gave her. Alcohol, most likely. It gave Mai a bit of a headache. She traced the outline of her glass with a finger and watched as the shadow of someone towered over it. – Wait shadow?! Mai looked up startled and saw one of the most handsome men in the kingdom. He was tall, fair skinned, dark hair and a charming smile. He held out a hand for her to take, "May I have this dance?"

Mai nodded, smiling. It looks like this night wasn't as bad as she first thought. The handsome man pulled her onto the dance floor where they began to waltz, swerving around close couples as they did so. The man watched her intensely, grinning like an idiot as she stepped on her own foot. She was very much a klutz, he mused. They continued to dance until Mai grew tired. The man accompanied her to the table, gave a quick goodbye and aimlessly walked around the ball room and out of sight. Mai sighed to herself and took another sip of her drink.

"Enjoying yourself Mai?" Said a familiar voice. Mai looked up startled. It was Madoka and she looked… normal! No manic grin on her face, no absurd poufy dress, no stick in her right hand. She looked like another one of the ravishing guests attending the ball. She sat down next to Mai.

"Had a dance yet?" She asked the young girl. Mai nodded in response and downed the rest of her glass. "Just the one," She said scanning the ballroom. "I don't know where he has gone."

"Is that him?" Madoka said pointing to a dark figure across the room talking to the king and queen. Mai shook her head, "No although he does look a lot like him. Are they brothers, perhaps?"

Madoka looked startled. Her eyes went wide as she looked intensely at the young girl staring at the other side of the room. Does this mean she can tell the difference between the two of them, Madoka mused, this is an interesting development. "I don't know Mai. I shall be back soon. I just have to go and find a friend of mine."

Madoka stood up and walked away, that manic grin once again plastered on her face as she went to find her friend. She approached the friend and tugged on his arm. "Lin," She said quietly. "Mai Taniyama danced with one of the twins and when I pointed out the other, she said it wasn't the one she danced with. Isn't that exciting!? She is one of the only people that can tell a difference! Noll and Gene will be thrilled. Say, how about we watch them?"

The man, Lin, smiled slightly as the two of them watched Noll walk over to Mai. He put on the same charming smile Gene always wore and held out his hand to her. "Care to have another dance?" He said to her. She looked up at him; a small smile graced her features. Something is up, she mused as she joined him on the dance floor. Noll tried to keep up the charming smile but it started to hurt his cheeks. He dragged Mai to him and held her by waist, enjoying the closeness they shared. He stared down at her face, still smiling, and began to dance.

Mai looked up at her second dance partner and noticed a slight reddening on his cheeks, she smirked. "You haven't been this close to a girl that wasn't family, have you prince?" She mocked as she moved ever so closer to him, listening to her own heart pounding.

"What do you mean? I danced with you before," He said eying her suspiciously. His own heart was racing as she moved closer still and put her arms loosely around his neck. They swayed a bit before she answered the handsome man.

"I haven't danced with you before. You must be imagining things," She said smiling up at him. "I danced with who I assume is your brother earlier today. You, I have never danced with."

"How can you tell?" The prince asked spinning her around and pulling her back to him so that their faces were inches apart. Mai felt the blood rushing to her cheeks but ignored it, "You are different. Different attitudes. Different smiles. Different clothes, if you haven't already noticed but your suit is a shade darker. Your faces may look identical but I can see some changes. And you're obviously not used to smiling like your brother is. If it hurts so much, don't do it."

He smiled then, and for once, it didn't hurt. He was rather happy. Someone was able to tell the difference between the two of them, him and his brother. His smile formed into a smirk as he span the girl around again. He let go of her and she came crashing down to the floor. He caught her in his arms just as she thought her face was going to be a blood mess.

She gasped and slowly got back up and looked at her prince charming. She glared a playful glare and went over to him, bringing him closer. She could hear his heart thumping loudly in his chest. It was her turn to smirk. But before that…

"You jerk!" She said, hiding a smile. "Don't do that to me!"

She stomped her foot on something hard which, funny enough, was not the floor. She glanced down to see she had stood on the prince's foot. She gulped as she looked into his eyes. They had an odd swirl which kind of drew her in.

"Only if you don't do that again," He replied lifting her a centimeter off the floor to give his foot some room. They twirled for a while longer, moving into a pattern with the other dancers. Mai soon got tired and so they sat down at a table hidden away from Madoka and her prying eyes – Naru had a feeling.

"So what brings a lady like you to a place like this?" He asks as he took a sip of his drink. He watched her from across the table, reading her.

"Madoka." She muttered with slight distaste. Don't get her wrong, she thought the woman was great, she just didn't like the way she went about. Turning mice and pumpkins into a carriage with horses wasn't something you saw every day. In another country, that would be classed as witchcraft and poor Madoka would have been hung. But in this kingdom, it was different. The royal family preferred these people as oppose to the normal. No one knew why though. They were either too ignorant to notice or too blind to see.

"I see," Naru replied staring at her harder. If Madoka had brought her here then there had to be something psychic about her. Madoka had this specific girft about her where she could locate people with abilities as such. This only intrigued the young prince more.

"Madoka is a family friend. I apologise if she was rude, that's just the way that she is."

Mai smiled. "Don't worry about it. I think she should be more careful in which ways she uses her magic though. She turned some things from my home into something else just to get me to this ball."

"M-magic? Did she give you a horse and carriage by any chance? If that is the case then I suggest you be on your way. It is almost the deadline. Twelve midnight is a few minutes away!" He said.

Mai's eyes widened. She stood up, leaving her bag behind with all of her belonging she had used for tonight. She ran off out of the ball room, leaving the prince behind. He sighed as he rubbed his forehead. He had wanted her to stay for a bit longer but couldn't say it. To be honest; he is socially awkward. Especially with girls that he finds interesting. – Not that that had happened before though. Mai was the first.

"Don't worry Noll," Madoka said patting him on the shoulder. "You will find her again. I promise."

"I don't even know her name."

"Look in the bag; it's got to be in there somewhere." Lin said throwing it to him.

He and Madoka left Naru to his musing to go and dance. He would fine on his own. Opening the bag, the first thing that he came across was a notebook. He opened it the first page and smiled slightly, making sure to hide it from onlookers.

"Mai Taniyama, huh?" He said looking through what appeared to be her diary.

He couldn't wait to go find her again. She was an interesting one, she was. The very thought of seeing her again made his heart race.

Character list in who was who:

Mai is Cinderella

Naru is Prince charming

Ayako is evil stepmother

Monk was Mai's dad (if he were in it)

Lin is royal family's close friend

Martin is the king

Luella is the queen

Yasu is evil stepbrother

John is royal family's close friend (if her were to be written into the story)

Masako is evil stepsister

Madoka is the fairy godmother

Gene was the other prince

(The rest I do not know...)