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Little Red

"Mai!" He sighs as he pulls her to her feet.

"Yeah Naru?"

"Be more careful from now on. I won't be there the next time you trip and fall down. How did you tip anyway? We are walking on a straight path!"

Mai is the one to sigh this time but she quickly smirks. "Oh Naru I know that you will be there the next time I fall! I know you will! It's in your nature, oh narcissistic Nau-chan! You can't help it. What are you after all?"

"A huntsman…"


"Mai at least try to be careful. There is someone out there that is killing innocent little girls and you are prone to danger. He's known as The Wolf. He won't stop at anything to do what he wants, even if that means killing others while he's at it."

"Did you just call me a little girl?!"

"Yes but that is not the point. What I am trying to say is that I won't be there whenever you need the help. That might even be if it is to stop you from falling. I might not be there. So just be careful. You could be next."

"I know Naru. I'll be careful!" She said glancing at him from the corner of her eye. He was staring straight ahead as they walked on. "We're here. Bye bye Naru-chan! See you tomorrow."

He watched as she turned on her heel, her red cloak flailing behind her. She knocked on the door before entering, waving to him one last time and closing the door. Naru kept his eyes trained on the door for a moment longer to make sure that it was okay to leave. And then he did, his thoughts clouding his brain.

Naru wasn't a man of many words, although he did speak a lot in front of those he had grown to care for. He had a traumatic childhood where he watched his own dear brother's death, bit by bit. He had watched when a lady had bumped into him on her horse, leaving a blood mess on the dirty path. In panic, she had jumped down and rapped her victim in her cloak. She then proceeded to throw him into the nearest lake which was, coincidently, a few feet away. She then climbed back on her trusty steed and galloped away.

Naru had hid in the bushes away from his father, who was trying to coax him into another lesson on being a great huntsman. Which he the stumbled upon the incident that killed his brother, Gene, and the scene was forever engraved in his brain. It would never leave his brain, or his heart.

Gene was a lovely young boy who would rather climb trees and play gaily all day long than have a lesson with his up tight father and snobby brother. He was a playful child and everyone in the village adored him. More so the woman; they just loved to pinch his cheeks and comment on his wonderful behaviour. Of course, they admired him – his brother too, they were just afraid of being cut open in their sleep because they had tried to give him a hug.

So when Naru had seen someone just like his brother, he couldn't help but be drawn in. He felt it in his heart that he had to protect this one person from any danger lurking around the corner. It was like he was with Gene again, only, it was different. This person was a girl and a year younger. She had brown hair, not black. She had hazel eyes, not a shade of blue. She had an even bubblier personality, if that were possible. And she had one fiery temper that even made him stop in his tracks to make sure shad ripped a tree from the ground and hauled it at someone passing by. He may be exaggerating there, but if she could, he had a feeling she would.

And she was Mai Taniyama, nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood because of the red cloak she always always wore. Sometimes the name was even shortened down to Little Red. She didn't mind these nicknames, but she preferred her own name more than often.

When Naru had learned of The Wolf becoming active in their village again, he had been even tenser. His thoughts had immediately fled to the incident with his brother. If he lost Mai, it would be like losing Gene all over again. He couldn't stand that thought, he didn't like it. He couldn't, no, wouldn't let The Wolf take Mai's life. He was going to search for the dog and put him down himself.

Even if it took forever and a half, he was going to do it.

Naru continued to stroll along the path, minding his own business. He stepped over the body and made sure not to get her blood on his shoes as he walked further away from Mai's home. Wait! Body?! Blood?! He stopped and turned around, seeing one of his stalkers dead on the floor. It was Masako Hara, the supposed to be 'fairest' and wealthiest maiden in the village.

Said girl had developed a bit of a crush on our favourite little huntsman and he didn't like it one bit. In fact, he hated her! She was always trying to force herself on him, asking him for dates and bribing him with her money. He had had enough of it. Narcissistic Naru-chan did not like her at all.

But what caught his interest was what someone had written in her crimson blood. He frowned. Why was The Wolf writing something like this in someone blood after carelessly leaving a body on the path right where it could be seen on the way home from Mai's home? And why was it about her? Is The Wolf really on a hunt for girls like he had heard?

"Come out; come out wherever you are Little Red!"

Naru stared at it, an awful feeling upsetting his stomach. The Wolf was after Mai. And everyone knows that the dog usually gets what it wants. Mai's life was in danger; it was next on the list of girls in the village.

Gulping, he ran back to Mai's house and banged on the door loudly. There was no answer and that was when he realised she wasn't there. Just when had she slipped past him when he was looking at the words written in the blood? He couldn't ever remember her passing by. And that was when he saw a small path that lead behind the house, leading off in a different direction.

He rushed off down that path and came across a single cottage off in the distance. He ran to it, the terrible feeling in his stomach growing stronger by the second.

"Ayako! Are you feeling any better today?" Mai asked as she walked into her friend's house. She poured a glass of water, taking it into Ayako's room. "I've got you a drink. You must be thirsty."

Ayakowas bundled in blankets on her bed; her face wasn't at all visible. Mai placed the glass down on the bedside table, and then she noticed something sparkle on Ayako's bed. She peered closer, realising that they were glasses. She raised a brow, "Why do you have glasses?"

"The better to see you with dear," Was the strangled reply.

"Nice try but you don't need glasses, Ayako. You have absolute perfect vision."

"Oh yeah, I do don't I?"

Mai hummed in response but then she noticed something else was different about her friend. "Why are you smaller than usual, Ayako?"

"I took the wrong medication, dear."

"Oh, really now? I thought that you weren't taking any medicine."

"Well it seems that I have."

"And what did you take?"


"Ayako, that is for headaches and the like."

"Oh, I know that."

"Then why did you take it then if you knew it was for headaches."

"Maybe I did have one."

"And you said that was what had made you shrink. Advil won't do that."

"I see."

Mai glanced back at the water and then handed it to Ayako. A shaky hand reached out and grabbed it, slowly bringing it to her mouth. Mai raised an eyebrow and stared at that hand. "Why are your hands hairier than usual?"

"They just are dear."

"Okay. Then…um, why are you wearing braces?"

"My teeth aren't getting any straighter in my old age."

"You're twenty three."

"Oh yes, I almost forgot that."

"Hm, why do you have black hair?"

"I wanted a bit of a change."

"I see. Would you mind helping me with something in the kitchen?"

"I'm sorry dear, but my legs aren't at their best lately. All that walking I've done has made them weaker."

"Really? Where did you go?"

"To my job at the market place."

"Ayako Matsuzaki doesn't work at the market place."

"Yes, yes I do."

"No she doesn't. If you know where she actually works then go ahead and say it."

"I work at a shop."

"You might but Ayako doesn't."

"What are you talking about I am Ayako!"

"Nice try whoever the hell you are. But, I'm afraid, that you have missed some very simple facts. Ayako has red hair, doesn't wear glasses or braces, she is not small and she does not work at the market place."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Ayako has red hair, is quite tall and she is a doctor is training."

"What are you getting at?"

"If you are not Ayako then who are you?"

The imposter stood from the bed, knocking away the mounds of blankets. Mai was finally able to see who was impersonating her friend. As Mai looked at him, she realised that she had seen him before. Osamu Yasuhara, the boy that loved dogs. You wouldn't see him without one.

"Where the hell is Ayako?!" Mai roared, she was getting mad.

"She is none of your concern now."

"Don't tell me who is or is not my concern!"

"Gee, I was only–"

Mai leaped forward and punched him in the face, sending him backwards. Yasu tried to stand up after that (painful) hit but found himself being hit again with something much harder. He felt woozy and his vision was hazy. Soon, he wouldn't remember a thing.

"Mai?!" Someone shouted as they stared from the doorway. "What are you doing?"

"You know Naru, I might try to be a huntsman too! It's a lot of fun!"

Character list:

Mai is Little red riding hood

Naru is huntsman

Yasu is big bad wolf

Masako is another victim

Monk is random guy

John is random guy

Ayako is the grandmother

Lin is random guy

Madoka is random guy

Luella and Martin are random people