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Cinderella, or something along those lines part two

To say that Naru hadn't searched would be the understatement of the millennia. He had brooded over this subject for a matter of days and eventually he decided that he is not doing this to see her again but to give her back her bag full of personal belongings. He was feeling a bit nervous about it though. One does not simply show up on one's doorsteps returning their bag they had left a few weeks prior and leave without a word.

He was going to have to make conversation.

But how he should do that or even approach this situation? Well... he was at a loss. He couldn't think of anything. He wasn't a person to simply make conversation with a beautiful girl, let alone the one he had danced with at his parents' ball. He wasn't a man of many words regardless.

He didn't think walking up to her and going: "Hey, I remember you. You were the girl I danced with at the ball. I was just passing by... with your bag... and thought to drop it off when I saw your house. Mind if I come in and you make me some tea? That would be great. Thanks."

That would not work. Not at all. Why would he search for her all around the kingdom, holding her bag, until he found her? She might have left, moved away or was too busy to make idle chitchat. What would he do if he couldn't find her, and there he was carrying a female's bag in his hands. It wasn't terribly girly but it could never pass for a man's bag.

It just wouldn't do for the prince. He would be taunt for life. But-

He couldn't manage to spend any longer without seeing her face just once. He remembered the way they danced together. The way he clutched her waist. The way she had her arms around his neck. The closeness. The happiness he felt. He remembered how she had surprised him, she knew that he was not Gene and that they were, in fact, two different people with two different types of feelings. He had lead her to the table where he watched her drink, bite her lip, tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. He couldn't tare his eyes away from hers as they talked.

It was a nice feeling and he wanted to feel it again, to go through those emotions. But all he had to do was find her and not make a fool of himself. However, first came his date with Lin and Madoka in the tea shop in Shibuya - he was the chaperone.

"Ahhh," Madoka sighed in delight after she had just downed her cup of tea. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and then her eyes scanned across the room, looking for someone. She spotted them and his her smirk as she turned away from that person.

"I'm going to the bathroom. Don't do anything stupid." Naru said as he left her and Lin to themselves.

"Mai!? Mai! Over here!" She called once Naru was out of earshot.

Mai, startled, dropped a tea cup on the floor. Madoka rushed to help her clean up the shards, making a note not to startle the young girl again. Once they were cleared away, Mai was dragged back to Madoka's table where Lin sat curiously and patiently. "Mai, this is Lin Koujo. Lin this is Mai Taniyama, the girl who danced with Noll and Gene at the ball a few weeks ago."

"Nice to meet you," Lin said.

Mai nodded, smiling. "Nice to meet you Lin-san. How are you?"

"Enough with that," Madoka interrupted them. "How have you been Mai? No boyfriends or anything?"

Mai shook her head furiously, her cheeks grew hot when she immediately thought of the prince she danced with last. "No, no! Of course not."

"That's good to hear. Have anyone in mind?"

Yet again, she thought of the prince and her cheeks grew even hotter if that were possible. "Na- No! No! There's no one!" She covered her face with her hands in attempt to cover her raging blush but Madoka started teasing her which made it even worse.

"Oh come on Mai-chan! I know you like someone. Do I know them...? Is it Noll? The prince?"

Mai almost choked on air when Madoka had said that. It was like she seen straight into her mind. It scared her a little bit. "Ah ha! You do like him! I knew it. Lin, she does like him. I so called that one. Aww! I should have bet some money on it."

"She hasn't actually declared her undying love for Noll has she now? Don't go jumping to conclusions."

Mai had heard enough, she was too embarrassed. She quickly excused herself and left the shop just as Naru slipped into his seat. "Who was that?"

"Oh, just an old friend."

For the next few days, Naru could be found staring holes into his laptop. His curtains closed and piles of dishes and clothes scattered across his floor. He hadn't once left his room other than to go to the bathroom. The rest of the time he had been researching possible whereabouts for Mai Taniyama. And so far, all he had pulled up was random Mai's he couldn't care less for and random Taniyama's that were getting on his nerves.

No matter how much he looked. He could not find a Mai Taniyama. And it was eating him up alive.

"If you want to see her so bad, why don't you go to her school?" Lin said as he came to take away the dirty dishes for the third time that day.

"Wouldn't that attract too much attention?" Was his reply.

"I suppose you are right."

"I always am."

And then the next day passed by and Naru had discarded his laptop on his desk, believing it to be of no use. He changed into his usual black attire and joined his family for the first time in three days at the dining table for breakfast. They looked at him, curious as to why he was suddenly emerging now. They coughed the awkwardness away and began to eat.

"So Noll!" Gene shouted from the opposite end of the long long table. "Was your cave getting too unhygienic for you or what?!"

"Shut up, Gene!" He shouted back, totally ignoring his family's persistent looks.

"Why did you come out? The bats were too loud?!"

"They were perfectly fine, thank you very much." Naru played along to Gene's weird little game.

"Oh I bet they were!"


"So how is the princess doing?"

"She's doing perfectl- wait... What!?"

"The princess, Noll? Can you hear me?" Gene raised his voice louder. "How is the bloody princess doing?!"

"What princess?"

"The one we danced with at the ball, Idiot Scientist!"

"How am I supposed to know if she is fine or not."

"Well you have been pursuing her haven't you? Lin told me."

Naru glared at Lin before grabbing his plate and going outside to eat instead. He couldn't be dealing with his brother at the moment and he didn't want his parents knowing he was moping over a girl who he had spoken to a few weeks ago. He was a bit angry at Lin for telling Gene and at Madoka because all she did was giggle like a school girl like she knew something he didn't. It irked him.

He decided that he was going to go for a walk to calm his nerves and soon enough, he found himself at the tea shop again. He walked up to the counter and asked for a cup of earl grey. The girl told him to go and find a seat while another employee would make it for him. He settled himself down in the corner out of the way and rubbed his forehead roughly. He needed to see Mai soon. He was becoming unhealthy. He had a lack of sleep, he stayed in a dark room for several days straight, he wasn't eating properly.

But then thought of Mai crowded his mind again, over flowing until that was all he could think about. Why, after only speaking once, did she manage to do this to him? Get him to be like this? He could only bet that she wasn't feeling the same. She wasn't the one that had to search everywhere to look for him.

"Here's your tea," a sweet voice said as she placed his tea down in front of him.

Naru took it without looking up at the girl, he drank until it was empty and slammed the cup back down on the table. He was beginning to get frustrated. Why couldn't he find her wherever he looked. It was like she was out of his reach. On top shelf in the back where no one would dare to look. That was how he felt. He felt like she was too far away yet so close.

"You seem tired since the last time I saw you, what have you been doing to yourself?" The girl teased.

He still did not look up but froze in his chair. That voice was familiar. He liked that voice. It brought back nice memories of a few weeks ago. He jerked his head up to see the back of the girl which was just here. She was walking away with his empty tea cup. The girl's brown hair rested on her shoulders, capturing the narcissist's attention. With each step she took away from him, her hair bounced, showing the bare skin of her shoulders. The work dress that she was wearing was low cut, showing off her the top half of her back and shoulders.

Naru had hold down a surprised gasp. It was Mai. He was sure of it... And she was walking away from him.

He got up, almost knocking over the chair and followed her. "Mai!"

She turned around and gave a big smile as she handed him another cup of tea. "So how have you been."

"Well actually..."

AN: I have a few story ideas for ghost hunt if you want to read them. I just had a creative spur recently and I thought I would get your input on the ideas and see which one you would like me to start writing after I have finished at least one of my other stories.

Idea A: Olivia Davis has left for Japan to search for her twin sister Gemma after she was ran over and dumped in a lake. Olivia goes by the name Mai Taniyama and opens an office in Shibuya know as Shibuya Psychic Research, better known as SPR. Shibuya Kazuya runds into Olivia when he is telling ghost stories one afternoon. And the next day when he hurts her assistant, Lin, when knocking over a camera. Shibuya Kazuya is made to work with Olivia for the expense of that camera. (Naru and Mai have switched places, if you would like to call it that and Masako is a boy just so that the story would work. I've already written up to the point where Naru and Mai meet in the classroom)

Idea B: Mai Taniyama is an assassin that goes by the name of Mason and dresses like a boy. She goes under Takigawa Houshou's wing along with several others: John, Yasu, Naru and the Lin, the butler. In order for Mai to get officially accepted, she has to have some fights with these people. She fights Yasu first, beating him without even trying. She is then to fight John, but someone holds John back and volunteers himself. Naru. Naru is the big shot of the place, he can fight like a boss and doesn't like to fight with newbies. The fight ends and Naru finds out that Mason is actually a girl called Mai. (Already started writing it, enough to fill one chapter.)

Idea C: Mai was found by Monk when she was eleven years old, crying outside of his home. He brings her inside and makes her some tea. She explains that she is an orphan and everyone who had looked after her had ended up in a terrible accident. Monk takes her in. Five years later, Monk is heading to a job interview at Shibuya Psychic Research and brings Mai along with him. Mai goes off and hacks into Lin's computer, expressing some of her hidden abilities. A computer whiz; hacking and programming especially. She has a psychic ability. With one look in the eye, she has access to your deepest thoughts and desires, past and darkest secrets. The eyes are the window to the soul, after all. (Already started writing, enough to fill at least one chapter.)

Idea D: Shackles bashing against her ankles, cuffs gripping onto her wrists, she was lead out of her cell. The inmates laughing and pointing, "You're next! Ha ha!" She was pushed into a chair in a secluded room. The chair opposite spun around and there she was looking at a man no older than herself. His black hair all disheveled, his eyes so blue, his expression so cold. Almost like stone. Hard to crack, but with enough persistence it will one day. "Mai Taniyama," He mumbled while flipping through some files. "You have two simple choices. Have a noose hung around your neck and perish a horrible death. Or, become the commander's new food tester for poisons." (Based on one damn awesome novel called Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. Already started writing, I really want to get more done and upload it.)

AN: So here are your choices. Please tell me which one you would like and in the mean time I will try and get further with my other stories so that I don't have loads piled up.