Based on the story by Z-King. Written by Lord Primeval

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Chapter one: Dawn

The forest was dark as the stars began to emerge in the sky. The trees echoed with the sounds of wildlife in natural splendor. The only bit of human interference as a single pair of people walking through the woods.

The pair was made up of a chubby young man and a skinny young woman. The young man was covered in sweat, despite the fact that it was only 71 degrees.

"Why are we out here Airi?" he complained, "If they catch us we'll be in big trouble."

The girl just sighed and turned to face the boy.

"Don't you ever listen, Daiki?" she said, becoming rather cross. "There hasn't been a sighting for months now. No Titans, not the Alpha predator, no living thing over nine feet tall. So grow a pair already."

"Gee," Daiki said, "The Titans are gone. Remember the last time they said that? If I recall, the entire Wall Maria came down. So forgive me for being a little cautious!"

Airi groaned and lowered her head in defeat.

"You're right." She said, "I guess I should show a little more self-control."

Daiki placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Well," he said, "We're already out here, so let's get moving."

The duo continued on walking. Airi was just glad someone supported her choice of study; Astronomy. After all, that is why they were out here so late was due to her stargazing. About two hours ago, they saw an object fall and land somewhere out here. Airi, being the spontaneous type, decided they had to investigate right away.

After another half hour of walking, they came across something odd. Inside a relatively large ditch, a large stone mass sat quietly. The two curiously came closer.

"What is this?" Daiki asked.

"Well," Airi said, "This does rule out being a comet. Maybe a meteor? It should have left a bigger impact on the surface."

She placed her hand on the structure, seeing if she could identify the texture. She then stood still in terror. Airi could have sworn she felt a heartbeat inside the stone.

Suddenly, the structure began to crack. Then, as if it were a small ornament box, opened itself. The two humans stood back as they watched something from inside stir. The thing resembled a rather scrawny looking humanoid, but they couldn't make much out of it due to the darkness of night. The thing stood about 50 feet tall, slouching slightly. The thing turned its head, glaring its glowing eyes at Airi and Diaki. It roared as it lumbered forward.

"Airi, RUN!" Diaki shouted, pulling her away from the monstrosity.

The thing reached out his thin, spidery hand as the two ran off. Like darts, a few shards of crystal flew from the creature's hand. They scattered around them, until one made its way into Diaki's leg. He fell over in agony, literally pined to the ground thanks to the crystalline substance.

"Diaki!" Airi shouted.

"Just go! GO!" he yelled, trying to mask the pain.

But it was too late, the thing had caught hold of her. It slowly brought her closer to its face, ignoring the struggle from Airi. In one swift motion, the thing bit into her flesh, tearing her completely in two.

Diaki closed his eyes, facing the ground. He didn't want to admit what he saw just happened. He couldn't breathe. He looked back up, seeing the creature towering above him. The last thing he saw before his death was the thing's horrible hand coming towards him.

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