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List of Heroes

Oogway- White Sage- powers- telekinesis, mind reading, and sees the future

Shifu- Red Justice- powers- telekinesis, read minds

Tigress- Huntress- super strength

Viper- Emerald- invisibility

Crane- White Shriek- power high pitch shriek

Mantis- Quick Jade- super speed

Monkey- Jokester- power really flexible

Po- Dragon- can himself/others, can grow wings and fly, breathe fire and ice, and is super strong like a dragon

Heroes of Legend

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Since the beginning there have been heroes and villains. Good has always been against evil and good usually wins. Yet, there are some heroes that are made and some that are born. So what makes a hero a true hero? In this tale there is an old legend of six incredible individuals that had to answer that very question. Normally they worked alone and five of them became a team till they needed a new member to help them in their battle for justice. Now this new member was stronger than the others and feared they would do more harm than good. But soon they began to trust each other and became more than just a team they became a family. Alas I am getting too ahead in the story let's go back to where the story first began, one night in Peace City.

In Peace City, it was a calm and friendly place. Of course there were trouble with a few bandits but the city was not worried for they had two great protectors White Sage and Red Justice. White Sage dressed all in white and had the power to not only read minds but move things with his mind as well as see into the future. Red Justice was White Sage's student and fought alongside him to protect their home. Yet, soon White Sage began to grow old and Red Justice retired to care for his master. Soon the city was still at peace but soon enemies would come and a new hero would have to step up and defend Peace City.

Shifu a red panda was walking through the streets of Peace City looking on and enjoying the silence. Since he retired as Red Justice the city was still peaceful but he kept his skills alert in case the city needed him to protect it. His thoughts were interrupted by a cry in the night. "What is that?" he asked and walked down the street to a deserted alleyway. To his surprise wrapped in a bundle of cloths was a hungry and scared female tiger with golden eyes. "Why hello there little one, what brings you here?" he asked picking up the small child. The baby tiger quit crying as she looked at him and a smile came to her face. Shifu smiled back and held her close to him. "I should take you to an orphanage," he said sadly. Yet, he looked into the girls eyes and knew she needed him and he needed her. "But I won't if you will have me as a father I will raise you as my daughter, my little Tigress," Shifu said and carried the child back to his home, the Jade Palace.

Now farther away in a bad part of town lived a young female monkey named Hannah struggling to give birth to her baby. She gave birth to a baby boy with orange fur and brown eyes. "My son, my little Monkey," Hannah said holding him close and vowed to give her son as much as she could so he would have a good life.

Near where Monkey lived in another village not far from the Peace City, a female Mantis named Jetta was giving birth to her children. All of them were great in size except one a dark green boy she named Mantis. "He may not survive for he is so tiny my advice, kill him now so he won't have to suffer," the doctor told her.

"No, I will not kill my son, I don't care how small he is my Mantis will live!" Jetta vowed as she held her son close. The doctor shook his head but left Jetta with her children.

The next child was born to a snake clan that was the leader of the village. Jun-Jan the noble snake slithered home to greet his wife, Lilly. She was to have their first child and he wanted to be there to see his son or daughter's face. Once he arrived he went to his wife and found her happily holding a small bundle. "Our daughter," Lilly said happily. Jun-Jan was beyond happy a daughter, a little girl. He asked to hold his baby girl and once his eyes laid upon the emerald snake girl with those beautiful eyes he fell in love with her. Yet, once she smiled at him, he saw that she had no fangs.

"She doesn't have fangs, I don't know if she can protect the valley when I am gone, but I still love her no matter her appearance. My little Viper can be anything she wants to be I will just train her to be smarter so she won't need fangs," Jun-Jan said cuddling his Viper as Lilly watched on with love.

Now in another village a female Crane name Stella was rocking her new born son to sleep. His feathers were white as snow and he had kind eyes. Yet, he looked so thin that his mother was scared he would not live. "I will protect you my little Crane, and try to make you as strong as I can," his mother vowed kissing him on the head.

The last child was not born but found like Tigress had been. Deep in the country part of Peace City, a goose by the name of Mr. Ping was leaving his restaurant. He owned a noodle shop for many years and never had time for romance so he had no children of his own. On a starry sky night he gazed into the sky and said, "I wish I could have a child". Yet, he knew it was a foolish wish and continued walking down by the river to his home. Till he stopped and listened to a sound as gentle as the morning breeze, "What was that?" Mr. Ping asked. He followed the noise to the river and pulled back some grass and weeds to reveal a small basket caught between two rocks. Inside the basket wrapped in a blue blanket was a baby boy, panda. His fur was a mix of white and black with eyes of jade. "Why hello little one, where are your parents?" Mr. Ping asked picking up the baby panda from the river. He looked all around but saw no one come for the baby and realized his wish came true. This baby needed him and he wished for a child so, he smiled and said, "So, little one would you like to come home with me?" he asked. The panda smiled at him as he giggled. "I will take that as a yes," Mr. Ping giggled and carried his son home and named the baby panda Po.

Now unbeknown to Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, Crane, or even Po, all six had an incredible destiny ahead of them. Each was given great power and soon they would become the one thing they would never think they could be, heroes. This is how their legend began.

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