Chapter 20: Coming Together

"Po, we can't just leave, something is wrong here. Tigress thinks I stole something and said I was taking you away, but I wasn't. The last thing I remember was meditating by the Peach Tree and waking up in the woods. Now how did that happen?" Song asked.

"I, I don't know," Po replied. Tigress managed to get herself free, and looked from Song to Po.

"I admit that doesn't make sense either," said Tigress. Her anger was fading and she was trying to understand what was going on, herself. "Wait the others were angry, they each were yelling at each other. All of the wanted to leave," said Tigress.

"Why, would they do that?" asked Po, looking even more confused.

"Something fishy is going around here," Tigress said. Just then, a wave of water attacked Tigress.

"Tigress!" Po cried. An odd looking fish with a male snow leopard appeared out of the woods.

"Oh yes, dear Tigress, something fishy is going on here," the fish said smiling.

"Mistress Mugan and uh Tai-Lung, you two are behind this," Tigress asked getting up.

"Duh, along with some friends, but soon you will all be dead and China will be ours," said Tai-Lung.

"That is why the others wanted to leave, Tai-Lung attacked Song and drained her of her power, whatever you two do, don't let Tai-Lung touch you," said Tigress. She lunged at Mugan, yet the fish made water appear from the ground and use it to attack Tigress.


"Can't believe those jerks, after everything I done," grumbled Mantis, walking away. Just then a hard force hit him directly in his side. He stumbled and saw Dosu, before him.

"Hello Mantis, get ready to pay for stealing Hao, from me!" Dosu yelled.

"Dosu, what are you doing here?" Mantis asked.

"Some friends of mine have concocted the best plan to destroy you and the Furious Five, breaking Tai-Lung out was shear genius," Dosu said smirking.

"Tai-Lung, that explains everything, I have to warn my friends," said Mantis. Yet, Dosu stepped in front of him.

"You won't be warning anyone, for I will kill you, then Hao, will be all mine!" yelled Dosu, attacking Mantis.

Meanwhile with Crane

"I'm going home, mother will welcome me back, and how could I ever think they were my friends. I really thought Viper loved me," Crane said shedding tears.

"Oh poor scrawny legs, no one likes you huh? Well, maybe after I kill you, no one will mourn you either," said Fenghuang.

"Fenghuang, how did you get here?" asked Crane, looking shocked.

"Help from some friends, even from Tai-Lung," said the owl. "Once I destroy you, I will be the most feared bird in all of China," Fenghuang snapped and attacked Crane.

Meanwhile with Viper

"I can't believe I was so clueless," Viper sniffed, slithering down towards the village. Before she could shriek out for help, a dark shadow slammed her to the grabbed, as she gasped for air.

"Hello, worm," sneered a cruel voice.

"K-Kong," Viper gasped.

"Man, if I knew revenge would this be easy, I would have asked Tai-Lung for help years ago, Mugan is a genius," Kong agreed.

"Tai-Lung, oh no must warn the others," said Viper. She managed to turn invisible and Kong thinking she got away released his grip.

"Where did you go?" he demanded looking around. He felt himself being picked up and thrown to the ground. Viper took her chance and ran to get help. "Get back here worm!" Kong yelled, trying to follow her.

Meanwhile with Monkey

"Where can I go? I thought they were my family," Monkey said sadly.

"Have no fear dearie; I can take the pain away. Once you are dead you will feel no more pain, well you won't feel anything ever," said Scorpion.

"Scorpion!" yelled Monkey. Before Scorpion could attack an invisible force knocked her down. "What the?" asked Monkey. Just then Viper appeared before him.

"Monkey, Tai-Lung is working with Kong, Tai-Lung made us all believe we were never friends," said Viper.

"What Tai-Lung, Viper look out!" Monkey called pulling her out of the way as Kong came tearing through the woods. "Quickly let's find the others!" Monkey said carrying Viper and using his powers to swing from tree to tree.

"You idiot, they are getting away," hissed Scorpion. The two enemies ran after them.

Back with Po, Tigress, and Song

Tigress was attacking Mugan but the fish formed a water rope and was strangling Tigress. The poor feline was gasping for air. Just then a blast of fire erupted out of nowhere and hit Mugan.

"Ahhh!" screamed the fish trying to put out the flames on her scales. Tigress coughed up water, happy to be breathing again.

"Ti, you okay?" asked Po, blocking a punch by Tai-Lung.

"Fine," Tigress coughed. Song appeared and helped Tigress to her feet.

"Let's deal with this fish, and then we can help Po," said Song.

"How can you trap water?" asked Tigress.

"You don't, you evaporate it," answered the leopard. "Po, ring of fire!" she shouted.

"Are you sure?" asked Po.

"Do it!" Song yelled.

"Okay," said Po. He opened his mouth and breathed a ring of fire around Mugan. The smoke and flames circled around her. Fear spread all over the fish as she tried to get to water but her scales were drying up too fast.

"Now, ice ring!" shouted Song.

"Ah I got ya!" Po said smiling and formed an ice ring around the fire. The concoction formed a thick layer of lava, around the fish and she couldn't escape.

"No, no!" screamed the fish.

"One down, one to go!" growled Tigress.

"Go ahead, you touch me, I will just absorb your powers and use them against you," sneered Tai-Lung.

"Maybe, but can you handle all our powers at once?" asked Song. "Attack!" Song cried and lunged at Tai-Lung. He slowly drained her power but then Tigress lunged at him as well.

"Wait, stop I can't handle both!" Tai-Lung shrieked but his power continued to drain them. His legs were becoming gorilla legs, and he felt strong but couldn't control it. Before he threw them off, Po grabbed him and Po's power increased the pain. Tai-Lung felt his throat burning, but the rest of his body felt cold. His back ached as he grew wings and yelled out in pain but a puff of fire came out. Po released him and Tai-Lung fell down unconscious as his body was trying to control the new powers.

"Guess, you should have trained better," said Po.

"Guys look!" Song said. She saw Viper and Monkey being chased by a gorilla and a scorpion.

"Let's help our friends!" shouted Tigress. She ran towards Monkey and Viper, with Po and Song behind her. Kong lunged at Viper but Po blew a gust of ice freezing the gorilla in place. He could barely move his eye balls.

"Well, that was easy, thanks Po," said Viper. Then she turned invisible and attacked Scorpion as, Monkey smiled and wrapped himself around Scorpion to keep her in place.

"Monkey, throw her!" shouted Po. Monkey nodded and threw Scorpion in the air and Po blasted her with his icy breath. Just like Kong, she couldn't move at all.

Crane was flying and attacking Fenghuang with his sonic screech. "No, not again," said Fenghuang. "Your scream will fail you, your wings are getting heavy oh so heavy," she said. Just then Crane couldn't lift his wings and felt his throat sore and dry. "Now fall!" cackled Fenghuang. To his horror Crane felt himself falling, luckily his friends saw him fall.

"Crane!" shouted Viper looking worried. Po grew his wings and flew after Crane.

"I will get Crane, Tigress, you and Song take care of that owl. Viper and Monkey, find Mantis!" said Po. They nodded and went off; Song grew wings and carried Tigress. Po caught Crane and smiled at him.

"Po," Crane said weakly.

"I got ya, buddy," Po assured. Song flew after Fenghuang and the owl wasn't expecting what she was seeing.

"Let her have it, Tigress!" Song yelled.

"With pleasure," said Tigress and punched Fenghuang so, hard the owl crashed into the ground, knocked out cold.

Back with Mantis

Mantis could barely move; Dosu had improved since last time they fought. "Prepare to die, Mantis!" Dosu yelled. Yet, before he could a ribbon appeared and wrapped itself around Dosu and pulled him to the ground.

"Leave my brother alone," said Viper. She dragged Dosu around the ground and flung him into a tree. He like his comrades were knocked out cold.

"Mantis, you okay buddy?" asked Monkey picking up his friend.

"Yeah, thanks to you guys," said Mantis smiling. Soon Mugan, Tai-Lung, Kong, Fenghuang, Dosu, and Scorpion were carried away to jail. Everyone looked at each other and apologies had come, mostly from Tigress and Song.

"Look, Song, I," said Tigress.

"Hey, it's cool, if I were you and if I heard what you heard, I would doubt me too," said Song. The two felines smiled and hugged each other. "Just take care of my brother," Song said. Po walked up to Tigress and smiled.

"You two okay now?" he asked.

"Yeah, and Po," said Tigress, before he could reply she kissed him. Crane and Viper kissed and the others rejoiced.

"Let's go home," said Monkey and they all smiled and headed for home.


The Furious Five along with Dragon and Changeling helped keep peace in the Valley and everywhere else. Po and Tigress dated and soon married. Song, remained at the Jade Palace but sometimes returned to Mr. Ping's and worked there. Where her and Monkey formed a bond and soon turned to romance. Crane and Viper dated and married as well. Mantis dated his butterfly girlfriend and soon married like his friends. Oogway died a happy turtle, knowing his home would be in good hands. Mugan, Kong, Tai-Lung, Scorpion, Fenghuang, and Dosu, spent the rest of their lives in jail. Each member of the hero team had children and Master Shifu along with their parents helped teach the next generation. Yet, this is how the Furious Five, Dragon and Changeling's story began. This is how they became heroes of legend.

The End

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