Love and Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic, Irradiated World

Summary: A collection (100!) of Drabbles – each 100 words long, unless otherwise noted and featuring but not limited to Bellarke. Will not be in order of the series.
A/N: Don't know why I would do this to myself, but oh well... leave a one-word prompt in reviews/comments if you like and thank you for reading!

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde


1. Sunshine

If you call Bellamy out on it, he would deny it.

No, he was not watching for her as she came out of the drop-ship early in the morning. No, he was not admiring the way the sun, just rising, illuminates her golden tresses causing them to glow like a halo around her tired, striking, blue eyes.

And no, he was definitely not caught off guard by the innocent, intoxicating way she turns her face up to catch the sunshine, absorbing energy from the warming rays.

Good thing the only person gutsy enough to try is Octavia.

And maybe Clarke.

2. Mercy

He's frozen in a mixture of fear, uncertainty and – hope.

Watching Atom, there's a flicker of hope that maybe something can save him. But as Bellamy sends the others back to camp, holding the knife that Charlotte returns to him to put Atom out of his misery, he acknowledges that there is no such thing.

Only mercy.

He finds himself resentful but thankful that Clarke is there. Bellamy hates her kindness and sympathy because it's not a sign of weakness here. Right now, it only shows how much stronger she is than him.

And he can only respect that.

3. Routine (word count: 200)

They developed a pattern – a routine.

They had to.

Before, they were balancing on the edge of civility. Now though, even with less animosity between them, their relationship was still an unpredictable, tenuous one.

He knew, Clarke would always find a contradiction.

She was always so pragmatic.

She knew, to brace for Bellamy to always disagree.

He was always so stubborn.

But (thankfully) part of that routine was that in the end, there was a compromise. Always. And learning to do so was based on mutual respect. Hard earned and (most definitely) well deserved.

In the mornings they would meet over the fire to discuss the camp's needs. Likewise, night would bring them back to that same fire to summarize whether or not the day had gone as planned.

(Often times, not really.)

Lately, with little activity from the Grounders, the routines of Bellamy and Clarke became paramount. And the camp found that they could literally set their time to the two leaders movements. It's funny, how they complemented and depended on one another in the end.

They created a routine because they simply needed one. Just as simply as they realized that they needed each other to survive.

4. Water – I

Finn thinks it's kind of amazing how water feels against your skin. Even more so, he's surprised at how buoyant he feels, bouncing up and down across from Clarke. Of course he's read about it in Earth Skills back on the Ark. They all have at one point.

He just never expected it to feel like this. Water was always rationed, so precious and crucial to survival. So sitting here, splashing about in all this liquid, kind of blows his mind. He's feeling blasphemous. But he can't help bobbing up and down and enjoying the astonished expression on Clarke's face.