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Bloodlust – Chapter 1

The scorching summer sunlight was overbearing and weakened his normally deft and immortal body, but he made no effort to move into the shade. Standing in the midst of students and teachers, his blue eyes stared over at the direction of his school's iron gates, or more precisely, at the beautiful woman who was walking into the school with a lecherous looking boy next to her. She was just as radiant as ever, her flowing red hair blowing in the soft wind like a river of blood. As usual, the collar of her uniform exposed a part of her neck, her soft and sweet skin. He felt hungry at the sight of her, his fingers tingled and his breath quickened, but he controlled himself.

Lightly biting his lips, he turned around and walked into the school, brushing strands of his blond hair out of his eyes while he ignored the hushed whispers and giggles around him. There were other options, countless of them in fact, but he knew that none would ever taste as good as his master, his king. If he had to wait in order to enjoy such delicacy, then so be it.

"So that's the boy," stated a calm voice that greeted him as he climbed to the top of the stairs. "I must say, I expected more." The young woman had her arms crossed as she looked down from the railing, her violet eyes serious and calm. "But if Rias sees value in him, then there should be more than meets the eye."

"Indeed," he muttered softly, his eyes trailing to the sight beneath him.

"Have you ever spoken with him before?"

He smiled softly at the young woman and shook his head. "Sona-kaicho, you know me better than that." The young woman gave a small nod, "I have no desire to associate myself with someone driven by such primitive and cheap lust." He looked down at the boy, who looked embarrassed as he followed behind Rias like a lost puppy.

Sona lightly pushed her glasses against the bridge of her nose, a small smirk gracing her lips. "I'd never thought that you would accuse another to be driven by primitive lust," she said as she looked up at the young man through the corner of her eyes. "Not when I can sense the lust you have inside you, right at this moment, Naruto."

The blond smiled and revealed his slightly elongated fangs. "I don't consider myself primitive, Sona-chan, and my lust is hardly cheap."

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, a most apt description of you."

Naruto leaned closer to Sona, until his cold breath tickled her neck. "Most definitely, but I am not the only beholder; I am sure you can appreciate it as well." Sona closed her eyes, but didn't react otherwise, Naruto's usual seductive charm seemingly ignored. "I must head to class, Sona-kaicho; it was a pleasure to speak with you again."

Sona released a breath she didn't know she was breathing as Naruto walked away, her heart pounding harder than usual and face feeling unusually warm.

'I hate when he does that…'

The Old School Building used to be an apt name, back when it resembled an old and broken down hut, but in recent years, it looked newer than the main school. By the hands of the finest carpenters money could hire, the Old School Building was transformed into a two story masterpiece. Each stone used for the pillars were meticulously selected from thousands of solidified magma from the Underworld. The lumber came from five hundred years old and a hundred feet tall trees that used to house hundreds small creatures, creatures that could kill a human with a single bite. Every time Naruto stepped up the front porch of the building, he would take the time to appreciate the effort the house represented.

Stepping through the door, he immediately felt stronger – the sunlight stopped weighing down his back. It had been a tedious day, eight hours of teachers mumbling their lectures and of girls whispering behind his back, with only a can of tomato juice to sedate his thirst. He was silently glad to have reached the third year; after two years – seven-hundred and thirty days – he had finished two thirds of the bane of his existence. How some student enjoyed class so much, he would never understand; lessons back in the Underworld were much more enjoyable.

As Naruto climbed the flight of stairs to the second floor, his senses flared. What he wanted was just inside the room ahead of him, he was very close. Stepping across some creaky wooden flooring, he placed his hand on the golden handle, and with a gentle turn, he pushed. The door opened and the smell became strong and clear, almost as if it was taunting his thirst, his hunger. His eyes flashed red as his throat ran dry; he ran his tongue across his lips, leaving a glistening gleam.

"Naruto, is that you?"

Rias Gremory, the heiress apparent of the Gremory Family, Archduke, stepped out of the far side of the room where her personal shower was placed. She had a towel wrapped around her voluptuous body while she dried her hair with another, her flowing, silky, blood-red hair. She smiled at Naruto, her servant, childhood friend, Rook. It was full of her usual affection coupled with a hint of teasing, as if she could sense his thirst, his desire. Her blue eyes stared into to his hungry blue, as if taunting him to come closer. She looked beautiful, good enough to eat.

He stepped closer, each step drawing him closer to her delightful body, her intoxicating scent.

Rias' smiled never faltered, not even a little, as he stepped closer to her, his breath tickling her hair. She was used to it, used to how his fingers would trace their way up her arms until his hands held her shoulders. She was used to how his touch would feel cold, yet fill her with a warm sensation. She was used to how he would slowly and gently push her back unto a wall, until his chest was pressed against her breasts. He grew taller again, she would think as she felt the need to tilt her head up to look into his eyes. She used to be the taller one, and he had to stand on his tippy toes to nip at her skin, but that was no longer the case. He had grown into a man, just as she grown into a woman. It was different, yet the same. No matter how much he would tower over her, or how many times he would do it to her, it would make her heart race every single time.

Naruto tilted his head down and softly kissed her forehead. He heard her breathe out, clearly trying to mask her moan. It made him smile, even after so many years he still had such an effect on Rias, the ever elegant and regal Rias. Softly and gently, his fingers trailed down her arms and only stopped when he felt her hands. He played with her fingers, rubbing them in-between his own and brushing his fingertips against her red nails. He was still smiling as he gently lifted her hands and kissed her fingertips, one by one, staring into her dazed eyes as he did so.

"I was looking for you last night," whispered Naruto softly as he held Rias' hands above her head, leaning close to her ear. "I came to the clubroom, to your home, to your room, but I couldn't find you anywhere." Naruto's spiky blond nuzzled against her silky red, his lips barely touching her earlobe. "I was worried, you know; I couldn't sense you."

Rias' face was flushed. "I was with our new family member; I had to heal him so my demonic energy was probably too low for you to sense from far away." Her whispers were gentle and sweet, and her breath tickled his ear, leaving a nice tingly sensation. "I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to call you."

Naruto gave a small laugh, the huskiness making her blush more. "It's alright, there's nothing to apologize for…" The blond trailed off as he placed a kiss on her ear, then her earlobe, then her jawline. "But I am so hungry right now; I've waited all day to finally have this moment with you."

Rias moaned, no longer feeling the need to hide them. "Go ahead."

The Rook's smile grew as he lean down, "Thank you, Rias-chan." He licked the side of her neck, tasting her sweet skin as she arched her back, pushing her breasts further into his chest. With a slow inhale, Naruto parted his lips, revealing his growing fangs, which were twice the length of normal, and bit down.


Naruto felt Rias' body shake and her knees quiver as she moaned. Damn, it sounded amazing, so sexy, so exhilarating. Her delicious warm essence seeped into his mouth, tasting just as heavenly as it had been for the past five years. It quenched his thirst, abated his hunger. He felt his body tingle in relief and he couldn't help but moan against her neck, making her shiver all the more. Her blood sent him into euphoria. It was perfect, it tasted perfect. Like a glass of summer wine at night or like chilled champagne on the beach, it was perfect. He released her hands from above her and they immediately circled behind his neck, pulling him closer to her. His own arms went around her shapely waist, lifting her a few inches off the ground as he continued to feed. After another minute, he was finished and released her from his grasp, placing her gently on the ground.

Rias' face was even more flushed than before, and her breathing had become rapid, her chest rising and falling to the rhythm. She stared into Naruto's eyes, want and desire clearly present. She watched as he licked some blood from his lips; it made her feel fuzzy and hot. She leaned against the wall and tried to calm her breathing, her arms still placed on his shoulders as she did so.

"You taste just as heavenly as always," he whispered as he lean down to lick her neck, the two teeth marks miraculously vanishing with a touch of his tongue, leaving her rosy skin unblemished.

"Mou…don't say it like that," muttered the King as she looked away from Naruto.

"You're still easy to tease, Rias-chan." Naruto whispered softly against her ear, already feeling much better after his meal. "After so many years, I would think you'd be used to the way I treat you." Rias blushed at his breath tickling her ear, "My beautiful mistress."

The girl gently pushed him away by the chest, looking into his eyes as she did. "But you seem to get worse by the day." Rias almost shivered at the look Naruto had in his eyes, one that almost personified his desire and mirth. "You used to blush and act really shy when you ask if you can suck my blood, but now…"

Naruto smiled and stood up straight, giving the girl some space. "What can I say; I've grown up and am really not shy anymore."

Rias returned the smile. "I'll say; you're worse than Akeno now."

The blond's eyes followed Rias with a hint of amusement as she reached for her clothes on the couch, watching her drop her towel to the ground. He didn't know if she was teasing him or just felt safe around him, but either way he enjoyed it. He unconsciously bit his lips as Rias bent over to slip on her black lace panties; they were not as sexy as Akeno's lace thong, but was still very appetizing. Every time Naruto saw his master like this, it would make him wonder how she changed so much. A few years ago she was on otaku through and through. Seemingly without his notice, she had changed into a graceful, elegant, beautiful young woman. Though he was sure she still had some of her old self in her; the little girl who liked to experiment with him was still present.

"Here, let me help you." Naruto stepped behind Rias and clipped her bra together. "You seem to need help with this part." Rias remained silent, but didn't stop him. In fact, if he looked at her face, he would have seen a small smile. "Besides, this seems a little nostalgic."

Back in the Underworld, Naruto's room was right next to Rias', and he would sometimes be the one to wake her up in the morning. The memory made him smile. He was only twelve years old then, and Rias was a few inches taller than him. The princess would sometime be too tired to wake up and be quite resistant, so he would help her dress and prepare. She didn't even use a bra then, but she quickly filled the cups. It didn't seem too weird for him since she was his best friend, but as soon as puberty started, it changed.

"Basking in nostalgia today, aren't you?" Rias smiled as she too remembered their life back in the Underworld, back when Akeno, Naruto and little Gasper were her only friends and peerage. "You were so cute back then." The King was giggling as she started to button her shirt. "Akeno and I made you blush like a tomato; even Sona teased you a little."

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Yeah, funny how things turn out, huh?" The Rook's hands circled Rias' waist and zipped up her magenta skirt, tucking in her shirt into it. "Akeno-chan is pretty much immune to my teasing since she's just as bad as me, but you and Sona-chan are the tomatoes now." He wrapped the black corset around Rias' body as she raised her arms up, smiling down at him fondly. "Especially Sona-chan, it's like all her blood rushes to her face," Naruto laughed at the Student Council President's face. "How she still maintains that emotionless expression when her face is glowing, I'll never know."

"Keep doing that to Sona, Serafall-sama will come teach you a lesson." Rias tied her black ribbon around the collar of her shirt.

Naruto smirked as he lifted Rias in his arms; the girl was still tying her bow and seemed perfectly fine with him manhandling her. "I'm sure Serafall-sama has more important things to do than freeze me." The Rook placed Rias onto a chair in front of the clubroom mirror, "But even so, I love her reactions too much to stop." Naruto reached for a hairbrush Rias has set out and started to comb through her long hair.

Rias giggled as she applied her eyeliner. "Sooner or later, all three of us will get back at you."

Naruto spun her chair around and knelt down to her height. "Yeah, well I'm not too concerned." His hand hovered over her selection of lipstick and eventually picked the ruby red. "The last time you tried to prank me, I ended up kissing you." Naruto smiled at the memory as Rias sighed. "I certainly would not mind if you want to do something like that again." The rook gently held Rias' chin with his fingers and leaned in to apply the lipstick. "But I guess I was the winner, I took your first kiss."

Rias tried not to move her lips as she spoke, "I took your first kiss too."

The blond was finished with the lipstick and placed it down with a sigh, "Such an unfair trade for you." Naruto stared into Rias' blue eyes with a smile. "By the way…" he trailed off as he leaned in closer to the girl, smiling at the growing blush on her face. "When was the last time we kissed?"

The Gremory looked to the side, blushing. "I don't know, maybe a few days ago?" Sometimes, when Naruto would finish sucking her blood, they would both feel hot and bothered and would share a kiss together, using the physical connection to convey some of their pent up affection. And when Rias thought back to those times, she noticed that they were becoming increasingly frequent. "I don't keep track of every time you try to bite my tongue."

Naruto smiled, clearly amused. "Yes you do."

Without another word, Naruto leaned in and kissed her. Rias' eyes widened, but almost immediately responded, as if out of reflex. The Rook's arms held onto the arms of the chair as he leaned up, pushing his lips deeper against hers. Rias' back was fully against the back of the chair, with her head tilted down to meet with Naruto's. She slowly held reached up and cupped his cheeks with her hands, holding his head close as she deepened the kiss on her end.

Naruto lightly bit into her lower lip, nibbling on it with a small smile. He then wrapped his lips around her lower lip, slightly sucking on it as he pulled away, making a small pop sound. Rias opened her eyes and stared into his once they parted, but before she could speak, Naruto kissed her again, this time even more intense. His tongue ravished her lips and forced its way into her mouth, relishing in its warmth. A wrestling match started between their tongues, both trying to overwhelm the other. Rias held onto Naruto's face tighter and added more pressure into the kiss, deepening it even further. She moaned into the kiss, feeling Naruto's hands move to hold her waist and slowly moving up.

"Ara ara, am I interrupting something?"

Rias instantly broke the kiss at the voice and looked over at the door. Akeno Himejima, her best friend and Queen, stood at the front of the room, pushing a tray of snacks towards them. She had her usual sweet smile – a veiled teasing gesture that Rias instantly recognized. Rias tried to redeem herself by trying to look as if nothing was happening, but with a string of saliva still connecting her lips with Naruto's, it wasn't working too well.

"You have the worst timing sometimes, Akeno-chan." Naruto sighed as he stood up, turning to look at his second childhood friend as he stuck his hands in his pockets.

"You two didn't have to stop," said the Queen as she placed the snacks onto the coffee table. "I've seen you two kiss many times, so what's the big deal if I see you two making out." Rias blushed at her words and looked away, trying to regain her lost dignity. "But I got to say, you never kiss me like that, Naru-kun."

"And he shouldn't!" exclaimed Rias as she hugged Naruto's head to her chest. "He's my Rook and should only kiss me!"

"Buchou is a selfish girl," Akeno said with a smile, touching her cheek lightly as she did. "You didn't mind me or Sona kissing him when we were back in the Underworld.

A few years back, the girls seemed to have entered an experimental age and wanted to try things with their only male friend. Rias was the bravest and the most confident about it at the time, and she blinded folded Naruto, told him that it was a game, and kissed him on the lips. Akeno could still remember how she felt nervous about it and how Sona looked absolutely horrified. But it was all in good fun. By the time Naruto figured out what was happening, all of them had kissed him at least three times, even Sona, who almost fainted.

"That was different!" Rias was still holding onto Naruto, who had an amused smile on his face. "We were all kids and didn't know what it meant!" The Gremory heiress blushed a little as she glared at Akeno. "First kisses mean a lot to girls!"

"I gave Naru-kun my first kiss as well, though, and so did Sona-kaicho." Seeing Rias try to come up with a response was fun for Akeno, but she knew they didn't have the time. "But anyway, you better hurry up; the others are on their way here."

"Fine!" Rias released Naruto and stood up, fixing her dress and lipstick.

As Akeno continued to place the snacks on the table, Naruto gently kissed Rias on her cheek and leaned close to her ear. "You'll always be my special lady; I belong to you, Rias-chan." Her face became even redder as she gave Naruto a shy smile, nodding all the while. "I'm your Rook, remember?" With that, Naruto turned around and sat down on the couch.

Akeno winked at him as he sat down, while whispering, "Lipstick, Naru-kun."

"Thanks, Akeno-chan." The vampire grabbed a napkin and wiped his mouth free of the ruby red before he looked down at the snacks. "Hey, did you bring any tom-"

"There right here, don't worry." Akeno smiled and placed a plate of tomato bread in front of Naruto with a wink. "I added some of my blood into it just for you."

Naruto smiled and quickly bit into a thick loaf. "You're the best, Akeno-chan." The young man actually smiled as he ate the heavenly bread; it tasted amazing, a mixture of tomato and Akeno's incredibly delicious blood. "I'll take a few more for the road!"

"Where are you going?" asked Rias as she sat down behind the large desk reserved for the president. "We're about the start the meeting with Issei."

"Sorry, but I have a client to meet right now; besides, I'm not overly excited to meet one of the perverted trio." Rias sighed as Naruto took the plate of tomato bread and stood at the other end of the room. "I've asked Koneko-chan to be on the lookout for me; if he pervs too much I'll beat him up myself."

"Don't kill my new pawn, Naruto; he should be a good addition to our family."

Naruto winked at Rias as he snapped his finger, a red magic circle appearing under his feet. "As you say, Buchou, but if he tries to touch you or the others, I'll get him for it." Rias sighed, but smile at him nonetheless. "I won't kill him, but breaking an arm or two might be needed to send a clear message." With a flash of red light, the magic circle enveloped Naruto's body and he disappeared, teleported off to the distance.

Akeno giggled as she finished with the snacks. "You better control Issei, Buchou, or Naru-kun will really hurt him."

Rias smiled with a sigh. "I will."

"Yo, Akuma-kun," said a middle aged man as he opened his door. "Right on time, as usual" Naruto smiled and nodded at his regular client. "Come on in, I got a new selection from France."

"Great, French is always nice."

The apartment was quite spacious, but that might be because of the man's lack in furniture. Most of the rooms in the home were just four walls and the ground. There were some standard appliances in the kitchen and several chairs in the living room, but that was about it. There was one flat screen television on the main wall of the living room, but Naruto had never seen the man turn it on. The one place that seemed most used was the man's liquor cabinet, which was a seven-foot tall and three-foot wide portable wine cellar with almost a hundred bottles of valuable selections.

"1787 Chateau Lafite, very impressive." Naruto smiled at the man as he whistled at the bottle. "This is one of the few bottles left in the world."

The man nodded as he started to uncork the bottle. "Indeed, this one bottle costs €120,000; I called quite a few people over there to get my hands on one." The cork came off and the man placed the bottle on the counter, smiling at the smell. "Let it breath for about ten minutes, and it should be good."

"Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite client?"

The man laughed as he placed two wine glasses on the table, both of them sparkling clean and without residue, both with no chance of affecting the taste of the wine. "You do say it from time to time, and I must say that I enjoy your company as well; it not easy sharing a glass of wine with a friend now days."

Naruto smiled and sat back on his chair. "I agree; I certainly cannot strike a proper conversation with most of my classmates; it's either they are too mindless or too dependent on their raging hormones." The man laughed as Naruto chuckled. "Don't get me wrong, I love girls a lot, but I don't try to get in the pants of every single one I come across."

"Well teenage boys are mostly like that," said the man with a shrug. "I remember when I was younger I had more girlfriends than I have bottles of wine now."

Naruto chuckled, "Well kudos."

"I was obsessed with breasts," said the man with a laugh. "The bigger the better and there were so many things you can do with them." Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the topic. "You can squeeze them and fondle them, like most men do, but you can also press on the nipple like a button." The man smirked and rested his elbows on the bar-table. "It's like a real button; the woman would go nyaa when you press it."

"Really, I would have to try it next time." Naruto had, on occasion, touched Rias and Akeno's breasts, but he had never pressed on their nipples. "You make it sound pretty fun to do."

"Good man." The man sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. "I know another young man about your age, but he's got no interest in girls at all and only likes to pick fights." Naruto nodded along and rested his arms on the bar as well. "I worry for him sometimes; at this rate he's going to be a virgin forever."

"Well, if he's happy…" Naruto shrugged, not really understanding how a normal teenager male would not like girls; he couldn't imagine not wanting to kiss Rias or Akeno, and certainly can't imagine the perverted trio not peeking in the girls' changing room. "But anyway, I see you've almost completed your collection." Naruto looked over at a small plaque with twelve buttons clipped on it. "All you're missing is the 1789 Inaugural; find that and you'll have each of George Washington's Campaign Buttons."

"I'm having a hard time with that one, but I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later, I always do." The man smiled then sighed. "When I start collecting things I don't stop until I collect every possible item, an annoying habit if there ever was one."

"At least you see things to the end."

The man smirked. "Yes," he muttered before he grabbed the bottle wine. "Any way, let's try this out." He poured enough wine to fill a quarter of the glass and passed it to Naruto. "Let's hope time has been kinder to this wine than it has to me."

Naruto chuckled before he raised his glass, "To our beloved buttons."

The man laughed, "Tits and antiques, two of my favorite things!" He lightly tapped his glass against Naruto's. "Cheers!"

The vampire gently swirled the wine in the glass before giving it a slight sniff, enjoying the delightful scent before gently sipping on it. He sighed in pleasure; just like some of his favorite blood, it tasted perfect. It wasn't as satisfying as Rias' or Akeno's blood, but it was still very enjoyable. He was sure that having drinks with his favorite client was better than having a meeting with Hyoudou Issei, the local frenzied sex-dog of the school.

Walking around the Old School Building at night was better, in Naruto's opinion. The sun would be gone and the air would be cooler. The building didn't feel stuffy; instead, it would feel crisp and cool. Some people might be bothered by the lack of light, but as a vampire and a devil, Naruto could see in the dark very well, so it didn't matter to him. He knew his way around the house like the back of his hand, so it wasn't as if he needed to use his eyes to look around. The room he was looking for was always at the same place, just down the hall from the clubroom.

Naruto walked up to a double door with some large chains locking it in place and a Gremory seal placed on the chain's lock. It was a seal, and when it was in place, no one would be able to open the doors on either end. Seeing that the seal was still active, Naruto stood by the door, waiting for a few minutes. Then, just like every other night, the locked, along with the chains, disappeared. The door was free and wouldn't be sealed again until morning.

"Are you awake yet, Gasper?" asked the blond as he opened the door and walked in.

The room was quite large. It walls were painted purple with black lining along the edges. There were quite a few stuff dolls of all sorts around the sides of the room, all of them purple or pink. Then there was a small coffin in the middle of the room, and the lid was open.

"Yep, good morning, Naru-nii!"

There was a boy sitting in the coffin, but he looked rather girly. He was wearing the girls' uniform instead of the boys', and was hugging a bunny plushy to his chest. He had light blond hair, much lighter than Naruto's shade, and purple eyes. He had a large smile on his face when he saw his surrogate older brother walk into the room and quickly stood up to hug him.

Naruto smiled at the boy hugging him and patted him on the head, ruffling his hair. "It should be good night, but I guess that doesn't really matter for us vampires." The Rook looked around the room and was amused to see some candy wrappers on the floor. "Did Koneko-chan come to give you sweets again?"

Gasper smiled and nodded. "Yep, she left them by the door last night."

"Well don't eat too much; you'll get hyper and start freezing things."

"I'm sorry Nii-chan, but I still can't control my powers…" muttered the boy with some tears in his eyes.

"Don't cry so easily, Gasper; you're a man and we don't cry." Naruto patted his brother's head and smiled. "And don't be so hard on yourself; I haven't mastered my power either." Gasper looked down a little, but nodded nonetheless. "We both have a lot of time to master our Sacred Gears, so don't worry."

"I don't want to have my Sacred Gear."

Naruto smiled sadly and wrapped an arm around Gasper's shoulders. "We should feel lucky, Gasper; we're half vampire and half human, and our human half gave us our Sacred Gears." He didn't want to think of his old memories, one he had before he met Rias, but it reminded him of his goals. "If it wasn't for our Sacred Gears, we would have died that day."

"I know, but still." Gasper looked up at his brother and hugged his knees. "I know you can master your powers, Nii-chan; you're a genius and the only Dhampire to ever possess Shinso Blood; you saved us that day and killed all those vampire hunters." Naruto looked down at the boy and continued to listen. "But I'm weak and scared and I don't think I can ever master my powers."

"None of us are born brave, Gasper." Naruto smiled at the boy again as he pulled him closer. "Don't be ashamed when you're scared because that is the only time you can be brave." Gasper nodded weakly at his brother, but looked a little better. "Soon little bro, people will be calling us the Two Vampires of the Gremory Family, and we'll help Rias-chan win every Rating Game."

Gasper smiled and nodded timidly. "I hope so, Naru-niichan."

"Good, now let's play some games!"

Naruto chuckled as Gasper' eyes brightened at his words, running to grab his video games and controllers. The boy was only two years younger than him, but Naruto felt like Gasper was still a young child, a little boy who needed his big brother to look after. He didn't mind at all; Gasper was his brother in everything but blood and he would take care of him, no matter how long it might take.

'Don't worry, Gasper, soon I'll master my Shinso Blood and the Annihilation Maker, and I'll make sure those people pay for what they did to us!'

The End!

I've been reading Highschool DxD again and really liked the vampires in the recent volumes, so I decided to do a story on it. As some of you may already know, Shinso Blood is a reference to Rosario Vampire, my favorite Vampire Anime. If you don't know the abilities of a Shinso Vampire, don't worry, I will explain it in the next few chapters.

This will be a harem story, and I have the girls thought out already. There will be four girls, no more, no less. Rias is obviously one of them, and the other may also be fairly apparent, but the fourth one will be revealed later on.