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Bloodlust – Chapter 3

The last two days had been like a blur for Issei, but he was sure of one thing: Asia Argento was important and precious to him and he needed to save her. Despite his master's adamant order of leaving the nun be and to focus on his own duties, the young man couldn't bring himself to listen. It was against his nature to abandon a cute girl, especially one who was so innocent and sweet. Maybe he was watching too much shouen anime, but he thought himself a hero and he needed to save the damsel. Charging into the enemy lines and barging into the abandoned church didn't seem overly difficult alongside Kiba and Koneko.

'Shit!' thought Issei as his body betrayed him, 'I can't move fast enough!'

The crazy exorcist, Freed was right in front of him with his pistol aimed right at his forehead – Issei could almost feel his head burn from the holy bullet inside the barrel. His mind was screaming at his body to move, but he couldn't – he was just too sudden. But he didn't think he'd die. He maybe a Devil, but he didn't think God would be so cruel and would allow his life to end before he managed to grope some tits – wishful thinking if there ever was any.

Fortunately for Issei, the exorcist was sudden crying him pain.

"You are really annoying, you know that?"

"N-Naruto-senpai?" muttered Issei in shock.

In a split-second that Issei's mind failed to realize, his senior Devil had sudden appeared next to him and something sliced off Freed's right hand. The exorcist was holding onto his stump of a hand as blood flowed like a river from his body; his pistol was dropped to the ground and he was desperately flailing his sword in his left hand, all the while crying out for blood.

The blond sighed and ran his hand through his hair, "I'm supposed to be studying Chemistry tonight. Sona-chan is already pissed at me for failing the Math Midterm, and if I don't do better on this she'd start nagging me again."

"Naruto-senpai!" exclaimed Kiba as he and Koneko stood behind the older Rook.

"Fuck you, Devil shit!" cried Freed with his bloodshot eyes glaring at Naruto with absolute hatred, "I'm going to slice you to pieces and fuckin feed you to the dogs!"

"But lucky for you, this asshole is much more annoying." Issei could only watch on in silence as Naruto snapped his fingers and said, "Finish him."

Suddenly the shadows around the church started to move and pool together, and several gathered around Freed. Before he could move, the exorcist was surrounded by Naruto's blank-faced minions and their bladed arms. Helplessly, the man was skewered like an animal as the shadow-creatures turned him into a bloody pincushion; his blessed sword was dropped to the ground along with his left arm, and his cries were mere hisses by the time a blade had sliced through his throat; by the end all Freed managed to do was glare at everyone with his one eye that wasn't dangling from its socket.

Issei's eyes widened in horror at the gruesome scene, but a part of him was relieved that Freed was dead and Naruto was with them.

"Ugh," muttered Naruto in disgust as some of the man's blood landed on his hand, making him wipe it away with a handkerchief, "Sorry, but I only like blood from pretty ladies."

"T-Thanks for coming, Senpai," Issei said shakily, not looking at the bloody heap on the ground.

"Don't thank me, rookie. Rias-chan told me to help you out, so just thank her later when we get out of this dump." He looked over at Kiba and Koneko, "I can already sense a mass of people below this building, so we have to get ready for some fighting. Kiba will lead the way down the stairs, then Issei will follow; Koneko-chan and I will be last. Attack them strong and fast; I will provide any backup necessary."

"Hai, Senpai!"

Naruto sighed as the team broke off and followed his instructions to the letter. Despite how serious and dire the situation seemed like, he just couldn't feel excited or hyped about it. Even with more numbers, all the people he could sense below them were low-level priests that could barely aim, and the strongest of them was a simple two-winged fallen angel. He could take him all out by himself easily, but since Rias wanted Issei to use this experience to become stronger, he could only remain as support and observe.

'I must say, as much as I love being so close to Rias-chan, being on Sirzechs-sama's peerage was much more exciting. The small bugs we dealt with back then were stronger than these weaklings.'

Fighting quickly broke out in the basement of the church and sounds of metal clashing metal could be heard. Issei's crying of "Asia!" was among the loudest of all voices and he seemed to be running towards the captive. Naruto could sense Kiba and Koneko slicing and smashing their way through the exorcists quite easily, which was expected, but he still decided to send in some of his own people. Shadows once again gather around him and several figures manifested from the darkness – some of his favorite creations.

Large bats – easily the size of falcons – flew out of the shadows like legions. Organized and conducted, they flew into the candlelit cavern and their cries sent shivers down the spine of the enemy – and Issei. They were strong enough to tear the ears off the enemy and some of them were throwing the exorcists against the walls.

'They should do fine…' muttered Naruto inwardly as he walked back up the stairs.


Naruto had to dodge a pile of black feathers as he made his way into the forest behind the church. It seemed that Rias got angry for some reason and decided to blast the fallen angels into pieces – or into a pile of feathers. It was pretty much as he had expected; the Gremory wasn't a family who would allow such blatant bullying of their kin – reincarnated or otherwise. How that fallen angel played and used Issei would be unforgivable for Rias; it was only natural that she attacked them.

Akeno giggled as she saw Naruto brushing feathers from his hair, "Hey, Naru-kun."

"Yeah, hey," replied the vampire as he picked the last of the feathers off his person. "I see you two have been busy here."

"Buchou got angry, so my fun was cut short."

Rias sighed and crossed her arms, "So the others are inside the church now?"

"Yep," answered Naruto as he stepped closer to his childhood friends, "I have Kiba leading the attack, but Issei rushed into the scene. I made some large bats to help them along, so they should be fine – the fallen angel in there isn't all that strong." He sighed and rested his back against a tree, "Which makes me wonder why you even told me to help; it's not as if they will be killed with you and Akeno-chan here."

The King gave her Rook a look, "You should bond more with your family, Naruto. Issei is a part of the peerage now and you should come to see him as a brother, just like you do Kiba and Gasper."

Naruto huffed, "I understand, but could you plan these bonding moments for nights without a test in the morning? If I fail this one Sona-chan is going to force me into one of her studying sessions again." Akeno giggled as Rias smirked, "She's almost as bad as Grayfia-nee and Lady Venelana when it comes to school!"

"Don't worry; the test tomorrow shouldn't be that hard."

"Yeah, I hope so."

Akeno hugged Naruto's arm and kissed him on the cheek, "Don't worry, I'll give you my answers if you really need it." Rias gave her best friend a look, but the Queen only giggled in response. "What? I don't want to leave Naruto here all alone when we go back to the Underworld."

Naruto smiled and kissed Akeno's cheek, "Thanks, Akeno-chan; you're the best!"

Suddenly a surge of demonic power that would rival most mid-class devils blasted through the church and the glass window shattered as the fallen angel was thrown through it. She skidded on the ground and landed near Rias' legs, which was quite amusing if Naruto had to say. It seemed that Issei finally managed to unlock his true power, which meant Naruto's night was over.

"Finally!" exclaimed the vampire with a smile, "I'm done here!" He grabbed the fallen angel by her foot and threw her back into the church, smiling all the while. He turned to Rias and Akeno and gave them a wink, "See you both later!"

"Hey, we're not done here!"


Before Rias could say anything else, Naruto transformed into a flock of bats and flew away as fast as he could, making her huff and stomp her feet angrily.

Akeno giggled, "Come on, Rias, let's go finish the job."

The Gremory heiress sighed, "Fine!"

Even though killing the crazy exorcist

After soaking himself for another good half hour, Naruto stood from the water and stretched his arms and back, feeling much better than before. Nothing soothed him more than a nice hot soak, except perhaps blood or kisses. The stress of school was slipping from his mind as he dried himself, as if he was freeing himself from the bane of his existence, but there was still a lingering annoyance in the back of his mind. Instead of an S-class Exorcist or a Ten-Winged Fallen Angel, his doom came in the shape of a textbook with the words Advanced Chemistry written on the front.

Walking out of his bathroom in only a bathrobe, Naruto slowly headed towards his living room where he left his backpack. His normally deft hands turned jelly as he reached into his bag and shivered when he touched the book, as if it was soaked in holy water. Sitting down on his black leather couch, Naruto placed the book on his glass coffee table, turning to the page Sona had instructed him to read. Slowly, the page was revealed to him, like an impending doom mocking his approach.

'This fuckin sucks!'

"Oh my, you're actually studying."

Even the ever powerful vampire jolted in shock at the sudden voice spoken over his shoulder. If it wasn't for the familiar scent of jasmine that filled his senses, he would have thought it was some enemy. With a smile on his face, Naruto sat back as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck from behind and someone's chin rest on his shoulder.

"How do you keep sneaking up on me, Akeno-chan?"

Akeno giggled and kissed him on the cheek. "My stealth has always been better than yours." She nuzzled her cheek against his and looked down at his book. "But I am relieved to see that you actually open your books; I was really worried that we might actually have to leave for the Underworld without you."

Naruto chuckled and sighed. "Yeah, I really don't want that to happen."

The Queen smiled as she leaned closer to Naruto's ear, "Well, I'm glad you're studying, but do you still have time for me tonight?" She lightly licked his earlobe, leaving a wet gleam along the way. "We're done with Issei-kun's mission and I feel tired."

Naruto almost shivered at her breath tickling his ear as all his motivation to study burned to ashes. "I will always have time for you, Akeno-chan." Akeno smiled as Naruto rubbed her arms that were still around his neck. "Why don't you go get ready in the bedroom and I'll be there in a minute."

She kissed his cheek again before standing up. "Sure, come quickly."

The vampire watched her step into his bedroom with a smile, walking over to his pantry at the same time. Reaching up for a bottle, he turned after closing his pantry, his mind reminiscing the last time Akeno visited him at night. He couldn't help but feel excited; his last experience with the gorgeous queen had left him breathless. Akeno was far different from Rias or Sona; while the two heiresses were more reserved despite their real girlish personalities, Akeno was much more bold and daring. Out of all his best childhood friends, Akeno was the one who retained most of her original personality after they left the Underworld, at least when she was alone with Naruto.

From his hallway Naruto could see light coming from his bedroom, but most of it was obscured by the mostly closed door, only the crack revealed a string of yellow glow. The excitement started to rise from within Naruto as he stepped closer to his door, his minding reeling as he tried to imagine the wondrous view behind the door.

But if a deft hand, he brushed the door open, stepping into the room with confidence, but he was most certainly amazed at the scene that greeted him.

"Come on, Naru-kun~" Akeno said with a smile, "I'm ready for you."

Lying on Naruto's bed was Akeno, clad only in a black thong, her school uniform discarded to the ground. She laid on the bed on her stomach as her legs swung around back and forth, her eyes twinkling with mirth, as if she had expected Naruto's reaction. Her hair was let loose as her orange ribbon rested with the rest of her clothes, and it made her look a lot more attractive in his opinion.

Fighting the urge to act on his temptation, Naruto merely smiled and walked up to the bed before he climbed onto it to straddle her legs. He stared down at her bare back, at the milky skin he had always relished in seeing. She was so soft and warm.

"I love it when you let your hair down," he said as he played with her black locks, combing his fingers through them. "It makes you look even more stunning than usual."

"Thank you, you're sweet."

Brushing her hair into one river of black silk, he draped it over her shoulder, making her back clear. With the bottle in hand, he gently dripped jasmine massage oil onto her back. Like the times before, he coated both his hands with the oil before he spread more onto her back. His hands glided from the center of her back to her shoulder blades, then back again. Using the palm of his hands, he slid his way down to the small of her back, and back up to the end of her neck.

"Mmm, that feels good," she whispered with her eyes closed, her cheek resting on her arms.

Naruto smiled and continued, "Your back pain has been getting worse?"

"A little," she replied as she opened one eye. "I guess I still haven't finished growing."

"No, you haven't."

Silence reigned for the next while, with just the sensation of the skinship between the two to fill the senses. Akeno almost succumbed to sleep as her whole body relaxed and was rendered into weightlessness. Naruto's hands felt warm and gentle, just as they always had. It made her feel safe and secure, emotions she was unfamiliar with when she was a child, before she met Rias. There were times she wondered if God actually looked after people like her and sent Naruto to protect her.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" asked Akeno, breaking the silence.

With a nod, Naruto replied, "I will never forget."

"If it wasn't for you and Rias, I would have died that day."

Akeno would never forget the day her old family tried to kill her. It was her granduncle, she would never forget that. The look in the old man's eyes was of pure disgust and hatred. She could still vividly remember her younger self wondering if she really had done something wrong, if she had done something to deserve such fate, done something so bad that her own family wanted her dead. For a brief second she wondered if praying would help, would God send Angels down from heaven to rescue her from death. But there were no angels, no godly miracle. There were only Devils, beings who were truly angels for Akeno.

Never would she forget how a boy no older than her had jumped in between her and her granduncle and knocked the man off his feet. Her guardian angel, in the form of a boy her age, had saved her from imminent death. He looked nothing like an angel, she had thought. Instead of white wings and golden light, his aura felt dark and cold and his eyes were blood red. But none of that mattered to her at that moment; he looked protective of her and made her feel safe – he gave her hope and that was all that mattered.

"I would have never let that happen," Naruto replied with a frown, still feeling angry at the memory. "That man was a pathetic coward and I wish I could have killed him that day." Rias had insisted that the Gremory Family shouldn't clash with the Himejima family, and they had let the man free once he agreed to let Akeno live as a part of the Gremory and a Devil. Naruto, as Lord Sirzechs' Rook at the time, couldn't help but agree with the girl. "He better hope I don't ever see him again."

"That day really changed my life for the better," she whispered, deciding to look at the positive side of that day. "I met and found friendship in you and Rias, found a home in the Gremory Estates, and found a new life in the Underworld."

The vampire continued to run his palms into her back and nodded. "And you will always have those things."

Akeno smiled as she gave a sigh of pleasure. "Do you still remember the promise you made me in the Underworld?"

Naruto grasped her shoulders and massaged them deeply. "Of course I do," he replied as he gently leaned down to kiss her softly on the neck. "And I plan to keep it; I will always be here for you and protect you."

The Queen smiled softly with her eyes closed, "Thank you, Naru-kun."

"You never have to thank me, Akeno." Forgoing the suffix, Naruto leaned down close to her ear, "I belong to you girls."

Gently licking from Akeno's upper back to her neck, he playfully nipped at her sensitive flesh before sinking his fangs into her. Akeno's euphoric moan sent shivers down his spine and urged him to continue. Unlike Rias and Sona, Akeno had always wanted Naruto to bite her hard and strong; the pain felt good, according to her, and Naruto had no problem with it. Akeno's blood tasted heavenly; her quivering body and shaky moans only served to better the experience, though her aroused blush and seductive gaze were sometimes desired by Naruto even more than her taste.

Pulling away, Naruto licked Akeno's neck clean, taking his time to savor the sweet taste of her skin. "You taste amazing~"

Slowly, Akeno turned onto her back, looking up into Naruto's azure blue eyes. "Kiss me," she sounded serious and looked reserved, as if she was afraid he wouldn't. "Kiss me now."

Naruto was a little surprised at her sudden change in behavior, but smiled and leaned down to her. "I would love to, beautiful." He closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers; his heart fluttered and all he could think of at that moment was how soft and warm Akeno's lips were.

"No," she whispered as she pushed him away, "Not like that."

"What do you mean?" asked the blond confused – he thought the kiss was great.

"Kiss me like you do Rias." Naruto's eyes widened and could only stare down at the slightly hurt expression on Akeno's face. "I see how you kiss her, and it's different. I don't want it to be different; I want you to love me just like you love her." Akeno bit her lower lip, looking as if she was in pain. "I want you to kiss me like this…"

Akeno smashed her lips onto Naruto's; she attacked his lips with her own; she clamped onto his lower lip and sucked on it hard, staring into his eyes hungrily all the while. She could taste something metallic that she knew was her own blood, and it made everything all the better. The Queen growled and forced her tongue into Naruto's mouth, exploring it with great curiosity. She wanted the same love and affection Naruto gave to Rias.

"I need you, Naruto," she whispered with her lips ticking his own, "I need you and love you just as much as Rias does."

Staring into her eyes, Naruto responded. He leaned down and mashed his lips against hers, determined to return her passion. He threw off his bathrobe, leaving him naked as the day as he was born, before his hands gently brushed against her soft cheeks and slowly massaged down to her shoulders, his touches light and delicate. The moans of the girl beneath him only served to increase his passion. Her body was shivering and tingling in delight at his touch and the massage his lips were giving hers made her want to ravish him all the more. Then everything amplified; Naruto's hands finally made their way to her breasts.


Naruto's hands were warm and gentle, but were also electrifying – Akeno felt shocks tingle through her body. She couldn't help but arch her back at his touch and moan into their heated kiss. She was certain that she was soaking through her flimsy thong and was making the bed wet with her juices.

Naruto sucked on Akeno's tongue before he broke away, his lips making their way to her jawline. "You're so fuckin sexy, Akeno." He licked and nipped at her skin as his fingers isolated her nipples, rolling them slightly. He watched, exhilarated, as Akeno cried out in pleasure, and he wanted to make her feel even better. "Do you like this?" he asked as he bit his lips, watching her reaction as he pinched down on her erect nipples.

Akeno gave a silent scream as she gushed, her climax almost overwhelming her.

The vampire moaned as he continued his pinching, and he couldn't help but lean down to lick her neck. Perhaps it was because of Akeno's overwhelming amount of pheromones, but she smelled amazing – too good to resist. He elongated his fangs and bite down on her neck – full strength, not holding back at all. Akeno's whole body was shaking as another wave of pleasure threatened to overwhelm her; the pain felt so heavenly for her, she couldn't help but quiver under Naruto.

Akeno's blood tasted even better than usual and Naruto couldn't help but take more than usual. Akeno, though, didn't even notice; she was still high on her orgasm. When he pulled away, the two teeth marks were deep and bloody, and he slowly healed it as he licked it clean.

"T-That…" muttered Akeno out of breath, "That was…"

"Amazing," Naruto finished with a smile.

Naruto fell to Akeno's side, pulling her into his arms tightly as he lifted the covers over them. He placed a gentle hand on her flushed cheek and smiled at her as he kissed her. They were soft and delicate kisses, and they trailed from her swollen lips to her cute nose, then from her eyelids to her forehead. He wrapped his arms around her pulled her closer into him, sighing in relaxation as she snuggled into the crook of his neck, enjoying her sweet scent as he rubbed his face against her silky hair.

He smiled as Akeno tangled their legs together under the sheets, "You don't have to worry, Akeno." He kissed her softly on the lips as she looked up at him, her face still flushed, "Not at all."

Akeno snuggled into his arm as she stared into his eyes, "Really?"

"Akeno, I love you," he whispered, making Akeno feel as if her heart was melting, "I've loved you since you first kissed me in the Underworld."

"More than you love Rias and Sona?" she asked apprehensively.

Naruto brushed his thumb across her cheek as he rested his forehead against hers, "Listen to me, you, Sona and Rias should never antagonize each other when it comes to me. I love you, I love Sona and I love Rias, and it's not like either one of you will ever replace the other." He kissed Akeno again, smiling at her blush, "I can never compare my feelings for you , for Sona and for Rias; they are completely individual of each other. But let me tell you this: I will always love you, and I'm saying this as someone who will probably never die."

Tears welled up in Akeno's eyes as she snuggled into his chest, "I love you, Naruto; I love you so much."

He kissed the top of her head, "I know."

The two remained in the bed, cuddling under the warm sheets, basking in the light of their love, and slowly drifted off into sleep.

Rias would often take the time and enjoy the scenic route to school; the sakura trees were in bloom and the endless rows of pink pedals were breathtaking, though she did feel like something was missing. Usually Akeno would be right next to her, sharing in the beauty of the road and discussing the matters at hand along the way. It felt a little lonely without her, and Rias was a little worried. It was very rare for Akeno to not spend the night at their shared home, and for some reason her Queen wasn't answering to any of her calls, magical or otherwise.

With Rias so deep in her thoughts, she almost didn't realize that she had arrive at the apartment building that her family owned, the same one her favorite lazy vampire lived in.

"Good morning, Rias."

The Gremory Heiress saw her other best friend walking towards her from the other side of the apartment building, most likely to visit their favorite lazy vampire. "Good morning, Sona. What are you doing here so early?"

Sona sighed and crossed her arms, "We have our Chemistry Test today and I'm just here to drag the lazy guy to school."

Rias giggled, "You know what? I should help you with that; he was being very lazy last night and I should give him a talking to."

The Sitiri smirked, "Alright, let's go."

The two heiresses walked into the Gremory owned building and wasted no time in getting to the top floor. They had both been to Naruto's apartment many times before and both have a key to the door, and both of them had planned a nice and long lecture for the blond. Either being a lazy student or servant, they both wanted to chew his ears out.

But they never expected to see such a scene.

Naruto was still asleep, which wasn't all that surprising, but the naked Akeno was quite shocking. The Queen was sleeping almost on top of Naruto; she was using Naruto's chest as a pillow and her breasts were pressed deeply against him. She had a hand placed on his pectorals and Naruto was holding onto it, and they both had happy smiles on their faces as they slept away.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO!" yelled Rias as her Power of Destruction flared around her like a lit flame, "WAKE UP, RIGHT NOW!"

All the water in the apartment building was shaking violently from side to side as Sona gritted her teeth and shook her fists; her usual stern and calm eyes turned furious and horrific. A dark blue aura surrounded her and she was started to affect the tree outside – they started to die as she drew all the water out. For once, Sona looked just as angry and violent as Rias.

And Naruto paled when he saw them.

"W-What?" he stuttered out as he woke with a start, his eyes frantically looking for the owner of the voice. He shuddered at the expressions on the girls' faces and slowly sat up on the bed, gently setting Akeno – who was still sleeping peaceful like the deep sleeper that she was – down onto the pillow. He couldn't help but edge back against his headboard as the Sitiri and Gremory heiresses glowered at him. "Good morning, l-ladies."

"What in the name of Lucifer are you doing?" Sona muttered lowly, her fury obvious.

"S-Sleeping, just sleeping," answered the vampire, "Nothing happened!"

Rias' aura was starting to burn the walls, "It looks like you're doing more than sleeping."

Naruto was at a loss as his moving lips failed to utter a single sound. Then, mere seconds later, Akeno decided that her loss of warmth was too uncomfortable and started to grab at him while still mostly asleep. "Naru-kun, come back to bed~" Her voice started far too sultry considering the situation, and Naruto paled even more, "It's cold without you~"

"A-Akeno-chan, wake up."

"Mmm, no, I'm still sleepy." Akeno pulled on Naruto's arm, "I'm still tired from last night."

The building started to shake as two of the strongest young devils in existence started to go supernova.

Naruto shivered, "You really have to wake up now."

Akeno moaned but finally opened her eyes, "Why? I still want to cuddle more."

"Akeno!" cried Rias loudly.

The Queen finally looked over at the two ladies glaring down at them, but instead of cowering like Naruto, she smiled happily at them. "Good morning, Rias, Sona. Sorry about not coming home last night, but I had the best time here with Naru-kun." Naruto seriously thought he'd die the moment Akeno wrapped her arms around his, "He makes the best pillow ever!" Sona and Rias started to change their targets from Naruto to Akeno, "My nipples are still a little sore and my lips are still a little swollen though…"

'Please stop talking, Akeno-chan!'



Two fists, each powered with an impressive amount of demonic power, smashed into Naruto's face and sent him through the wall of his bedroom. Blasts of Power of Destruction and high velocity water quickly followed, sending his body through utter hell.

Akeno was next, but she was the victim of the two girls jumping on her.


"WE EVEN SIGNED A CONTRACT, AKENO!" Sona looked oddly red as she threw water at Akeno's face, "NO SEX UNTIL WE CAN FIGURE OUT WHO GETS TO DO IT FIRST!"

Akeno laughed as she pulled on their hair and electrified them, "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS HE LOVES ME MORE THAN YOU!"

All the while Naruto was groaning on the ground, both freezing cold and badly burned, depending on which part of his body.

'I really should have teleported Akeno-chan back to her place last night…'

The End!

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