So it's just a regular day in school and I'm eating lunch with my friends. The cafeteria looks very lively and everything look so normal. The sun is shining out the window and the blue sky is so… blue. I looked around this happy surrounding and focused on the trash bin just a few feet away from me. I wonder if Miroku will fit in there. Ok let's face it. FUCK THIS DAY. Of all the days to talk to her, Miroku couldn't have picked a nicer day to set me up. I'm not even wearing my best shoes or clothes! I don't even look cool!

"Uhm… Inuyasha was it?"

I looked at the girl sitting beside me. God she's beautiful. "Yeah. Inuyasha Takahashi. It's nice to meet you. You are?" I look like a fucking nerd right now.

"Kagome Higurashi. It's nice to meet you too." She reached out her hand to me and I shook it. This girl doesn't even know my inner conflicts. She began looking for something in her bag and took out a pen. I wonder why. "So, Roku told me you wanted to ask me something?" She asked.

Shit. I was supposed to ask something? I looked over at my "best friend" who is seated in front of me. That grin of his makes me want to punch him. He mouthed "Just ask anything". I cleared my throat and began to speak. "Uh yeah well you see I heard from Roku (insert hard glare here) that you're really good at Math. So I was hoping you could teach me." My stomach sure does have a lot of butterflies.

"Oh is that all? Sure I can teach you!" She smiled. She FUCKING smiled. My stomach feels like the fucking zoo right now. "Really? Thanks that will help me a lot. So… when do we start?" I asked. She took out a notebook and browsed the pages. "How about we meet every Friday? I don't have library duties so we can start early." She said.

My heart just stopped.

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