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It was night time as Gaim fought another horde of inves. He was currently fighting a simple bunch of bug inves that he found while walking around town and was quickly taking care of them. He slashes his belt three times with his cutting knife.


Both the Daidaimaru and Musou Saber glow brightly with an orange light as Gaim slashes the remaining inves around him, creating a circular orange slice and destroying them. Afterwards, Gaim put the top of his lockseed back on and unlocked it, changing him back to Kail Kensuke. Kail soon began to think back on the events of the afternoon.

Gaim was slowly walking away from the scene until he heard the orange-haired boy talk.


He looked over his shoulder to look at him and his female companion.

"Who the hell are you?"

He turned around and walked over to him and met face-to-face.

"I am Kamen Rider Gaim, what's yours?" Gaim asked. Ichigo raised his eyebrow at the name.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." he answered plainly. Kail smiled underneath his helmet.

"Ichigo huh? Well..." Gaim turned his Musou Saber to the blunt side and slightly tapped Ichigo on the shoulder two times with it before walking past him.

"I hope we can team-up again sometime, strawberry." Ichigo cringed at the nickname while Rukia chuckled behind him.

"What the hell did he just call me?" Ichigo growled. He turned around angrily, but saw that he was already gone. Seeing that he was gone he decided to just let it go and leave. Rukia looked around the park for a sign of the Rider but gave up and went with Ichigo.

What they didn't know is that Gaim was behind a nearby tree and dehenshined back to Kail Kensuke. He waited until they were gone to come out of hiding before looking at his orange lockseed with a smile on his face.

"I can't believe I actually transformed!" He said excitedly. He began to think about the boy named Ichigo and the nickname he gave him. Kail had always liked giving nicknames to people he liked and grew a liking to him when he saw him help that boy's spirit.

"I have a feeling we'll meet again one day, strawberry." He said while leaving the park.

Back to the present, Kail decided to head back to Urahara's place to get some sleep. But while he left, a monster with the body of a dragon was watching him. It had a long muscular body with dark green skin and a skull-like mask with big, two long fangs and glowing red eyes underneath the mask. The beast flew and roared loudly into the night.

The scene changes as a zipper opens between it, replacing it with a fence with the four main riders and Ichigo behind it. The camera closes in on Gaim and Ichigo before the scene changes to Helheim Forest with the rider's weapons creating the title card.


(Got it move, wow)

(Don't say no, just live more! Don't say no, just live more!)

The next scene is the five main heroes standing in a room with three samurai armors, then with Gaim, who was in the middle, pointing at the screen with his Musou Saber then lowering it while his alter ego, Kail Kensuke, was doing the same with a Zanpakuto in his reflection.

(Survival, you got to move)

(Gendai wa sanagara Sengoku) The present day is just like the sengoku period.

Kail is trying to pull at the fence, then the scene turns to dust with Kail walking casually while holding his orange lockseed.

(Dare ga kachinukeru) Who will win?

(Kagi wa akerarete shimatta) The locks have been opened!

The scene changes once again, this time with Gaim and Ichigo in his soul reaper form sparring. Gaim and Ichigo match blades until they separated. They took a quick look at each other before continuing there battle. Kail and Ichigo look at each other as their reflections charge at each other.

(Doki ni aru? Dou tsukau?) Where is it? How shall it be used?

Kail brings out his orange lockseed while Ichigo brings out his soul reaper pass. Meanwhile, Marcus, a.k.a. Kamen Rider Zangetsu in his reflection was watching the whole thing while two hands grab the Banana and Grape Lockseeds. Ryan and Tatsuki look at their respective lockseeds before looking back at each other, while in their reflections, Baron and Ryugen look at their weapons until they pointed them at the screen. In the room of armors, the heroes appear then disappear in the order of Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu, and Ichigo with his big zanpaktou resting on his right shoulder.

(Kindan no kajitsu!) The forbidden fruit!

Gaim is flying in suika arms:gyro mode while Baron, Ryugen, and Ichigo rode their bikes, then the next scene shows their transformation with the sengoku drivers in the order of Baron, Zangetsu, and Gaim.

(Ima to iu kaze wa dare mo tsutaeru tame?) What is the wind of the moment trying to say?

In Helheim Forest, Kail is transforming into Gaim with parts of the metal orange on his head folding down on his body. When the transformation was complete, Gaim brings out his Daidaimaru, ready for battle. The scene shifts to the main cast, including Kail, Ryan and marcus, dancing on the rooftop of their high school.

(Omae no moto ni fuku?) Is it blowing to you?

Kail is talking to Tatsuki while in their reflections, Ichigo was talking with Rukia.

(Tsuyoku, tsuyoku, blowin' up!) Get stronger, much stronger, blowing up!

Bujin Gaim points his Musou Saber at the screen with an army of Inves behind him. The scene changes to Gaim battling Inves, while in his reflection Ichigo was battling Hollows.

(Ashita ga yume ga mada mienakute mo!) It's okay if you don't have a dream for the future yet!

Ryugen shoots down the fence and runs to her friend's rescue. The scene changes to Kail and his friends completing their dance, then they fade away and were replaced by Rukia looking up at the sky.

(Soko genkai? seiipai ikite iru to ieru nara) Is that your limit? It's fine as long as your living to fullest.

The scene shifts to a close up of Ichigo's sword, then quickly changes to Gaim slashing at the screen while being surrounded by Kurokage troopers. Then it changes to Ryan walking somewhere then looks behind him as the camera closes in.

(Utsumukuna yo (Kao wo agero) doko made demo (Mageru kotonaku)) Dont look down (Lift up your face.) no matter where you go. (Don't become twisted.)

Baron is seen fighting against Inves in Helheim forest, then it switches to displays of Orange arms, Banana arms, and Grape arms.

(Shinjita michi wo yuke! (Just live more!)) Follow the path you believe in. (Just live more!)

The five main heroes are back to back in the middle of Karakura Town, surrounded by an army of Inves and Hollows, then the camera closes in each of them in the order of Ichigo, Zangetsu, Baron, Gaim, and finally, Ryugen. Then the scene shifts to Kail behind the fence screaming.

(Don't say no, just live more!)

The music ends as Gaim and Ichigo ride on horses.

Chapter 2: Kamen Rider Baron vs the Dragon Hollow

"WHAT?" The three said in unison. It was the next morning and Kisuke Urahara gave the Rider Trio some big news.

"We're going to school?" Ryan asked. Kisuke nodded while fanning himself.

"I'm sure you guys know that the law here states that all teenagers must go to school." Urahara said in a matter of factly tone. Though he had a point, it was just like his world where their Japan had the same law. "Besides, It'll help you to know this world better." He continued.

"But we're not teenagers, the only teenager here is Kail." Ryan told Urahara. Kail gave him a serious look.

"Yeah, well you didn't even complete high school!" Kail exclaimed.

"Neither have you, but at least I didn't ditch it after the first year!" Ryan said back.

"That's enough, It doesn't matter if we passed high school or not, this is about fitting in." Marcus interfered before looking at Kisuke.

"That's right, plus I'm sure you guys are tired of hanging around this place." The stripe hatted man explained. "I already had Tessai bring your school uniforms to your rooms so you can change. And so you can get their faster, I'm going to let you use these." Kisuke dug into his pockets and brung out familiar looking lockseeds with pictures of flowers. Two of them looked to have a white sakura on them while the last one was a rose, these were the lock vehicles. The three took them and went to their rooms to prepare for school.

The three rode to Karakura High School, the place Kisuke enrolled them in and parked the vehicles where people couldn't see them before getting off and pressing a button. They each folded and shrunk back to their original size and they became locked again. The trio were currently wearing matching outfits, a white button-up shirt with grey pants and a matching blazer, but they kept the shoes they had when they first came to this world. They soon went inside and found the classroom they were in. The room was full of people who were Kail's age and of course there was the teacher in the front of them all but there was one person Kail was shocked to see. It was the same guy Kail met yesterday, Ichigo was his name, But Kail liked to call him strawberry. The girl that was with him was there too.

"I knew we would see each other again, but I didn't know it would be this soon." Kail said in his thoughts before everyone started looking at the three.

"Oh, you must be the new students, right?" The teacher asked. They nodded. "Class, we've got new students who would like to introduce themselves!"

They went to the front of the class. Kail, who was in the middle, introduced himself first.

"My names Kail Kensuke, its nice to meet all of you." He said while bowing to the class. Then Ryan was next.

"Yo, I'm Ryan Adams and I'm a foreign exchange student." He said after bowing. Then Marcus was last.

"Hello, I'm Marcus Katakira and I'm also a foreign exchange student." Marcus said. Everyone looked at us with mixed feelings while Kail noticed that Ichigo was looking the other way like he didn't even care.

"All right your seats will be right near miss Kuchiki and mister Kurosaki." The teacher told them. The trio nodded and took their seats. When it was lunch time Kail went to talk to Ichigo.

"Hey, are you Ichigo Kurosaki?" Kail asked him. Ichigo's attention changed from his friend to him.

"Yeah, you're the new guy right, what was your name again?" Ichigo asked. Kail raised his eyebrow at that but decided to answer.

"I'm Kail Kensuke, nice to meet you." Kail said as they shook hands. Then one of his friends walked up to him.

"Don't mind Ichigo, he has a problem remembering names." It was a girl with spiky purple hair that wore the same school uniform most girls there wore. Kail silently gasped at the girl who luckily didn't notice.

"My names Tatsuki, Tatsuki Arisawa." She introduced herself. Kail looked the other way to hide the blush on his face for a moment before looking back at her.

"H-Hi." He made a small wave at her before more of Ichigo's friends introduced themselves.

There was Keigo, who Kail could tell was one of those annoying friends most people have in their group. There was Mizuiro, who looked pretty smart. Chad was the tall silent one. And then there was the second girl of the group, Orihime Inoue, with a bust size most girls would die for, but she looked nice enough.

"Well it was nice meeting all of you, but I have to meet my friends for lunch." Ichigo nodded at him before Kail started to leave the classroom. His friends were waiting for him outside the entrance but he suddenly felt someone watching him. He turned to see Rukia staring at him suspiciously. He looked back at her with a small glare before he decided to leave.

"Why do I feel like I've seen him before?" Rukia asked in her thoughts.

After lunch and when class was over, Kail, Ryan, and Marcus started to walk back to Urahara's place.

"So what was that?" Ryan asked Kail.

"What was what?" Kail asked with curiosity.

"I saw how you looked at the tomboy." Ryan responded with a smirk while Kail started to blush.

"S-So what if I did, that doesn't mean that I like her or anything!" Kail defended himself while Ryan still kept his grin.

"Leave him alone, Ryan. You know Kail has a natural affection for tough girls." Marcus said while Kail blushed even more.

"MARCUS!" The two older boys laughed at his expense until they heard what sounded like a loud roar.


Kail had heard that sound before yesterday when he saw that monster attack the kids spirit, but this was different. There was booming sound behind them and the three turned around and saw what looked like a big dragon with a horned skull mask on its face with glowing red eyes. The monster roared at the trio, blowing large amounts of wind at their face. The people around them started screaming and running while the three stood in awe at the dragon-like creature

"What is that?" Ryan asked. Kail remembered yesterday and heard the girl called Rukia mention that the name of these creatures were called Hollows. Kail quickly brought out his Sengoku Driver, but before he could bring it to his waist, Ryan stopped him.

"Let me handle him." Ryan said with a smirk as he brought out a familiar lockseed with the code LS-08. Kail was surprised to see the Banana lockseed in his friends hands.

"B-But, how did you?" Kail tried to ask before Ryan answered.

"You didn't think you were the only one who grabbed a few lockseeds in Helheim Forest, did you?" Kail looked back at Marcus who responded by bringing out the Melon Lockseed, the main Lockseed for Kamen Rider Zangetsu.

Ryan walked slowly toward the growling monster as he put on his Sengku Driver. He looked at his Lockseed with a smirk as he remembered that Baron had a European Knight Motif, which was ironic for fighting the monster.

"And besides, It truly is fitting that a knight should fight a dragon." Ryan unlocked his Lockseed.


"Henshin!" Ryan exclaimed as he started to twirl the lock on his index finger, just like Kaito Kumon did, before setting it on the Driver and locked it in.


Royal trumpet music came on as a metal banana was floating on top of his head. He let the music go on for a few moments before slicing the Lockseed with the small cutting knife.



The metal banana came down on his head and soon folded down into four sections. The two sides of the banana folded on his shoulders to make shoulder plates while the center folded down into a muscled chestplate. The head now had a knight-like visor with bright yellow lenses and a pair of horns. He also had a red and silver bodysuit underneath the armor. This was Kamen Rider Baron. When the transformation was complete, it brought forth his main weapon, the Bana Spear. He pointed it at the hollow as he prepared to fight.

"Here I come!" Baron declared as he charged at the Hollow.

(Play Never Surrender by Team Baron)

The beast attacked with its tail, which Baron dodged by jumping over it. He thrusted his spear to the Hollow's chest but didn't look like it sustained any damage. Next it swiped one of its claws at the red rider which unfortunately he was unable to dodge. The attack took a few sparks out of the rider as he was sent flying a small distance.

As the fight was going on Kail saw some familiar faces coming their way. It was Ichigo, who was in the same black robe he had when they first met, and Rukia who tagged along. Kail quickly hid somewhere they couldn't see them and Marcus followed. When they finally arrived, they were surprised to see another rider fighting a hollow.

"What the hell, another one?" Ichigo said as the fight continued.

Quickly getting up from the hollow's attack, Baron decided end things quickly by slicing the lock three times.


The spear began to charge up yellow energy until a giant energy banana came out. He thrusted it right through the monsters chest before bringing the tip of his spear down on the ground which caused it to detonate and destroy the dragon-like creature. Baorn soon turned around to see a shocked Ichigo and Rukia.

(End Music)

"Ah, you must be the guy Gaim mentioned." Baron said as he threw his spear over his Soul Reapers eyes narrowed when he heard the blue riders name.

"Yeah, and I'm guessing you're one of his friends?" Ichigo asked.

"Yep, the name's Baron, Kamen Rider Baron." Baron introduced himself before Rukia spoke.

"Who are you guys, why are you here?" Rukia asked the knight rider.

"We're Kamen Riders, we want to protect people just like you do. Whether you believe that or not is up to you." Baron said as he walked away from the scene. Ichigo began to think about yesterday and today with the introduction of the two riders.

"Who are the Kamen Riders, and how many are there?" Ichigo asked himself in his mind. Kail and Marcus saw all of this before bringing out their lock vehicles to leave.

After that, the trio met each other back at Kisuke's shop. They soon began to talk about the events of today.

"I have to admit, you did pretty well for your first time." Kail complimented Ryan.

"Thanks Kail, I don't think I did so bad myself." Ryan told Kail.

"I can't wait for when I transform." Marcus said with excitement. They went inside the shop and saw Kisuke waiting for them.

"Welcome back! So, how was your day?" Kisuke asked them politely.

"Well I finally got to transform and fight this weird dragon monster, then these two people I saw at school came to the scene." Ryan told Kisuke.

"That thing you were fighting was a hollow and the man you met was Ichigo Kurosaki. He's a substitute Soul Reaper." Kail was surprised that he knew what they were fighting and who the person they met was.

"How do you know all of that, and what's a Soul Reaper?" Kail asked with suspicion. Then Kisuke gave them a serious look.

"That will be answered another time, but let me give you three some advice." The man said before he continued. "You should watch out. There are more battles ahead for you guys, and they're soon going to be even harder." The three headed inside and thought about his advice.

In another plain of existence, a humanoid, snake-like monster was slithering around the place. The monster also appeared to have human-like head with the face covered with a big skull mask. The monster soon roared at the sky before the scene zipped up in the middle, revealing Barons insignia with his banana lockseed and lock vehicle.

On the next Bleach: Armored Reapers:

?: Orihime, why did you forget me?

Marcus: looks like it's my stage now. Henshin!


Ichigo: Big brothers are supposed to protect their siblings.

Gaim: Lets see what this new lockseed can do.


Next time: Chapter 3: A brothers soul

Omake: Baron Split

Kail just got out of bed and saw Kisuke eating what looked like a banana split

"Hey Kisuke, why are you eating a banana split so early in the morning?" Kail asked. Kisuke shrugged

"Cause I felt like it." He responded. Kail continued to walk by until heard someone.

"Hey Kail!" Kail turned around to see what the noise was. he looked around the place but couldn't find a trace. The familiar voice sounded a lot like Ryan.

"Over here!" He kept looking around until he looked at Kisuke's bowl and saw that the banana looked metallic. He got a closer look and saw that it was a shrunked down Ryan in his Baron armor, which was covered in ice cream,

"Hey, get me out of here before this maniac eats me!" Baron said as Kisuke kept trying to poke at him with his fork. While this was happening Kail had a cartoony shocked face.


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