Um, yeah, so...really sorry it's been so long. Here's a little fic to tide ya'll over until I FINALLY get Connections chapter 8 up. And just so you know, I have no idea where this came from.

Background: Harry is Yamamoto's adopted brother. Who apparently has some secrets and has been away for two years.

Pairing: Xanxus/Squallo/Harry (If this bothers you, please don't bother reading, although the focus is not romance and thus the pairing is stated, but nothing actually happens). Eh, hinted (at least one-sided) Yamamoto/Gokudera.

Warning: Possible Ooc-ness from Yamamoto. But, I'm sure he's not nearly as laid back on the inside as he is on the outside, so this is just one possible way he might react to this situation.


How can I repay you brother mine?

-Song: Brothers from FMA

Takeshi had had a shock the first time he saw Squallo. It wasn't the man's sword, nor his hair, but merely the fact that his brother's boyfriend was in the MAFIA and he didn't know! So, while Takeshi hadn't demonstrated his best abilities in that initial fight, he certainly had motivation to get better. A lot better. He had to make sure, after this new information, that the man his aniki was dating was still worthy of dating his brother. Because if aniki didn't know that the silver-haired male was in the mafia…well, Takeshi could be very creative with his grudges.

He scared his dad pretty badly, Takeshi knew. It wasn't every day he came home and completely ignored baseball (the team hadn't taken his temporary departure well. "WHAT!" "Yamamoto, are you sure?! You're not feeling sick or anything, right?" "Nah, he's just kidding….right?" He was slightly sorry to have made the coach faint, though). But, after all, family came first.

So it wasn't surprising that the day before the Ring Battles were to begin, his dad looked at him and finally asked, "Son, why are you committing so much of yourself to this? It goes beyond your dedication to Tsuna-kun."

Takeshi just smiled (this was something that was only between his brother's boyfriend and him). "Hmm, well, the guy I have to fight is pretty strong."

Of course his dad didn't buy it. On the other hand, his dad knew him well enough to leave it be. Takeshi couldn't keep it from him forever, after all.


He watched Sasagawa-san's match. They were good – both of them. But even though the Varia member was better (the man simply had too much experience for Sasagawa-san to overcome in two weeks), the early underestimation of Sasagawa-san gave the teen the chance to even the field. Still, Takeshi knew that there was only a slight chance that Sasagawa-san would win. The tie was a bittersweet victory – better than he had secretly hoped, for all his external optimism, but worse than he had lead the others to hope.

At least Sasagawa-san hadn't been hit by the lightening Varia.


Lambo's match was very, very, very hard for Takeshi to watch. There's something incredibly wrong with sending a five year old into any arena, let alone one against a man who has more than a decades worth of experience over the child. Too bad they'd not had a choice.

Takeshi's relief at seeing Lambo's 15 year old self was nearly tangible. The others also demonstrated their own relief that the plan would work ("Plan? What plan? Lambo was practically a sacrifice!" a small, dark and indignant voice shouted in the back of Takeshi's head. It sounded like his aniki. Takeshi shivered minutely. He didn't want a part in this if they would be forced to sacrifice a child. But they didn't have a choice. Part of Takeshi wondered inanely if when his aniki heard about this he would blame Tsuna, the Varia, the Cervello, or the Nineth….) through the various celebrations and exclamations. Even Hibari looked mildly relieved. However, that Lambo had to use the bazooka again, did not bode well for the rest of them in their matches. But they had to win.


Watching the Storm battle was, personally, the hardest for Takeshi to watch between the Sun, Lightening, and Storm battles. Gokudera may be a prickly, sarcastic, lonely, delinquent, but he's genuinely a good person. Takeshi knows how Gokudera feels towards Tsuna – the feeling of having someone finally acknowledge you is beyond amazing. His aniki was the first to see him and Takeshi still has a similar hero-worship of the man.

But seeing Gokudera be sliced, bombed, and generally beat up didn't make Takeshi happy knowing he can't do anything about it. The other teen was probably his closest friend, after Tsuna (and sometimes before Tsuna, because Takeshi can see a future where there will be things that Gokudera and he will shelter Tsuna from, as much as they can).

He feelings on the battle, especially when Tsuna forced Gokudera to forfeit before the Storm flame holder dies, had absolutely nothing to do with the odd feelings he got around Gokudera. None at all. (He told the voice that sounded like his aniki to shut up and asked it how long it took his brother to finally ask a person out. The voice shut up smugly.)


And then it's his turn. He finally gets to test himself against Squallo, who must have been here without his brother from all the flailing that he's doing. The man was always much more calm in his brother's presence, even if the Xanxus always caused him to spazz even more. Part of him hurts because that means that his brother isn't here to see his fight. But then he reminds himself that he hadn't asked the man to come – so how could he have known?

But, just before they enter the modified swimming pool – or whatever, a shadow approaches his opponent. A very familiar shadow.

He can just make out what his aniki tells Squallo – "If you hurt my brother permanently, I'll kill you. If you play with him – you're in the dog house for a month. Or more." – and it has him trying very, very hard not to laugh at Squallo, at himself for doubting his brother in any way, and at his brother's antics. And maybe there's a small amount of resentment for his aniki's protective streak, but he knows how much it must cost the man to let them fight under these conditions and just stand by, so he lets it be. His brother is home for once!


And the fight is amazing. There is nothing – not even his dream of winning Koshien – that will ever match this feeling, this exhilaration. But of course it ends. And seeing his brother's pride in him makes it all that much better, even if he still feels mildly guilty over the various wounds he inflicted on one of his brother's boyfriends.

"ANIKI!" He crashes into the man and hangs on tight after placing his sword on the ground for a lack of a better place to put it while hugging his brother. Skype is all well and good, but hugging the computer can't beat hugging his brother.

His brother laughs. "Take-chan, it's good to see you. Excellent win over Squallo."

He just hugs him tighter.

"Hey, come on, I was only gone for two years."

"…It was a long time."

"Hmm… Looks like we have a lot to talk about then."


"I thought so."

They stand there a moment longer, undisturbed, until the Varia and Tsuna's group pick their collective mouths off the ground and burst into noise.


"Trash! Why didn't you tell us about your family!?"

"Traitor! You told them about us didn't you!"

And various other mixed reactions.

His brother just rolled his eyes. Takeshi grinned.

Finally, his brother took a deep breath and bellowed, "SHUT YOUR TRAPS!"

A stunned silence fell.

"Good. Yes, we're brothers. No, it's not biological – this one just decided to adopt me. Yes I am technically part of the Varia. No, Levi you arse, I didn't tell him anything about any of you. Xanxus, get your head out of your arse before you end up in the dog house, too. I'm still not happy that you let Levi fight the five year old. Also, why would I tell you lot – a bunch of assassins – about my family outside the mafia? Grow up. Nice to meet you, Tsuna-kun and co. I've heard a lot of good things about you. Now, lets move before I have to kill some bitches in glasses, ok?"

The Cervello took that as their cue to leave.

The groups slowly began to move from the school grounds, but not before Takeshi dragged his brother over.

"So, guys, this is my brother, Potter Hari. He's really awesome, but can't pitch to save his life."

"Thanks, Take-chan. Love you too. Anyways, like I said, nice to meet you all and as Take-chan said, my name is Potter Hari. Among the Varia, my name is Orcus."

And at that, Reborn looked startled.

Harry simply smiled at them all.


NB: Orcus - one possible translation from the Latin is "Death," the equivalent to the Greek Thanatos. Otherwise, it can simply refer to the Underworld/Pluto's Domain. Ah, context.

So, yeah, no idea where this came from. It decided to bonk into my head with it's cousin, a Pitch Black/Riddick x HP crossover... Uh, anyone wanna beta that one for me?

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