I wish I could say that everything was easier when we returned to Earth but then I would be telling an obvious lie. But never the less Banner was always at my side helping me through this war that we were still fighting but things did get a bit better once I started using my heart and even though that it was broken as was the rest of myself as well as Banner we were managing to put the pieces back together and even though we were missing a few pieces and we were scratched and bruised we were still managing to get by. However Bruce still worked often leaving me here alone while he ran off to some university or some other place to talk about science and it was these moments that scared me the most.

Every passing car made me twitch, every large group of people made me coward, every little thing left me on-edge hoping that SHIELD or the rest of the Avengers were not on their way to take me away from Banner. But once I heard the soft opening and closing of the front door and hear Banner call out I would slunk back into the room until I saw that he was a lone or that he was even there at all. There's only been a couple of times when Bruce would come back and I was not there to great him, those times my demons had returned to strike me down but I always woke to Bruce's strong, comforting arms wrapped around me just as they were now as we sat on the couch. I leaned against Bruce's shoulder as his arm wrapped protectively around me.

"How are you doing?" he asked

"I am fine how about yourself?"

"I'm good."

I always found it cute when he tried to make small talk, I found a lot of things about Bruce cute. We heard the door open downstairs and could hear the sound of the busy poparazzie and jurnalists attacking Tony but they were drowned out when the door slamed close.

"Damn jurnalist they can't leave me alone." Tony went to the bar and poured a drink it was typical for him to drink the moment he walked into the room and by now me and Banner took no notice in it.

"Everyone's worried and confused is all Tony you can't blame them."

I knew what he was talking about. Apperantly word spread quickly that Tony and Bruce were hiding me and everyone wanted to know if they were brainwashed into it (stupid question to ask of course they'd say no), if they were tricked, or anything else the public could think to ask but they both admitted that Thor had taken me back to Asgard and that I was still in prison. To help with this story I changed my mortal form drastically. My long, raven, hair shortened and changed to a soft shade of brown, my emerald eyes turned to a calming blue, as for cloths I still choose to wear a simple suit but sometimes I went with a nice shirt and jeans, and I went by the name of Thomas William Hiddleston.

At first Bruce had a hard time remembering that "Tom" was just a made up person he wasn't real and that beneath the disguise was the same god he knew, but after some time he got used to seeing me as this person and I didn't mind the change it was like a new start I guess you could call it. I was starting fresh, a clean slate, and only Tony and Bruce knew the truth of Tom Hiddleston, but enough of that there was more important matters to discuss such as Tony's court case against SHIELD which would take place in just a few weeks.

"Are you sure you want to do this Tony?" Bruce asked

"Of course I'm sure they abandoned him and left him there to die I'm pretty sure the public's not going to like that even if it is Loki."
"But that's the thing I don't think it matters what you show them everyone's still going to despise me for what I did. You could show them all the photos and recordings you want, even have the executioners from Asgard that took so much pleasure in tormenting me to admit to what they did and still no one in that room will believe it was wrong."

I leaned in closer to Banner I knew it just as much as they did that this was already a losing case after all everyone in New York hated me and I doubt that there's much that's going to change their minds about me.

"Banner you still have the photos of his previous injuries right?"
"You mean before SHIELD took him the first time? Yeah I still have them."
"And did your security cameras catch your conversations?"
"Yeah I have the footage of everything that's happened since Loki first came."

Banner took out a black suitcase and inside was all the evidence that we were going to use for the case, there were videos from here, Tony's house here in New York as well as in the Bahama's, and we even got videos from the security camera that we in my cell from SHIELD. In a seperate file was all the pictures that Banner had taken of all the wounds I had acuired and each had a detailed doctors note of what the injury was, how bad, treatment, what caused it things like that. But there was another thing, everyone thought that I was in a cell in Asgard but I'm not.

"Yeah that is going to be a problem isn't it." Tony said pouring himself another drink.

"I could apperiate back to the cell so that when Thor goes to get me I'll be there just as he thinks."
"No you can't go back there I wont let you." Bruce said

I was taken back by his words he really didn't want me to go back I knew that but this was the only way to get Thor and the others that would be at the courthouse to still believe that I had indeed been in Asgardian prison.

"Bruce he has to it's the only way to calm the public down knowing that he in fact was in prison and that could help our cause since most of his injuries occured while in prison." Tony said trying to convince Banner but it was clear that Bruce didn't like the idea at all.

"No I don't care I've been there Tony, just standing in the halls makes you want to break down, you can hear the screaming, smell the blood, feel all the pain I will not allow Loki to..." I placed my hand on his shoulder and he stopped short to look at me.
"I'll be alright Bruce I promise you that I shall be fine I'll go a few days before the trial and that way when Thor comes for me I can make it seem as though I've been there all this time." his eyes shined "We will be alright I assure you."

"But what if we lose? They'll drag you back there and Tony only had one replica of the Tesseract so I couldn't come get you. Also even if we did win I'm sure Odin wouldn't care he'd still expect you to be thrown back into that cell."
"That is where Thor comes in. Thor is an oaf and a big softy I'm pretty sure that by the end of this case whether we win or lose I'm sure he will try and free me from that prison."

I knew that Thor would be the easiest to fool no matter how tough he tried to sound I knew that he had to big of a heart and with the evidence that Tony was going to use I knew that it would be only a matter of time before we broke Thor and soon it wouldn't even have to matter if we won or not I'd be free of that blasted cell and probably be sent here anyways to finish punishment for whatever crime I've commited this time. We talked some more about the trial before locking up the evidence and after one last drink Tony finally left and I was alone with Bruce just as it should be. We were alone, it was quiet, no one was going to disturb us, we had the whole place to ourselves and that was how I wanted it.

I leaned into Bruce more and he wrapped his arm tighter around me.

"It's so quite now without Tony." he said

"Yeah I prefer it this way, I like this type of silence."
"Yeah this silence is good."

He kissed the top of my head again and my heart went racing as it always did when he kissed me, he was always so careful and caring.

"What if we don't win and Thor doesn't set you free?"

I sat up straight at the slightest hint of fear in his voice, I didn't like it when he was scared or when he showed that he was afraid.

"Then I'll escape and come to you, no one's going to seperate us ever again I promise I'll always be here."
"Then why are you leaving to go back there?" I really didn't want to talk about the court case it was a subject that I'd rather wish never to happen at all "Loki I'm scared of losing you again. I've came to close to losing you forever and I don't..."

This time I kissed him and as he closed his eyes he returned the kiss deepening it. I didn't want him to think so negativily about what had happened, now was different, now I didn't want him to be afraid, didn't want him to hurt because it gets worse the more you give into them. That's how the voices start and slowly they turn into demons that destroy you at every chance they can get. As we pulled away I placed my hand on the side of his face and leaned my forehead against his.

"Please Bruce I do not wish to talk about this any more it hurts to think of all that could go wrong but I promise that everything will be fine in the end."
"I know but still..."
"Please Bruce I'd rather spend these next few days alone with you, no distractions, no visitors, just you and me can you grant me this favor?"

His eyes sparkled brightly as he smiled.

"Yes Loki I can grant you that promise." He kissed me again and I knew that everything would be just fine. It had to be even if Thor couldn't convince Odin to set me free or to allow me to continue punishment on Earth somehow I would find a way to escape and I would come back to Banner. With my new disguise as I now had a better chance of escaping Thor from dragging me back. I just hoped that the photos and videos were enough to convince not only those in the stands but most importantly Thor, if our plan was to work out then we would have to work extra hard to convince him that what SHIELD did to me was barbaric as well as what the executioners...

"That's it!"

"What is?" Bruce asked shocked by my outburst

"The guards from Asgard. They took great pleasure in my torment surly they would love to tell everyone what they did to me. I'm sure they'd take great pride in scaring everyone about their ideas of torment."
"How would you convince them?"
"I wouldn't be convincing them I will simply ask Odin to send them as well for if this is to be a true court case then we should have as many witnesses as we can correct? Even Odin understands some of the basic court laws of you mortals I'm sure he'd allow for them to come and gloat about their success in breaking me."
"Are you sure that's a good idea though?"
No I wasn't sure, I wasn't sure that I even wanted them to be there but if they were then they could agree to the many injuries that I suffered and I knew very well that they'd love to tell everyone about their unique forms of torment and how they suceeded in destroying the young prince.
"They have to come one way or another they could possible be our best chance of winning this."

I knew this wasn't going to end well if they did come to Earth to testify, they would most likely over exaggerate everything but that was what I wanted right? I needed them to do this, I needed them to help me save myself just without telling them, I just wish that we could do it without me having to put my life in the hands of those that tried to take it away from me. I felt Banner place his hand on my shoulder and as I looked up at him he pulled me in close and as his arms held onto me tightly a sense of warmth and comfort shot through me and I began to feel better at the familiar feeling.

"We'll talk about this latter ok?" he looked outside and noticed the sun was setting, we walked out onto the porch and over the railing we watched the sun begin to sink below the harbor as the sky began to darken. Again I felt Bruce's arm wrap around me as we watched the sky in front of us.

Well if it isn't Loki

Our favorite toy

Come crawling back to us have you?

Couldn't they just leave me alone for one night

Now why would we do that

Oh yes it's to much fun to torture you

We've almost forgotten how you scream

Or the smell of your blood staining the cell

Please just leave me alone. I knew that they wouldn't and soon the room faded into the winter iceland of Jotunheim and there they were standing all around me watching me suffer, fighting against the chains. Watching me bleed and struggle to save myself.

What's the matter trickster can't save yourself

To weak to fight for your own life

You were always the weakest

No one's going to save you this time


I opened my eyes and I saw Banner next to me with worry in his eyes and it was a much more welcoming sight to see. He laid down beside me and as I rested against him he wrapped his arms around me comfortingly but I didn't want to go back to sleep, I didn't want to face them or all that pain.

"Try and sleep Loki they wont hurt you not as long as I'm here i swear no one's going to hurt again."

He was right, Bruce was always right and I knew that when I closed my eyes again I wouldn't face them because he was there to fight them off and when I did close my eyes I saw us, we seemed happy and it was these dreams that made me realize that it was possible, that this dream could become reality.