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"Blanche," Rose said, "You know what I realized?"

"What is it honey," Blanche asked.

"Dorothy is in her sixties. Her son Michael is 29. Her daughter Kate is 35. Didn't she have a child in her teen years?"

"Well yes she did. That's curious. I wonder why we never met her first child."

"You have," Dorothy said.

Blanche looked up.

"I don't remember meeting him or her," Rose said.

"I was fifteen when I got pregnant. I was scared. I was young. I had no idea what the hell I was going to do. Stan wanted me to abort the baby but I wouldn't kill a human life especially a life that had been inside of me. I considered adoption. I wanted this baby to have a better life. I also didn't want to be separated from this baby because I was already falling in love when ma and pop came up with the perfect solution.

"Pussycat," Sophia said, "Sit down."

"Sure ma," Dorothy said, "Pop, you're home early."

"Your mother and I were talking," Sal said, "We had an idea. Dorothy I know how much you love this baby and as much as you don't want to be separated from this baby we don't want you to be separated from this baby either."

"But pussycat being a teenage parent is hard. Being a parent at any age is hard but you're still young. You have so many opportunities and we want you to take advantage of them."

"We love you Dorothy," Sal said, "and we aren't even middle aged yet."

"So we were wondering how you would feel about your pop and I adopting this baby and raising him or her as your brother or sister. That way you could still be a kid and your brother or sister will be raised by someone with more experience so you won't have to throw your life aside."

Dorothy's eyes filled with tears. She couldn't believe her parents were offering to do this. It was such an act of love and kindness.

"Thank you," she said hugging them both at the same time, "I don't know what I would do without you."

"Dorothy we love you. We're proud of you," Sal said.

"Proud of what? I screwed up."

"No," Sal said, "You're bringing something beautiful to this family"

Seven months later Dorothy went into labor. She spent nearly 37 hours screaming and cursing. She told Stan never to look at her again. She screamed at her parents and her younger brother Phil. The labor was hard and intense. When it was finally over Dorothy brought her daughter into the world. She was beautiful. 10 pounds 13 ounces.

"She's a big one alright," Sophia said looking at her new baby, "What should we call her."

Sal and Sophia started talking names. Dorothy spoke up.

"Her name is Gloria," she said.

"Gloria. Gloria... it's a beautiful name Dorothy."

"Ma and Pop were true to their word. They loved Gloria like she was their own. They cared for her. They changed her. They washed her. They raised her. I loved her like a sister."

"You're saying your mom did all that for you?"

"Yes," Dorothy said, "Ma is a bit brazin at times but she is the greatest mother in the world. Pop was amazing. He still is from heaven."

Sophia came into the kitchen.

"Ma," Dorothy said, "Why don't you sit down and let me make you some breakfast. After I'll take you to a movie and then we'll do some shopping okay?"

"Am I dying," Sophia asked.

"No ma"

"Do you want something," Sophia asked.

"No ma. I have what I want. A wonderful mother and a great family."

"Fine by me," Sophia said, "I want my eggs to be 3 minutes cooked. Not 2 not 4. Three. And toast my bagel. Fresh squeezed orange juice would be nice too..."