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"Wally! We got a call from Dick!" Artemis called out, padding across the floor of their Palo Alto apartment, Nelson trailing happily on her heels.

"Not today!" The redhead groaned, sinking into the kitchen chair he'd been occupying for the afternoon, "I've got a physics test tomorrow," He pouted.

Artemis laughed lightly as she reached him, leaning down to wrap her arms around his shoulders, "It shouldn't be that hard. You break the sound barrier in your sneakers, I thought physics was an old pal," She poked fun. Wally gave a humourless laugh and picked her hand up from his chest to dot it with kisses.

"I'm still trying to catch up, Babe," He mused, his free hand poking at the pencil on his textbook, "It's no fair, it's easier to transfer to Stanford than it is to disappear for a year. You have it easy,"

"Then you can go to my Arabic and Mandarin lectures Monday. Now come on, you've been slouching over that book all day, I think you could use a break," Artemis pointed out, pressing a kiss to Wally's cheek before pulling away, feeling his eyes on her as she strolled to the bedroom, "But stay or not, I'll be heading out soon, so you should decide,"

"Alone?" Wally huffed, rising from his chair and stretching his back before he followed his blonde girlfriend, "Babe you're still green at this, you shouldn't take solo missions," He said, stepping into the bedroom where Artemis was changing into her dark green stealth suit.

"If that's a tease at my costume I'm afraid I'll have to punch you in the face," Artemis laughed, pulling her hair out of the way as Wally came over to zip her up. He made sure none of her long blonde hair caught in the zipper and kissed the back of her neck for good measure, "And I've been shooting for over a year and a half now, Oliver says that I'm a pro," She argued, tugging her bow out of the closet to inspect it.

"I'm not doubting your skill, Babe," Wally laughed, struggling with his sweatpants that had tangled in his socks, "I know very well the taste of the floor from our sparring matches,"

His works earned him a peck on the lips and assistance with digging his own stealth suit out of the back of the closet, "This should only take a couple hours at most. Dick sent it to us because its in our area," Artemis explained, returning to making adjustments on her gear.

"We should get ice cream afterwards," He suggested, kneeling down to scratch Nelson's ears as the pitbull had fetched the redhead's goggles.

Artemis hummed in thought, "Frozen yogurt," She bargained.

"Deal," Wally laughed, letting the blonde zip him into his suit.

He turned around, double checking that they both had all of the necessary equipment before they left, and Artemis felt her heart swell with happiness as he checked her over, pulling on the kevlar with scrutinizing eyes.

It had been two years since she'd broken Wally out of Arkham. Two years since the League stormed the place and rescued all of the other heroes that had been hidden there. Tula still thanked her for it, Jason still called her with names, locations, and a meeting time to take down the Arkham staff that had gotten away that day. The League had welcomed her with open arms and rigorous training. And she loved every minute of it.

Of course, she never would have believed that she would have ended up with the life she had found. Working with a group of superheroes to help keep the balance of justice in the world. Going to Stanford on a scholarship from Bruce Wayne, billionaire and secret League member. Living with the man she'd rescued because it was the right thing to do, a man with a heart as big as his endless stomach and feet as fast sound.

It was, to say the least, insane, but she wouldn't give it up for anything.

"I love you, Wally," Artemis told him, catching him off guard from his focus on stuffing his pockets with protein bars. He grinned at her, a blinding, ear splitting grin that made her heart melt. It took him only a second to zip back to her side, catching her lips in a sweet kiss. She pressed back with a smile, raising her arms to slide around his neck as his snuck around her waist.

Wally pulled back to press a few kisses across her cheekbones, still tasting her smile as their eyes met, "I love you too, Artemis,"

After all, he'd have to be crazy not to.



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