The Mighty Ducks

Fay King

I skate across the ice my blond hair rippling in the cold Minnesota wind. "Is that all you got Fay?" Jesse Hall yells from across the ice. A laugh escapes my lips as I skate a little faster towards the net on the other side of the ice, only to be slammed to the ground by none other than Charlie Conway. The puck slides off of my stick and onto Jesse's, "Charlie I almost made it to the net!" I groan and lay my face onto the freezing ice.

Slowly I close my eyes. I felt one with the ice, only I would never tell anyone that. A crunching sound on the far side of the frozen pond snapped me out of my trance. I raised my head in alarm. On the far side of the 'rink' a grey limo pulled onto the ice and drove to the middle of the pond. I pull myself up and skate over to the limo with my hockey team.

The limo slid to a halt and a short man with slicked back hair stepped onto the ice. Everyone but Jesse took a small step back.

"Yo, dude. You obviously in the wrong hood. This is my dominion. This is a drug free zone, you understand?" Jesse declared fearlessly, "We ain't buyin' nothin'." Jesse shakes his shoulders as if he was getting ready for a fight.

"I'm feeling generous today. So I'm gonna let you get your sorry vanilla boodie outta here before we be usin' your eyeballs as hockey pucks!" The entire team laughs, but then the mysterious man speaks.

"Thanks, bro, but I'm not goin' home 'til I take care of business." The man reached into his coat. We backed up quickly, thinking he had a gun, but instead he pulled out a folded piece of paper. The team let out a small breath and glided closer to the man.

"District 5 pee-wee hockey team. I'm Gordon Bombay. I'm the new coach." I giggled, this was so not our coach, he just couldn't be. I looked at Jesse and mouthed 'this guys our new coach?' Jesse laughed harder.

"What a joke!" I said voicing my thoughts.

"Yeah, right." Chuckled Jesse. "Afraid so, dude. Got the roster right here. Averman Lester. Conway Charlie. Hall Terry."

There was no denying it. He was our new coach. "Here's the long and short of it." Bombay paused "I hate hockey and I don't like kids."

My lips formed a smirk and Peter sarcastically remarked back to our coach. "What's that supposed to be, a pep talk?"

"Look, I'm sure this'll be a real bonding experience. Maybe one of you will even right about it in jail."

"Haha Funny!" Snaps Peter as he gives the coach a death glare. My smirk turns into a frown. "So what, now we're con men and women?"

Bombay ignored my comment. "Is there a goalie?"

"Only for a little while. I'm movin' back to Philly." Said Greg Goldberg our really terrible goalie. He was afraid of hockey pucks.

"Thanks for sharing that." Says coach. "No problem." Replied Goldberg not knowing the meaning of sarcasm. "Alright get on the ice and let me see what you can do." We begin to skate away and I could faintly hear Averman say "Just so you know we really suck."

I skate to the middle of the ice as the puck is dropped in the face off. The rest of my team fall on their faces while trying to get the puck. but I snatch it from them and skate to the net the rest of the team on my tail. The puck flys from end to end before Connie and I skate over to Coach, body checking Averman in the process.

"Hi Coach I'm Connie and-" "I'm Fay. Do you play?" I cut off Connie. Like I can introduce myself thank you very much. "No. So what's our record anyway?" I let Connie talk now. I would prefer not to say our record because it's embarrassing, "0-9, but one was pretty close though. We only lost by five." "And we got a goal! I scored!" I add. This was the only goal our team has ever gotten and I scored it!

The rest of the team skated up to us. "So what do we do now Coach?" Jesse says as he stops right in front of the coach. "What did your old coach have you do?" Responded to Jesse's question not caring about how he asked it.

"He just yelled a lot." Explained Charlie. We all nodded our heads and whispered 'ya.'

"Ya that's how he hurt his arm." Jesse smile grew into a smirk.

"His arm?"

"Yeah, one minute he was yelling at us, 'Little bastards, where'd you learn to play?" Peter begins. "Oh, you suck, you! Skate, you little bast-" Peter grabs his heart and falls to the ground.

"Heart attack. Great. All right look I got to make a phone call. Keep scrimmaging, you, you, you, you and you against you five."

"Hey we got names you know!" Said Goldberg.

"Ya I'm sure you do and I bet they're nice names, I might even learn em." He pauses "for now I'll be in my office." He opens his car door, "Oh, and if you need anything, fax me." He flashes all of us a smile and steps into the limo.

"Wow what a great coach we got, huh." I say angrily. He was a pig headed jerk like those stupid hawk players. They both have something in common they both don't give two shits about us.

"Where do they find these coaches anyways? We're impressionable kids, right?"

"Shouldn't we check his qualifications or somethin'?"

"Wow what a nice limo." Says Peter as he skates closer to it.

"To bad we can't have a ride!" Exclaims Jesse.

"Or can we?" Asks Guy mischievously.

We all take the hint and begin banging against the car with our fists as we press our faces to the windows.

Jesse opens the door and jumps in. We all file into the limo. "Cool ride." Says Karp. Jesse picks up a magazine "Hmm what should I look at?"

"This limo sucks compared to the one my parents own!" I say.

"Hey watch it you little rascals!" Snaps the Coach. "Cake-eater." Jesse calls me. Yeah, get over it my parent are rich. I'm the wealthiest on the team. I actually have a jersey that says district 5 while the rest of the team took random sweaters and shirts to make something work because they can't afford to buy their own jerseys.

I'm also the only one with real hockey equipment everyone else has stuff they could find at home to use protection. I live in Orono, MS one of the richest parts of Minnesota that's where lots of the hawks are from but they live on the south west side while I live on the north east the richer part. The rest of the hawks are from Edina, MS. While pretty much all the district 5 team live in apartment buildings not suburban houses like me.

Connie starts a chant saying, "We want a ride! We want a ride!" Soon we are all chanting. "I could kill one of 'em to set an example." Says the driver. "Not yet, Lewis. Take 'em for a spin, anything!" We begin to cheer. I zone until I smell something terrible.


"It wasn't me!"

"Who do you think it was dumb ass?" I say.

That's when Charlie gets up as he spy's his mom walking towards to limo. "Guys it's my mom and boy she looks pissed!" Coach pushes Charlie down and the car stops.

The door opens and Casey Conway tells everyone to get out of the car. We listen.

She pulls Coach aside and they begin to argue.

"Are you out of your mind? What were you think putting that car on the ice! My son was in that car!"

"Lady, Lady relax!"

"One crack in the ice is all it would have took! One crack!"

"The ice is not gonna crack."

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I'm Gordon Bombay the new hockey coach."

"The new Coach. They send you over here to coach the team and you endanger their lives!"

"What danger? Look, I grew up on the ice. I know when it's safe to drive on!"

"How do you know?"

"I just know. All right!"

"Well listen Mr. Zen master, you may be in tune with the ice universe but when it comes to my kid I just know doesn't cut it! Charlie, let's go." Casey says through gritted teeth.

"Mom I." Charlie says in a small voice. "Well I guess practice is over." Says Coach. "Sorry my mom ruined it guys." Says Charlie in disappointment. We all say its okay and give him a pat on the back. "You gonna be at the game tomorrow Coach?" Asks Charlie.

"By the order of the state of Minnesota. Ya."


"Hawks, Hawks, Hawks, HAWKS, HAWKS-" the other team chants. As I stare over across the ice at them. They begin to warm up by doing some weird crossover things.

The whistle blows and Larson and McGill skate over to our bench. "Hi girls." They both mock. Karp trys to hit them but they both skate away laughing.

"I hate them you know!" I say. "Like girls are just as good as guys!" Connie says to support me. "Yeah, we know that Fay." Says Jesse. The team gets off of the bench and we skate around the ice trying to look professional like the hawks. But it doesn't really work because only a few of us can actually skate well, I being one of them.

A couple minutes pass and we all gather onto the bench to do our cheer. The hawks go first. Chanting win over and over again. Coach trys to do the same thing but we know that chanting win isn't gonna help us. "Yeah, we're fired up." Says Coach sarcasm dripping from his mouth. The first line playing for the hawks all go and hit their goalies pads.

We try and do the same thing but Charlie hits Goldberg too hard and he falls to the ground. He then skates around the net and hits his mask a couple times while he says 'sorry Goldberg.' And 'didn't mean to Goldberg.'

McGill skates to the center and laughs at his own joke calling Terry, Guy and Jesse the Oreo line. The puck is dropped and McGill cross checks Guy to the ground after passing the puck to Banks number 9. Banks skates to the net and scores. The hawk fans cheer.

As Banks skates past Jesse he knocks off his helmet and says "that's one." Jesse skates at him but the ref pulls him back. The puck gets passed around between the hawks and soon the score is 5-0 them surely not us. And that Banks boy has already got a hat trick.

I skate onto the ice and take the face off against McGill. Great I'm gonna die. "Look what we got Larson and Banks it's a girl. I roll my eyes "Oh are we stating the obvious? Well then look Larson and Banks it's an idiot." I say smirking at him. Both of his teammates laugh at my joke but it just makes McGill mad. He glares at them but they still laugh.

The ref blows the whistle and the puck is dropped and I quickly scramble to get it. It all happens in slow motion. I pass the puck to Jesse and skate around McGill who seems to be frozen in place. Jesse seems to be frozen in place to. "Pass it to me Jesse!" I scream as I see the Banks kid skating towards him. The puck flies across the ice and onto my stick. Just as Banks body checks Jesse onto the ice.

I see all Hawk players are skating towards me which means I have to skate too! I move my feet and as soon as I know it I'm right in front of the hawks net. With the snap of my wrist the puck goes sailing through the air and hits the crossbar! Wait the crossbar? Dang I though for a second I actually scored on the hawks. But nope that will never happen.

The game goes on as it usually does the other team crushing us. The only good thing that happens is when Charlie gets the puck. He slowly skates across the ice and towards the Hawks net. As he gets ready to shoot he pulls his stick too far back and all he does is hit the ice with a thud and crashes into the boards. The funny part is that as he was getting up the Banks kid body checks him from behind and Charlie falls to the ice again.

The Hawks cheer and chant Banks name. "It's ok Charlie! Nice try!" Yells Casey Conway as Charlie skates back to the bench his helmet in his hands.

"Nice fan Charlie, keep swinging maybe you'll give em a cold." Says Coach.

"Nice one Spazway." I say with Jesse. But this time Charlie doesn't laugh like he usually does with us he just goes and sits down on the bench.

I look over to the hawks bench and see that their Coach is talking to them, "Hey, Hey, Hey knock it off!" says their coach, they all stop talking at once, "With this team we should have twice as many! Now lets run it up! Remember, it's not worth winning if you can't win big!" Yells the coach and all the players join in and the coach takes a players stick and hits him on the helmet with it to make a beat. Wow this coach is just as great as ours! –note my sarcasm- They do as they're told and the Hawks run the score up to 17-0.

I look over to their bench again and see that their Coach is talking again. "All right! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, knock it off, knock it off! That was a lousy third period anybody could beat these pansy's I want you guys to stay hungry out there!" He says to them, "All right, nice going out there Banks new Hawks record! Okay boys lets go."

The Hawks coach looks at ours and smiles, "Nice game, I enjoyed it thoroughly!" He laughs.

Coach nods. Great I'll say it again what a pig headed jerk. Coach turns towards us and I could tell he was about to explode. "Hey! SHUT UP!" He yells and I roll my eyes why don't you shut up dumb ass! "You guys stink. I thought we came here to play hockey." He growls.

Peter being the sarcastic little shit he is, opens his mouth "you know I knew we forgot something." Everyone laughs but Charlie and I. We know that this is not a great time for fun and games. "You think this is funny?" He laughs, "you think losing is funny?" He snaps.

This time Averman answers, "Well not at first but once you get the hang of it." I look over at Jesse like coach he's furious. "We're the ones out their getting our buts kicked!" Snaps Jesse but before he could continue on, Terry steps in. "It's not like you coach us or anything." We all nod in agreement.

"At least we try." Terry adds.

"You didn't listen to a word I said! I said keep your heads up you put your heads down! I said hustle you went slower! That was the sloppiest playing I have ever seen! Why the hell wont you just listen to me!"

"Why the hell should we?" Says Jesse as he leaves the bench. "I don't care. You want to lose fine. You're the ones who look like idiots out there." Bombay continues his rant.

I couldn't take it anymore. I stand blocking coach from the exit. "We're the ones who look like idiots out there? Why don't you take a good look in the mirror? You're the one who's supposed to teach us how to play! But god! No, you can't do that! You just have to sit back and watch us suck."

I sit back down and the coach leaves.