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Chapter 7


My dad drove down Fay's long driveway, we were going to her house to pick her up for my brother's hockey game. Xander sat in the front seat and was listening to music on his mp3 player. We pulled to a stop at her front door.

Fay came out of her house wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a gray winter jacket. She had on a light red beanie with a matching scarf and pair of mittens. She hopped into the seat next to me. "Hey Mr. Banks, Xander."

"Hello Fay." My father replied, Xander pulled out his headphones and flashed her his flirty smile. Fay smiled back blushing a little. Not cool Xander, Fay is mine not yours! Jealousy pumped through my veins, Xander was two years older than us and was like the most popular guy in his grade, he could have any girl but he chooses to flirt with mine. So. Not. Cool.

"How's a going Adam?" She asks me. I don't look at her and grumble my response, "fine."

"Fine be a jerk then, I thought you wanted to spend time with me." She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I do, just not when Xander's flirting with you." I whispered back.

Fay leaned back and laughed which caused Xander to look up at her. "Watch laughing at?" Fay looks at him and laughs even more, "nothing!"

She leans into me and whispers, "he wasn't flirting we're just friends."

"Then why did he invite you to come to his hockey game?"

"Because I told him that you were better at hockey and he wants to prove that you aren't."

Fay thinks that I'm better at hockey than my brother? Wow, that means a lot even though Xander's way better than me. He's definitely going to go pro. "Sorry Fay but you're gonna lose because Xander is actually better than me. He didn't make the varsity team for no reason."

"Who said you wont make the varsity team in freshman year?"

"It wont matter he did it before I did."

She rolls her blue eyes, "So it only matters if you love the sport you're playing."

I grab her hand and look at her cute blushing face, "Thanks Fay." She grins. "No problem!"

"Ok kids we're almost there, Adam you and Fay can sit alone if you want." Adams dad said his eyes looking through the interior rearview mirror. "Ok. Thanks." We both responded.

A few minutes later we pulled into Eden halls hockey rink. I was about to unbuckle my seatbelt when I realized I was still holding Fay's hand. I blushed and looked out the window releasing her hand quickly. We all stepped out of the car and walked towards the entrance when a girl's voice called out Xander's name.

"Wait up!" Xander Fay and I turned around as my dad spoke. "Ill be inside, have a good game Xander." With that said, my dad left us waiting for the girl who called Xander.

She came into view and I realized it was Alana a freshman cheerleader who was obsessed with Xander. Alana had platinum blonde hair and intense green eyes. Sure she was totally hot, but that didn't make up for the fact that she was completely annoying.

"Oh hey Alana." Said Xander not even bothering to fake sound excited. She looked at Fay and glared when she saw her beside Xander. "This your girlfriend?" She asked venomously.

Fay looked at her and Xander and then said something that surprised all of us. "Yes." Fay just said yes. Yes. She fucking said yes to dating my brother! Who she hardly even knew. "So since that's out of the way, could you like, leave." Fay said in a fake bitchy voice as she moved her hands in a shooing motion indicating to Alana to get lost.

Alana scoffed, "Whatever." She stomped away into the rink.

"Um Fay, why did you just say you were Xander's girlfriend?" I tried to keep the anger out of my voice but it didn't really work. Xander looked at her with curiosity. "Ya, why did you say that?"

She only rolled her eyes. "Chill. I'm not his girlfriend Adam." She looked at me and spoke again. "Xander clearly you didn't want to talk to that girl. Am I right?" He nodded. "So I PRETENDED to be your girlfriend to get rid of her. Gosh y'all need to calm down I wasn't being serious."

My eyes bulged, Jesus she had me scared for a second. "So you're not dating him?" I pointed a finger at my vile brother.

"God no."

"Thank the lord!"

We all laughed but I think Xander was disappointed. We walked into the rink and Xander's teammates were in the lobby waiting for him. They called him over, but just before he went over to them Fay grabbed his hand. "Good luck." She said, Fay then whispered to Xander loud enough for only him and I to hear. "Just to keep them from being suspicious." She then leaned in a gave him a peck on cheek. He smirked and leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Fay's face turned tomato red. Xander's teammates cat called, hollered, and wolf whistled.

I just stood there stunned and completely jealous. It would have taken me weeks to get the courage to kiss her and he just did it to look slick in front of his friends. "See you after babe."He said loud enough for everyone in the lobby to hear. Xander walked towards his teammates and they went to the dressing room together.

I was fuming.


Xander just kissed me. I touched my lips, they still had the tingly feeling his lips left after touching mine. I knew my face was probably as red a poppy in Flanders field. I hated Xander. But now after that kiss I didn't know how I felt about him anymore.

I thought I liked Adam. Shit. Adam. I looked at him and instantly regretted even pretending to be Xander's girlfriend. He looked as if he could kill someone. "I guess you weren't joking about being his girlfriend."

His blue eyes that usually showed joy just looked hurt and betrayed. "Adam. I. Adam I don't know what even just happened." He glared at me and I flinched. "I know exactly what happened. You. Like. Xander."

"I don't Adam, I don't even know why he did that!" I sighed and then it hit me. That prick! "I'm going to kill your god damned brother! He did that because he knew I had a crush on you and wanted to make you jealous!"

Adams face relaxed completely. "You have a crush on me?" I laughed, really that was what he was thinking about after what I said. I shook my head. "Yeah Adam, I have a crush on you."

That was true. But I also think I have a crush on Xander, I wanted to say. But I didn't. It would only piss him off more. I wanted to stay friends with Adam. "Well Fay, I have a crush on you too." I grinned as soon as the words left his lips. Maybe I didn't like Xander? But then why did the kiss feel so right? Ugh! Boys were so confusing.

"Come on let's go get some seats, these games are usually packed."

During the Game


Fay and I managed to score seats far away from the Alana and the parents. The score was currently 4-1 for the Eden Hall varsity Warriors. They were playing the third best team in their high school league, the Eastview varsity Lightning. Eden hall was number one in the league and the second place team was Edina's public high school's team the Edina Hornets.

Xander had 2 goals so far and cellied every time he scored. The first time he went down on one knee and swept the ice with his stick in the air, which I might add caused Fay to giggle. Freaking giggle. Only I make her fucking giggle! Then the second time he went down on one knee again only this time he used his stick as if it was a gun and fake shot it. And then after he winked at Fay and blew her a kiss. And she grinned at him. I wanted to kill my brother.

The game flew by but the score didn't get any better for the Lightning. The Warriors only deepened their pride by riding the score up. Xander finished with four goals and Fay kept gushing about how good they were and it was really pissing me off.

I didn't pay attention for the rest of the game and totally ignored Fay. Eventually it finished and we sat in the rink for about half an hour waiting for Xander before getting up.

We walked out of the rink and into the lobby. My dad stood closer to the doors with Xander who had his hockey bag slung across his shoulder. As soon as he saw us he smirked at me. I guess my facial expression told him that I wanted to murder him. We walked up to them, Fay slightly behind me.

God, so much for having a freaking crush on me. I was pissed and wanted nothing to do with her. "I'm sitting shotgun. Xander you can sit beside your fucking girlfriend." My father's eyes widened at my language.

"Adam watch your-" I didn't give him time to finish, "I'm not in the mood Dad." I walked out of the rink and to the car.

Leaving Fay, my dad, and fucking Xander behind. I heard the locks click signaling my dad had unlocked them. I hopped into shotgun and slammed the door shut.


Fay and I slid into the back seat. I didn't think that flirting with and kissing Fay would have pissed Adam off so much. I mean sure I did have a crush on Fay but Adam had her first. I was only fooling around. God the kid looked like he was going to cry.

I looked at Fay and caught her staring at me. She blushed and looked away. She was so fucking cute. I just wanted to grab her blond hair and kiss her. Her eyes were so gorgeous. A mixture of green and blue, they were fucking mesmerizing.

I rolled my eyes at my childish thoughts. She was too young for me. Sure two years wasn't that much but, she seemed years younger than me, and plus Adam…

"Good game." She whispered. I nodded in thanks not speaking. When she realized that was the only response she was going to get she sighed and stared out the frosted window.

My thoughts wandered back to the kiss and I groaned, I fucking kissed her. It felt so good though. Her lips left mine wanting more. I've kissed many girls but that kiss was by far the best. I resisted the urge to grab her and kiss her even more.

Twenty minutes later we pulled into our driveway. Adam hadn't walked Fay to her door so I had too. Which lead me to kiss her again. Oops…

Now Adam and I sat alone in the car, our Dad had gone inside a few minutes earlier. I gathered courage to speak, which was hard because I felt terrible and I knew Adam probably hated me.


He turned around and glared at me. "What do you want Xander."

"I'm sorry."

"Wow, you think that will make it better?" His tone almost made me flinch. Almost. "No. But I'm trying." If he didn't accept it I was going to loose it, my patience span was fairly small.

"Well fucking try harder, dick face."

Well, that snapped the very thin tread that was my patience.

"I am trying asshole! I could've just not fucking apologized!" I shouted. "You know what Adam! Stop being a little shit just because the girl you like chose me! I'm literally better than you in every fucking way! I'm the better hockey player and I'm fucking hotter!" I breathed hard, giving him a hard stare.

I opened the car door. "Who said you could-"

"Shut your little fucking face Adam!" I growled as I slammed the car door shut. That little fucker. I stomped up the front steps and jerked the door open forcefully. Slamming it shut once I was inside. I threw off my winter boots and Warriors jacket.

"I'm not eating dinner! Good god damned night!" I scream as I went up stairs, my feat thumping hard on the steps. I slammed my bedroom door shut and flopped onto my bed.

I heard the front door slam shut and heard Adam rush into the kitchen downstairs. I could hear his sobs from up in my room.

My heart ached, I did this. No matter how pissed I was at him I had to do something. I opened my door and made my way to the kitchen. He was sitting in my Moms lap. Her head rested on top of his and she held him in her arms. My Dad was no where to be found. Of fucking course.

"Adam." I whispered. He looked up and my heard shattered. His normally sparkling blue eyes no longer held their shine, now they were puffy and red.

I sat in the chair next to them and pulled Adam into my arms and gave him the most loving hug I could give my baby brother, "I'm sorry."

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