Prismo looked at the giant screen in front of him as Finn, Jake, and Marceline made their way through the badlands.

Finn having discovered he has super speed as a result of him being the owner of the Soul Sword.

Finn kept running faster and faster.

His speed increased more than ever.

Eventually, Finn had made his way to the top of a mountain miles away from the badlands.


Finn heard the shouts of Jake and Marceline who were just beginning to climb the mountain.

Jake grabbed Marceline stretched his body to the peak of the mountain.

"Dude, you just ran up here in like a fourth of a second."

"I know. It was awesome."

Finn looked around the top of the bleak mountain and breathed in the smoke polluted air.

"Wait. Smoke?"

Finn looked all around him to see where the smoke was coming from.

"Is that a fire elemental burning one of the mountains?"

"Sure looks like it."

Finn just stared at the fire elemental. Something about him reminded him of someone else.

"Oh yeah!" Finn finally recollected his memory.

"Whats up bro?" Jake questioned as he stretched nearer.

"We never found out what happened to Prince Gummy."

"You're right. I didn't hear much about him after I cut off his hand." Marceline replied from behind him.

"I wonder what that guy is doing. I'm gonna go talk to him."

"What? Finn, why? He's obviously just minding his own biz."

"No. There's more to it than that. I can sense it. It's like I can hear him thinking, actually."

Finn began to walk towards the fire elemental who he figured was from the Fire Kingdom.

The closer he got, the louder the voice he had heard became.

"I have to find that power! I need it! I will become king!"


The fire elemental quickly turned towards Finn.

"What'd you say?"

"No. What did you say? Something about being king?"

"I didn't say anything. I thought it."

"Well I guess I read your mind. So whats this power you're looking for?"

"The power is technically a person."

"Really now? That sounds interesting."

"Yeah. Apparently there's a guy buried in this very spot on the mountain. I'm trying to dig him up so he'll become my servant and grant me the power I need."

"The power you need to do what?"

"To overthrow the Flame Queen and take over."


Finn instantly tackled the fire elemental.


"No! You're not taking over her kingdom!"

"YES! I! AM!"

The elemental punched Finn as hard as he could.

Finn stumbled back slightly and regained his composure.

The elemenatl set Finn on fire in a huge blazing blast of flame.

Finn screamed in terror as he fell back and began to roll all the way down the mountain.

"FINN!" Jake screeched as he leaped and stretched his way to his little brother's body.

"You're gonna pay for that you jerk!" Marceline sneered at the elemental and swiftly lunged at him her axe in tow.

He shot a huge barage of fireballs at Marceline but she dodged most of them taking minor damage.

She swung her axe at the fire elemental swiftly cutting him in half.

His upper body and lower body began to connect. Marceline notice this and quickly grabbed the upper body and flew up about 2,000 feet in the air before spinning around and releasing as the upper body flew acrosse the skyline to an unknown location.

Marceline stared in the direction he was thrown and then turned to where Finn had fallen.


Finn's body was twisted and contorted. His skin was melted and singed. He was dead.


Jake's scream could be heard from miles away.

Queen Bubblegum and Flame Queen heard the scream..and they instantly knew something was wrong.