Marceline looked around at her friends and then at Finn's mangled body. " the heck do we use it?" She asks and everyone simply shrugs.."Well...great...we don't know what we're doing" She stands and walks over to the sword, picking it up and staring into its large blade. Upon looking at it, she began to see something. "Oh My Glob...Its Finn!" She yells, drawing everyone else's attention towards her.

They all rush over and peer over her shoulder and at the blade, seeing Finn walking down a strange, brightly lit path while strumming a guitar. "Oh I'm gonna fall asleep!" He sings as he walks a bit slower and sits down, resting for a bit.

"Whaaaaaaaat?" Jake says loudly "What the heck is goin on?!"

"Its the 1000 Mile Road o The Afterlife...if he wants to live again, he has to walk all the way to the end." Marceline says, seriousness showing in her face. "I Don't know how else we can help him...he may be on his own"


Finn wakes up after sleeping for several hours and strecthes while yawning. "Okay...670 miles down...330 to go" He says as he takes a running stance and runs down the path "NoregretsNoregretsNoregretsNoregretsNoregrets" he says as he slows down after running for about 30 minutes. Finn stops and looks around to see that there's alot more to this path than he expected. He sees what appears to be a Kingdom, in the grass. And a nice little village. He exits the path and walks over to the kingdom as the world shapes around him forming into a new, more modern Ooo...Basically the way he reshaped it with the Sword.

Finn heads to the castle and knocks on the large door, awaiting someone to open it. After a minute, a man with Greyish skin and white hair opens the door. "...Ash?"

Ash looks at him "Yes my king?" He speaks in a dull tone. "King?" Finn questions.

"Yes...King Finn of the Grass Kingdom...accompanied by Queen Flora of the Fire Kingdom.." Finn's eyes widen slightly as he walks into the castle and is met by a child. The little boy has orange hair and skin like Finn's. Finn smiles, for reasons he doesn't even know of, as the child hugs his legs. "Daddy!" Finn's smiles grows as he picks him up "Hi little one.." He looks over toward one of the exits, leading to a hall and spies Flora walking over to him. She hugs him and kisses his cheek. "Hello my King"


Finn's friends lay around the sword, watching as it glows and they begin to lose visual of Finn. Jake yawns and picks up the sword "Do you have internet?" The sword glows and Jke shrugs, taking that as a yes. "Look up DJ Kitty Kat 'Meow me One More Time' remix." The swords blade shows a swirling image, before pulling up a video of a cat wearing gold chains and shades singing "Oh baby I love you baby I need you baby, Meow me one more time!"

Jake laughs as he watches the video and quickly changes his tone "...Can you spy on peeps?"The sword glows bright and pulls up a new image, showing Lumpy Space Princess chasing a poor pizza delivery boy down the street. Jake laughs loudly "OOoooh! Show me what Tree Trunks and are doing!"

Marceline, Flora and QB simply watch Jake's antics in amusement as he laughs loudly before saying.. "Show me...what Prismo is up to..." The sword glows even brighter than before, blinding Jake a bit and finally shows Prismo.

BACK WITH FINN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Finn wakes up the next morning in a large bed wit satin sheets. He looks next to him to see His Flame Queen lying next to him. He smiles and kisses her forehead. She awakens with a smile as well and kisses him on his lips. He deepens the kiss and proceeds to slide his hand beneath the covers, rubbing his hand against her womanhood. Slowly , he pulls down her panties a bit and continues, getting soft moan from her. {I know this isn't real but...I...can't help it...}

He breaks the kiss, to move downwards and kiss her neck. Then down to her still clothed breast, eventually leaving a trail of kisses down her torso until he reaches the spot he had been previously rubbing against. She smiles as she watches him and he kisses her womanhood, before licking her in that spot. He winces slightly at the touch as his tongue spreads her lips a bit and continues to lick her. He smiles at her response to this and continues, moving his tongue in a circular motion.

His queen moans loudly "P..please My king..."She practically begs him to take her. He feels it. He feels the same need as she does and wastes no time in removing his clothing. She does the same, not able to wait any longer and wraps her legs around his waist. Finn kisses her deeply as he slowly penetrates her. She moans loudly and holds him close.

Finn slowly begins to move his hips, thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace. Her moaning increases, becoming louder by the second. Finn smiles as he begins to increase his thrust speed. She lets out a yell "Finn!" and reaches her climax, cumming on his member. Finn cant take it anymore as he gives one more powerful thrust into her before spilling his seed deep inside her.

Finn closes his eyes and wakes up looking around, seeing he ws back on the path. " was just a dream.." He says as he stands up and continues onward. "An extremely...real feelin dream...but...Marcy...why am I suddenly having such conflicting feelings about Flame Pri-Queen?" He wonders aloud as he walks a bit faster

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