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"Niles," Daphne said, "Can you believe that in just 5 months we're going to be parents."

Niles looked at Daphne.

"You know," he said, "I've been trying to prepare myself for this day since I started thinking about having children. I still have no idea how to be a parent."

Daphne shrugged.

"I don't know how to be a mum any more then you know how to be a dad."

"Do you think we should take parenting classes?"

"Niles," Daphne said, "Parenting classes don't tell you anything."

"How do you figure that parenting classes don't tell you anything," Niles asked.

"Niles," Daphne said, "It's like the conversations you have with Frasier. You two both are alike but you have opposite opinions. It's the same things with parenting. Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding. Some will tell you to breast feed others will tell you to bottle feed."

"I have a theory on that," Niles said, "I believe we ought to do a combination of breast and bottle feeding."

"Why is that," Daphne asked.

"Nursing is healthier for a baby," Niles explained, "And by the time we have to wean little David or Amber he or she will have less of a struggle because she'll be used to the bottle."

"I like the name David," Daphne said, "But we'll have to keep thinking for a girl"

"What do you think about discipline," Daphne asked, "You know some say smack others say time outs other say lectures"

"And I say pfft to all of those options," Niles said, "Discipline is not about punishment."

"It's not?"

"No," Niles said, "It's about teaching. Children learn nothing from punishment."

"Perhaps you're right," Daphne said.

Daphne knew Niles was right and she knew he needed to build up his self esteem.