Fairytales Happen Everywhere

Chapter Two: Bodyguard

Kagome let out a deep sigh once the bell rung signaling the end of school. Tucking a strand of raven hair behind her ear she stood, stuffing her books into her yellow backpack before slinging the strap around one of her shoulders. Cerulean eyes lingered over to the window with a half view of the school field. 'I wonder…how did a demon get in this time?'

To say it unsettled her was an understatement. Despite her hasty assurances to her mom over the phone that everything was fine, she knew that it was far from the truth. Sure there had been a few random occurrences of demonic activity on this side of the well, but nothing that couldn't be explained. Nothing like that lower class demon seeking her out so purposefully.

Her hand gripped the glass jar that hung around her neck through the fabric of her uniform as she exited the classroom.

What if more demons came? What if she was putting everyone in danger, just by being near them? Innocent people who happened to be close to her when another attack occurred - maybe her friends - maybe her family?

"Hey! Hey, er…Kagome! Yeah! Kagome hey wait up!"

The voice startled her from her disturbing thoughts. It sounded vaguely familiar, but not overly so. She turned to look behind her and was surprised to find the familiar face of a small boy with blonde hair and dough brown eyes. He smiled brightly at her, and she suddenly remembered her encounter earlier in the day with the Sohma family and the petite brunette. She sent him a nervous smile back. "Hi um…Momiji was it?" at his affirmative nod she continued "Is there something you need?"

He grabbed her hand with both of his and stared up at her in earnest concern. "Yuki told me that you ran away from him! I just wanted to make sure he hadn't done something to upset you!"

She looked away, suddenly embarrassed as she recalled her rude and very random departure. "N-No he didn't do anything! I just forgot an important item that I had to get before going to class!" She glanced back at him in slight trepidation. Hopefully the kid would buy it. How old was he anyway? 'Wait…that uniform. He couldn't possibly be older than me?!'

Momiji eyed her suspiciously."I dunno…that Yuki can be pretty thick headed sometimes. Are you sure you're not just covering for him?"

"Trust me he was quite the gentleman! If anything I should be apologizing to him for randomly bolting like that…"

His grip on her hand tightened and he sent her a charming smile. "Perfect! Then you can come walk with us and say it! You live around here right? East I believe? Which is totally a coincidence because we do too!"

Dread settled in the pit of her stomach from the angelic cheer that radiated off the deceptively youthful face of Momiji. 'How the hell did he know that?' "Uh well-"

He tugged her hand and started dragging her along "Because I just remembered where I saw you before we ran into each other at school - We both take the same ally! I just know Tohru would love to chat with you and I know Yuki was really concerned and everyone was a little worried I guess so it would just be so fantastic if you joined us Kagome! C'mon this way! Hurry!"

She could say nothing as he prattled along, his grip reminding her more of a shackle that dragged her off to wherever his friends were waiting. 'So much for not seeing Yuki again' She still couldn't help the small smile that lifted the corners of her lips. Momiji reminded her so much of someone else she knew, a certain hyper fox on the other side of the well. It was hard to brood over her troubles with his contagious joy. Maybe she was even blowing her worries out of proportion? One demon attack could be a complete fluke after all right?

"There you are Momiji! We thought you went home without us." Tohru smiled, before she blinked when her eyes fell on Kagome. "Oh, are you walking with us to?"

"No she aint."

Momiji glared at Kyo. "Don't be mean! Kagome's new here and I thought she could use some friends! Don't you remember how hard it is being new?"

Yuki couldn't resist the opportunity. "I believe if I remember correctly you couldn't even make it through a whole day before having a massive panic attack and running away like a child."

Kyo growled lowly. "Hey yeah dumb rat-"

"How was your first day by the way?" Tohru interrupted quickly, and Kyo sputtered in outrage as Yuki smirked coyly at him. "I heard that you may have had some difficulty earlier?"

Kagome flushed at Tohru's words, eyes shifting over to Yuki who watched her curiously. 'Did he tell everyone about it? Jeez…' "Well…uh about that…" She stopped and walked over to him, bowing lowly "Please accept my sincerest apology! It was completely rude of me to just up and abandon you like that after seeking out your assistance!"

Yuki blushed this time, waving his arms frantically in front of him as if to ward off the display she was making. "It's fine really! Don't worry about it!"

She stood and smiled brightly. "Thank you for forgiving me!"

"Sure." He turned away, blush deepening.

"Keh! if that's all you came here for then now that you're done you can leave."

"Kyo! Stop being a bully!"

Kagome eyed the carrot top with a wary stare, deeply wishing for a second rosary. Just what was his problem? Honestly, the guy was about as rude as a certain hanyou from the feudal era! 'Speaking of which…' Her eyes searched the treetops and surrounding area before she allowed a small breath to escape. So far no sign of the annoying dog. How long she had before her luck would change was a mystery though. She knew he was coming back today. Surely he would just wait for her at the shrine right?

"Don't listen to him Kagome, you can stay and walk with us! That is…if want to?" Momiji smiled up at her uncertainly. 'Now he asks me?' Still, she found herself smiling back. "Ok. I'll walk with you for a bit."

Kyo glared daggers at the two of them before tossing Yuki an incredulous stare that seemed to say ' are you really going to let this happen?!'. Yuki in turn simply ignored him and joined the rest of the group that were already moving off without them. Growling lowly under his breath he followed.

"So Kagome," Yuki suddenly spoke, and inwardly she cringed knowing what was about to come. "Where did you suddenly rush off to this morning anyway?" For such a simple and well deserved question, it was more than difficult and awkward to answer.

Scratching her chin meekly she sent him a bright smile. "Oh that. I just forgot something important and rushed off to get it. Sorry again - it must have seemed so strange."

Yuki sent her a raised eyebrow, but said nothing more.

She could tell already he didn't believe a word she said. Lucky for her he didn't care enough to press. She looked over to Tohru. "I'm also still sorry for randomly manhandling you like that earlier by the way! I was just a bit desperate at that point."

Like Yuki, Tohru merely waved off her words. "It's fine. It's not like you hurt me or anything."

She smiled at the girl in relief. Maybe making friends here wouldn't be so difficult?

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you transfer here?" Haru ventured out curiously. Yuki shot Haru a warning look but he shrugged it off. It was a legitimate question after all and no one else was asking.

"It's fine, I don't mind sharing." She looked to the ground, a little sad that even here she would have to continue lying. "I get sick a lot. My attendance started getting really bad so I was forced to transfer here."

Mistaking her sullen demeanor as pain over her unfair circumstances, Tohru placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "It must be so tough on you. I'm glad to see despite that you still manage to be energetic and enthusiastic about school."

Kagome blushed from the warming look, not quite used to someone other than her mom trying to comfort her in such an earnest way. She mutely nodded her appreciation and Tohru removed her hand.

Haru looked off to the side, slightly embarrassed about asking since it caused such obvious discomfort.

Then it happened again.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks, eyes growing wide in fear. A horrible dark sensation slithered up her spine, causing an involuntary shiver. She clutched the jar under her shirt, as if her mere hand could keep it hidden.

Tohru looked at her in concern. The rest of the group stopped and stared at her as well. She barely noticed. Instead a cold sweat broke over her skin and her legs nearly gave way. 'How can this be possible?' She forced them to steady and desperately tried to think of a plan, but it was difficult in her growing panic. 'This can't be real? This can't be happening!'


It was Momiji, his voice making her focus back on the group who now were eying her with obvious worry. She swallowed hard, then forced her best smile. "Oh jeez I'm such a scatter brain!" She took a step back, distancing herself with a nervous laugh. "I completely forgot my homework at school. It'll be the end of me if mom finds out I forgot it again! Sorry guys but I have to run back and grab it. Go on without me!"

She gave a short wave, then she turned from the group to make a hasty departure. It was stopped however, when Tohru's hand suddenly encircled her wrist. Startled she turned to look back at the brunette in question, who seemed equally surprised at her own actions. Hastily Tohru let go. "Just…be careful walking back alone okay?"

She nodded and turned away, unable to hide her emotions as clearly as she wanted. "For sure! I'll be fine!"

Then she left them.


Fear. It consumed her, made her run faster, more desperate. She felt like the Kagome from two years ago, running with all the confusion and terror from a world turned upside down by Mistress Centipede. Her inadequacy never felt more apparent to her than in that moment. She always knew she needed to train, that she was weaker - but never had it truly touched her in such a way than it did now.

The demon chasing her was stronger (though not faster) than the demon from last time. She hadn't seen it yet, but she could feel it. The thirsty dark hunger trailing closely in the shadows, waiting…anticipating the moment it could tear into her with gleeful cruelty. If it caught her she knew she would lose. There was just no way she could face something like that on her own. It sickened her to know how completely dependent she was on her companions for safety in a world full of demons much stronger than the one after her now.

Then she tripped. Of course. Would the fates ever allow anything else?

Frantically she tried to stand back up, but a sudden crunch had her crying out as pain tore through her left hand. Gritting her teeth she looked up to the creature who cast its shadow upon her, his foot having mercilessly crushed her appendage into the cruel cement floor.

"Finally we run into each other." He smiled, voice rough and deep.

The demon was more humanoid than the last one. It had pale skin, real hands and legs, as well as dark green inhuman eyes that stared at her in pleasure. His ears were pointed, and fangs glinted from his wicked smirk. Short spiked pink hair gave him a more comical look. How could something so cruel have such happy hair? He removed his foot from her hand, then roughly grabbed the collar of her shirt and hoisted her high into the air.

His eyes closed in contentment. "Ah…I can hear it sing to me. You have it don't you? Those precious little things whose song I nearly forgot."

She kneed his face in response. With a snarl he threw her to the ground then advanced upon her once more. Desperately she reached for one of her concealed daggers, fumbling to keep her balance without the use of her other hand.

"That wasn't very nice, miko."

Within the next second the dagger was knocked from her grasp, clattering with a small clang some feet away. Her eyes widened as she watched her only defense flutter out of her hand. A sudden sharp pain to her ribs alerted her instantly to the mistake of looking away, and she found herself flying in the air before roughly landing on the earth once more, arm scraping painfully against the hard cement surface.

He laughed at her. Laughed at her. "Pitiful."

She stared up at him then, his form casting a deep shadow as his bulk blocked out the light of the sun. Fear coursed through her like liquid fire, poisoning her mind and muscles. 'What can I do? What can I do?' Her eyes cast around for an escape but instead they landed on something unexpected.

Her weapon. It was only a few inches away from her. The last attack had landed her right by it. She forced her hand to grab it, and then forced herself to stand.

He made no move to stop her, seeming to take enjoyment in her helpless struggle. Having caught his gleeful expression, she steeled her face the best she could, standing before him with a rigid back. 'I will no longer cower before you! I owe it to them to be stronger than this!'

"Go on, try it miko. I guarantee it will be the last thing you do."

She didn't bother with a reply. Instead she let out a fierce battle cry and charged the demon head on, her miko powers eloping the dagger in pink fire. He waited for her to get near, then shocked her with speed she never expected him to have.

One hand circled her neck. The other quickly circled her wrist as she tried to bring the weapon down. His claws bit into her flesh deeply, and she was forced to drop the weapon without further attempts.

His grip around her throat tightened, and she clawed at his hand desperately. It didn't matter though. Her weak human nails did nothing to his tough demon skin. She could see his face, drunk off the power he had over her, taking pleasure that he held her literal life in his hands. Cold, cruel eyes bore into her and his grip tightened further and all air was cut off.

She would not go so easily! And she was tired of being choked today! This demon would learn why it was a bad idea to choke a miko!

Gritting her teeth as the world swayed nauseatingly before her, she hastily searched for her power, digging deeply down until she found a small reserve rebuilding. Angrily she forced it to her command, the miko fire licking up her veins like acid. The power was wild and unruly, untrained and resistant, but she didn't care if it burned her alive so long as it took this demon bastard with her!

This time it was the demon who screamed in agony, his whole arm dissolving into ash as the pure power consumed it. She fell to the ground in a harsh heap, laughing weakly as she tried to breathe in air once more. At least she got his arm. It could go join Sesshomaru's in the afterlife.

"You wretched whore!"

Idly she wondered why the demons she encountered always reverted to the most basic derogatory words for females when they were bested by them. You think they could be more creative or something. Her eyes then focused back on her enemy. Dimly she watched with odd detachment as the demon's only remaining hand came towards her in what seemed like slow motion, claws arched to slit her throat. 'So this is how it ends?'

"Iron Reaper Soul Stealer!"

Suddenly the demon's arm fell on her face before bouncing onto the cement floor beside her. She blinked stupidly at the appendage, turning to stare at it in curiosity. How did it get there? Wasn't it attached to a body two seconds ago?

A new shadow fell upon her, red fabric cutting her view of the demon she had been facing. Silver hair glittered in the sun, and a transformed Tetsusaiga was held above his head before it moved in a sweeping ark. Through the gap of his legs she watched in muted fascination as the demon's head fell to the floor this time - shock eternally sketched onto his features as dull lifeless eyes locked with hers.

Strong hands then suddenly lifted her, and her eyes fell on fiercely worried gold. She saw his lips moving but realized she couldn't hear the words. Frowning she tried to focus, and slowly the world snapped back.


She blinked once more.

"Hey? Kagome can you hear me? Are you alright? Kagome!?"

She shook her head, good hand lowering to take over supporting her body while the other rested tenderly in her lap. He didn't release her though, and instead gave her a slight shake. "Answer me!"

"I…I think I'm ok?" It took her a moment to get her muddled thoughts back.

He noticed her cradled hand, and gently took it in one of his own. "You're hand…what happened?"

She hadn't actually had a chance to study it earlier, but now that he pointed it out she turned down to stare. Then instantly wished she hadn't. Her hand had swollen immensely, purple-blue already, and the sight cause a wave of dizziness to wash over her.

"Oh." she said faintly, and he seemed to realize that maybe pointing it out had been a bad idea because he set it back down. Carefully he picked her up bridal style. "C'mon, let's get you home."

She had no strength to argue. If anything, she was grateful. She didn't think she could stand at the moment. Instead her eyes closed as her free hand clutched the reassuring rough fabric of his kimono. Contently she bathed in his strong presence, his aura always soothing to her frazzled nerves by the sheer power in it. With Inu-Yasha, everything was alright, at least for now.


The day went by oddly fast.

Once Inu-Yasha burst through the door (nearly giving her grandpa a heart attack in the process) her mother was quick to notice something terrible had happened to her daughter. She quickly urged Inu-Yasha upstairs, directing him to take Kagome into her bedroom while she fetched the medical kit.

After that her mother set to work on mending her. Thankfully her bruised and swollen hand didn't appear to be broken. Her other hand needed bandages to stem the blood she hadn't even realized was still flowing from the demon's claws that had pierced her wrist. Her ribs, though bruised from the kick, were otherwise fine. Overall she had miraculously escaped the encounter mostly unscathed. Imagine that.

Now it was just a matter of sending Inu-Yasha home until she was ready to join him in the past.


"I just transferred schools though! I didn't know that was going to happen until I got home! I need to go there two more days - just until the weekend. Please?"

He stared at her in disbelief. "You think this is about going back? Kagome - you were just attacked twice in one day! Here, in the present! Where there are supposed to be no demons!" His eyes closed and his hand fisted. "If…If I hadn't been there."

She placed her good hand gently on top of his fisted one. "You were though."

He roughly pulled away. "I might not be next time! I can't…I can't leave you here, knowing that."

She sighed, understanding but also knowing there was no alternative. "There might not be a next time though. Maybe it was a fluke? I've lived here, in this world for seventeen years Inu-Yasha. Why now? What's suddenly different?"

He had no answers for her.

"I'll admit that…I'm scared, but I can't live my life looking over my shoulder. This era has kept me safe from the spawns of hell for most of my life. It would be illogical to question that safety now. Even when you were here, did you ever sense them before?"

"No, but that's what bothers me. Where did they come from? When did they come from?"

She puzzled over his choice of words.

"That demon. I think I've seen him before. His clothing was also like mine, not your weird fabric that everyone here wears."

She thought back (reluctantly) to her encounter. It was true. She hadn't even considered how absolutely outlandish it was for a demon from her time to be wearing such outdated clothing. She was too busy being distracted by the fact that there was a demon in her time to even notice his clothes. Inu-Yasha had noticed though, and now that she realized it she also knew how odd it was. Her eyes drifted to her window, where outside lay the bone eaters well. 'Could they have possibly?'

A knock on her door brook her thoughts. "Kagome?"

It was Souta. In all the excitement he had been pushed to the side and left in the dark. She could hear the worried tremor in his voice. With a small smile she beckoned him in. "It's ok, you can come in now."

Tentatively he opened the door and peeked inside. "Are you…alright?"

She nodded. "Sure am kiddo. Thanks to Inu-Yasha here as always!"

The hanyou blushed at the unexpected praise. "Keh. It was nothing."

Souta grinned and stepped fully inside the bedroom. "Yeah? What kind of demon was it?" She could see the excited gleam in his eyes.

"A nasty kind, but nothing I couldn't take care of." Inu-Yasha sniffed arrogantly, basking in the hero-worship Souta all but oozed.

She sighed and stood, shaking her head at her younger brother. "Alright no need to inflate his ego more than it already is. Inu-Yasha killed the demon in like, five seconds, so it wasn't very strong. Just caught me by surprise. I'm fine, the demon is dead, now get outta here squirt."

He pouted at her "You ruin all my fun." before reluctantly getting up and leaving her room.

She turned to the hanyou this time and lifted an expectant eyebrow. "That includes you as well. I told you I'm not going to let this keep me from living my life. It was probably a freak fluke. Go back to the others, tell them everything is fine, and I'll see you in two days."

He spluttered at her angrily. "I-I never agreed to that!"

Another sigh escaped her. "Inu-Yasha" He flinched, recognizing the tone. "If you don't leave, I will be forced to say 'that' word until you fall into the basement of this house! Got it?"

Growling he stood, leaping to the ledge of her window. He turned to glare at her. "This isn't over." before he leaped outside and disappeared into the well house.

She flopped tiredly onto her bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. 'What a day' Her only hope was that she was right - the attacks were fluke. She couldn't stand the thought that this world would be taken from her too. For a moment, her mind flashed back to the demon she had faced, his claws reaching to take her life. A tear suddenly trickled from her eye, and she blinked in surprise as she moved to wipe it away. 'Why am I crying?'

They wouldn't stop though, and before she knew it she was sobbing silently into her pillow.


She was, but she would change.


She awoke to the setting sun, her body tense as if expecting something to rudely awaken her out of sheer habit. Her eyes blinked open however, when no ice cold water was poured on top of her head, nor a booming order to get up following. Then came the realization that she was still back home and not in the feudal era, which was rather nice. The water really was ice cold.

Her memories of yesterday returned, and with it, her determination.

Sitting up with a happy stretch, she gazed outside her window, content to hear the slowly rising chatter of awakening birds. Glancing towards her bed she noted quite sheepishly that she had forgotten to sleep under the confines of her covers. Oh well, one less chore she had to deal with that morning.

Legs swinging to the ledge of her bed she proceeded to stand, senses already alert and ready to start her morning rituals. An hour later she was fully dressed and ready to head to school, for once not racing the clock out the door. Waving goodbye to her waking brother and mother who was currently getting ready to cook breakfast, she walked out the door and headed towards her new school. After all, she had to leave a bit earlier than usual since she was no longer taking a bus.


The walk to school was painfully long. Maybe she was growing obnoxiously paranoid, but it felt like she was being constantly watched. She stretched her senses, but could discover nothing substantial. If a demon were concealing itself she would never know, not with so many people around distorting her senses. To find a lowly trace of demonic energy in a sea of so many auras was a trick she had yet to master. 'All in due time.'

So she ventured on, albeit cautiously towards school where she proceeded to arrive ten minutes earlier then she had yesterday. Really she should have been there a whole twenty minutes earlier but it was hard to move fast while she was trying to keep such a tight awareness on her surroundings.


Outwardly she flinched, her back stiffening at the familiar voice of Momiji. If he was around, surely that meant the others were too. She hadn't yet thought up a suitable story to tell anyone who asked her about her bandaged hand and wrist. At least they couldn't see the bandage on her wrist.

Turning, she quickly hid them both behind her back, once more cursing her inapt luck at continually running into this specific group. Sure enough Momiji approached her, all the others behind him with mixed expressions on their faces.

"Hello, what a surprise to run into you guys again." her smile was strained but undetected by the rest. Instead she received a mixed response back, two cheerful, one neutral, one half hearted, and the last merely a grunt. She chose to act like all of them had greeted her in the same happy tone as Tohru and Momiji.

Yuki stepped forward and smiled at her. "Kagome, I'll help you to your first class. After all, yesterday you weren't able to make it there correct?" his violet eyes looked innocent enough, but already she knew she was in trouble. He had dropped the subject yesterday far too easily, but seemed content to pick it up today. 'How does he know I wasn't there? I never told any of them that…'


"How was your walk home?" It was Tohru asking her this time, a worried crease on her brow. Kagome faulted for a moment, the images of battle flashing through her mind, the remembered terror still all to fresh on her heart. Forcing herself to calm down she shrugged as casually as possible. "Fine. Uneventful. How about you guys?"

Momiji bounded up to her happily and gave her a slap on the back. "It was fine, except it would have been better if you hadn't left!"

She winced, her rib throbbing from the unexpected contact. Why was it that people always took such liberties with her body when she least wanted them to? Any other day oh sure, nothing. Days when she is trying to hide an injury? Let's just give 'ol Kagome a good hard slap. The blow caused her to stagger forward, and she couldn't help but reflexively clutch her tender side. It was quick though, and she didn't think anyone saw.

"Sorry, I'm just such a scatter brain sometimes!"

"Tch. No surprise there."

Yup. She would definitely need another rosary for that fiery carrot-top.

"What happened to your hand, by the way."

She looked up at Kyo who was eying her left hand, which had been of course exposed briefly when she clutched her side. Staring at it in surprise she laughed. "Oh this? I'm a klutz too it seems. Booked slipped from my right hand when I was trying to set them on my desk last night and smooshed this poor little hand." 'Good one Kagome!' Inwardly she patted herself on the back.

Tohru hissed in sympathy. "Looks painful."

She nodded mournfully. "You have no idea."

The school bell suddenly rang, halting any further conversation.

"Well I suppose everyone should take their leave. Kagome, if you would kindly show me your schedule, I could lead you to your first class."

She found herself tensing, but the others seemed oblivious to the unfolding drama between them and departed with varying farewells. She reluctantly pulled out her schedule and handed it to Yuki.

A smile curved his smooth features, and already as he opened his mouth to speak she knew she would not like the news. "Oh look, your first class is with me, that makes things rather convenient."

Though he didn't say it, she knew the lingering meaning hung heavily in the air. Her fib yesterday, as unconvincing as it was then, had been proven a lie the moment she uttered it by the knowledge Yuki held. If he was in her first block, then her name would have been called during attendance, and thus her absence would have been very much apparent. It was no surprise to him that they shared first block, he knew already. No, the statement was made merely for her to soak in the message that he was on to her without actually saying so. After all, it didn't take a whole class to retrieve one forgotten item.

Weakly she smiled up at him "Yeah, convenient." as he led her to their first class. Painful silence stretched between them with her biting her lower lip and Yuki merely calmly walking beside her. The heated glares of many females went unnoticed by both, for each were far too lost in thought to take any real care. She even forgot to be paranoid about the strange nagging feeling she had of being watched (then again, it was quite clear that was the case with all the females in school).

Nothing more was exchanged, even when they arrived and (to Kagome's horror) took their assigned seats next to each other. The class passed without further event, simply a hanging dread that had seeded itself in Kagome's stomach with every glance she threw at Yuki. The boy really was to cunning for his own good. 'Why does he care anyway?'

She frowned at that thought. Why did he care? Then she placed herself in his shoes and perhaps could understand. 'Curiosity.' She had outwardly lied to them all for no apparent reason. What kind of sane normal person would do that, unless they had something to hide. Heck, she would even find herself suspicious if the roles were reversed. 'I'd wonder what I was hiding too if I were him.'

The whole day was rather uneventful until lunch (and to her relief she found her second block to be completely Yuki free) when a very familiar chill froze the very air she breathed. Another demon, this one a bit more powerful then the last. It seemed with every attack made the next one just came stronger. Panic surged within her. Was someone actually sending them purposely to kill her? Was Inu-Yasha right? Could her time really no longer be…safe? The possibility tore at her, but she couldn't deny the aura she felt.

Holding her tray full of rather yummy looking food, she parted (a bit unwillingly) with it by setting it down on a random table. She then bolted out of the cafeteria before she could think too much on what she was doing. Adrenaline surged within her, the images of the battle from yesterday still fresh in her mind. The demons ruthless eyes, his heartless laugh, the claws descending to end her life. Her legs suddenly froze, and she almost fell to the ground in her consumed fear. 'Why is this happening?'

Suddenly the demonic presence vanished, just as quickly as it came.

She breathed deeply, relief washing through her. "Well…that was odd." Had she imagined the whole thing?

"What's odd?"

She literally screamed and jumped, having been so startled. Patting her racing heart, she turned around only to come face to face with Yuki, and her mood only darkened at the confrontation.

"Nothing." She waved his question away, her main focus on trying to locate where the demon could have disappeared to so suddenly. 'Had I actually imagined it? Am I really that paranoid?'


The question caused her to look at him, and a slight twinge of guilt clutched at her heart. Yuki seemed to be genuinely concerned, and here she was being all snooty to him. She shook her head. "Sorry, it's just been…a weird day."

He nodded his understanding, though his eyes moved out to the distance beyond her. She frowned, until she realized he was searching for what she had been staring at. Knowing she wouldn't get him to leave without a better explanation she sighed. "It's just been hard here, with all these students. I had to get away, it was…overwhelming. That's all. Sorry to make you worry. Being out here, seeking the sky. It makes everything seem so endless and big. I just needed some time alone."

She turned from him then, waiting to see if he would accept her reasoning and subtle hint to leave. What she said hadn't been a complete lie. It was hard to be here. It did feel overwhelming. The sky did make her feel more at peace because it was the one thing that always looked the same both here, and in the Feudal Era.

She was surprised instead to feel a hand on her shoulder. "The sky may make things seem endless and big, but it doesn't make anything go away. If you let it, you can find people here who want to help you. Instead of holding your problems in, allow someone else to help carry the burden."

With that he turned and left. Which was good, because she didn't know what to say.

Besides, she had to make sure that demon was actually gone.


It seemed her search was rather futile, for after an hour she never felt a speckle of demonic energy. With a tiered sigh, she glanced around her surroundings "Man, I need to find somewhere to sit…" before nearly having a heart attack when a red blur came crashing out of a near-by tree.

Previously wide eyes narrowed slightly once realization set in, and, with an increasing glare she marched straight over to the cursing lump of flesh buried in the ground. Arms crossed, she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the hanyou to finally dig himself out of the creator he created.

Slowly, his face rose from the hole it was plastered against, golden eyes narrowed in anger.

"Inu-Yasha! What are you doing out here!" she screeched, eye twitching slightly as said person merely winced from the high volume of her tone.

"Keh! Lis-"

"No you listen!" she cut him off, her arms now free with fisted hands "Are you trying to get me in trouble or something? Was it you following me all morning? What were you thinking? What if someone saw you!"

Standing, anger only growing, Inu-Yasha moved to have his face inches from her own. "I didn't agree to go back! And you're lucky I didn't."

His words caught her off-guard. "What? Why?"

He opened his mouth, then closed it seeming to realize what he just said. "Nothing. Just get back to class already."

Her eyes moved to her wristwatch, and horror gripped her heart. "Oh my god I'm so late!" She turned to start running back to her school, but called over her shoulder "This conversation isn't over!"

He watched her go warily. "No, it certainly isn't."


End Chapter

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