6:43 am:

As they were exiting the hospital, Yui stopped at the entrance of the building, letting the boys pass by her. Rin, still seething with anger, violently walked into her without so much as a second glance. She stumbled a few steps forward but she continued to stare through her tears at the ground. A police officer walked up behind Yui and touched her shoulder, "Ma'am. We need to ask you some more questions. You're going to have to come down to the station with me." Her face seemed to pale further than it already was.

"I just lost my son," she mumbled. Her hair hung like a wet mop over her face. How could he leave me?

The officer came closer, "Ma'am."

"I didn't do anything!" she screamed, clutching onto her jacket. The boys who weren't far away, stopped in their tracks. Nagisa was the first one to look back at the scene, hands in pockets. His eyes were blank. His face was still red but nonetheless, expressionless and his mouth hung open just a bit. The officer attempted to gently grab onto Yui's arm. She violently pulled away and repeated herself,

"I didn't do anything! Didn't you hear me? I didn't-"

Nagisa was now completely facing this scene playing out before him. She did it. She killed Haru. She did it. "Stop lying," he said in a flat tone. "You were the only one driving on the road. You were the only one to push him to his limit." Yui looked over towards the small boy's voice with wide eyes. "You made him run away." The other boys were still standing, motionless, listening to the unusual way Nagisa was speaking. He took a step towards Yui, "You don't know what love is, admit it. You had your chance and you wasted every second of it." Everyone but the officer flinched at his words. Nagisa was right. Haru's father left her, never to be heard from again and Haru's grandmother passed away filled with resentment towards Yui. Nagisa's tone managed to become colder, "Does your ex-husband even know about Haru?" A icy sensation fell upon Yui. I didn't call him. She stared at the ground.

Rin smirked and glanced at her through his peripheral vision, "Of course she didn't. She doesn't care about anyone but herself." He returned his gaze and was the first to start walking away. Yui tried to go after Rin but the officer grabbed her arm and pulled her back, "Come on ma'am." Nagisa turned around and they all walked away.

When Rin got back to his dorm, he once overed the room. Good, he's not here. He leaned his back against the door and slid to the ground. As he stared at the window across the room, tears began to spill over the edge of his eyes. His face didn't move. Tears just silently dripped from his face onto his shirt. Sunlight gleamed through the window straight onto his face. His tears appeared to sparkle in the light. He whispered to himself, "It's a perfect day to swim." His voice cracked on the last word.

Makoto only got an hour of sleep before he automatically got dressed for school as if nothing happened. His family remained unaware of the current situation. The sounds of his siblings playing filled the air. The sweet and savory smell of omurice grazed across his nose. I didn't do the homework. I wonder if the teacher will notice. I hope he doesn't call on me today. What was the homework? Was it an essay? He picked up his bag and headed out the door without responding to his mother calling after him. She stood in the doorway, watching her son run on autopilot as he made his way down the street. The sun shone so brightly, the harsh shadows it created hid the bags that lingered under his eyes. His feet pounded the ground like lead weights yet his body felt like he was floating. Makoto watched each foot move one by one until he came to the front door of Haru's house. Without thinking, he rung the doorbell, "Haru?" He said in a monotone voice. "We're going to be late." He proceeded to open the door, "Haru?" There were still birthday decorations hanging in the living room. Fingerprints of icing were scattered across the floor. I'll help him clean after school. He paced towards the bathroom, hearing sounds of water, but upon his arrival, the tub was strikingly dry and empty. Haru-chan? Before he knew it, his eyes started to water. The first tear ran down his cheek and landed on the edge of the porcelain tub.

Rei went straight to the school. It was barely open but the doors were unlocked. Without missing a beat, he went to the pool and stripped down to his jammers, like a certain someone he knew. As soon as he felt a slight tremble in his bottom lip, he dived into the water. The sun shined so bright that the water glimmered in the waves that Rei created. He allowed himself to stay under the water for a few moments before coming up for air. This was probably the first time in a while Rei got in the pool without his cap and goggles on. The chlorine stung his eyes, giving them a pinkish hue. As he wiped them with his wrist, he heard footsteps approaching. Please don't be security. I'll be out soon, I promise. When he opened them, he locked eyes with a deadpan Nagisa who sat down at the edge of the pool. Rei came closer and spoke softly, losing eye contact, "Do you wanna swim?"

Nagisa threw his bag off to the side, "I don't think I can anymore."

Rei looked up at him with a somber expression, "What?"

Nagisa shifted his eyes upwards, to watch the leaves on the trees blow in the wind. "I came to Iwatobi to be with Makoto and Haru-chan." He took a deep breath and his voice began to shake, "W-what's the point now? Ya know?" Rei returned his gaze to the water, biting his lip. "Who am I gonna swim for now?"

"Swim because you like it," Rei said in a hushed tone. Nagisa and him looked at each other. The younger boy blinked in confusion and before looking away once more. Rei stopped him, "That's what Haruka-senpai did. He didn't swim for anyone. He swam because he liked it. Nagisa, I-"

"Why are you swimming? Right now. Why?"

Rei's face became soft, "I just, I want to find what Haru-senpai found in the water. I need," he closed his eyes, "I need to find what kept him going."

Gou sat in the classroom at school, completely unaware of the events that went on that night. The teacher came in the classroom with a somber look in her eyes. "Class I have an important announcement to make." Gou stared out of the window, barely taking in what the teacher was saying. "— with us." Gou's brow furrowed in confusion.


"Yes Gou? Would you like to say anything?"

"Can you repeat what you said?"

The teacher took a long breath, "Your fellow student and co-captain of the Iwatobi swim team, Nanase Haruka, is no longer with us."

Gou sat up in her chair and blinked, "What do you mean?" she gave a nervous laugh, "Did he transfer?" She shook her head, "No, someone would've told me." She began to mumble to herself, "Rin would've told-

"Nanase-kun passed away early this morning." The teacher's tone was dry but sorrowful.

Tears began to collect in Gou's eyes. She pursed her lips together in attempt to hold them back before running out of the room. The teacher made no effort to stop her from leaving. He, instead, stood there with closed eyes, as she ran past.

There was a loud bang on Rin's door. The boy, still staring at the sun and blinding himself, groaned when the banging grew louder. It practically vibrated the door he leaned on. He slowly stood up but as soon as he turned the knob, the door flew open to reveal a red-faced Gou staring at him. "Why? What happened?" She appeared hysterical. Her hair was all over the place. The top of her hair was no longer in her signature ponytail. She screamed, "What happened Rin!?" She began to pound away at Rin's chest. "Why aren't you saying anything?" She backed up from him and stared at him with teary eyes. "Rin…" He reached forward and grabbed her hand to pull her inside. "Wh-" Rin pulled her into a hug as soon as she began to speak. His voice trembled. Gou could feel the nervousness in his body.

"He's gone."

News began to spread of Haruka's death like wildfire. There was a sadness that loomed over the town. Goro sat on the edge of the road in front of his bike, sobbing. He held his cellphone close to his face as Aki delivered the news to him. His work phone was ringing off the hook. He took it out of his pocket and threw it to the side so hard that the flip phone broke in half.

9:25 am

A man sat at a computer in a cubicle office space. In the midst of working, the phone rang.


"Hello. I'm Dr. Saito from Iwatobi General Hospital, Intensive Care Unit. Am I speaking to Nanase Tetsuya?"

To be continued…

A/N: Whew! It's taken me a WHILE to finish writing part 1 of this epilogue but I'm weirdly kinda proud of it. Hope you stick around for part 2!