Jason P0V

I was walking aimlessly around the Argo II just looking for something to do. I couldn't talk to Leo because he was doing something 'important' in the control room, Frank was asleep, the 3 girls were talking in the dining room and Percy, well to be honest I had no idea where he was. He could be at the bottom of the ocean for all I knew. I hardly knew the guy; I mean I know him but not as well as I know the others.

I feel as if when he tells us about his past (which hardly ever happens) he's holding a lot back. Emphasising on a lot. It was weird, I thought, I mean we're supposed to be saving the world together and no one, except maybe Annabeth, knows anything about him.

I walked into my room still thinking about this when there was a blinding flash of light. I covered my eyes and waited for the light to fade. Once the light vanished I took my hands away from my eyes and found 5 books and a letter sitting on my bed. I picked the letter up and read it.

Dear Demigods,

Apollo and I have realized that some of you don't know Percy all that well so we have generously given you these 5 books for you all to read to get to know more about Percy seeming as you're on a quest with him to defeat Gaia. We have given you 5 'free monster days' to finish these in. We cannot give you more than these 5 'free monster days' because as Apollo would say 'Zeus insists on certain rules. Hands off, when there's a human quest.' But where's the fun in that?

Best wishes


I picked up the books and looked at them. The titles were: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse, Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth and Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian.

I grabbed all 5 books and the letter and went upstairs to show the others.

-Line Break-

Once all 7 of us were around the dining table, I showed them all the letter and the 5 books.

"So what you're saying is that we have to read these 5 books to get to know Percy better and during the 5 days we have to read them, there will be no monster attacks?" Leo summed up.

"Pretty much I guess," I replied.

"Sounds good to me," throughout the whole time I was explaining Percy hadn't said a thing. I guess because he wasn't too big on the sharing thing he wasn't real psyched about this either.

"So, who wants to read first?" I said picking up the first book.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth Annabeth's hand shoots up, "I will read first," I pass the book to her and she begins reading. "Chapter 1 – I Accidentally Vaporize my Maths Teacher.