This is a rather, um, Different type of writing. I'll give it a try to write XD. It actually isn't a oneshot for once! :D XD


My blonde curly hair is waving everywhere, my black eyeliner smudged.

It's dark in here.

Where am I?!

You're... dead.

"HANNA!" All the girls screamed. I turn around and A is holding a gun. Before I can do anything, I feel a sudden pain in my chest. I look down and I start seeing blood forming. My eyes start turning hazy, and I turn to the girls. They all have blurry terrified looks. What just…? All of a sudden my eyes close and I'm in pure darkness.

PRESENT: December 18th, 2014 at 1:08AM.

My vision adjusts slowly but I close my eyes again and I visualize what had just happened. I startle awake, shaking.

I reopen my eyes and I'm standing in the same place, but the girls aren't looking at me. I comb my fingers through my blonde curly locks in silence. What the hell are they staring at? I walk next to them and scream. "SOMEONE CALL 911! THERES A GIRL ON THE—"I say, but I realize the body is me. Aria and Emily are crying, and Spencer is on the phone with 911. "Guys, I'm here and I'm alive!" I scream at them but they resume ignoring me. "LOOK AT ME!" I scream in frustration, tears starting to roll down my face.

They can't.

I jump at the voice in my head. "Whose there?" I say, frightened.

You might not remember me, but I know you. The voice in my head says. Suddenly, my clothes start changing differently. I look down and I'm wearing a white strapless dress, with flats. "Seriously, flats?" I say, slightly annoyed. They change into white wedge heels. I smile softly but I'm still shaking. Suddenly, a figure appears in front of me, but I cannot see its face.

"Are you A?" I question, stupidly. The voice chuckles and resumes speaking.

No Hanna, I'm your friend.

"My what?" I say in disbelief. "I don't even know you. You could be a-"The figures eyes appear, hazel. Pieces of the figure are coming together.

The figure has brown short straight hair, and brown eyes. With a purple long sleeved top and green pants. Oh my god…


She appears smiling at me.

"Hello, Hanna." Miranda greets and bites her lip nervously. Another tear rolls down my cheek.

"Where am I?." I ask quietly. I slowly breathe in a breath and wipe away a tear. "I'm sorry of what happened to you."

"I'm sorry what happened to you too." Miranda says back. My eyebrows furrow in confusion for a bit, and I overthink something. Suddenly I start shaking again, my lips slightly parted.

"A- am I d-dead?" I manage to say without crying again. Miranda looks at me, frightened.

"Almost." She says quietly. I wrap my arms around my silky white strapless dress.

"Almost, what do you mean?" I question her, tilting my head slightly. Miranda hesitates to respond, but finally releases out a breath.

"You're in my position." Miranda says gently. She holds out her hand. "Come with me."

I take her hand and she closes her eyes tightly. I close my eyes too, and suddenly we appear in Ravenswood. I jump apart from her, startled. "How did we get here?" I exclaim.

"You'll see." Miranda says and smiles. She starts walking toward a house and I follow her. I walk inside the house and I see a man with black hair, and a boy. The boy turns around and sees Miranda, but not me. Oh shit.


December 19th, 5:08pm Hanna POV - CHAP 2

Oooooh a cliff hanger! I like how this story is going XD hahahah. I'll update soon! :D