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Previously on Dead But Alive…


"HANNA!" All the girls screamed. I turn around and A is holding a gun. Before I can do anything, I feel a sudden pain in my chest. I look down and I start seeing blood forming. My eyes start turning hazy, and I turn to the girls. They all have blurry terrified looks. What just…?

The figure has brown short straight hair, and brown eyes. With a purple long sleeved top and green pants. Oh my god… Miranda.

"Now I know why Caleb kept telling me that it was complicated." I state. "This supernatural crap needs to end."

H.M. is written on the wall. I realize those letters are my initials, hopefully Caleb doesn't realize-

"Hanna?" Caleb questions. Miranda looks at the wall.

"Miranda! Who is that next to you?" Caleb questions. Still facing the opposite way of Caleb, I look at Miranda at the corner of my eye as the rain falls harder, getting my hair, makeup, and dress wet. Miranda gives me a reassuring look, and I slowly turn around to face Caleb.

"H-Hanna?" Caleb manages to say as he looks at me, stunned.


"Hi Spencer." She greets.

"Is this a dream?" I ask Hanna. Talk about Déjà vu.

"I think I'm stuck." Hanna tells me in a shaky voice.


"You're in for a long ride, Hanna." Max says sweetly.

"Three days?" Miranda exclaims. "We need to get Hanna back before that!" She informs him.

Ali pov…

I walk out of the room, holding the frown. The minute I'm out, I smile deviously. Max pops in and she smiles.

"Go back to what you were doing, Ali." Max whispers. I laugh quietly and I pop out of the room.


"YOU WHAT?" Alison yells at Max, and she flinches back. "You-you made me hurt people, Max." She stutters in disbelief. "You tricked me, you evil bitch." She curses at Max.

"But instead of telling me the truth, you decided to be a sneaky, murderous, lying, little bitch." Alison says, word by word. All of a sudden, Max falls to the ground with a cry. I look at Max, and I see something leave her.

"A-Ali…" Max whispers. "Wh-what happened…"

. "Oh no." I mutter. "It's twelve o' clock."

"It can't be… No!" Miranda yells as she looks at her watch. "It's too late."

My ghost part leaves my body, and I'm starting to feel human. My hair starts waving around and turns dry, and my makeup returns to normal. The only thing that's still there are my scratches and dirt on my body and face. My white dress that has dirt stains on it turns into a dark grey coat and jeans, the clothes I was wearing before I died.

, I open the gate, but something holds Miranda back. "Miranda?"

"Hanna, I can't go with you." Miranda tells me. I look at her, confused.

"What do you mean? Didn't you wish to come back too?" I ask her, letting go of her hand. She nods her head and my jaw drops. "Why?" I ask.

"I realized that I'm not going to be alone." Miranda tells me. "My parents are here, and I'm really happy." Miranda says in a small voice. "I can finally be at peace here. You could always come visit me and my family."

"Don't forget me." I tell her, wiping a tear away and smiling.

"I won't." Miranda says with a smile. "Goodbye." She says glossy eyed.

"Bye." I finish as I close the gate. I look at her once more and I walk on the bus with Aria, Alison, Spencer, Caleb, and Emily. Caleb waves to Miranda and she chuckles, walking back to her house.


As they leave onto the bus, a raven is flying around in the sky. The camera zooms in on the Raven and its eyes flicker red. The Raven flies toward the house and the Ravenswood theme song goes on at the end.


Caleb, me, and the girls are all sitting in my living room, hanging out and laughing. It's been a while since I had heard from Miranda. She's probably having so much fun with her parents, celebrating Christmas Eve. Our laughter simmers down and I look down.

"What's wrong, Han?" Alison asks, half smiling. I look up to all of them, they are all smiling and cheery looking.

"Just thinking about Miranda." I reply, playing with a loose piece of wrapping paper on the floor.

"Yeah, how is she?" Spencer asks, grabbing a snow globe she got from her grandmother.

"I don't know I haven't seen her." I play with my hair, smoothing it out.

"Maybe we should go, it could be fun." Aria suggests shrugging.

"Now? It's too late to go." Caleb looks at Aria and then to me. I shrug and look at the girls.

In Ravenswood, 11:42PM, HANNA POV

"Why do I listen to your ideas?" Caleb asks as all five of us get off the bus. I smirk and turn to him while I walk.

"Because you love me." I state as we look up at the gate. "It's great to visit here." I stare at the Ravenswood sign, smiling. As we all walk in, the sign tilts a bit. We all walk to the house and I start walking up the stairs, the others following. I slowly walk to the door and I knock on it, smiling.

The door opens and no one is there in front. "Miranda?" I call, a bit jumpy at the sudden reaction. Miranda fades into the room, holding Sky's hand.

"Hi guys." Miranda greets all of us. I run over, about to hug her, but I remember that she's a ghost again, and that I can't touch her anymore. I instead smile at her. "Not totally sure if you should be here this late." She humorously adds.

"Why? I thought I'd give you a visit before Christmas." I reply, chuckling. Miranda half smiles and looks down.

"Hanna… I think I need to talk to you, with Caleb." Miranda looks down to the floor, silently.

"Okay, uh guys maybe you could check out Mr. Collins house." I tell the others. They all nod and walk out the door. Caleb and I walk toward Miranda, raising an eyebrow. "What's this about?"

"Well, when you left. Ravenswood did feel safe for a bit. But, I think something happened." Miranda lines her eyebrows, scared and her lips are slightly apart.

"Are your parents okay? Do they know?" Caleb interrogates. Miranda nods and turns her head toward the window.

"It just hasn't felt extremely fine lately. No one has died it's just, I'm getting a different vibe from this place." Miranda whispers and looks at us. "It's like another presence entered. It doesn't feel dangerous, just- different than others." I raise my eyebrows and I look at Caleb.

"Maybe you can follow that weird vibe? It could be coming from somewhere." Caleb advises her. Miranda slowly agrees nodding and she closes her eyes to concentrate. She starts walking toward whatever is leading her. Caleb and I start to follow her.

We follow her out of the house and into the cemetery. Miranda continues walking toward her vibe and we silently follow. Suddenly, she stops dead in her tracks. A blonde haired girl appears again.

"Max?" Miranda questions when Max appears, half smiling. I turn to see Alison across from her.

"Max, what are you doing here?" Alison asks, walking toward her. Max hesitates to talk for a moment, and looks down, her cheeks red.

"I think I'm stuck, too." Max tells us. Literally, all of our jaws drop and our eyes widen. She laughs at our reaction, real this time, and not devilish. "I totally got you guys." She manages to say between laughs. "No, I'm fine. I just came back to visit for a few days. I never thanked you guys for helping me come back and sending those demons to hell."

All four of us smile. "No problem, Maxine." Max cringes at her nickname. "Ali!" She whines, her shoulders going up. Alison laughs, walks over and hugs Max. "Going to miss you, Max."

"See you, Ali." Max smiles. "I'm sorry for sending off a weird vibe. It sort of makes me tired coming back here. Did you know heaven is literally miles away from hell?" Alison laughs at Max's remark. Ali smiles and slowly walks away from her. Max's eyes travel to all of us. "Thank you, seriously." Max finishes, fading away.

"I guess that clears things up." Miranda looks at the cemetery. "But there will always be something off on Ravenswood. Connections to everything"

"I guess I wouldn't argue with that." Caleb smirks and we all laugh. The others come back and Miranda smiles.

"Well, I guess this is our official see you later." I bite my lip and look down. Caleb wraps his arm around my waist and I lean into him. Sky wraps an arm around Miranda's shoulder and she smiles.

"I guess so, but I will visit soon, I promise." I smile, my dimples brightening. Miranda nods and takes one last look.

"Bye." Sky and her say in unison as they walk away. Caleb kisses the top of my head and smiles. We all get back on the bus and we drive away. It starts to snow as I look out the window.

"Merry Christmas, Hanna." Caleb says. I smile and I kiss him.

The Ravenswood sign starts to tip again, and dozens of ravens fly through the sky, circling into a number 5…

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