Disclaimer: this is part 2, or chapter 2 in the story, will rate it T as it contains some slight sensual ref's in it, we tried not to be too explicit about it, so just to let you know that

Chapter 2

The Twins were giggling softly at the thoughts running through their heads, oh what fun they were going to perpetrate and what plans they were going to initiate, " I have a plan dear brother of mine" one twin said, "oh? Do tell, what plan oh brother of mine" he quipped, his twin turned to face him and smiled, "I think it's time we used our love potion to help" he grinned slyly, and both of them nodded. Jared had been debating over ideas for two hours now, with a couple interruptions from the inmates rioting, only to be silenced and shoved into their cells to wait for dinner, the Warden wasn't going to have it, he wanted things to be perfect so that Mistress would fall in love, he also had in mind the paperwork from his rehab, and saw how much it had costed, sure he was a freer man, but it had costed him a bundle for the time spent there, a good two months, he had taken some of his accounting with him to pass the time, and found it quite enjoyable, oddly enough, it took him a minute to realize the Warden was staring at him, and jumped, "s-sorry sir, what were you saying?" he went red, Warden yawned some, " I was saying, that maybe we could have her stay in my guest room when she came, and dock her ship for a couple days, what happens from there MUST be enough to make her fall for me, if only I could recreate the thing that brought us together the first time, I think some kind of flies had been released into the room, after that, well, I'm not sure, it all happened so fast, and it was filled with passion" Warden trailed off, smiling and twirling his hat on a finger, wistfully smiling, he put his hat back on his head, patted Jared, and stood up, " I think I shall make them cook us a special meal" Warden cooed, " she'll be so surprised and happy, just thinking about it makes me tingly and warm inside, I can hardly wait" he finished floating in air, Jared could only watch and nod, as Warden swept out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The time of Mistress's arrival was less than a day away, and Warden could feel his heart racing, he had ordered for a meal of steaks and dessert to be chocolate mousse, champagne during dinner and of course, all the coziness of his office, at first he debated on whether or not he wanted to recreate the whole blind dates thing that had happened before, but decided that being in his office would be less of a hassle, meanwhile the Twins had been plotting themselves, and were very close to perfecting their plan for tomorrow night, " I almost have it brother" said Twin 1, the second one nodded in agreement and smiled slyly, "why yes, so it seems" he replied, "let us make ready, for tomorrow, it begins, the fruit of our plans will be at work, and finally, we can see this through, once and for all" Twin 2 added. Jared was in his office, doing his job as usual, he had finalized the plans ahead of time so he could get back to work doing what he was supposed to be doing, he had done his weekly phone call with his rehab, and was just finishing up accounting this month's budget, when there came a knock at his door, he looked up confused for a minute, the shape on the other side, wasn't the Warden, Alice? "Hello? Can I help you?" Jared asked befuddled, the door opened and there stood Alice, " She's here early, let's go tell the Warden, think he should know we had to accelerate the plans a little earlier than he thought" she said calmly, Jared nodded and followed Alice into Warden's office, where he was filing papers, "uh sir, I have something important to tell you" Jared said meekly, Warden looked up, "well what is it, I'm quite busy, plus if this is about tomorrow, can't it wait?" he asked them, "she's here sir" Alice replied simply, Warden immediately jumped up and stared at them, "well then what are you standing here for, go, get her! Start the plans early, lets make some magic people!" he clapped in time with his demand, Alice merely saluted, "whatever you say boss" she said and walked out, Jared trailing behind her. The twins had been waiting for this, and had just managed to slip their 'potion into the Mistress's food before it went out, the both of them chuckled to amongst themselves, waiting to see what all would result from their meddling plot.

Mistress walked into Warden's office, Tucker having been put to bed and sat opposite him at his desk, raising a brow at how elegant it looked as opposed to the usual clutter, " I assume you aren't up to something Warden" she asked eying him suspiciously, he leaned forward smirking a little, "of course not, it's just been so long, I thought, why not have the pleasure of talking to me one on one, without all the hassle of inmates being around, just a private chat between you and I" he said patting her hand softly, which she withdrew almost immediately, there came a light knock on the door, and Jared poked his head in, " um, uh, dinner is served sir" he said, walking in with two trays of food, Mistress eyed the food a little, " ah stake and potatoes, how nice, and a bottle of champagne? How...classy of you" she said slowly, with a short sniff, Warden waved Jared away, " go find Sharice or go do more accounting, it's private time" he said smiling more, " now let's dig in, I'm sure you're hungry, or perhaps thirsty?" he inquired, as he poured her some champagne, Mistress looked up at him, and nodded, "why yes, thank you, I believe I can handle it from here" she said taking the champagne, and filling it up the rest of the way, then sat it back down, she immediately cut into her stake and took a bite, the feeling she got was almost immediate, why was the Warden suddenly looking more and more handsome, this, overgrown man-child, was looking sexy? It couldn't be, not now, she could barely contain herself, but she had to, she just had to! She was not about to go throwing herself at him again, and there he was, simply eating away, though his cheeks had a blush about them, he looked up at her and dabbed at food around his mouth, "something I can get you? Perhaps send for dessert? Oh, but you aren't finished with your dinner, a few more bites, right?" he asked with an innocent smile, she nodded and took a sip of champange, then simply swallowed the rest, she took the last few bites of food, with a shaking hand, she fought off the urges she was struggling with, the ones that told her to pin him down and screw him senseless, tossing away her logic for passion, the glint on his glasses was almost too much, it made him look devious and mischevious, she gulped to surpress the feelings she was having, he patted her hand again, only this time, she found her hand gripping his, "oho, what's this, shouldn't you be swatting my hand away? Or has the wonderous magic of the evening gotten to you, I sure feel it" he smiled, leaning in closer to her, she in turn leaned in too, their lips almost touching, then she did something unexpected, even to her, she licked his lips moaning, causing him to suddenly moan softly at her own moaning, they knocked the food off the desk and she pulled him on top, kissing roughly and hard, shedding clothing all over the office, he underwear was the last to get ripped off, him using his teeth to pull them down, he lingered down there on her for a good 20 minutes, licking and sucking, she didn't want it to stop. He pulled out a box of condoms, "this time, I made sure to be..safe, but do let me know if I can play a little more..dirty" he smirked, slipping it on, and then sticking it in her, she drew a sharp breath, she did not remember it being this big before, or the feeling to be so sharp, but she wrapped her legs around his waist, and began to bounce. She smeared whipped cream on her breasts and had him lick it off, which he did with fervor, and desire, they spent the next three hours in a sweat filled passion, laying together on the floor of his office later on, snuggling, clinging together. Tonight had gone better than either of them had expected.