Chapter 1: Rabbit in a WaistCoat.

Connor stood in his neat suit and tie. Church service was nearly over and it bored him, horribly. His mother took his hand and walked him out of the church, though he was perfectly capable of walking alone. He was, after all, fourteen and going into highschool.

When they finally broke out of the miserable church and into the sunlight Connor finally released his breath, about time.

"Connor, I need to finish up some things inside, would you wait by the car please?" His mother said, giving him the puppydog eyes she always did. Her gentle demeanor and beautiful features hid a manipulative fox.

"Yes mother." Connor sighed, watching his mother retreat in her light blue dress back into the room.

Connor's eyes slid around the empty parking lot boredly. What on Earth was his mother doing in there? Wait, scratch that, he'd rather not know. He raked shaggy blonde hair away from chocolate eyes and immediately saw a hazy figure in the distance. He squinted after the figure, unable to make it out.

He felt it beckoning. And, unconsciously, he followed it. When he finally saw the figure he couldn't decide out if it was a boy or a girl. Based on the facial features he decided it was a boy, with bunny ears and a tail in a bright blue waist coat. When the bunny-thing saw him it let out a small yelp and darted into the trees that surrounded the church.

"Hey! Wait! Hold on!"

"No time to wait, no time to wait, gotta go gotta go going to be late!" He heard it chanting quietly.

"Wait up! Late for what?!" Connor yelled after it, following it as quickly as he could but he still couldn't keep up with the swift rabbit.

Finally the rabbit stopped, Connor caught up to it completely out of breath. He looked at the rabbit but it suddenly wasn't there.

"Curiosity," a soothing voice purred in his ear, "killed the cat…"

Suddenly he was falling, a feeling of pure cold lingering behind.

Dark flowers were what greeted Conner as he awoke on the ground of some forest. Each flower towered over him and each seemed like it was focussed intently on him. He flinched away as one flower, a daisy, opened eyes and looked at him.

"Curious little beastie isn't he."

A rose opened eyes this time and stared at him with a cold emotionless glare, "quite ugly isn't it."

A little flower, a small tulip and by the comparison to the others it was a baby, "I think it's kind of cute."

"Would all of you stop scaring him!" A commanding voice said over the crowd and another rose, a bright red one, rose above the others. The other flowers immediately fell silent, "we should report him. Remember what happened last time one of these beasties fell down here, the red lady ripped out her heart and swallowed it whole!"

Connor flinched at the red rose's words. Ripped out a heart and swallowed it? What creature on Earth did that? HE coughed tentatively, "Uh, hate to be rude but, uh, could you possibly not send me to the, uh, 'red lady'? I kind of, well, don't want to die."

A small, slightly masculine voice breathed next to him, "they have no choice. If they don't they're roots will be ripped from the ground."

He jerked away and saw the rabbit boy crouching beside him. The rabbit looked at him with absolutely no emotion in it's black-eyed gaze.

"Who is this, 'red lady' anyways?" He asked quietly, moving slowly away from the rabbit.

"She is the queen of here."

"Where is here?"

"Here is here, here is everywhere. We are here, we are everywhere."

"Say what?"

The rabbit rolled his eyes, " we are here, here is here."

Connor massaged his temples, "that still makes no sense."

"Well, maybe if you go to the red lady willingly she won't kill you. That might explain a few things."

"Alright, how do I get there." Connor said, glancing up at the huge flowers looming over him like omens of a horrid fate.

"Through the dark wood, I can take you to the border but theres its up to the CHeshire. If she'll help you."

"Why wouldn't she?"

"She's kind of… mean to say the least." The rabbit said, "come on this way."

He followed the rabbit, thankful to be leaving the giant flower patch behind. When he glanced back the patch was gone, concealed in a thick wall of fog.

"So, uh what's this 'Cheshire' like?" Connor said after hours of walking. He was trying to strike up a conversation.

"She's the only one who matches the red lady in strength. That's why her forest borders the red lady's castle."

"Is she pretty?"

The rabbit rolled its eyes at the pure annoyance this human boy was. He thought like all others, on the term of outside looks. Not inner.

"Some say so, though most don't live to tell the tale. Here, the dart forest."

The rabbit stopped and the fog cleared showing tall dark trees with blackish leaves and dark green brambles in the shadows beneath the trees.

"Uh, changed my mind, don't want to go in there." Connor said, turning to face the rabbit. Or, well, where the rabbit had been. It was now gone.

So this was an idea of a friend, we're sort of co-authoring this. I'd like reviews, and if you like it I'd like you to pass it on to other people. So this isn't your basic wonderland (in case you haven't figured it out) this is set AFTER Alice came, and yes it is a little gorey and kinda violent but, hey, who likes happy endings right? Kidding! So, yeah. Questions, review I'll try to clarify when I can.