So I had this idea to do for my "Disney AU Series", but I had to boot it because I already had enough parts. Instead, I'm giving the idea up for any author who wants it! The title: I have no idea, maybe Meet the Haddocks?

Hiccup is an orphan who loves to create and invent. Suddenly, a kid from the future(Human Toothless?) comes and whisks him away. So it's basically Meet The Robinsons AU with HTTYD characters. Anyone can have this idea, just PM or leave a review if you want the idea. You can't take the idea without asking me first! I will choose the writer, so don't even try to take the idea without my permission!

If you want more depth about the idea, PM me or leave a review. That will be all.

Known Roles so Far

Lewis- Hiccup

Wilbur- Toothless?

Bowler Hat Guy/Lewis' Roommate- Dagur?, Alvin?