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"I'm afraid your daughter's x-rays don't look good," the doctor told Niles.

"Well it's the inside of her body," Niles pointed out, "It's not exactly pretty."

He knew exactly what the doctor meant. He just didn't want to accept it. Daphne had gone to visit her mother in Manchester. Ava had an asthma attack and had been rushed to the hospital several hours ago.

"It's serious," the doctor said, "No joking matter."

Niles looked down.

"What's wrong with her," he asked.

"There is a lot of damage to her lungs. I'm afraid she has WOTL syndrome."

"I never heard of that," Niles said, "and I'm a doctor."

"It means water on the lungs syndrome. We can drain it but ultimately she'll need a new set of lungs."

Niles was in shock. He assumed when he brought his 2 year old daughter in she was having an asthma attack. He thought they would give her some medication and bring her home. Now they are saying she is going to need a lung transplant? It was unbelievable. His wife was away. His only child was on the brink of death.

"Okay," Niles said, "What is the plan for her?"

"She'll be put on the transplant list and we'll have to wait until a match comes. We're going to have to drain her lungs 3 times a day. We're going to have to keep her here for awhile. You may stay with her if you like but you'll have to wear protective gear. She is very vulnerable right now. The least little thing can affect her."

Being a doctor himself Niles knew how vulnerable his daughter was. They had to be extremely careful. The littlest bit of stress was more then her lungs could take.

"She'll have to be here until she can get her new lungs," the doctor explained.

It would be a hard road and a long one. Ava would have to spend a year and seven months in the hospital before she got a new set of lungs. It would be so hard to tell Daphne this news.

Niles had no idea what would happen but he knew one thing. They were a family. Niles, Daphne and Ava would survive this. It wouldn't be easy but it would be fine. Ava got her new pair of lungs from an unexpected source. They matched perfectly and she recovered well. It was like Daphne always said good things are worth waiting for.