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Eren's problem

Eren was walking down the hall followed by Armin and Mikasa; as usual all the same people were staring at eren's beauty the same thing happened day after day. But who could blame them Eren was the only girl in the whole scouting region, but not only was Eren just a girl she was a very pretty one too Mikasa and Armin had to admit they had both fallen deeply in love with Eren. They both knew that they both loved Eren But they did not let their friendship be ruined by that instead decided to let Eren decide over time who she was going to love,( both hoping it was going to be them).

"Good morning Mikasa, Armin. "Eren said yawning, and then smiling sweetly.

"Good morning!" both said loudly their thoughts getting interrupted.

Just then Levi walked in.

"Good morning captain Levi. "Eren said saluting respectively.

Levi had always admired Eren's figure, Eren had beautiful brown hair, and had very pretty big green eyes that always are sparkling and very slender hour glass figure with a pretty color tan that matched her perfectly.

"Simply perfect," Levi muttered.

"What sir? " Eren said.

Mikasa hearing this glared at Levi and put an arm over Eren protectively and smirked at Levi.

"Nothing just hurry and get to the dining hall and eat" as Levi walked away he glared at Mikasa.

As they all walked down to the dining hall the normal stares looking at Eren, they sat down with the rest of their friends, but after a while they all stopped staring and got back to doing what they were doing and Mikasa relaxed a bit knowing that no one was staring at Eren, Mikasa looked around and made sure that HE, knowing the big pervert herself was not here. After a thorough search she convinced herself that he was know where to be seen. After that they all started eating with jean being mean to Eren and then for some weird reason complementing Mikasa's hair. Well I think we all know whose gay here Mikasa laughed to himself. Just then the door swung open and was followed by the screaming of Hanji.

"ERRRRREEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN" Hanji screamed as he ran through the door.

"Guess what time it is "Hanji said.

"I'm pretty sure it's about 12 o'clock" Eren said.

"Nope it's testing time "Hanji said pulling Eren from the table dragging him outside.

"What's the test going to be today?" Eren asked

"Weeeeellllllll, if you must know we are going to be seeing how well you can control your titan form" Hanji said

"Ok so what's my goal "Eren said pulling her hand up to her mouth preparing to bite into it?

"Well just think about needing to protect something. " Hanji said.

"All right…" Eren said biting her hand she thought about her mother getting eaten although she really didn't want to think back to that time… there was so much blood…

BOOM, as lighting danced across the sky and seeing a huge titan appear from the huge explosion

Just then Levi came out wondering what the noise was and was stunned to see the beautiful girl turn into a titan with a big explosion.

"Hanji you didn't tell me you were going to start experimenting "Levi said

"Well I didn't think you would be interested in this kind of things," Hanji grinning a huge grin

"Or maybe you were just looking forward to seeing Eren." Hanji said

Levi just stood there quietly trying his hardest to figure why his heart was pumping so much hearing the name eren, he knew he like the young girl ever sinse she got here but still his heart should not be pumping so fast. But Levi had other things to worry about when he saw a huge hand coming to grab him; he tried to doge the hand but with little success. The hand quickly grabbed him and pulled him toward his chest. Levi said nothing but instead stared at the expression the titan wore, it looked as if it was in so much pain.

"m..o..m I miss you…" titan Eren said then tears suddenly started from the titans eyes

Levi still baffled stood there frozen listening to the rhythm of the titan's heartbeat, then hit by the falling tears he snapped back to reality.

"Eren…" Levi said completely confused on what to do next he could either risk the chance to eren's giant hand squeezing him to death or try to get out of the hand and be safe on the ground. But some part of Levi wanted to stay with Eren and comfort her, he really wasn't good at these things.

"Oi, brat you in there you hear me?"

The titan Eren nodded slowly

"Don't worry you aren't alone so don't try to hold it in… you have us "Levi couldn't believe what he was saying, what was he? her parent that's what Mikasa is for, I'm not her fucking parents.

" thank… you.. hechio.." with that the titan collapsed along with Levi but Hanji came caught him.

"wow Levi, I didn't know you were so dramatic " Hanji laughed loudly

" shut up, you sound like a dying horse " Levi stated cutting the eren out of the huge titan,… something felt weird though Levi turned around he had a feeling someone was watching him and Eren… who was it he saw something in the shadows moving fast as he looked over… something was up. as he saw the shadow swish away he wanted to go after it, but decided to stay with eren. eren's fever was getting worse so he got eren to doctors to get her treated. But levi could not help wounder who was watching them. and what were they going to do next...

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