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eren and levi's training day!

Eren woke up to the sound of clattering and banging, Eren trying to roll over to go back to sleep but failing and falling of the bed.

"OWW" Eren said landing on her butt.

"Rise and shine "Mikasa said poking at eren's face.

"5 more minutes Mikasa" Eren said still on the floor now pulling the blankets of the bed onto the floor to.

"Sorry sleepy head but you can't go back to sleep" Mikasa said as he pulled the blankets from underneath Eren. Getting a groan of disapproval from Eren.

"Why so early? " Eren complained. Eren shivered from the cold floor.

"Today is training day "Mikasa said

"Really what are we going to learn today "Eren said finally sitting up from the floor excitedly

"I don't know you're going to be learning from … him"Mikasa said not wanting to say Levi's name

"I wonder what we are going to be doing!" Eren said jumping up from the floor stretching

"Yeah I wonder…" Mikasa said thinking of all the horrible things Levi might do to small naïve Eren.

But Mikasa could not do anything about it orders are orders.

"Come on lets go Mikasa" Eren said grabbing Mikasa's hand and running out of her room.

Mikasa blushed at the feeling of eren's soft hand; her hand was warm and fit exactly to his hand like a perfect match. Mikasa thought of him and Eren living together when all the titans were gone and they would finally go and explore the outside, just him and Eren.

Mikasa's thoughts were interrupted when he saw Levi coming their way. Mikasa's face twisted with anger at the thought of Levi.

"Oi brat "Levi said

"Yes hechio?" Eren said as she saluted with one hand Mikasa holding the other.

"Let's go I have to train you" Levi said as he had just noticed that Eren and Mikasa were holding hands.

Levi grabbed eren's other hand roughly pulling Eren away from Mikasa, making Mikasa scowl with hatred in his eyes. He wasn't just about to let Levi have Eren, not ever.

As Mikasa watched as the two leave holding hands Levi turned his face and smirked at Mikasa, Levi was going to pay.

Levi took eren down

Levi took Eren down training course in the tree's just then Eren looked at levi, his eye's the same cold gray but something was different he slumped a bit as he walked and seemed to be very dowsey.

" are you ok hechio" eren said looking at him worried

" im fine brat" said as he wobbled to the coarse

" are you sure you are ok? " eren said unsure

Levi this time didn't respond they continued to the course, levi had to put a hand on his head his migraine was getting worse and he could feel himself starting to get a fever. Every time he was out in this weather his migraine always got worse. ( his migraine made him cranky ).

Just then Levi stumbled a bit

"hechio if you're in pain then I could go call a doctor" eren said prepearing to catch him" eren said still concerned

"I SAID IM FINE!" Levi yelled back at Eren

Eren flinched at this and stumbled backwards stopping. Levi continued to walk

" what is going on with you?!" eren said starting to get mad now

" ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS BRAT" levi yelling his head throbbed with both pain and anger now

" PRACTICE IS OFF YOU CAN LEAVE NOW " levi yelled now holding his head

"So now you want me to leave after all I did was worry about you ?!" Eren now yelling

" I just want to help you hechio because I love y" eren said calming down bit but was cut off by the yelling of levi

" YOU KNOW WHAT BRAT I DON'T REALLY CARE RIGHT NOW! IM JUST ABOUT DONE WITH YOU BRAT GET OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I KICK YOU TO THE TITANS!" levi said his pain growing headache growing deeper, he really didn't want to hear it right now.

Levi head really hurt now right now his only objective was to head back and get some cold medicine.

That hurt eren A LOT so he wasent just rejecting her but he was threatening her to? Why did she even worry about this jerk?! You know what maybe I will do what he said for once


Eren continued

" but not any more now is different from this point on I will see nothing in you and see you as equivalent as trash!" eren finished turning away from Levi and walking back to the base.

Levi just stood there eye's wide open realizing what he just did. Oh my god what did I just do? Levi thought to himself levi migraine was getting worse but right now he was to shocked to do anything except stand there like a watching the eren's back go farther and farther away from him. Eren's words were still in his mind, she had loved him? Now that he thought about it eren was always there for him, but he had just thought it was just because she had to be there with him. Levi loved Eren even more than Eren could have ever realized but why had he never realized that she shared the same feelings? He felt like a moron, now Eren hated him tonight he had to tell Eren how he felt about her also, though she probably wanted nothing to do with him now. Eren I'm sorry.

Eren finally made it back to the scouting legion but felt like she was about break out crying. Eren ran to her basement where her "room" is but that really didn't matter to her right now all she felt like doing was crying her eyes out.

"Today sucked, who would have thought hechio was such a jerk!"Eren said lying her face down on her bed tears starting to stream down as she thought of everything Levi said.

"He must think I'm a monster too, everybody does except Mikasa and Armin!" Eren said

It was like Mikasa's Eren sensor went off because just as Eren finished the sentence he came in

"Eren it's almost dinner time are ready to…" just then Mikasa eren's face, tears streaming down her perfect skin leaving little trail.

"What happened Eren?' Mikasa said putting his arms around Eren.

Eren gave into the comforting hug and was about to tell Mikasa but got interrupted when the door swung open, it was Levi.

Of all the times Levi could choose to come in it had to be when Mikasa was here, but for once she was glad to not be alone with Levi though it had once been her dream to be with him.

"Was it you?" Mikasa said getting up

"Eren I'm…" Levi started

"I SAID WAS IT YOU" Mikasa said repeated getting mad

"This doesn't concern you Ackerman! " Levi said stepping closer

"Look at what you did to her! Don't say this doesn't concern me you hurt her!" Mikasa said clenching his fist

Levi looked at Eren seeing her face being stained by tears flowing out of her beautiful green eyes.

Levi's eyes widened as he gazed upon her sad and lonely looking eye's her eye's growing a bit puffy from crying…. What has he done?

"I will ask you one more time did you do this to Eren?!" Mikasa said

After what seemed like hours Levi finally responded

"Yeah it was me" Levi said

AUTHORS NOTES : WOW that was dramatic but eren is a teenager but this will get better soon i promise mabye not as much drama but so sorry that took so long i went to lake Tahoe to swim for a week but im finally back i know this story had a bad start but i hope to make it better but i made another one that is somewhat better and that is levi x brat i will continue it today i am almost finished with it and i will post it soon thanks for reading and continue to expect for more chapters of this story