It was a beautiful day to go walking. And that, was exactly what Allen walker was doing. Allen Walker is 18 and recently moved out of his foster 'father's' home.

Allen breathed in the beauty of the cloudy day.

'I love cloudy days… sunny days just make you remember that we're just pitiful humans. And we can't do anything to change that.' Allen thought.

"Good morning Allen." An elderly woman said, bringing Allen out of his thoughts.

"Oh, good morning Ms. Bell." Allen said walking over to the woman with a warm smile.

"What brings you out? You know, kids your age should be studying. Not dawdling and watching the river flow." The elderly woman said sternly.

"You know I'll be going to school next year. This year I was just moving out." Allen replied.

"Yes I know…" The woman said sadly… I wonder why? Flashback time!

"Hey! Idiot Apprentice! Go get me some money! And get a lot last time, you only gave me ten thousand yen!" Cross yelled.

Young ten-year-old Allen cringed. But this time, he got one million yen all in ones. And it still wasn't exceptable

End of flashback!

Allen cringed. "well, I have to go now. I'll see you, take care of yourself." Allen said walking away.

"I will as long as you do!" Ms. Bell shouted waving.

Allen always walked through that park on his way home. This time, he was delayed somewhat though. Of course, he always stopped to talk to the elderly, but, this time it wasn't speech that stopped him, no, it was yelling.

"Thief! Thief! He stole my bread! Catch him!" A business man hollered.

A boy was running away from him and running towards Allen. Allen caught his arm.

"Hey! Let me go!" The kid yelled.

"Calm down, I'll give you food, just, give the man his bread back." Allen said reaching in his bag bringing apples, sandwiches, orange slices, and water bottles out.

"Thanks…" The kid said looking at the food he was just given. He tried to give the bread back, but Allen wouldn't let him.

"No… they won't use it anyway. Just keep it. But, don't do it again. I'll come by here everyday at this time and give this to you. But, don't steal it's bad karma." Allen said with a smile as the kid ran away.

"Hey! Why'd you let him go?!" The shop owner yelled.

"Face it, you weren't going to use that bread anyhow, just let the kid have it. I'll feed him everyday so he won't steal from you again." Allen said in a very kind voice that could make anyone melt.

"Fine, but its on your head if he steals something from me again." The clerk said before stalking away.

"Phew, that wasn't good. So, I guess I'll be taking these walks everyday… why must I be tortured so?" Allen told himself. Yes, Allen was the psycho-pass in your neighborhood who will stop walking just to talk to himself about something trivial and hold up the rest of the world.

'oh well,' Allen thought shrugging, 'maybe I'll come to love the sun, instead of dread it every time I wake up…' and Allen began to walk back home.

When he awoke the next morning, he wanted to go to sleep. But, when he looked at the clock, it was time to get up walk.

"Oh, the sky is just beaming today isn't it… oh joy." Allen said as he looked out his window to be greeted by a cloudless sky.

Allen got ready and began to stalk to the park.

"Oh my! Allen dear, I only see you on cloudy days! What ever is the matter?" Ms. Bell said worriedly standing up and checking if he had a fever.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just have obligation to attend to." Allen said with a small smile.

He walked passed lovey-dovey people holding hands and kissing… this is one of the reasons he didn't come here on sunny days. Everyone always wanted to torture him.

He reached the small sandwich shop and was surprised to not see a little boy, but, a redhead with a very angry expression.

"You! Where is he?!" The redhead shouted grabbing Allen by the collar.

Allen was not up for this today…

"Where is who?" Allen asked already annoyed, but concealing it very well.

"Don't play dumb! Lika! He came here yesterday and said someone was giving him food and now he's gone!" The angry redhead yelled.

"Look you've got the wrong man." Allen said.

"why do you have food then huh?!" The redhead yelled again.

Allen saw the shop keeper from yesterday, and his soft expression turned to a scowl.

"I didn't do it, but I have a good guess on who did…" Allen said pushing a surprised redhead away.

"Hey you! Creepy old man!" Allen yelled the clerk.

"Me? Why would you ever need to speak to me?" The clerk asked.

"Don't play games with me, where is he?!" Allen was beyond pissed.

"Who? Oh, that little thief? He's put away like little rats should be." The clerk said, an evil glint in his eye.

"Where did you put him you fat blubbering beast." The redhead was now behind Allen.

"Oh, why if it isn't Lavi? The leader of the street rats. And please, low-life scum like you should have enough decency to call me by my name, Earl."

"Who cares where'd you put the kid?" Allen said killing intent present.

"No where you would go." Earl said with a smile.

"You bastard… you wouldn't have put him there…" Allen and Lavi said together. And they both went off sprinting.

"Why are you following me!?" Lavi yelled behind him.

"I'm not! I just know where the stupid kid is, and I know this person better than you do!" Allen yelled.

Those words made Lavi stop in his tracks, "You, know him? Were you one of his first nights?" Lavi humored.

"No, but I wish. I was under his care until 3 months ago." Allen humored back.

"Whatever lets just grab the kid and act like we don't know each other!" Lavi said running away.

"Deal!" Allen yelled running after him.

They got there, it was Cross Marian's house.

"Oi! Cross!" Allen called out, much to Lavi's surprise.

"Look, Lavi, I'll do the talking, and when I signal it, take the kid and run like hell." Allen whispered. Lavi nodded.

The door slammed open.

"Idiot Apprentice and his gay friend! What a wonderfully awfully planned visit!" Cross shouted.

"Whatever, where's the kid." Allen asked.

"Lika? He was given to me as a present. I don't re-gift." Cross stated.

"Whatever, move." Allen said pushing passed Cross and getting into the house.

The only things anyone could actually hear were muffled screams and then, Allen came out with the kid and… "Here's the kid run!" Lavi, Allen, and Lika all ran off, with Cross yelling something along the lines of 'give him back!' or, 'bloody kids!'

"Hey, thanks." Lavi finally spoke up when they got a certain distance away.

"Sure, I'd love to do it everyday if it means saving someone." Allen said with a smile.

"What are you in it for?" Lavi asked, his eyes down cast.

"Nothing, just love helping the less fortunate." Allen added.

"That's impossible, no one's that perfect and they never will be. Bye…" And before Allen could respond, Lavi was off with a kid in his arms.

'It may be impossible, but, he seemed almost Angelic…' Lavi thought.

Wow! First chapter done! I had this story on my mind for THE longest time ever, I was gonna wait until I finshed one of my other ones, but I couldn't