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Chapter Seven

Mendel knelt on the floor of the basement, screwing the last bolt into place. Leaning back again, he patted Nigel on the head.

"Good as new," he said happily. Nigel had been bashed up a bit and waterlogged, but at least he'd been in one piece. Any longer in the water in that condition, though, and he may have short-circuited. Thanks to Randy he was in good shape after only an hour or two of Mendel's repair work.

"Looking good, Doc." Randy put his hand on Mendel's shoulder. "Couldn't have done better myself."

"Of course you couldn't." Mendel stood, brushing the grime off his hands. "But he does have you to thank in part. If you hadn't saved him, he might be in pieces right now as I tried to save his circuits."

Randy shrugged, but it was clear he was pleased. "I figured I owed him, after that coffee."

They started walking out together. "Has the office been disinfected yet?" Mendel asked.

"Nope. The cleaners are booked till tomorrow. Looks like you and me will have to share with Nick for today," Randy said.

Mendel sighed. "Let's hope the mutant madness can hold out till I get my computer back."

They headed up the stairs to the study. It was empty now; Nick and Elsie were busy cleaning up what was left of the mutant mushroom in the ocean, and Monique was off doing whatever it was she did when they weren't on a mission. Tired, Mendel and Randy flopped onto the couch.

"Weird how the processing plant's just going to get away with illegal dumping of hazardous waste," Mendel said. "I bet Nick's really mad about it."

"Are you kidding? He's furious," Randy said. "But there's all those loopholes in the system he's been trying to get rid of for years. You can bet he's not about to give up now."

"That's true," Mendel reflected. He suddenly thought of something else. "What about that guy you bought the mushroom from? Nick said he told them he and his wife ate part of it. You think they'll be okay?"

Randy snickered. "Elsie and I fixed up a little check-up for them tomorrow. Funny thing, it used to be next October…weird how these appointments sneak up on you like that."

Mendel rolled his eyes. "You hacked into his medical files and rescheduled it, didn't you?"

"Hey, you want to be sure he's okay, don't you?" Randy asked.

"Well, yes, I suppose that's true." And after all, that was what's most important. Mendel sighed comfortably and put his feet up on the coffee table.

"Want to call out for a pizza?" Randy asked.

"Sure, I'm starving," Mendel said.

"What do you want?" Randy reached for the phone.

"Deluxe with everything on it," Mendel said. "But hold the mushrooms."