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"Talking "

' Thinking'


Ch1:kilana goes to duel academy.

kilana was running towards a kaiba dome so she could try to get into duel academy.

Kilana started running again and got to the dome in 5 minutes. After she got registered to duel, kilana walked into the building.

Soon after she walked into the building, kilana heard," KILANA FINLEY TO DUEL RINK THREE PLEASE! KILANA FINLEY TO DUEL RINK THREE!"

She walked down to the rink and when she got in the rink, kilana saw a green haired man. He was her dueling opponent.

"Hello young one. I am your dueling proctor ken. Can you please Tell me your name?"

"Oh my name is Kilana finley sir. Can we please start the duel?"

Ken smiled at her and said," of course miss. Kilana. You may go first."

kilana said thank you and started the duel.

(kilana: 4000/ ken:4000)

"I draw. Next I shall summon my faithful friend, lady ninja yae."

(Attack: 1100/defense:200)

"I set one card face down and end my turn."

(Ken`s turn)

" I draw. Now I shall summon block man in attack mode. Next I sacrifice him to summon dungeon worm and have him attack your lady yae."

It appears.


"Not so fast I activate my trap card metal morph to bump up my ninja`s attack to 1600."

(Kilana:3800/ proctor:4000)

(Kilana`s turn)

" I draw. I activate the spell card monster reborn to bring back lady ninja yae. Next I sacrifice her to summon alector the souveriegn of birds."



the bird sovereign attacked dungeon worm and he was destroyed.


" Now I set one card face down and end my turn."

soon the duel ended with kilana as the victor. She was put in slifer red. She wore a red version of the obelisk blue outfit but with a red headband in her waist long brown hair.